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Hip_Hostess_2_500 Hip_Hostess_B_500 Aprons?  We have a few.  There's the mongrammed one I bought my husband once as a gift to compliment his "bite me" steak brander for use when he BBQs. 

There's a Winnie-the-Pooh one that is fun to wear when I bake cookies with my kids.

And there's a basic one that we got as a housewarming or engagement gift, I can't remember.

Do any of them get worn regularly? Um... no, not really.

BUT NOW I have a really beautiful apron that can bring out the Martha Stewart in anyone!  It's so pretty, I have it hanging out in the kitchen so I can admire it!

Shown above are the 2 aprons sent to me for free from Debbie, the mother of the mother-daughter team that is behind the line of aprons.

Thanks so much, Debbie, for letting me have these aprons to review and for a great giveaway!

First off, I do have to say the packaging and presentation is very classy and impressive! 

Each apron came neatly folded and presented with a pretty, coordinating ribbon and tag.  Just perfect to ship off as a gift!

And I truly had a hard time selecting which styles to have Debbie send to me.  The prints are stunning and unique.  Modern with a touch of retro in great colors.  Some more whimsical and others more floral.  All very fun.

Plus, there are different styles to choose from!  I chose a sheath-style (full-length apron) in the blue/brown combination you see above, aptly named "Chocolate Mint".  It is a yummy design.  The pockets are great - big and sturdy.  The ruffled bottom flounce is so pretty without being over the top.

I wore it this past weekend when I was grilling some chicken on the stovetop and not wanting to wear the oil splatter evidence.  When guests arrived for the party and saw me wearing the apron, they were full of compliments!  I was immediately attributed with lots of credit for being a great cook, hostess, and party maven.  Not bad for just wearing a cute apron!

The other style of apron I chose to review was the Cafe Style in Paper DoiliesI'm in love with this print!  I want pillows and a duvet cover it!  Hip_Hostess_Cafe

This cute Cafe Style is more suited for use while crafting or gardening.  It's got the great pockets, as all their aprons do, so you can have your tools handy, whether they are your gardening spade, scissors and tape measure, or whatever.

I would have taken it out to take piture of myself using it, but I didn't want to mess up the beautiful packaging since this one will be given away to one of you!

YES - these aprons are all that they claim to be on the HipHostess website and I highly recommend them.  They are very well made, with reinforced stitching where needed.  They are made from a high quality, stiff cotton that will hold up to much use and washings.  They are flattering and feminine and don't make you feel like a housemaid.

You can find these aprons at  You can even use the discount code of "GETHIP" to get 15% off!  Let them know you heard about them from!

************* AND NOW FOR THE APRON GIVEAWAY!  ***************
Please enter a comment on this blog post by August 20th, 9pm PST and tell us why you like these aprons!  One comment per person please. 

I will choose a winner randomly (using's random number generator) to win the Paper Doilies Cafe Style Apron, a $32 value that is Sold Out on the Hip Hostess site.  It's a lovely prize!  Good luck to all!

** August 29th Update ** And the winner randomly chosen from all comment entries is. . . Lori York, who commented on 8/12/10.  Congrats, Lori!  I'll email you so you can send me your mailing address.



What beautiful aprons, and the packaging,well what can I say. I'm always looking for that special something to give as a gift or use myself


It's time someone designed an apron that doesn't make you look like a 50's housewife. They are so cute, at the same time as being highly practical. I always wear an apron as oil, grease and dirt fly onto me when I am cooking. Great idea.


Thanks for posting this! My one apron is starting to get worn out. I like to wear dresses in the summer time, so my full apron gets used all the time when I'm cleaning or cooking on the weekend.


These aprons are so pretty. I'd almost be afraid to get them dirty :)

Kathrine Davis

I love the patterns! Can't wait to get one for my Mother!


These look great


what an adorable apron! i wouldn't want to wear it in the kitchen for fear of getting it dirty!


The aprons look very handsome and smart. The sheath style almost looks like a skirt instead of an apron. And I love pockets. They are very practical. Thanks for showing them off to us.


