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Stunning Nipped Waist Cardigan

Talia Vest and Super Cute Newsboy make a great knit combo!

IMAG0145_500 Here's a great combo! The #82 Talia Vest (free pattern!) and the #113 Super Cute Newsboy Cap (which includes BABY through Adult size and only needs 1 ball of the yarn!) from Lana T. of Westminster, CA.

She used Drops Karisma superwash in light grey for the Talia Vest and Nashua Handknits creative focus superwash in grey for the Cap.

And here are her comments on both of these great projects:

"I was ecstatic when I came across your website a few months ago because I was looking for a cute pattern for a vest or cardigan to knit.

I fell in love with all your designs because of the lace and cable details. I loved the look of the Talia vest and the cute newsboy cap so I decided to try knitting it for my friend's daughter, as I only have 3 boys.

I just started knitting about 6 months ago, therefore, was very grateful to see the detailed instructions for your patterns.

The pattern kept me so intrigued that it only took me 4 days for the vest and 2 days for the cap. Needless to say, both projects came out perfectly cute and wearable without any headache on my part. IMAG0153_500

I cannot wait to dive into another one of Katherine's design. I've already got 2 lined up in my queue. Thanks again for being so creative. You are a #1 knitter/designer in my book." -- Lana T.

Well, thank you so much, Lana, for sharing your finished projects and for such nice comments! They look perfect for your friend's daughter. Super stylin'! Great work knitting them and you were SO fast!!   And you only just learned to knit 6 months ago.  WOW.  You have either a very good teacher or are just a natural for knitting or both!

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Geri Gale

I fell in love at firt sight. Its a must to knit for my granddaughter who will be a senior in high school this year. Terrific job.

Geri G

Barbara Adams

Well done Lana, you look good and comfortable, in your talia vest! I think it is a great achievement after only knitting for 6 months. Very well done. But tell me, if you made the vest and hat so quickly , didn't your partner complain about the 'clickerty clack' of the needles? My Hubby is a nightmare as soon as I pick up the needles! Needless to say, I have now taken up the quieter pass time of 'CROCHET'.
Keep it up!
Barbs (from England)


Well done Lana, to think that you only knit for 6 months, what a beautiful set ! My girl fall in love with the vest, i hope i can find a suitable yarn and fast delivery, cant wait to start. The colour you chose matches very well :)

May i know what size did you knit forher ?

My girl says Hi to your friend's daughter.

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