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Pretty Reuseable Bags Review and Giveaway!

Elevate your gift giving by using reuseable bags?  Hmm... there's an idea?!  I do use reusable grocery bags all the time, so why not consider the same for gift bags?EllaWrap_Bags_500

Well, the company EllaWrap.com has done just that (and they've generously sent me the 2 reuseable gift bag/wraps you see above for free to review and share with you!). 

EllaWrap has designed these products to put a new eco spin on gift-giving.  And given how much precious time and effort can go into knitting or crocheting that special project as a gift for someone, why not make sure it's packaged very thoughtfully to complete the presentation?
Here's my official review.

First off, I really just like the idea.  We are all trying to reuse bags for all our shopping to phase out those plastic bags, right?  So why not try to do the same and save on gift wrap that is usually not made of recyclable paper and used just once?

Growing up, my mother liked to be frugal - so we saved lots of assorted gift wrap, and bows.

But frankly, it was a lot of effort to make sure we didn't tear the wrapping when opening a gift, to flatten out the paper, and then to carefully peel off the tape in an attempt to leave no marks!  This is not about to happen in my household now, with my little daughters attacking each wrapped item with so much zeal that we're lucky to get the paper shreds off the floor before 3 more packages worth of wrapping join it in a big heap!EllaWrap_500

The EllaWrap gift bags come in many pretty fabrics, with designs and styles to suit all kinds of different occasions. 

The yellow bag shown here is made of a very pretty shade of yellow burlap with a vibrant striped grosgrain ribbon for the trim and handles.  

The bag is very well made, so I can tell that it will definitely last through multiple gift givings!  It would certainly make a great gift wrap for that organic cotton scarf or any hand knit or crocheted accesory or small sweater!

The other EllaWrap (called the Starburst Large Envelope) sent to me is intended for wrapping up clothing or a book.  It's basically a large flat, fabric envelope that closes beautifully with a coordinated ribbon.  Very classy.

All EllaWrap products come with nicely printed out gift tags and a gift journal, to encourage recipients to reuse the bags and turn it into a beautiful tradition. So warm and fuzzy!

Downsides?  Well, there is always the cost.  EllaWraps range from $11 to $18 or so, plus shipping.  Not at all outrageous, but something to consider in your total gift giving price. HOWEVER, if the idea is to have them reused MANY times, then the cost can be amortized and considered to be quite reasonable!

The only other issue is to make sure that the gift contained in the EllaWrap is as nice as OR nicer than the bag/wrap itself!  Ha ha.  Well, it is a package, so the recipient should be thankful for the whole deal, right?

Anyhow, I think they are lovely and I hope they catch on, because we sure do waste a lot of gift wrap around here!  Please check out their full selection at www.EllaWrap.com.

* * * The GIVEAWAY DETAILS * * *
I'll be giving away the EllaWrap Large Envelope (Starburst pattern shown here) to one lucky commenter!ENV-E09-016-EL1

To enter this giveaway, just leave a comment by 9pm EST on October 20th, 2010.  Tell us what you think of EllaWrap or what you'd put in your EllaWrap!  One comment per person please.

One random commenter will be chosen at the end of October.  Good luck to all!

*** AND THE WINNER IS . . . Bonnie, who commented on Oct. 13th!! ***
Congrats, Bonnie!  You won the Starburst Large Envelope from EllaWrap.com.  Enjoy!



... what a great idea... and cute too!


Great idea, and 'ELLA-cute bags, but I'm curious as to how the bow would wear over time. I am bow-tying-challenged, and usually skip that step in most wrapped presents, since it takes multiple attemps, and the ribbon looks pretty raggedy by the time I'm done. I'd be more than happy to give it a test run!


I agree with you about the cost... however, as a store owner, I would invest in them to gift to frequent shoppers for their yarn purchases. Thanks for the info!

Amy White

These are a beautiful way to present a present! Two gifts in one.


What a great gift "wrap" for a handknit item! Maybe one of the clapotis I'm stockpiling for the holidays!

Donna Anderson

One of those bags with a couple of balls of really nice yarn and a sweaterbabe hat pattern would be a great gift for a knitting friend (or yourself). I love the idea of getting a new project with its own bag to carry it in.

Mary Adams

Great idea - but for me the cost would be prohibitive! There must be a way to take this idea and make it more cost effective for the "finiancally challenged".

