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Charming Bracelets - Review and a Giveaway!

Charm_Factory_KnitLike me, you've probably owned a few charm bracelets in your time. They are so classic and always add a little whimsy to my outfit and they make me smile.

So, I was excited to receive these bracelets for free from as I've not worn a charm bracelet lately.  (I go through jewelry phases, don't you?)

Charm_Factory They came very nicely packaged in the boxes you see below. One features a pretty mix of heart shapes that would be fun to wear everyday.

The other one has knitting-related charms on it (so cool!).  There's the standard yarn ball and needles (though you do have to be careful they don't get caught on your knitting, which I always thought was kind of ironic about the design!), a button, a little sweater (T-shirt style), a "Handmade" charm, and a "made with love" heart-shaped charm. 

Just a very sweet bracelet!  I've never had any knitting-related jewelry and it's just fun to wear something that reminds you of what you love!

The heart bracelet features 3 little puffed hearts alternating with 2 smaller hearts with beaded edges.  Totally wearable and great for layering with other bracelets!

The bracelet chains are also quite nice.  They aren't like those chunky silver ones that used to be popular in the 90's.  These chains are delicate and pretty, but sturdy.  There is an extension piece that allows you to adjust the size, which is awesome. 

Both the bracelet and the charms are sterling silver, and you can tell the nice quality of the silver right away.  AND, these charms were sodered onto the bracelet, which is so great! No worries that you will lose a charm because the little silver ring separates!  Also, no worries about the joins catching on your sweaters!

These are classic gift items that allow you to easily add a personal touch!  When I went to to see their selection - I was surprised to see the huge selection! Charm_Factory_Hand

You can buy ready made bracelets with charms (like the heart one) or custom select your own, including a choice of bracelet styles.  They can assemble them for you, or you can do it yourself. 

You can tell that they know their business well given how many options are well presented on the website.

I'd definitely recommend them as a first stop if you are in the market to buy a charm bracelet!

And for those of you who love jewelry. . .
*** ENTER to WIN the HEARTS CHARM BRACELET! (a $25 value) ***
Just comment on this blog post by July 31st, 9PM PST.  Tell us about a favorite charm or what you like about charm bracelets and charm jewelry.  A winner will be randomly chosen at the beginning of August.  One comment per person please.

*** And the randonly chosen winner from all of the fabulous comments is . . .

Tina, who posted her comment: "Oh, these bracelets are so pretty and unique too! I love charm bracelets because of the movement they create on my wrist. I would love to have a new charm bracelet in a new theme!" on July 18th I've emailed you, Tina, so please let me know your mailing address so I can send you the heart charm bracelet.  CONGRATS! 



Very Beautiful bracelets. I love the fact that the charms are sodered to the bracelet. I LOVE the bracelet with all the stas on their site! Just beautiful!...of course the knitting related charms are a must have!!!!

Kelly-ann (on Ravelry)

Charm bracelets take me back to being child. My mom had several bracelets from when she was a child and I used to love playing with them. One charm was a little book that opened up and another was a carousel that turned around. Those bracelets look so sweet...I love the knitting charms!


They're so pretty! I luv the 'handmade' and 'made with love' charms.


The knitting charm bracelet is adorable. It is a subtle yet nice way to show your love of knitting. It can also be worn with other bracelets. My favorite is the yarn and needles charm!


I adored my charm bracelets in high school. All my jewelry was stolen a few years ago in a house robbery, so I would love to start another collection. These are adorable!


Oh, these bracelets are so pretty and unique too! I love charm bracelets because of the movement they create on my wrist.
I would love to have a new charm bracelet in a new theme!

Leah Yarbrough

I really like these! Very pretty!!


I inherited a very special charm bracelet from my aunt. You see, she never had children of her own, so she wore a charm for each of her neices and nephews on her bracelet. When she passed away a few years ago, I inherited the bracelet-- replete with 10 charms that represent my siblings, my cousins, and me! When I wear that bracelet I am reminded of the good times we shared growing up. That bracelet was very much a part of my aunt's life. I would love to share this tradition with a charm bracelet of my own, that represents my interests-- that could be passed on to inspire good memories and warm feelings like my aunt's bracelet does for me.

Carol M.

Charm braclets are all about memories-you can just keep on adding them!

Denise Royal

Very nice. Love charm bracelets.


