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A finished Talia Vest from a new knitter!

Here's another great finished #82 Talia Shaped Vest from Penny S. of Cocoa, FL.  She's a farily new knitter, so tackling this intermediate level project was a nice challenge for her that she conquered with great success!

Penny_Talia3cHere are her comments on this knitting project:

"I have only been knitting for a little over a year. . . have only knitted basic scarves, hats, and a couple stockinette sweaters, but nothing intricate or with a lace pattern.

When I came across your site and saw the unbleievable patterns you create I was completely taken in. I saw the Talia Vest pattern was a free download and wondered if I could even do it. But there were so many confidence builders (especially on!!!) that I thought maybe, just maybe I could do it.

So, I decided to give it a try. The pattern was beautifully written and easy for me to Penny_Talia2 understand. It was very easy to follow. I knew exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

I have to say it is my favorite knitted piece that I have done. It kept me so motivated with the changing of the stitches that I was able to complete it in just over two weeks, which surprised me. I am so pleased with how nice the vest turned out that I have already started another one, I love it that much!!

Thank you for offering the free pattern, it has absolutely opened a new world for me and I am so excited! Sincerely, Penny S. Cocoa, Florida"

Penny used Caron Simply Soft in color Grey Heather #9742.Penny_Talia

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Awesome Job!!!!Now you're really and trully hooked...=}


You Did A Wonderful Job, Way To Go !!!
Now I Am Motivated To Want To Learn To Knit Again. What Is An EASY Beginers Pattern ?


It looks wonderful! I've been wanting to knit a Talia vest, too. Yours motivates me to start one!


Really good work there. Not a beginner any more. The world (of knitting) is your oyster.

Knitting Patterns for Babies

Wow! What a wonderful design! I really love this kind of pattern. Very attractive to the eyes of many. Great job for knitting this. Thank's for posting this wonderful Vest pattern.

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