Susan (sjanova)

Great idea. I know some people for whom I wrap things in Sunday comics because I don't care what happens to the paper -- they're the rippers. Other people, I take special care in wrapping things because, like your parents, we and they save the paper for re-use. Those are the people who would adore receiving a gift in one of these bags. And I do knit for some of them. This is much nicer than the ziplock bag with the copy of the yarn label and a piece of the yarn taped to it, marked with care instructions. That gift journal is such a lovely idea for sharing the path of the "wrapper"! I wonder if the company will have a page to record the paths and number of uses for some of their wrappers.

Sarah Helene

Lovely packaging for when I lend books to friends, sisters or cousins. Every so often I trade a few novels I've recently read & expect a return in several months with their "used/READ" novels to keep recycling this envelope. This chic envelope is FAB for a SURPRISE SHARING BOOK GIFT!


Love the idea. I always use fabric bags when I give a bottle of wine as a gift and for baby showers, bridal showers, Christmas, etc. I use vinyl bags that I buy at the dollar store. The large bags can then be used by the recipient to take gifts home and then used as laundry bags or for shopping bags.

The Ellawrap bags are so much nicer. Will have to get some for the holidays.


Cute bags!!


They are great bags, but I would think you could only put light weight things in them. I use canvas bags for groceries,

Penny Powell

I love this idea.

Cherie K FischerI

What a great product. Not only is it wrapping they can use it as a project bag afterwards. A multi purpose gift. Love all of your reviews. Thanks.


Nice idea and they look nice too.

kelsey mariner

those are sooo cute! and i love "green" or eco friendly alternatives!

Sharon Long

It is great seeing so many people working so hard to change our throw-away world into a world that cares for the planet that sustains it and give us our home. For too long we have abused our home and this type of caring is long overdue. These bags are a wonderful idea and we should all be trying to find ways to reuse things and help heal the planet we have done so much damage to. When I think of Mother Earth I always see her with a tear running down her cheek as she looks on at how we have hurt her little one. It is time to put a smile back on her face! Bring on the the reusable gift bags! I would use it for anything and everything and not stop until it was in tatters that could no longer be reused. Then if possible I would compost it or find some way to recycle it some more. We have to do better!


I think the idea is cute. They are a little pricey for a "gift bag"..and we never know how the receiver will reuse their bag. I also agree that they might not hold something heavy very well....like a couple of books, they look like they would loose their shape. But the idea is great and of course they are unique and chic.


I love the bags and I give my grand-daughter books quite often. She would love the starburst bag to carry the book in after she gets it.

Ann-Kristin Skoglund

This was a great idea, the bags looks nice and I love the idea of not having to wrap gifts :-) I would probably use this when I give my cousin her shawl for her upcoming 40th birthday


I like the gift journaling idea. Great for families to pass on to each other. The fabric is beautiful!

Frances Conwell

For years, I have used new and recycled bags to present gifts to family members and friends. Thus, the user friendly EllaWraps, are a treasure.
Like Mary, I am "financially challenged", thus, I will expand
on Ella's concept, and simply crochet gift bags for future

Amy Thomas

These are so nice that, if we received a gift in one, it would be *really* hard to pass it on for reuse, rather than just keeping it for use around the house. In particular, the envelopes are calling my name. This is a great find,Katherine!

Holly Bracy

I love the idea of this, but they are so pretty I might have a hard time giving them away.

Jennifer B

It's a great idea... but can you ask the receipient for the wrap back??

Denise Green

Super idea and so colorful!!

Melissa Schoenwether

After working so hard to make a beautiful hand knit gift, it is nice to see a beautiful AND RE-USABLE way to present the gift! Thanks for sharing this!


I love the Bags and have been using Re-Usable Bags for a few years now.
I will buy them sometimes when I am visiting a shop,or different area
from where I actually live.

Therefore I always have a small supply of Re-Usable Bags on hand.
I have used them for Birthday's and Christmas for friends & family.

Now as to these EllaWrap Woven Bags, I tend to agree with some of the
folks, the price is a tad high. But if someone is only purchasing 1 or 2
of them I guess that would be fine. However, personally I wouldn't be
able to pay that much for each bag.

I have been trying to come up with some ideas to create a style/type
of Re-Usable Bag, but as yet haven't succeeded thus far,
but will continue to do my homework as we say.

Thank you for sharing with us.


I like the idea - I love bags and containers and "pretties" such as these. I might even try to make my own. Hmmmm....

Peggy Williams

They look great - but it would be really hard to pass them on the the next gift recipient...

Charyl Biggs

Very nice! I would have a hard time giving these away as I can think of lots of things I would use them for!
Thank you for the give away!


This is a great idea (if I do say so myself.) For a few years now, I've been picking up nice decorative gift and storage boxes at thrift stores to give hand knitted items in. It also gives a nice storage container for the closet shelf.