I love these bracelets!! Having lost charms over the years, sodered links are so strong.
I don't have any knitting jewlery and this looks like a good place to start.

pat devaney

Like yourself, I haven't worn a charm bracelet in years. But I can remember getting it for my First Holy Communion when I was a child. Each charm marked a milestone and it's great to look back at the charms and remember those happy times!

Suzanne Alexander

I had a charme bracelet for a very long time and I had collected a charm from different places I had travelledd to. It was a wonderful memory and now since it had become bulky and too heavy one of my son had it put in a 3D box with black velvet background and in s black and red decoration and it is now exposed on a cabinet in the entrace hallway. So many memories and it is still with me and I would like to have one of the bracelet as I always been crafty person and it would be so nice to have a new one.

Susan Sanders

I have several charms that remind me of the good times I spent.


I love charm bracelets! I like the way they jingle on my wrist, reminding me of all the charms and what they mean to me. I love charms that remind me of the things that I love, which, because I was born and raised in Hawai'i, usually relate to the ocean. I also like bird and nature related charms because I love those too.

Thanks for a chance to win...

angie lloyd

I love it!!!! i don't wear much jew. I had a charm necklace. my son when he was about 1 1/2 old i was holding him and we were going into an elev. he grab it and riped it off. it went flying everwhere. he hates elev. and he has some medical problems. so it was not his fault to say. anyway i loved it. we could not find all of them because they went everwhere. so that is why i don't where that much till this day. but i would wear this. now my son is 15yrs old so i don't have to worry that he will do this again. he still hates elevors. i love that is is for craft people. i have always been a person to make gifts and home made ornaments since my kids were born. i feel it is good form them to know to make things with your hands and people will like it more. and to give from your heart. thanks


My daughter and I love charm bracelets. It's fun to collect charms from everywhere you have been and have a keepsake of all those places to keep memories alive. I haven't worn one for a while now and it would be fun to start a knitting bracelet.


Charms are a great way to collect mementos of where you've been. My aunt and uncle gave me one years ago, with Colorado charms. The pinecone and ram's horns do get caught on things, though, so I don't wear it now.


I have two charm bracelets one my mom started for me, and one my husband gave me for my wedding gift. We have been adding to it for 32 years. I just love charm bracelets. we are going to have a granddaugther this Aug. and I will start one for her.


I've never owned a charm bracelet, but always thought them so feminine. Maybe it's time to give one a try.


I have always worn charm bracelets. I love them and was really happy to see other people wearing them. They make great conversation starters. Especially my Pat Boone bracelet and Elvis bracelet. The other grandmother of my grand daughter thought it was the dumbest thing she had ever seen when I presented her with a grand mothers bracelet. the last time I saw her she had it on and wanted to know where I got the charms so she could add her other grand children to it. This is a wonderful way of keeping special memories close at hand.

Kat LeFevre

I love charm bracelets! It's so fun to be able to personalize them, and I love getting charms as souvenirs from various vacations and trips.

Marilyn Nepper

I lost my charm bracelet many years ago and never replaced it. I love the heart charm bracelet and hope I'm lucky enough to win it

karen okuly

My favorite charm is the charm I got when my son was born. It means more to me than anything I have in my jewelry box.


I love charm bracelets and wear mine quite often!


Nice review. Their site is nicely done and they have a wide variety selection. Something for every occasion! Really, really, nice!

Beth R.

I like the delicate yet sturdy chain, the extension, and the fact that charms are soldered. And I like the variety of charms.


I've LOVED charm bracelets since I was a little girl.


I LOVE charm bracelets...and I LOVE the Charm Factory! I have ordered from them before and have always been happy with my purchases...tons of cool stuff.


My wife would love one of these.

Cheryl Clemons

I absolutely love those charm braclets. My favorite is the knitting one. I love to wear knitting jewelry. I have a pin that is a ball of yarn with needles. I love to wear it anywear.

Ann-Kristin Skoglund

These bracelets were cute. My favourite bracelet is the one I got from my husband the day after our wedding. It's made of gold and has many little hearts hanging on, all the way around.

Di Sturgess

Right from the first one when a little girl is born, more charms can be added when she is christened, starts school, has a birthday, passes her exams and all the happy memories throughout her life. What a wonderful thing to have, especially if the charms are soldered onto the bracelet so as not to get lost.

Karen McClung

I love charm bracelets and these are really nice. I remember back in the 60's charm bracelets were a big thing. Glad to see them come back in style.


