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Giveaway for Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit!


Fingerless Gloves are easy to make and fabulous for gift knitting!

I have 2 very popular (and seamless!) fingerless glove designs, the #87 Vine Lace Fingerless Gloves knitting pattern and the #110 One-Skein Cabled Fingerless Gloves knitting pattern

BOTH are made using only 1 ball of Andean Silk yarn from

This yarn comes in luscious colors and feels wonderful to knit with. 

Big thanks to Knit Picks for donating some balls of Andean Silk yarn so I can do this great giveaway! 

*** As a special giveaway to kick off everyone's holiday knitting sprees, I will be giving away TWO Fingerless Gloves knitting kits!! ***

Just post a comment on this blog entry by the end of this month.  All comments must be posted by October 31st, 9pm PST.  Please tell us why you like fingerless gloves.  One comment per person, please.Fingerless_gloves_giveaway2

At the beginning of November, two random commenters will be chosen to each win a ball of the Andean Silk yarn (I will chose one of the rich colors from the photo at right) and their choice of the Lace OR Cabled Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern (which will be emailed to them as a PDF).   (Prizes will only be shipped within the continental US.)

Good luck to everyone!


, who commented on 10/13/10 and Ann, who commented on 10/12/10. I've emailed you both to get your mailing addresses. Congrats!!!



Fingerless gloves
are a kind of love
between fiber and hand
much needed in this land
they keep the wrists warm
my palms and knuckles too
leaving my fingers free
to type messages to you
so Dear Sweater Babe
I'd love to win this kit
am happy to sing praises
of you and Knit Picks!

yarnsalad at gmail dot com


Wow, Stacey that's great! I love fingerless gloves as they keep me warm but I can still use my keys/purse/cards so I loose a lot less gloves!

Theresa Pearson

Fingerless gloves keep my hands warm when I've once again lost myself in my knitting. I look up and see it's snowed another foot and I've been so involved, hours have passed and I let the fire go out! I just love the KnitPicks Andean Silk, having just finished the Dramatic Lace Wrap Cardigan in it and today put your Lush and Lacy Cardigan on my needles in another color. It is so soft and silky and the drape is fantastic for your beautiful patterns.


I have never wore a pair but they look awesome! I love the purple ones... yaaaa to Knit Picks for donating yarn!!! I am waiting on my christmas order from Knit picks


Fingerless gloves are so versatile. You can wear them by themselves, or over the top of a normal pair of gloves for a really good look! They are so convenient when the weather is icy! These ones look beautiful just by themselves!

Mrs Renee

I love fingerless gloves cause not only are they functional, they keep you warm, but you have finger movement to do things, text, phone, knit, everything in the cold winter months (we got 22 feet of snow here one year and it gets brrr cold). And the plus on top of all that is they are great conversation starters as everyone asks "where did you get those?". These are so beautiful, what a great way to show off knitting talent!


These fingerless gloves look awesome! I would love to be able to have a pair to make....

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I love knitting them as gifts - so quick and can be used indoors and outdoors. As for myself, I have not knit some for me...I would love to win so I can :)


Fingerless gloves are great because they keep you hands warm but also leave your fingers out to do whatever you want & no bulkiness.


I find that fingerless gloves are a lot like handbags and hats: you cannot have just one (pair, in this case)! I wear mine indoors while working (or playing). And I also wear them under mittens when I go outdoors...they're a perfect layering tool.

Thanks so much for the offer!


I didn't really "get" fingerless gloves until this past Estes Park Wool Market - working a booth in a drafty concrete-floored barn, 40 degrees and raining?! It would have been wonderful to have warm hands but still be able to count out change, punch calculator keys & so forth. NOW I get it!


fingerless gloves are great! since my fingers are exposed there's less things slipping out of my hands, plus! i live in arizona, where i often dont need bulky finger covering gloves:)


Who would have thought that fingerless gloves could be so useful? In the land of Minnesota ice and snow in the winter and working in a frigidly air-conditioned environment in the summer make fingerless gloves useful year-round!


what lovely designs... fabulous fingerless gloves :)


I have found fingerless gloves perfect for driving, as I have a classic car, which the heater takes forever to warm up, normally kicking in when I get to my destination. The fingerless gloves normally keep my wrists warm & fingers free to manage the driving wheel, without any problems.