Vicki Morgan-Bogart

Really cute! Like so many others, It would be hard for me to "re-gift" this wrapping. I would find many uses for it for myself. Would love to have one. Sign me up for the drawing.


These bags look great, I'd need them by the gross to be able to gift them on and still have enough for me!

Sign me up, please :D


Great idea! I'm always on the lookout for great gift bags for handmade items.

Sabrina Holleran

Imagine how many times the original bag could be re-gifted and how it could delight each new recipient. The ribbon makes the bag.

Gail Bass

Great bag!

Jill R

I really like the "starburst" pattern. I think it is a very nice gift to recieve as well.

Denise Williams

I consider myself a "green" person and try to recycle everything I can. I would use these with a gift only to someone I know would definitely use it again.

Beth R.

Love it. I would put a Coquille shawl in shades of green that I made for my sister in the Starburst envelope as a Christmas gift.

the knitting aunt

It's beautiful--I've often used scarves (found at yard sales) to wrap gifts, but this is a more elegant solution. I'd wrap my sister's birthday present in it and happily send it on it's way.

Jen Schnellman

I have been reusing grocery bags forever. I've even cut them up into strips and used them to knit into new bags. That's why I love this concept with this bag as well! Not to mention how much I love the color!


I like the concept and the designs but it is pricey. I am constantly reusing paper gift bags. the journal is kind of a cute idea - I might purchase a pair of bags and then trade off with a couple friends - we've been regifting the same gift bag (flocked stickers fix rips w/o making it look bad) for b-days and Christmas for a few years now so it might be time for a change...

Donna R.

These are gorgeous. I would have a hard time using them for gifts! I agree that this would be a great gift bag for readers.

Susan Spiers

A little pricey, but a good idea if we all practice the same!

Barbara Savary

what a great idea to save the forest.I could use this fir christmas and other gifts. thanks for the contest

Mae Tischler

What a great idea. They are beautiful as well as useful and will enhance any gift.


those are very pretty bags!


The bags are a great idea. I hate hate hate buying wrapping paper or gift bags that will be thrown away. Re-using is so much better. Love the pattern on this one. Would love to win it.


these are such a great idea! I love them. But I want to get some to keep just for me!! Well, that would work if i use them for gift for DH - LOL!


I am a poor gift wrapper would much prefer giving a gift in a nice gift bag. It's like getting 2 gifts! The bag could also be used as a tote. Hope I win!

Barb Nelson

Lovely, but pricey, bags. Since we all feel they are a little out of range pricewise, why not make your own out of fabric stash if you are a sewer, if not, fabric can be found at church rummage sales, garage sales, thrift shops. A style and pattern for each recipient.


I agree that these are pricey, and meant for that "special" gift, not a simple gift.

I think this will have me look at my small fabric stash to see what kind of gift bag I might make. Also, folks might want to check out this page for other eco-gift wrap ideas:

Loren Gaggini

Clever idea but they would be out of my budget. In many cases they would cost more than the gift!


Great idea - I know my peeps would love receiving one of these lovely gift bags. Thanks for sharing!


Wonderful! I love this concept. I like to be green and these bags/wraps are a perfect way to spread the green feeling. I am making several knit gifts for my friend that is getting married and this would be the perfect way to wrap them.

KayDee Stasik

Very chic but expensive. I think I would keep them for myself! Then, when friends admired them, I would reward her with a gift bag for her birthday.


Pretty pretty!! I love it! When I was growing up my Dad made me do all the present wrapping for he, my 2 brothers and me so I REALLY don't like to wrap presents anymore! Thus, I would really like to win this one, anything so I don't have to wrap a gift makes my happy happy happy!!


What a lovely idea..."green", pretty and functional. I would be pleased to give or receive. It would make a lovely knitting bag.


I love finding ways to be more green! And pretty to boot? Excellent!

Joanne Ososkie

This past Christmas, all my handmade gifts were presented in reusable bags from the recipients favorite store-everyone thought it was cool

Susan Sanders

Great Bag - have alot of reusable bags - for knitting and other things also.

Elaine Brown

Ellawraps does have some great bags. The reusable idea rocks. I frequently reuse the heavier duty bags received at some knitting shops as project bags. These are an excellent idea for a handmade gift.

Kristine Cole

Super cool! I love the fabrics and what a great way to present a gift. It instantly makes whatever is inside a million times more interesting and valuable! Awesome craftsmanship.


super cute and environmentally friendly as well!!!


Very pretty. Great idea. I like the idea of keeping a gift journal to track what and how many times it gets used.


Love the idea of reusable bags and the Ellawraps are cute! Perfect for gift-giving with my best friend ... we could use it back-and-forth! :)

Nancy L.