I love the bracelets. I would love to have one of them. I have always loved charm bracelets. I have one that I have had since I was a girl. It is fun to see how your bracelet can tell about your life


Sterling silver is my favorite choice in jewelry. Bracelet looks high quality. Really like the idea of "hand made". I know I like to receive and make hand made crafts! Thank you for making the information available!

Doris O

What lovely bracelets! I have always been charmed by charm bracelets and still am. Thank you.

Kathy M.

I have a sterling silver charm bracelet that was given to me by my parents when I was 18 years old. The bracelet is 37 years old! It has many, many charms on it and I love the sound of the charms tinkling when I wear it!


Very nice, I have been looking for just the right one. Thanks for the website.


What gorgeous bracelets. I love the look and sound of a full charm bracelet, I think they look fantastic. I have never owned one, but would love to start a collection of charms.


Judi Grant

When I was little, we used to get a charm from every place we went on vacation. It was a great memory-keeper! I still have mine, somewhere, I need to dig it out! The Charm Factory has a fantastic selection of items!

Susan Havens

I have a charm bracelet from when I was 16. It carries charms from all the different places we lived (dad was military). I look at it now and it brings back oodles of memories!

J Oakley

I love charm bracelets for the memories you carry on it. Thanks for introducing me to this site.


I've never had a charm bracelet - always wanted one, though. This one's so pretty! I'd want it just to have the little knitting charm. :)

tracy scott

Awesome bracelet. I love telling people about my crocheting, but this would be a great conversation starter even when I don't have my yarn and hooks with me. Beautiful!

jd wolfe

i am bracelet 'junkie'. the more the merrier. this one is spectacular! would love to add it to my collection.

Kay Conway

Yesterday(17th) was my birthday. If I had realized that there was such a lovely knitting charm bracelet available for such a great price, I would have put it on my wish list. The fact that the charms are sodered on the bracelet, makes it more attractive.

judy bechtold

I love how a charm bracelet tells a story These look great I see some future gifts to give

Cynthia Sliker

These are GORGEOUS!!! The knitting one is a must-have for all us knitters, hearts are beautiful for all. Will need to order a few for gifts.


I love them all....charm bracelets are always special for the wearer of them. I received a charm bracelet on my eight birthday, I had it on everyday until it fell apart when I was about 10 years old. Now I have worn a "special" bracelet all of my 53 years and now that I found some silver knitting charms, I must have some. Thanks for letting us know. I guess you could say I am a "serial" bracelet wearer.


Charms bracelets are such exquisite individual collectors items. Each charm holds such a memento to the person, be it a piece of history for the individual that wears it. A story be it to each piece. They are heirlooms to pass down the generations. They don't have to be expensive pieces at all, but just the charm itself holds meaning and heart felt meanings. Plus adding a great accent piece to any outfit !

Heather McKenzie

Hi Sweaterbabe, I am new to this site, and new to knitting as well. I needed a hobby to lower my stress, but am very New England Yankee and needed my hobby to be practical as well. I have found knitting to be the perfect, portable stress reliever! I love the charm bracelets, I haven't worn one in forever since I lost my gold one (babies + gold = lost bracelet) I like silver better! Sturdy and practical!:)


How neat to think of having a craft related one....thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Georgia Green

Charm bracelets add charm to your wrist. I have one with all silver and red hearts given to me by my sister. What a treat it would be to have a partner. Lovely.


Our daughters have a Charm Bracelet each. And when there is anything significant that happens in their life we buy them a charm to mark the occassion. That's why they are special to us.

Kelley E

I love the way charm bracelets are so personal. You can choose charms that represent special moments in your life.

Janetta Rodriguez

Love charm bracelets. I have mine from my childhood and I have a new one started a few years ago as a way for family members to buy me a little something that I will love. Love the idea of a knitting charm bracelet.

I love this site! I never had a charm bracelet when I was a girl and would love to start my DD one.

Sarah Helene

LOTUS FLOWER charm is FAB as it signifies the journey from materialism to E N L I G H T E N M E N T. What could be more precious to wear on your wrist as a reminder of a higher goal 24/7.


I have collected charms and charm bracelets my entire life. I have a thimble, but I love the yarn and needles. This is a must-have for my collection!

Marija Telgenhof

Who wouldn't want a charm braclet with knitting related charms. I for one think it would be fun.


Charm bracelets are so nice, because you can add charms to remember special times or events; or you can have a nice "theme" bracelet, like the knitting one. I've thought about starting a bracelet with an ocean or beach theme for my sister. Thanks for bringing the to our attention.

