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Beautiful CZ Earrings

La_Shue_Earrings It's been fun getting to review great knitting and crochet products!  And I believe my 26,000+ email list has been enjoying them as well, based on the comments and feedback I get.

So, it seems that I've opened myself up to being a good reviewer.  Can't say I mind when I get offered some free jewelry to review!!  A girl just can't say no to that, can she?

Sarah, from LuShae Jewelry,, asked me to review her cubic zirconia jewelry.  I took and look at her site and found some earring designs that seemed quite nice, so here is my official review of them.La_Shue_Flower_Earrings2

I requested two designs, the Sterling Silver Flower Bud and the Sterling Silver Princess Studs.

The order arrived very quickly!   Each set of earrings came very nicely packaged in a little blue box that snaps shut.  The box is nice for storing the earrings and for gift-giving. 

The Flower Bud one is really unique in design, featuring a cascading cluster of three 5-petal flowers.  The left and right earring mirror each other in shape.  They have a nice sparkle, as you'd expect from good quality CZ. 

And the Princess Cut studs are beautiful and simple for everyday wear.  I've been wanting a pair for a long time, as these are a very wearable size.  Not so big that they seem gauche or too obviously fake and not so small that they don't get noticed.La_Shue_Flower_Earrings3

So, yes, I'm a fan of these!  I find that with my busy schedule and as a mom of young ones, I I definitely prefer low maintenance earrings - ones that I can wear day after day with most any outfit.  Ones that make me look like I made a little (but not too much!) effort to look put together are always a good thing too ;-)

I'd recommend these as a classy gift for a girlfriend, sister, or for upcoming Mother's Day.

Take a look at all of the many other designs at and tell Sarah I sent you!

Post a comment on this blog post and enter to win a pair of earrings (a $65 value!)! 

One of the two pairs above will be given away to a randomly chosen commenter at the end of this month.  La_Shue_PCEarrings

Post your comment by 9pm PST, April 30th, 2010 to enter this giveaway.

One comment per person, please.

*** May 2, 2010: And the winner is . . . * * *

Leah Yarbrough!  Congrats!  You were randomly selected to win the earrings shown here.

I've emailed you, so please respond with your mailing address and I'll send this to you right away.

Thanks, everyone!


Megan Carroll

The flower buds earrings are so pretty!!


The earrings were beautiful and I agree about the studs. Not too big. With the flower bud earrings it looked very nice.


Like you I like the "perfect" size everyday earrings... not too big to be overly flashy, not to small so they disappear in the lobes. And I'm really liking the princess cut these days. only thing that tops it is ovals. :)

The flowers are great! Dress up in a sec and not too over the top. Classy dressy. Simple but elegant.

I'd love a pair of either of theses!


Lovely earrings!


As a member of the multiple earrings club, I *love* those two together. The flowers remind me of plumerias in shape/structure, which is always a good thing. Just lovely.


I love the earrings! You get an expensive, classic look with out the pricetag. I would love them, and would wear them everyday:).

Valerie Adams

My those are beautiful. Very elegant but simple enough to wear with jeans and a blazar. I will certainly be taking a look at other styles avaliable from this designer.

Beverly Reynolds

Lovely. Haven't seen anything like them. Thanks for the chance to win.


Beautiful! Love the flowers!


These are both so pretty. I'm gonna check out the site right after sending this! thanks for the opportunity to win a pair.

Debbie O.

What a wonderful review. I have to agree with you, very elegant, but simple enough to wear everyday. I will be bookmarking the site for future referrence. Thank you for a chance to win a pair.


The studs, as you say, are perfect for that I-cared-enough look busy mothers need. But, ah, those flowers. What an elegant statement they make!

Mary Swenson

WOW, both pair are BEAUTIFUL... who ever wins will be a LUCKY lady...thanks for giving me a place to buy more jewlery.. A girl can never have too much....LOL


I love the flowers! I like the stud's as well. There just like you had stated being a mother you want to show that you didnt put too much effort into looking nice but enough to care about your appearance. there great!


My hubby collects jewelry and we would gladly add both of these to our collection. The floral pair are perfect for any occasion and as for the studs what more can you say-simply classic

Ann S.

Elegant earrings - especially like the floral pair - great idea to mirror each other. Also like that they are delicate, not flashy, yet look like you took more effort to get "prettied up".