Beautiful fabric and design! It brings fashionable back to the home!


Lovely packaging and colors. I had given my daughter several of my mom's aprons. She was hoping to have an apron party and give one to each of the party goers. If I win this one, I will send it to her.

Carol Staples

The cafe style reminds me of the one I made in home-ec back in middle school; what wonderful memories that brought back. These are so cute as well as practical. I'll bet everyone who cooks has a top or two with "cooking splatters" on them!!! Neat idea ladies.

Doti Roraback

Love the cool fabric, would love to win one. Doti


What a perfectly chic little find for the modern hostess!


Super cute!!!

Sara Spalding

What CUTE aprons! I have to admit, though, that I would be using it for myself and not be giving it away!!! :)


These are really beautiful aprons! I would love to have one, and it would definitely get used in my kitchen - and crafting!

Sarah Helene

Yes, INDEED, I would LOVE this stylish pastel Paper Doilies apron! WHY? To wear when we cook gourmet meals and bake. We have 3 new cookbooks (bought in past 2 years) with my FAV recipes: 1) TAPAS: A Taste of Spain in America by Jose Andres-- Oysters with Olives, Capers and Lemon; 2) Eric Ripert's A RETURN TO COOKING-- Paprika-Spiked Beef Tenderloin and Eggplant; 3) GIADA'S KITCHEN by Giada de Laurentiis-- Lemon Ricotta Cookies with Lemon Glaze (YUMMY).


Love the classic prints & chic colors...just enough style without being fussy.

Kim Artis

Beautiful and useful. I wear an apron every day!


What adorable aprons! Would love to have something stylish to wear in the kitchen.


My daughter has been begging me for an apron because she loves to bake....she would be thrilled!

Aimee Russell

I love the fact that I wouldnt have to sacrifice fashion and looking great while wearing this! I love to cook for my family and friends, but usually dont wear an apron because most of them are so plain. I think these have just enough sass for me!


function and style always a good combination. There something homey about wearing an apron and cooking!


the prints are so fresh!! much better than the ones i'm using now-- vintage remnants from my husband's grandmother. they're authentic, but tired looking. these are gorgeous!

A good apron is really hard to find-one not too matronly, but highly stylish and functional. I have been looking for the perfect apron for a long time, these are it!


Love it, love it! I have been wanting a good apron lately! I actually bought a truly boring white restaurant supply type just a month ago. If I had only known of what was out there!


I've been looking for an apron that I'm not embarrassed to wear with company over (you should see the dowdy one I've had forever), and these more than fit the bill. My daughter also wants one for helping to cook and bake and while doing art projects, so I love that Hip Hostess offers child aprons as well! How fun to coordinate, and these styles and patterns are gorgeous!


I love aprons because they are fun and sassy to wear in the kitchen. Oh, and practical before the guests arrive.

Besides I adore The Hip Hostess. My favorite lady in the world! :)

Reluctant Entertainer


I *love* these aprons! They are so cute and hip! I am so bad at wiping my hands on myself when I'm baking, so I need aprons to keep me clean!


What a lovely pattern for the apron.
It looks like the pattern and colors would compliment anyone who wore it!
Not only will you be cooking good food to eat in the kitchen, you will be looking good doing it!

Andrea Williams

Wow! The aprons are beautiful! I'm never without one while I'm in the kitchen. I usually make them myself but the fabric isn't this pretty. Very chic and hip. I love it!


Those aprons are so pretty...I love to cook and it would be even more fun with a gorgeous apron to go with it. My clothes are begging for a pretty apron to protect them!


Love the apron- beautiful fabric.


Love the cut. I would wear one anytime


These are the cutest aprons, EVER!!!


I absolutely love these aprons. I would love to have one.

Lynda Taylor

I love the Cafe style apron. Being a BIG girl I find the full aprons often sit oddly on me but I like the 1/2 styles and this one is cute with adorable fabric to boot.

I would love to win it.