Mary Louise Wotring

love the sound of charm bracelets!

Debbie Hood

I also own a charm bracelet that belongedto my grandmother - she ws the one to start me on knitting. She owned a knitting store in Old Town Alexandria and I would spend alot of my saturdays there - her charm bracelet has a pair of knitting needles with a ball of yarn - she is no longer with us but I remember all the times I spent in the store when I see the charm

Denise Williams

I love charm bracelets! I web thru a jewelry making phase and made a bracelet with mostly knitting related charms. It is pretty cheap metal, very chunky & too heavy. This one is a lot nicer!


I have a great western related charm bracelet that I received from my grandmother & of course, charms that I had when I was a child. Charm bracelets are great fun!

Jane Plaugher

My only charm bracelet is chunky, heavy and represents a long ago, want to forget time in my life. I really love the knitting bracelet which is more timely for my life now. Fiber Fiber Fiber!!!!!


the bracelet is so charming hope my entery is okay.


I have never had a charm bracelet! My birthday is on the 21st and I absolutly love the knitting charm as well as a couple of others. It has been a very rough week with my hubby being away and discovering that my dad only has 20% heart function.

I love the sweater pattern that can be worn both ways - it is great!

Barbara H

What fun! Very cute & charming!

Deborah L.Fausett

wow. I don't get a chance to see new charmbraclets very often. I love the the knitting theme of the bracelets. the knitting one really hits home. Iv'e been knitting since i was 8 years old . The memories just rushed in when i saw it. will have to tell my family before christmas about this site.


I had a charm bracelet back in the 70's. My favorite charm was a little Owl with Emerald eyes. Don't know what happened to that bracelet. Seeing yours brings back memories. I must call my Mother to see if she has it......

Shelley Gerber

Love this charm bracelet!

Judy Kalinowski

I've never had a charm bracelet because i never found charms like these. I NEED one of these bracelets! I have a knitting obsession.

Lynda Taylor

My favourite charm bracelet was one given to me as a child it had Cinderella and her glass slipper, her prince, pumpkin coach and it was just lovely.
I kept it so well that now my daughters can wear it.

Renda Johnson

I love the charm bracelet and the charms especially. I have two charm bracelets that I have added to over the past twenty years. This one would be a wonderful addition that represents my latter years of love for knitting and crocheting.


I love charm bracelets because they are so individual...they really reflect your personality and your passions. I'd love to win one like this since I'm such a knitting and yarn junkie. :) The only other ones I'd probably wear would have to involve tea, cooking or reading, but I love this one!


I love charm bracelets, when i was younger i had won and i lost it when we moved, it was very special too me, because my charms were given too me from people that i loved that had gone on to be with the Lord.


Such pretty things to wear, and light and jingly! I've only had the ones I got as a child, centering around horses. Your review brings back lots of memories.

Susan Spiers

I have had a couple of charm bracelets in my lifetime. When I was younger, I loved the sound of the jingling. Now that I'm grown, I love the look of the miniatures of everyday items, quite fascinating!

C. Waldner

I adore charm bracelets, my favorite being my Pandora. I love it because each charm has a peersonal meaning to me or was given to me by someone special.


I love charm bracelets. Since most bracelets are made for 7" or 8" wrists, I was never able to have one until I lost a lot of weight. Now that my wrist is under 8", I can find ones that fit. I've got one now that pertains to all things poodle.
I am also very fond of hearts. They were always a special thing between my Mother and me. Ever since she passed on when I was 20, I've always treasured hearts in my Mom's memory.


Charm bracelets.
I like the memories associated with each charm. Mine is silver - got it when I was in high school. It has a Ms., an engraved charm from a dear friend, a flute, a graduation cap that belonged to a friend of my mom's, and a Swazi shield, from my time in Peace Corps...I haven't worn it in a while, but I like the jangle and the flash when I do.

vintage wedding rings

This is a good idea if with your wedding ring,you will also get the same matching bracelet.Charms presenting a lovely creation of bracelets.I wanna buy this for me.Thanks for sharing.

Joan Reilly-Bertsch

A girl can always use another charm bracelet. I made 2 charm bracelets for myself - one in silver and one in gold. Don't be afraid to add things besides charms - like rings, pendants, etc. I had a jeweler tell me the scale was wrong when I added a ring to my silver bracelet. I thought - 1. Hey, it's my bracelet. 2. I don't wear the ring my husband gave me anymore. 3. I get to still look at the ring when it's on my bracelet. Thanks for all the contests!


