New Knitting Pattern - Coming Soon!! Eyelets and Lace, Curved Hem, Flounced Sleeves
Knitting Pattern for Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan - Great for all ages!

Lace Cardigan Knitting Pattern - A finished version from France!

DWC_IsabelleIsabelle B. of Saint Louis, France sent in these beautiful photos of her lovely #112 Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan (one of my MOST POPULAR knitting patterns!).

Sh used Cascade yarns Heathers Color in Rainier Heather (#9454). 

Here is what Isabelle says about her finished project:

"The first thing I liked when I saw this pattern was the little cables from the kimono sleeves. The kind of 'little detail' I really love! DWC_Isabelle2And I liked the lace border in these different directions too.

The pattern is really easy to follow, charts or words as we want. I specially appreciate the table, row after row, to follow the lace chart and the decreases in the same time! DWC_Isabelle3 Very nice!

I am very happy to have it .Exactly what I need for the end of the summer time in Alsace. And I really like the way the lace is 'falling' when the cardigan is open.

Very original and very elegant!! Un très joli cardigan !DWC_Isabelle4" -- Isabelle B. 

Merci, beaucoup, Isabelle!

Your photos show how wonderfully this knitting project worked out for you! 

The stitch definition of the lace here is so amazing.  I LOVE the purple heather color of the yarn.  The heather quality of the yarn really compliments the "nature" of the leaf lace!  Looks like the drape of the yarn is perfect too.

Thanks so much for sharing!!

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Marlene Dufresne

What a lovely job you did with this cardigan Isabelle! It's simply exquisite! I will look for the yarn you used to knit up mine (after I finish my daughter's Lace Hoodie, that is).

Je suis un anglophone demeurant a Quebec. (with an English keyboard, no accents) Small world with the internet, so much fun.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Frances Wozniak

To who ever. I bought this pattern about a month ago and was going to knit it when I was recovering from knee surgery. Hah!!!!! Couldn't leave it alone. It was like a big puzzle and I am down to the last front....What am I going to do now? I know I will have this done and it is sooooo beautiful. I did it in a lilac wool.....My husband loved it as he always says "What are you building now". My surgery is two weeks away.....
Saw a little yellow sweater for my grand daughters....Might just have to buy it.....Have to have something to do right? Fran Wozniak Brighton Mi 48114
[email protected]

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