Love the earrings especially the flower pair. Gorgeous!Hugs,Jennifer


I love the flower earrings. They are beautiful. I would love to win a pair.


I love those flower earrings, they are so understated yet beautiful. I am thinking about buying a pair.


Oh, would go SO nice with my wedding dress!

Bobbie Lynn

I agree with everyone so far. The flower earrings are so beautiful, & the square studs are very practical for everyday use. She does very nice work & these would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift for any Mom, or any day for that matter.

Bobbie Lynn

Debbie Hallamek

The earrings are very pretty - I love them both. Thanks for the contest - you are just so sweet! Debbie in Alaska

Connie Fish

Those CZ's are so lovely & sparkly!! The flowers are stylish & I've never met a pair of studs I didn't like! The princess style would compliment any outfit. I would so love to win! Thanks for letting me enter.


I absolutely love the flower bud ones. I'd want to wear my hair up everyday if I had them hehe. :)


these earrings really grab your attention, very sparkly and so cute! I would love to have a pair of either of them!


Beautiful earrings. Love the flowers! Thanks for introducing me to a new place to find jewelry!

Colleen Mueller

I love the earrings. A plus that they are sterling, since that is all I can wear due to an allergy. I am heading to that website now. Thanks!

Mary Helgesen

The earrings are lovely! - especially the flowers!

I just saw your lacy squares baby blanket - How Cute!

Jasmine Hodges

I love both sets of earrings but especially the flower ones. They can go from simple to fancy in no time :)


those are some beautiful sparkling earrings. i really like the way they look together.


What pretty earrings. They look like the real thing and at a fraction of the price. The flower ones are particularly appealing as they are so different and I agree with you about the wearability. They would look perfect for the office or for the evening or just for shopping.

Esther Shchory

The beautiful knitwear was what attracted me to this site but I must admit those earrings are also rather lovely.
I would be happy wearing either style.

P Roberson

I just got my hair cut short, and these earrings would be the perfect accessory!!

Susan Spiers

These are truly pretty earrings, as a mother I would luv to win them!

Leah Yarbrough

Beautiful! Thanks so much for all you do!

Gail Braswell

Thank you for your wonderful website with gorgeous patterns for knit and crochet! I love the lace squares baby blanket especially. Imagine the compliments on those earrings - what a perfect advertisement for LuShae Jewelry! Love the flower trio set. Best wishes to the winner!

Julie Kelsay

They're both beautiful...thanks for a chance to win a pair!

Joan Reilly-Bertsch

free + jewelry brought a huge smile to my face!!! thanks for the giveaway!!


Those flower ear rings are so delicate looking, very beautiful. The creator is very talented. :)


Wow the the 5 petal flower ones are beautiful! You have really cute ears too lol

Dana Armstrong

What beautiful earrings. You are one lucky girl!!! I love the 5-petal flowers and the solitaires are just the right size to be seen, but not be over the top. The princess cut is one of my favorites. Congrats to the winner!


Really pretty. Would love to win!


The flower earring are absolutely adorable & the solitaires are classic. I would love either pair!

Beth DiBiasio

The earrings are absolutely beautiful! Sparkly, but not too flashy for everyday wear, yet elegant enough for dressing up and going out! Love both, but I think the princess cuts are my faves!


Absolutely elegant!!


I love the flower clusters. I am very simple in my jewelry tastes and they seem to add a little drop while still being very tasteful.


Looks great!!would love to win this.


So pretty, it almost makes me wish I had 2 ear piercings!


"PROUD PAYING MEMBER of the Knitting Club!"

So beautiful and elegant earrings!


They're both lovely, but the flowers are just charming. They're my favourite!


All the earrings are beautiful. They are very unique.


They're beautiful!

Gwendolyn Wisely

They are lovely, and as I choose not to travel with my 'real' jewelery, it occurs to me that these would make a lovely pair of 'vacation earrings'!

Carol Archinal

The earrings are just gorgeous! Affordable sparkle...that's what I like!


Beautiful and unique earrings.

Louise Marsalko

very pretty earrings!



Jill R

How beautiful. Even if I don;t win the free pair, I will order a set I think!


Would like either pair of earrings.


LOVE both pairs of earrings!

Margo Daley

The flower earrings are lovely...They would be just perfect day to evening!


I'm new to the website - I love the looks of those earrings... Very exquisite....

