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Marisa's Gorgeous Flutter-Sleeved Cardigan!

Lace_cardi_007_500 Marisa W. of Fulton, Maryland knit her version of the #99 Flutter-Sleeved Blousy Cardigan (a top-down design!) in Elsebeth Lasvold Cool Wool in color #7 Hemp. She made a few mods.

"I fell in love with the design because of the cabled neckline, sleeve shape and beautiful lace panels, but I didn't know if the blousy middle was the best for my figure.

I just had to knit this, though, so I decided to make it non-blousy. All I did was add a little waist shaping and eliminate the decreases before the waistband.

Lace_cardi_008_500 This sweater was such a pleasure to knit, and the pattern was very well-written and easy to follow. I love the way the flutter sleeves came out - just the right amount of flutter! I used a 50% wool, 50% cotton yarn so I could wear it throughout all of the seasons.

 Thanks for another great pattern!Lace_cardi_011_500" -- Marisa W.

And thank you, Marisa, for sharing your mods and comments on this pattern!  It's been a great-selling pattern and because of it's top-down design, has been easy to adjust!


Here's what my sample version looked like (see blow). See how different it is witb the alpaca blend and the blousy body shape gathered at the waist with a slightly cropped length?

Really shows you how a few adjustments to a great baseline pattern can make it perfect for you!

Looks great buttoned at the top and in the middle and you chose a very versatile color.

Thanks again!


Esther Sprinkle

Love the mods and the yarn. Great job, Marisa... it's lovely on you. I think this would work better for my body type, as well. Thanks for sharing this with us, Marisa and Katherine (great pattern)!

Michelle B

Love it!


The mods look great, and it is so versatile that way, too. Very flattering. I love the leafy lace pattern, it really shows up well here.

Sandra Milton

I love the colour of your yarn and the changes also......well done!

Karen Gilbank

Love your modifications! That is the geat thing about knitting your own clothes, you can adjust them to just how you want them! Your sweater looks perfect Marisa. A beautiful job


Your modifications are so cute. Now I don't know which design I will choose to do. Your color choice is excellent.


very pretty. I have to say I do love sweaterbabe patterns. I havent knit a bad yet.


This is very pretty... loving the neckline detail :)

Blaine J

That's adorable, Marisa! I love your design and your pictures are beautiful. Great job! My wife loved to wear cardigan, I'll show her this site. She absolutely love your cardigan :)


That's beautiful, Marisa. The colour matches with your outfit nicely. Love it. Love your mod too. It fits real nice on you.

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