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Preview of the Dramatic Lace Top-Down Wrap Cardigan

Here is a great new top-down design that I recently finished and will try to release in May.

Dramatic_wrap_cardi_open_350 Dramatic_wrap_cardi_bk_350 Dramatic_wrap_cardigan_350 The back and sleeves are worked from the top-down first, with a twisted stitch cable rib accenting the front "raglan" seams.

Of course, as with most all of my designs, the waist is shaped for a sexy fit. Increases are placed within the center of the 2 back lace panels to make it interesting.

The sleeves are finished with lace edgings and a stylish 3/4 length.

Then, the fronts are picked up and knit sideways with wide lace panels at the top and bottom.  The shapes are tapered to create a very flattering V-neckline effect and nicely draped fronts when worn open.

This one is knit in Knitpicks Swish Worsted, which blocks out very well.  The stitch definition and softness of the resulting fabric is perfect! 

I'm just starting to write this one up and hope to have it ready in May. 

The design is a bit kimono-like and can be worn in many ways with the use of a shawl pin or strategically placed snaps or buttons.

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As soon as this pattern is available, I will randomly choose 2 commenters to receive this PDF pattern for free! 

Just post your comment here before 9pm PST, May 9th, 2010.

One comment per person, please.

Good luck! 

** May 17th Winners Announced! **

And the winners of the free copies of this pattern are . . .  commenters Charyl Biggs and sara who commented on 4/13/10!!!

Congrats! I've emailed you both the pattern pdf.

For everyone else, please find this pattern now in the pattern shop at:

It's a great top-down design to make now!



Gorgeous design!! Love Love Love!


Love it!!!

I'd love this pattern. I've made some of your others and they're terrific.


It´s sooo beautiful! I look so much forward to the pattern!


This is so lovely! I have just discovered you, & am enjoying looking at all of your designs!

Sandra Milton

This cardigan is so elegant and have done it again!!.....can't wait for it to be available!!


I just had to stop by and tell you how much I love this cardigan. It is beautiful.

I am looking for something special to make for my mother and this is it.


It's absolutely beautiful, can see so many ways to wear it!

Angie H.

Oh my heavens...I can see this in a pretty blue or shoul it be red? Love this new pattern!



Beautiful! I adore your patterns and the feminine details. Thank you so much!

Nora Murphy

I love this sweater.

Gina in the SF Bay Area

Gorgeous cardigan that beautifully and uniquely incorporates the lace pattern. It would be so lovely to wear to my niece's wedding.


This is just what I've been looking for - so beautiful! Thanks for the chance!


Gorgeous. Fashionable, but not so trendy that it'll go out of style any time soon. I bet all that lace makes the stockinette go faster!!


Really stunning. Thanks for this beautiful design.

Lois Martin

I love this sweater. I enjoy your emails and your designs are outstanding.


Jodi Huerter

I love the new design!

AnDy Horne

It's gorgeous! I could see this done in a silk yarn -- shine and classically dressy

Shauna Gray

Love this a lot! I think your designs are stunning.

bcknits on Ravelry

Perfect for my niece who's nursing twins right now, and later when not so encumbered!


Absolutely beautiful!! Love it!




So beautiful -- love this!

judi in kentucky

love the way it falls


Oh MY Gosh!! This is a must do! I love it!


Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful for spring if you are as coldblooded as me. I love the detail, it takes the garment to a whole new level.


Me please! I love the way the wrap drapes :) Does anyone know of a shawl pin with a leaf motif?

Judy S-G.

Beautiful!! I can just see this being used in a wedding!! And I'd love to make it for myself for a wedding I have to attend later in the summer!!

Elizabeth Delisi

Love the pattern...especially the way it drapes in front down into points. That's so flattering a shape!


can't wait to knit this!


Simply stunning! Thanks for having a contest to win it :)


Love it!!!! I can't wait to buy or 'potential' win this pattern. Must have, must have!



Perfect spring topper! I would love to win the pattern.

Caty BAch

This is a great cardi....nice for the summer in the office!

Julie Swaim

I love this, especially in gray! It's one of my favorite colors and this is a wrap that can span every season--well done!!:)


Love it! Can't wait to start making one for myself!

Marisa W.

I love this!! I must make it :) Can't wait for the pattern!


This is a great pattern as usual you have created something beautiful.



Love the new cardi! What a stunner. Can't wait to get it on my needles.

Lydia A.

So very beautiful! Good job!!!


Really wonderful! Please don´t forget to tell me if the pattern is available!

Beverly B Seibenhener

I love the versatility of this cardigan. And the lace design is elegant. Would love to have this pattern.

Meredith Fuhrman

Must do! I'd love to make this pattern.


This is a very sexy wrap sweater! It looks good all year long!


The back detail on this design is exquisite. I would love to knit this for my friend Deborah.

mary ann

Beautiful design - love the way you wear it wrapped or let it just flow - the design really sets it off.

mary ann


This cardigan would suit me perfectly. *And* your deadline (9 May) is my 40th birthday.

Whether I win or not, there's karma going on here...

Kim Q

Gorgeous! Will there be large sizes?


Absolutely stunning! Beautiful design! I especially like the back. Can't wait to knit it! :-)

Michele M

Beautiful! I am fairly new to Sweaterbabe and love what I have seen so far!