Julianna Prejusa

Both sets of earrings are gorgeous!! I love the flowers the best. Very classy and elegant, but could also be worn with a casual outfit. Hope I win :)

Julia Elman

Beautiful earrings!


Absolutely love the flowers, don't usually like multiples but I needed to get my ears re-pierced and now I have 2. The flowers would look great in the holes that are too low.

Gail Crews

Both sets are beautiful! My favorite is the princess cut set. I really love they way these look. Also, I love your emails and website.

Thanks for all you do.


those flower earrings are gorgeous!

Linda Ewen

they look great!

Judi Erickson

Both pair of earrings are very beautiful - one definitely suitable for everyday, while the flowers would spice up any evening. I hope I'm lucky enough to be chosen to win either pair.


I'm a princess cut girl at heart. :) But the flowers are really pretty too!


I love all flowers and having them on my ears is even better!! And princess cut is my favorite, would love to win : )

Riva Blechman

I enjoy every post from you and would love to be able to tell people I got the earrings from I'm going to be looking at the LuShae website too.


love the earrings! Thanks for the opportunity to win one pair.

Carol Staples

I also agree that both pairs are beautiful. I especially like the princess cut; just the right size for looking like the real thing. My next stop is her web site!! Thanks for sharing.


The flowers are especially pretty!


They would add a sparkle to my day when wearing them!!


Both are pretty, but the flowerbud one is really nice!

Candace Lobby

Both earring styles are very pretty, but the floral earrings are my favortite. I personally prefer studs or something not too large when I wear earrings, so either style appeals to me and would be fun to wear.

teri pastorino

both pair of earrings are so pretty. i am not usually a girly sort of girl, but i love the flower ones. i had almost all my jewelry stolen in a move and have had little desire to replace it. however these would make a nice addition to what little i have.

i will have to check out her site

teri P


Both pair are really pretty, and I really like the way the flower buds mirror each other so you won't have that one weird side, really nice.


Love them - great for every day and the flowers are so adorable - I would wear them in a heartbeat. I will definitely check out the site. Thanks for the intel.

Joyce Maltby

I really like the earrings. They look like something you could wear for dress or casual.

Cindy Lillard

Both styles are very pretty. But i would perfer the studs to wear everyday as I am not the flowery kind of person. I will check out the web site these styles look great. From, Cindy


What a great idea, thanks for the chance to win.

Susan Horner

I will join the crowd of voices saying that these are beautiful jewelry. I've never had any earrings that weren't carried by Walmart or some other expensive store. You must feel very special when you wear them because they are simply lovely.

Karen Scott Haggas

How beautifully the flower cluster earrings will be with the delicate lace knitting that is so popular now!!! Lovely and full of light!

Willa Schrlau

The flower earrings are very elegant indeed! Love them!


I agree that the flower cluster ones are unique and attractive. I think that the studs have the stone set in a little too deep.

Irene Howse

Both are elegant and I would be proud to wear either pair. I would have to hide them from my 15 year old granddaughter who recently had her ears pierced and has already raided my jewelry box.

Mary Holtz

How nice of you to give away such beautiful pieces.

Sandy H.

Both earring designs are lovely. I'd enjoy wearing the flower cluster earrings with casual attire, but on dressier occasions I'd definitely want to wear the Princess studs.

Mary S.

Beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win them as they would be my very first pair.

April MontesHamm

I love the flower earrings as well as the other. But what I love even more is your patterns

Juanita Noble

Love to h ave these beautiful earrings the flower ones are exquisite I just had 30 radiation treatments and this sure would cheer me up. They are just lovely

Karen T.

These are wonderful. Both pair will go with anything and never look gaudy or out of place.
I went to the LuShae website, and I think I've found Mom's Mother's Day gift. Of course, I might just have to get a pair for myself, too!

Betty Ketner

Beautiful CZ. They have the look and sparkle of high-end jewelry. Anyone would love to wear these.

Mary Bader

The flower earrings are really unique and beautiful. I would enjoy either pair.


WOW!! These are really beautiful. I am heading over to look at what else is offered. I am not sure how you could decide to give one set away....they are both just so sparkly and pretty.....look good on you too!

Roberta Spivack

The flower earrings are so gorgous and unusually, the studs are nice too would love to win and wear the flowers there my favorite. Thank you Roberta

Aurelia Crider

Pretty sparkly.

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