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Set the mood for knitting with this amazing giveaway!

7/7/10 Update: Thanks for ALL the great entries!  Podcasts, country music, 70's, Lada Gaga, the love to listen to list has quite a range!  Check for the winner announcement at the bottom of this post!

Imagine a whole afternoon ahead of you.  Gorgeous balls of yarn just waiting for you to make them into something cool.  An exciting new knitting or crochet pattern to tackle - something for yourself this time!  A fresh cup of coffee or tea by your side.  Needles or hook ready for stitches. . .

But wait - what about a little background music?  Wouldn't that just be the set up for a perfect crafting afternoon?JBL_Dock

Well, I may just have the perfect tech accessory for your knitting/crocheting room! 

This JBL iPod speaker dock was sent to me for free to review.  It's a really nice way to enjoy some music while you knit!  Less distracting than the tv, especially if you are following the lace and/or cable pattern in a SweaterBabe.com design!  Ha ha. 

Here's my official review of this project (PLUS, I'll tell you how to enter the giveaway to win a brand new one!  Woohoo!).

It's the JBL On Stage 400P High-Performance Loudspeaker Dock for your iPod or iPhone.

It's got a cool modern look to it and was super easy to use. All I had to do was plug it in, stick my iPod Nano into the top, turn it on, and start the music on my iPod!  Voila!  Great, ambient music that has a very rich sound to it.

I'm no stereo afficionado, but did grow up with a Dad and Brother who were into stereo equipment, speaker systems, etc. so I can appreciate speakers that deliver nice, well-rounded, quality sound.  These speakers do just that.  And the oval design delivers sound in all directions, not just in one direction. JBL_Speaker_Knitting

The speaker dock comes with a handy little remote, so if this speaker is perched up high or across the room, you can easily use the remote to adjust the volume, mute the thing, or change tracks or settings.  I was not able to try out the remote, as the review sample I received didn't have batteries in the remote, but I can tell it would come in handy! 

The instructions say you can do all the things you would normally be able to do if your iPod was in front of you. . . which is great; this would work best if you can see your iPod screen as you are using the remote, but of course that depends on how far away it is.

The design is sleek and simple.  Volume controls are also located at the top of the speakers, so if you are in reach, you can easily adjust the volume.

It also came with a stereo mini jack connection so you can use it with an MP3 player or CD player, your computer or laptop, or a satellite radio. 

Another nice little bonus is that this is a dock, so it will charge your iPod or iPhone when it's attached. 

This speaker is available at Amazon.com for ~$205 (list price is $249)! 

Thanks, JBL, for letting me review a sample!  It would be awesome for anyone who enjoys filling a room with great music and loves to knit or crochet while listening to their favorite music.  We all know how much music can set the mood, boost our creative juices, and (with the right track) speed up our knitting or crocheting tempo!  Sigh!  I'll be sad to send the sample back!

*** Enter to WIN a Brand New JBL On Stage 400P (retails for $249)!! ***

There are 3 ways to enter this amazing giveaway:

1) Post a comment on this blog post, telling us what you love to listen to most when you are knitting or crocheting a SweaterBabe.com pattern.  Is it Amy Winehouse?  Jazz?  Blues?  ONE comment per person, please.  Comments will be closed 9pm, PST on June 30th, 2010. July 2nd, 2010.

2) Purchase a knitting pattern or crochet pattern from SweaterBabe.com anytime between June 5th through 9pm, PST on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010. July 2nd, 2010.  Each purchase transaction counts as ONE entry for this giveaway.

3) Be a member of the SweaterBabe.com Knitting Club during the month of June.  ALL members automatically get TWO entries in this giveaway!  Not a member?  Join by 9pm, PST June 30th July 2nd, 2010 to earn your double entry!

One winner will be chosen at random to win the JBL 400P and announced here at the beginning of July.   (Prize will only be shipped within the continental US.)

Good luck to all on this most amazing giveaway! 

7/8/10 Update: AND THE RANDOMLY CHOSEN WINNER IS. . .  PATRICIA L.!!!  CONGRATS!!!  I've emailed you, Patricia, so please reply with your mailing address so I can send you this amazing prize!  Woohoo!!

9/2/10 Update from the winner:
"Dear Katherine, I just got home and found my fantastic prize waiting, JBL I -POD Docking system, and I am very happy with the high quality and Volume I get from it...WOW...I just am amazed!! I never woud have bought one for myself, ...also am a technophobe!!! My grandaughters are seriously jealous...and I almost said you can have it, but NOT!!!! I love music and usually blast it for Music Therapy!!!  Thank you soooo much, and JBL of course,for the only thing I ever won besides rosary beads!!!! I am very grateful.." -- Pat L.