Love the patterns!! I would definately wear one for those days I just need a little "sun" in the the "I said that you could make 42 cupcakes for the class party tomorrow Mom" kind of days!


I love these aprons so much I might even try to cook!

Colleen Figley

Love the aprons - love the fabric. Love to own one!

Flo Mallonee

What a way to look your best while cooking and serving food. These aprons are so stylish, and I really hope I win one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Beth R.

Something stylish to wear when cooking or crafting, rather than old, oversized T-shirts? What's not to like? I'd love to win this.

Linda Meziere

I've just recently been wishing that I had a nice apron. The fabric is fabulous!


The colors and patterns of the aprons are just great! I love imagining you in your Winnie the Pooh apron baking cookies though too - neat!!

Gayle Schultz

Wow! I love the pattern, and how beautifully it matches over the pocket. That's a sign of quality and care in construction. As we put the same amount of care in our crafting, wearing an apron like this is an honor! Thanks.


I love the fabrics!

beth smith

Love it! would love to win it! thanks for the chance.


Really, really pretty and unique. Enjoyed the site! This item is a must have! Will definitely need to get one of these!

brigitte brown

I usually have to shop vintage or second hand shops to find the type of aprons that I like...practical and that protect (I'm a sloppy cook!). What a lovely idea to re-do old favs with modern patterns. I'llbe passing your site on to my other gourmet cooks...hope you do international shipping!
froggy french

Debbie at The Hip Hostess

We're so flattered, and utterly delighted by all the sweet talk! Thanks so very much ladies!

Susan Spiers

I use an apron everyday in my kitchen. Luv this apron style, so pretty & versatile!


I can knit, but sewing has had it's road blocks, though I can make a mean pillowcase. I would love to have such a beautiful handmade piece. Though it's so stylish I wouldn't know whether to wear it, or frame it! Thanks for the contest, my fingers are crossed.

Laurie P Starr Pastwa

Nice colors, nice designs, who can't love wearing an apron for all those around the house activities!

Debi Leonardini

These are beautiful. I'm going to order one for my future daughter-in-law and one for myself and then we can really cook!


Oh My Goodness, these are just adorable! Even if I don't win, I plan to buy several for gifts! :-)


TOO, TOO CUTE!!! I love the fabric. I think this is one give-away I can't wait for - I already know of someone with a birthday coming up, and it will be a perfect present. (However, if I do happen to win, I'll still be happy to take that gorgeous apron off your hands!!)


These aprons are so stylish! I love them. The colors and patterns are just beautiful. What a great gift idea!

Leigh Wheeler

I love aprons and those are really cute.


I love that they are colorful!


These ARE great! Definately excited to see they aren't made with the typical cutesey fabric. I adore the mod look of the fabric!! Plus, how great is it that a mother daughter team makes them. love!!

Linda D

I'm a firm believer in wearing an apron!
It's nice to look good in the kitchen AND keep my clothes clean at the same time. These aprons are really cute!

Margo Lynn

I am definitely using that code to buy a "Mixer" patterned apron. This will be so much fun to use when I have guests and want to be retro-special.

Jen Schnellman

I love aprons! These are gorgeous! I love the blue and brown and black combos.Darling!

Laura Adams

Such a cute apron design!

Jennifer Hearn

Very cute! I am always looking for a good apron that doesn't look like my great-grandmothers.


I love these aprons. The classically simple and elegant packaging is just perfect, and the aprons themselves are the kind I could wear and not feel like June Clever.

If I were to win one, I'd really try to talk myself into giving it to my mother-in-law because she always wears an apron. But I'd probably end up keeping it, they're really cool and I know I'd wear it. Oh, well, I actually thought of not being selfish.


i'd like to win this and save it for my mom for christmas - she collects aprons!


love them, trying to think of someone who would want one for Christmas...other than me!

Kim Haala

I love these aprons! I have been looking for a practical yet attractive apron to wear when cooking or crafting.

Lois Yanke

Nice website...I'm always looking for matched sets of "grandma and me" aprons,as I have begun teaching my 4 year old granddaughter to cook.