Kathryn Egan

This is beautiful. How do I enter.


Lovely sweater. I have been looking for a pattern for a summer sweater. I already have a cotton blend yarn. This might work.


I LOVE this sweater! This is going to be a must knit project for me!


So Beautiful, you are so talented! I am about to start the nipped-waist shawl cardigan, which is so awesome!! I absolutely love how your designs accentuate the waist and have almost a peplum design, either with gathering, or with lace (like this one) so charming & romantic. Keep it up!! :o)


You have awesome patterns!!!! This is a nice, feminine take on the angular sweater. Thanks for the chance to win the pattern!

Julie G

Wow, I love that it is both an easy shawl like shape & bust flattering garment all in one....graceful, playful and versatile...I imagine it would be great as a tunic style topper over pants as well...hmmmm...Wonderful design looks easily adaptable to every woman's shape...I look forward to this!


Wow! I really need to win this!

Valerie Hutchinson

I love this cardigan. The way it drapes is wonderful.

Barbara Robertson

This is just beautiful! I just love your patterns....

Mimi Clark

This is a gorgeous sweater and so flattering! I can't wait to make one!


Gorgeous design! I hope I win. :)

Lucy A

This is a beautiful design. I love the use of leaves in many of your patterns. They seem very organic and appropriate for spring.

Katie Walsh

I absolutely love the cardigan!!! My friend went to NZ on her honeymoon and brought me the most gorgeous wool. I have been searching for the perfect pattern to knit and I think this is it!!!

Gladys ´Hernandez

It´s beautifull.


I love it - now to decide what color I want to knit it in.....

Mimi Clark

I just checked the colours available in the knitpicks swish worsted. Thank you for picking a yarn that has such a huge sellection of beautiful colours! I'll definitely be making one of these kimono sweaters in the fall!


I can't wait to make this. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for having this contest.

mary camp

This is a fantastic looking piece !!
The mixture of stitches would make it attractive on any body shape.

Jenn Foster

So pretty -- love the versatility!

Barbara H

Beautiful patter, and it's something anyone can wear! Thanks for this fashionable, lovely cardigan pattern!

Kati Armbruster

That sweater is beautiful! I esp. love the lace panel in the back. It gives some shape, some curviness, to the overall design of the piece. Great job on the design!!


I love the lace repeats on the back! Very sophisticated & versatile.


I finally have found something to knit for ME! It's beautiful and in my colours too, Anna from Eugowra NSW Australia

Deborah A Jones

This is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for the pleasure of previewing this.


Elegant and Stunning!


Just beautiful!!


You have outdone yourself with this one. Truly a stunner so feminine and so elegant. A piece that is very versatile and stylish.

Christine Tochihara

This is simply gorgeous as well as being flattering for a variety of shapes and sizes! I'd love to win a free pattern, but will probably buy it eventually even if I don't. I admire your design skills.

Anne Lokken

A lovely design, simple and classy. I look forward to knitting this!

lois jones

This looks very intriguing , I am currently knitting Lush and Lacy cardigan and love it.


Great details! I hope I win!

Linda Minor

This is a stunning pattern. I eagerly await every newsletter from you,as you always have beautiful patterns and great information. Thank you. Linda



Margo Lynn

I love the back! Not so fond of how the front might emphasize the hips, however. I'd simply skip the lace there.

Elba Kunsman

Just bought two of your other cardigan patterns. Your designs are beautiful.

Rose Davila

I am not a "girlie girl", but love these designs of yours. I feel more feminine just looking at them!


In a word"FABULOUS"!

Loide Wasmund

Cute Cardigan. Like the unique shape and pretty lace pattern! :o)
Hope I win!!

Mary Holtz

Best on yet. Love your patterns

Chantel Black

Simply gorgeous!


I love the versatility of the design that you created. I would love the opportunity to make it once it is available. I hope that there is large sizes and what yarn did you use?


Another gorgeous design, would love to win it!!

Susan (sjanova)

Lovely pattern. Lace on the back is a wonderful interest point. I always wonder why people make sweaters/jumpers with plain backs! This looks terrific.


I love your designs and am always so inspired to see your newest even if it isn't something I always plan to knit right away. This however, is one that I want to knit right away! Can't wait for the pattern!

Stephanie Magee

This is truly a lovely and versatile cardigan. However, I do have a question; why do the lace panels not go all the way up the back and if they did would it affect the way the garment hangs? Thanks for all your beautiful designs!

Mai Lee Martin

Wow! This is really beautiful. I'm petit and I think this design will elongate. Most wraps look too large and overly drappy. As always, I look for knittable patterns that will keep my interest. I think this will do it. I look forward to knitting it.

debbee oyer

what impresses me the most is how your talent is evolving and becoming more honed in style. this pattern is the first that i have seen anywhere that would make me drop my hook and pick up sticks again. the pattern is a remarkable tribute to your understanding the craft. kudos to you.


Love Love Love! I can't wait to knit this sweater!


What a beautiful design!

tamia clyne

I am a knitting newby, but have conquered cables! I would love to challenge myself with this lovely pattern. Please pick me!

Barbara Adams

You have done it again! There are no patterns like yours here in England,I will be the envy of every one here if I was fortunate to win this pattern. Fingers crossed.
Barbs Adams

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