Right on, very nice charm braclete. My dad used to give me charms when i was i little girl...i never did out grow them :)


Love it. So pretty and such an elegant way to express your own style


I think that charm bracelets express who you are. You normally buy charms that show what type of person you are by the type of charms that you buy, especially when you get older. This bracelet is so lovely, and I would proudly wear it on my wrist. I don't own any jewelry to express my first love -- knitting!!

Judi Regan

Love charm bracelets - especially knitting charms!

Janie Holley

I've always loved them and my Mother started me one as a child. It even has a special charm that celebrated the United States Bicentennial back in 1976. Mama had to special order it because it was done in a limited number. Hubby collects things, jewelry being one of them and we have acquired several charm bracelets along the way. I'm amazed at the craftsmanship that goes into making some of the more unusual charms, not to mention the detail. Even though many are mass produced, the molds from which they came had to be carefully created.

Hannah  Thomas

I have always loved charm bracelets. My mother and grandmother had them, and growing up I always admired them and wanted one too. When charm necklaces were in style my mother bought me one. but the charms don't all sit separately and it just wasn't what I'd wanted.

When I got married I told my husband how much I had wanted a charm bracelet as a child, so for my birthday he bought me a lovely gold charm bracelet with a small charm that said " I Love My Dog". When both my son's were born he bought me a charm for each boy with his name and birthdate. Our fifth anniversary added a number 5 charm. There is a Winnie the Pooh charm since I used to call my oldest son "Boo Bear" and it was the closest my husband could come. I am looking forward to my butterfly charm someday soon. It is a reward for managing to get myself in shape, lose weight, and transform myself in other ways also. Each charm has special meaning and when I put my bracelet on each day it helps me remember all that is good in my life.


This charm bracelet is just what I have been looking for~!!~ thought about this type for a long time* ~"^^"~, and tried to find such items, this is just AWSOME. A MUST have! Thank you for showing us and having this web site available...How come other charms are not sodered on?! imagine that! CIAO`

This knitting site it just FAN~TAS~TIC,,,,,

Debbie B

What a pretty charm bracelet! I don't have one, my daughter does that I buy charms for from time to time to mark special occasions. Typical mom I guess, not for me but my daughter has one. It's never too late to start though.

Diana Dangas

I recieved my first charm bracelet when i graduated from High School many years ago and when we moved away many friends gave me charms to remember them by. Not that I needed the charms to remember friends but they are beautiful. Then when I married My husband bought me another bracelet. On every special occation he would a another charm. After 33 years of marrage that one is now full. Now seeing these beautiful bracelets it brings me back to all the wonderful times in my life. I have charms from grad, hope chest, to the birth of each one of our children and one for every anniverary, even all the special trips we made. In 2011 I'm returning home for my school reunion and would love to start one more bracelet. Charm bracelets seem to be a story all there own. Often our children would see me wearing my bracelets and ask what one or more of the charms were for. There favourite one was is a church that you can read the Lords Prayer through the steapel, I recieved that one from my dad on the day I married my husband. I now work in a food process plant wher we cannot wear jewlrey but I still pull out one or both bracelets on my days off to remember the past and how wonderful of a life I have had and that there is so much more to come.


Very cute!! I remember when charm bracelets were very popular... maybe they are coming back into style?! :-) LOVE the adorable charms on these bracelets!

Claire Cooper

I have tears in my eyes from reading about what the charm bracelets mean to all of us. My mother had several and this makes me want to start charm bracelets for my four beautiful grand-daughters. This would give them a memory to wear instead of reading about family in a book. Thanks for sharing!


It is so nice to see charms back in style. My Mother started me with a bracelet for my First Communion and I have been adding ever since (50+ years) I have found charm bracelets in thrift shops and yard sales and love wearing them wondering who the owner was and the meaning of the charms that she chose. The quality of workmanship of this company looks beautiful.

Lorraine Swift

I enjoy my small grandchildren fingering my jewelry. They would enjoy fingering a charm bracelet.


I love that charms usually have a story or a meaning behind each one. They represent something memorable or important to the one wearing the charm!

Darlene Roberson

I love knitting and crocheting, so when I read about these charms bracelets I knew I had to check it out. I've always wanted a charm bracelet that would reflect my passion for knitting and crochet, and these beautiful, whimsical bracelets do just that. They are lovely!

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