I really love the fabric. The prints are so cool. I donĀ“t use aprons, but if I had one of these I would defenitely wear one :)


Lovely aprons! Website is nicely done, too. I must go back to shop!!


Love, love, love, these prints. Finally some fresh and funky designs for those who would like to inject a bit of style into something for everyday use!


Fabulous! This will inspire me i am sure to do some work in the kitchen! Lovely details

Meredith C.

I love aprons, as they are both stylish and practical. Thanks for sharing!


I love this! It's so nice when practical things can be beautiful as well

Mary Beth

Aprons are back, and it's high time! I don't know how folks function without aprons. When I get dressed for work in the morning, I need an apron to cover my work clothes while I do breakfast and other assorted kitchen stuff. Same goes for the end of the day. I especially like these aprons because they are NOT anything like anybody's mother's apron. They really are "hip". :-)

Tracy Franklin

Love the apron... Such a sweet design

Deb W

Awessome aprons! I love the fact they are "coming back in style". I teach Grade 6/7, and frequently wear an apron when I am painting or cooking with the kids, or even some of my wilder science experiments! I love these- the prints bring the aprons very nicely into the 21st century!

Karen Gilbank

A really lovely little apron! Now if my hips looked as good as those in the photo............
I enjoy see your reviews of products
Thanks for sharing and having such great giveaways!


These "pinnies" (as we called them here in New Zealand when I was young) are just gorgeous! I love the vintage-style fabrics that are so popular now. They remind me of dresses my mother used to wear. I'd love to win a Hip Hostess pinny!


I have a thing for aprons and I love the fabric used in this one!

Lori York

Cute apron indeed, but what I love are the front pockets. I have 1 apron at home, and it only has 1 useless tiny pocket. I think the design of this little number is stylishly utilitarian.

Cherie F.

Aprons are so practical but these put the pizazz into everyday. The prints are so fun and modern. Love the designs and colors. I am always grilling in the summer. One of these aprons would be perfect for me. I hope I win.

Emily W.

I have ruined more t-shirts with cooking stains than I care to admit. These aprons are terrific!


Ohhhh I needed one of these when I was making my ginger-peach jam the other day! And if they sold the pattern for those of us who have mad sewing skillz, I'd be buying that RIGHT NOW!!


I love to cook and would love to look stylish while doing it!

Judy K

I love aprons! When cooking, teaching, or just hanging out getting "home stuff" done, I wear plenty of aprons. I am definitely on my way to the website. Can't wait to order one!

Melissa N

I love aprons. I think I secretly want to be June Cleaver. My favorite apron is one my husband bought me in Spain that looks like a Spainish dress, complete with ruffles. The female customs agent gave my husband a strange look when he told her he bought his wife an apron as a gift!

Amy in Ann Arbor

I looked at the Hip Hostess site, and they offer some really lovely, sophisticated fabrics, not just the typical "country style" fabrics that a lot of aprons are made from. Genuinely hip!

Charyl Biggs

I remember my grandmother and mother always wearing an apron in the kitchen - I generally use a big towel tucked into my pants ...this would much more sophisticated! Love the fabrics! Hope I win and thank you for the giveaway!


I'm always in need of an apron! I love the cute styling and modern fabric. Great designs!

Mary Helgesen

The aprons are very stylish. The fabric is gorgeous!

Claudia Hernandez

What a cute apron.

Peg Carmen

I wear aprons everyday! I enjoy cooking as much as I do knitting, in fact. This apron is so cool; I'd be thrilled to own one of my own!

Irene Mok

Look your best while cooking and serving food. The prints and style of the aprons are so georgious, and I really hope I win one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter


Wouldn't it be nice to receive compliments for such a pretty apron rather than for the spills and spots that dot my clothes when I'm cooking dinner (cooking with love isn't always pretty!).


So cute! I love the colour scheme and really like how it has a retro feel but still looks modern and stylish.


Pretty apron and lovely color.The cut is very nice will give any woman a slim look even in the kitchen!!!


Awesome the sleek designs and slim the matching aprons for children

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