Holy crap! What an amazing giveaway! I love listening to pretty much anything while I knit, but lately it's just been me and Regina Spektor. Love her and I never have to scramble to try to switch songs.


I love listening to Bach while I knit lace. The musical patterns always seem to mirror the complex lace patterns.


I love to listen to books on "tape" when crocheting (still haven't mastered knitting, no time!). The current book on My iPod is Paul Coelho's "The Alchemist".

Diane True

I'm a country girl myself...knitting a way on a sweater and singing along.... that my way to spend the afternoon!!! Great giveaway... thanks so much! Diane

Meredith Coelho

I love to listen to podcasts about knitting while I knit, or Norah Jones.

Laura Harrison

I love to listen to public radio actually....I know its not music, but I love listening to their comedy shows while I'm working! Especially helpful if I'm frogging!

Lisa Schaible

I love listening to Neil Young when I spin, and Chris Isaak when I knit. Music and fiber go together like needles and yarn.


Music is key for me while knitting and love to listen to Bebel Gilberto. :)


I usually listen to podcasts from npr or comedy central -- something to keep my mind as active as my fingers!


I love listening to TV when I knit. It's a great way to zone out and relax. When I listen to music and knit, I like to listen to upbeat stuff like Lady Gaga because it makes my knitting go faster!


Wow, what an amazingly fabulous prize...perfect for my iPod! I enjoy classical music,especially guitar and piano. I prefer 'softer' type of music when I'm knitting, but don't know what to call that genre!


i love to listen to radiolab or this american life podcasts.


I had an earlier model of the JBL On Stage that I used with my early-generation (and now sadly departed) iPod. Its power and sound were amazing, given its small size. Would love to check out the latest version... I agree that listening to music is often preferable to watching TV while knitting!


sometimes i listen to my extensive itunes library, however most of the time i listen to the silence of just knitting.

E. M. Foley

Cool! I want one!


Wow!, compact, stylish, easy to use. I may have to hide it from my husband as it is for my knitting ambiance, right? Paul Cebar and Phil Collins are my knitting music choice today.

Mary S.

I am not technology smart because of not being able to afford most things, but find this one very interesting...good luck to all as it would be a very nice win!!

Mary Bader

I'd love to win the new JBL On Stage 400P. It's very cool!


I'm a 70's girl, anything from the 70's especially disco!! problem is I keep wanting to drop my knitting and get up and dance, lol! Would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

Angie H.

I love to listen to podcasts...crafting, dance music...you name it!

Jill Dupre

It all depends on what my mood is that day. I may listen to classical or even hard rock. I also find that just like walking the speed in which i crochet intensifies with whatever type of music i am listening to. The faster the beat the faster my fingers move!!


Awesome giveaway!! I love to listen to books on my i pod while I knit

Dana Faber

WOW what a giveaway.. I love books. I can do two things I love at the same time, knit and read (rrr listen) to books. Works for me.


Wow, amazing giveaway! I love to listen to all kinds of music. Depends on my mood. Nothing beats a good showtune though. Thanks for the review.


I listen to Bruce Springsteen when knitting, because I am a Jersey girl who lives in Bruce's hometown!


I listen to knitting podcasts when I'm knitting.


I love to listen to npr podcasts, audiobooks, and relaxing music like Jack Johnson or Sarah McLachlan while I knit! I also listen to lectures when I want to get some study time in :)


Hmmmm, hands down...gotta be Nickleback!!!! Take Chad with me everywhere...when I knit, when I run,in the pool, in the car... :) Definitely makes the knitting go faster, and the slow ballads are great if I need to go "BACK" and work my way out of a mistake. Would LOVE to win this JBL speaker dock!!!!


This is great! It'd keep me from getting my headphones tangled up in my yarn all the time LOL


I have the TV show Monk on while I knit. I can't "watch" the show and knit at the same time, but I love to listen to it. The acting and writing are so great you can appreciate the show from just the voices and dialogue. I have almost 60 on DVR now. It's a late night party for a mom of a young baby--knitting with Monk on. Woohoo!


Great giveaway! I love knitting to podcasts.

pam winne

I love to listen to Christian praise music when I knit.


I love to listen to oldies, I can sing the words without thinking, and still concentrate on my knitting... still frog alot, but have more fun that way! Thanks for this great give away! Michele

kitty wilson

Love knitting with alt-country--Ryan Adams, Son Volt, etc. A little twang and guitar with my knitting, please.

Abby F

When I don't crave total silence in order to concentrate, I love to listen to podcasts about writing or knitting. But sometimes I opt to play U2 or whatever else happens to be on my iPod playlist at the moment.