I think this is a great idea. My friends and I are very excited about being able to give this kind of bag. I really love the look of it. :)


How lovely! Green and pretty and just right for a small project bag.


As you mentioned, this is an old tradition in our family. We have bows that are over 40 years old that continue to be used. It always makes me smile when I see my gift has one of these vintage treasures on it. It is not uncommon to see beautiful gift paper reused each Christmas (although on subsequently smaller packages :-)) I think the journal is a great idea.

Jennifer Lefaver

The Ellawrap bags are awesome! I would put a knitted "wrap", a chunky scarf or a homemade beginner's knit kit with a ball of yummy yarn, some bamboo needles, beginner's directions and a simple pattern. They could use the reusable tote to carry their yarn project in it until it's complete!


I Love this idea!!


What a great idea! We waste so much on wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, etc & time making sure it looks "just right" just to be ripped apart. These bags are pretty dang awesome, and I'd do a big ole happy dance if I won :)

Sara Wong

I love these bags. Ellawrap is a brilliant idea to give more personally. I think among all things, I would give handmade items in these bags as gifts.


Very good idea!

amy in ne

This is wonderful! I love the idea of wrapping a book--we give lots of books as gifts and this is such a classy way to present it!


Already reuse paper gift bags and love the idea of a fabric gift bag. Could be used for so many things! The envelope would work great for gifting a knitting book!

Amanda Clinton

I really love the colors of the envelope and bag. Good for the environment, for sure!


Great idea! We reuse gift bags, and at Christmas use the same pillowcases every year to wrap family presents. These Ella bags are a much more attractive presentation.

Amy Hines

Such a great idea! My friends and I already stash and re-use the paper gift bags we usually use for gifting. Sometimes, though, you have trouble finding one that isn't a Christmas bag when end of the year birthdays come around. These are beautiful and would fit for any occasion! That you for letting us know about them!

Teresa Hemphill

LOVE the idea of a reusable bag that won't look like it's been used over and over again! I re-use gift bags as much as possible but sometimes they just get too wrinkled or tear too easily. This looks like a great solution!

Margo Lynn

I love the fabric and would probably keep this for myself, turning it into a knitting/crocheting project tote. I do still have bags my aunt made and used for wrapping our gifts when we were children, and some years I think the bags were more memorable than the gifts!


Fabulous Idea!

Doti Roraback

So neat looking, I am sure it would end up with kntting in it. Thanks for the chance to win it. Doti

Beth DiBiasio

Reusable wraps! Great idea. Saves more trees, is pretty and functional.....Love it!!!

Karen Gilbank

What a great idea, make the whole present a gift. I'm all for recycling, especially paper! Too many trees get mowed for waste.
The bags are lovely, and I would love to put my Mom's shawl in one, for Christmas.

Kathy Vincent

I love reusing bags. These are lovely!

Beth McCammon

Lovely product... nice thorough review, too. The cost is prohibitive for me on a fixed income, but I might invest in one of these to hold a crocheted gift that took weeks of my time to make!

Barbara Frei

GREAT idea!! 'Very cute AND ECO-friendly!

Jessica N

ooooh. I bet that would wrap a wedding gift (shawl) beautifully!!!


Love the colours and yes, the price does make you think twice but a good suggestion can be having the gift bag come back to you! Give a good friend a gift wrapped in one of these bags and when your birthday, etc comes up, your friend gives you a gift wrapped in the same bag. Ok, you're limited to the size of the bag but that's when you can get creative!


Of course...why didn't I think of that :)lol

Jill R

Beautiful bag, and a nice idea. I can think of several people who would love to get this for Christmas!


Awesome! Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!


This reusable bag makes me smile. The color is great and definitely beats out the usual drab colored grocery bags that some stores have available for purchase. I could also see using it for a day at the pool or the beach.

Doreen R./Pennsylvania

I think these eco bags are an awesome idea. I'm a true crafter & recycle everything as much as possible. I will soon be crocheting a baby gift for a close friend whom I've been trying to encourage to recycle. This is such a great way to pass on the "go green" idea!

Elizabeth Lambert

Love this idea, as the bag becomes a gift as well as what is in inside, what a fabulous idea!


Would the world breathe a sigh if we all got a little smarter and recycled the whole wrapping idea. I have often used an shopping bag as the perfect way to 'wrap' my present, therefore TWO presents in one. These EllaWrap products are smart and stylish. I think the receiver would be delighted.

Jen Schnellman

Beautiful colors, and what a great way to re purpose! Excellent !


just adore schlep bags! What a great idea

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