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SweaterBabe.com's MOST Popular Knitting Patterns!

The weather is warming up... so what is everyone knitting?

Here are our MOST POPULAR knitting patterns right now. . . 

Top_Patterns Which one will be your next project?

(From left to right, top to bottom)

1) #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan: A top-down design in a very affordable worsted weight merino blend yarn featuring a stunning lace stitch, flattering silhouette, and very cool shape!  (Hundreds of copies of this pattern were sold the first day this pattern was made available!!)

2) #111 Long Lace Shawl-Collared Vest: Beautiful vest to be worn open, belted, or pinned.  Pretty all-over lace stitch pattern is worked up to the waist.  Then, the waist is decreased to gather and transition into a great textured cable stitch.  Fronts are angled for major interest.  Back is ribbed for great fit.  Generous and ultra flattering shawl collar is picked up and knit.

3) #113 Super Cute Newsboy Cap: The name of the pattern practically says it all!  Little garter stitch brim is completely stylin'.  This hat is also seamless and ONLY requires 1 ball of yarn for ALL sizes -- baby through adult!!

4) #100 Little Lace Vest: Just a really sweet and shapely vest with leafy lace panels and lots of shaping details.  Flattering curved neckline and knit-in button bands.  This vest is knit from the bottom up in one piece, so there is only seaming at the shoulders.  Uses only a few skeins of yarn.  A great addition to any wardrobe!

5) #99 Flutter-Sleeved Blousy Cardigan: A most feminine cardigan knit from the top-down in a fabulous alpaca silk blend yarn.  A gorgeous open cable panel becomes the neckline along which stitches are picked up to complete the rest of the cardigan.  Stunning open leaf lace panels adorn the fronts and fluttery sleeves.  A unique blousy shape.

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i love the blue baby cap cute.
long lace shawl collared vest is so exquisite, is this very difficult to knit?
i adore the sweet girl with the lovely smile, her cardigan is just gorgeous and looks warm too.all the other have my great admiration.
thank you for sending these beautiful
items for me to see.
please can you help me find patterns for yarn with bobbles on it, some will say pom-pom and different names.
i am looking for a pattern book or free patterns. thank you.


Thanks, Marleine! The Long Lace Shawl Collared vest is a little challenging because of the short rows used to shape the angled fronts. I'd recommend it for intermediate/advanced knitters as you do need to understand the lace pattern well enough to keep it correct as you do the short rows. That being said, the lace is fairly straight-forward (as lace goes), so it's doable for those who want a little challenge!

And I am not familiar with any patterns for yarns with bobbles. Sorry! Please find my current selection of free patterns using the free patterns link on the left column of the home page at: http://www.sweaterbabe.com. Thanks!

Margaret Ware

Audiobooks are my listening material of choice while I knit. That way I can multitask--knit AND "read" the books I otherwise wouldn't have time for. A few recent good ones are Amen, amen, amen, The Help, and South of Broad--all wonderful for passing the time while knitting a Sweaterbabe pattern!

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