Mari Whitney

Great giveaway! I would love to win this and be able to listen to music while knitting! Or sewing :)


Wonderful give-away! I actually listen to knitting podcasts when I knit. I have learned so much while knitting. when I do listen to music I like 60s and 70s genre.


I know I would love it - if I had an IPOD. Does it come with adapters for MP3 players? Of course if I will, I might just have to get an IPOD


Genius! giveaway! I like JBL products. This one is great to put in the middle of my workshop and put on my background music (classic, Opera or even Madonna, Amy Whitehouse, Bjork, etc.)... various taste... Just love music while I crafting.

debbie domby

this is great i love michael buble...diana krall...five for fighting etc...................and i would love to won this go sweater babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I listen to Easy listenings, Celine Dion and some Jimmy Buffet. Would love to win one. This is an awesome speaker

Paula Gue

I love listening to my playlist on my deck while knitting. I feels sooo decadant.!!! Maybe a little Humble Pie and Golden Earring ! oh my !!!

Sarah R

this is awesome! I actually like listening to anything while I knit... classical, musicals, neil diamond, etc. I just love good music!


I love listening to Jesse Cook - fabulous acoustic guitar, entirely instrumental.


What a great giveaway! I love listening to books on tape while knitting. Amazing how much I can accomplish and not even realize time has passed!


I like to listen to audiobooks when I knit. It would be great to listen to my books on the JBL On Stage 400P High-Performance Loudspeaker. Dock. I usually listen from my iPhone with earbuds, but I seem to get tangled up in yarn, iPhone, and earbuds whenever I stand up. :/ This is the perfect solution!

Angie Tam Sing

Wow! What a great give-away. I love to listen to Il Divo and Celtic mushc


This looks great! I'm just finishing the Vine Lace top down cardigan - just in time for summer! (Sigh.) My latest favorite band is Frightened Rabbit - check them out!

Ginger Tanzmann

Being an eclectic knitter and weaver (and now learning spinning and crochet), I am also eclectic in my music taste. Classical, yes! Jazz, yes! World music, yes, yes, yes! I would love to own this speaker.

Susan Spiers

Woohoo is right! I luv to listen to a little Van Morrison, and a little Country & Western!

Max DeBoer

I am without music as of now!! I need this giveaway! I love almost any kind of music from classical to Jimmy Buffett to Hayley Westenra to Kenny Chesney...
Music helps me knit faster and clean faster! Thanks for the giveaway...Hope I win!

Linda Dickerson

I love Loreena McKennitt's music while crafting!

Donna Thulson

I love to listen to books on tape. Knitting and audio books...awesome and very relaxing! Donna


Nice giveaway! Needlework relaxes me so I'd choose music that added to that mood such as smooth jazz or easy listening.


I love to listen to audiobooks while knitting. Eat, Pray, Love is one I've listened to several times.

Donna C

I enjoy listening to books from Audible.com while knitting. Also enjoy listening to music by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Martha Sobolow

Great prize!! I love most music and it depends on how I feel that day but I love Celine Dion, Michael Buble , Neil Diamond and anything that relaxes me.


Librivox books, definitely.

Renda Johnson

I love your patterns and look forward to your newsletters. I love to listen to jazz and smooth music while knitting. What a great giveaway. If I don't win I think I will have to buy the speakers.

susan lowell

Love to listen to podcasts while knitting. Occassionally I listen to audiobooks, music or television (from my computer). Thanks for your newsletter. It has been very enjoyable to see what you have produced! Susan93940

teri pastorino

oh my gosh this is fabulous. i knit wtih my iPod all the time. but i get the earphone cords tangled into my workign yarns and what a mess ;-)

this would totally solve the problem. how cool

thanks for the review and the chance to win


Sally Howell

This is a great opportunity. I also like reading all the ways people are inspired to knit/crochet. Listening to a book on CD or Podcast is some thing I have not done before but I'm going to try. Thanks for this wonderful prize Katherine.


podcasts, definitely.


Wonderful giveaway! I most often listen to audiobooks, and love to listen to Michael Buble too.

Nancy Kelly

I love to listen to audio books or rock music while I knit:o)


I'm another audio books listener. I also listen to blogs like Stash and Burn or to music by anyone from Bach to Billy Joel. Thanks for this great opportunity.


I listen to audio books.


I don't like to listen to audio books because I miss too much of the stories while concentrating on my knitting. I like to listen to Cher, Il Divo, Susan Boyle. When it's really mindless, boring knitting then Creedence is great. I also enjoy listening to knitting podcasts.

Barbara Brundige

I love to listen to instrumental soundtracks and "bluesy" music. Right now I have been listening to the soundtracks from Alice in Wonderland and Sweeney Todd. I also like to listen to podcasts about knitting, crochet etc. Barbara

Allison Hooper

This is what I've been looking for since I got my ipod touch! The dock I have for my ipod doesn't work with it. I really enjoy listening to the jazz and beyond podcast while I'm knitting!


Folk music goes with hand-made projects.

Connie Bergeron

I just have an MP3 player...so if it works with that, I have so many songs like Christian rock, or positive encouraging books on it that I'd love to listen to.


My SIL has this dock and it sound great. Would love to win one for myself! I mostly listen to podcasts while I knit or books from Audible, although lately I've been enjoying Cage the Elephant!


I also tend to abuse my audible account when knitting. :) Nothing beats a good story to keep me going. Currently I'm wandering through David Weber's By Heresies Distressed.


Right now, I'm hooked on Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now". As someone in the last stages of divorce, this song just speaks to me. I'm finishing my scarlet Lush and Lacy cardigan - love the pattern! Can't wait to see it sewn together - the next step. I'll be blocking it today - wearing in AC next week!


I listen to everything from folk to rock to classical to bluegrass! But there is always music playing - always. I can't imagine knitting (or life) without it.

Susan French

What a great giveaway gift. I received an ipod for my 60th birthday but I do not have a docking station. This would be great. Usually I watch tv while knitting but what a great idea to sit, listen to music and and knit. That way I could work on a more difficult pattern. I do get distracted by the tv or I don't watch the whole program. I love most music but I think I like the oldies the best.

Account Deleted

This is such an interesting giveaway. I find I am always distracted by the TV when I knit, so I prefer playing some Irish music, to keep me upbeat and in a good working rhythm. It does work, the difference is noticeable, compared to the rhythm at which I knit while listening to classical music. :)
Happy knitting and listening to music, everyone. :)


My guilty pleasure is listening to country music while I knit! I'm currently working on my second sweater - the Cables and Lace sweater converted me to sweater knitting!

Amy Thomas

I would listen to whatever new music we've brought into the house, old favorites, and also podcasts of the NPR shows I listen to regularly.


I listen to just about anything 80's while knitting. Internet radio on my iPod FTW!

Ann-Kristin Skoglund

Wonderful to have the opportunity to listen to the music and charge the battery at the same time. Love the idea of listening and knitting at the same time


That would be great! I like to listen to a variety of music or audiobooks while knitting.


Love your patterns and listening to movie soundtracks. Currently, the soundtrack from New Moon. :)


I enjoy listening to audiobooks while knitting or quilting!


Love your patterns. I like Classical music for knitting by day. Jazz, Pop or Latin for evening.


Oooohh, this is such a great giveaway!!! I like to listen to Bach and Suzuki violin music which I practice with my violin daily.


Great looking dock. Personally, it has to be James Taylor for me...such a smooth sound - it helps my knitting


When I'm crocheting, I tend to listen to stuff that keeps me energized and upbeat. So a lot of dance tracks, pop songs, and depending on my mood, I've been known to do a little headbanging to Disturbed and Metallica, especially if the pattern is one I know by heart.


I listen to podcasts - This American Life, Wait Wait don't tell me, and Dan Savage's LoveCast. Also lots of classical music that helps me think - Bach, Vivaldi etc. Fantastic giveaway!!!! Thanks

mary ann

I enjoy listening to relaxing music while I knit or crochet - just makes the time go by faster with no distractions - this looks like a great addition to the music world for Ipods etc.

Mary Klee

Who says you can't dance and knit at the same time? My musical taste varies with my mood, but I seem to be in a U2 groove right now. Whether it is something more frantic like "Vertigo" or mellow like "One", I get lost in the music as I stitch!


I love listening to NPR while knitting! For me, it is music and reading or NPR and knitting.

Sharon M

What I listen to depends on what I'm knitting. I liked recorded books when the project is easy, music (classical, folk) when I need more concentration.

Deb White

Wow! Cool techno doodad! Hmm- I am right now knitting, (well, I was, a minute ago) and I am listening to some classic Bonnie Raitt. Great stuff.

Marian Zavaglia

Awesome. It depends on what I am knitting or crocheting as to what I listen to. If it is an easy pattern - then I listen to music I can sing the words to, or watch tv. If difficult then - easy listening music.


Right now I'm knitting an Aran sweater for my husband and listening to a lot of Bob Schneider. One of these would be a great way knit in a room we don't have speakers hooked up to our computer, which stores all our iTunes music. Great idea and a must have for Mac geeks!

deidre corbet

My favorite things to listen to while I craft are podcasts and books on cd. Thanks for the chance .

jennifer pace

What an awesome prize. I love to listen to my favorite movies while I knit and work on my designs.

Melissa A.

I like listening to an online radio station CBC Radio 3, lots of music, no news, weather, very little talking. Just lots and lots of mostly Canadian music!

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