Fingerless gloves are the perfect home-office work attire. I keep the office cold (55 degrees) during the winter months in order to save energy. With a thick wool sweater and a pair of fingerless gloves, I am toasty warm and can think lovely knitting thoughts while doing non-knitting work!


The Vine Lace gloves in purple are awesome!


I love fingerless gloves, I wear them in my home office all the time, keep my hands warm but allow me to type and knit without trouble.


That would be awesome! I've been trying to knit something like that up but haven't found the time yet!


I love that fingerless allow me to keep warm and active at the same time!

Laura Ragsdale

Fingerless gloves are great in drafty rooms at home when you are trying to look up knitting patterns or read the news on the home computer. Also heavenly for the walk to the bus stop to retrieve kids.

amy in ne

I've wanted to make a pair of these for the upcoming winter...thanks for the chance to win!

Lennette Daniels

These two are so pretty. I would love these. I have made a bunch of fingerless gloves for my teenage daughter.

Sally Richardson

I love fingerless gloves or mitts! They keep my hands warmer as I work in my very chilly office, both in summer and winter. I am working on a pair now!! My plan is to make my mother a pair so she can continue to pursue her voluntary ministry work this winter (with a matching hat) and my coworkers each one also. With budget cuts, we suffer in our cold offices, but press on as we serve the public good. Picking me for the prize will benefit others too! Thanks, SB!!!


Fingerless gloves are form and function perfection for a knitter. Their cable-y or lace-y form serve as inspiration while you knit your next creation. Functional in that they keep your hands warm while your fingers are free to twist cables or slip knit stitches!


I'm seeing a Christmas present for my BFF who is always cold...


i made a pair of fingerless gloves a couple years ago and they have gotten so worn! i love using them because it still allows me to one-handedly use my ipod or phone. it also is useful when it's super cold at the office and that way i can still type and be more comfortable. those digits get frigid easily!


I agree! One can never have enough fingerless mitts. They are an essential part of my fall wardrobe. Thanks for the contest!

Yvette Mc Elroy

I like fingerless gloves as they can be worn to keep hands warm while still having the fingers free to knit or crochet, or type

Susan Wilson

It is so generous of you and Knit Picks to do this.
The kit will be just in time to make a lovely Christmas present on the lucky winner's list.

Susan (sjanova)

Instead of mittens or gloves, I wore fingerless mitts to go on a cruise, leaving from and returning to a very cold port. That way I was warm enough when we were boarding (with all the paperwork that I needed my fingers to accomplish) and disembarking. My niece loves hers because her wrists and hands get very chilly but she needs her fingers out so she can sign. She probably needs another pair this year!


Perfect timing for holiday presents! I hope I win!!

christina hellon

Would love to win this. Have never made fingerless mitts or used knit picks yarn. Such beautiful patterns and lovely yarn colors!

Julie Russo

They would be wonderful Christmas gifts!


Thanks for the opportunity, Sweater Babe! I fell in love with fingerless gloves last winter. I was determined to knit all my Christmas presents in January and I made a bunch of fingerless gloves, but everyone liked them so much I've already given them all away and have none left for myself! I love your patterns. I got your baby newsboy and made about 6 or 8 of those this year. I have wanted some of your sweater patterns, because they are so feminine.


Please put my name in - I've been itching to pick up some needles lately so this would totally inspire me! Thanks for you occasional free patterns, I love checking out what you have and do!

Judy catalano

fingerless gloves are great.They keep hands nice and warm. They are fun to make. I knit the two gloves at the same time

Sara Longley

So great for knitting at the bus stop!


Thanks for the give-away! This is what is my giftees for Christmas. Everyone is getting fingerless gloves!


Terry L. Bolton

Boy, do I need these! My Daughter in Law, (the angel my son found!) and my beautiful step daughter (what a gift she is) both spend all day long at computers and need that little bit of extra warmth! They will love the colors and I have not used Knit Pic's Andean Silk yarn yet, so would love to try it! Thank you!

Luci Lambert

I have never made fingerless mitts but would love to do so!! Very beautiful patterns and yarn colors! I am an amateur photographer so these would be perfect in the cold weather for taking pictures. Thanks for giving me a chance to perhaps win something!!


Love Andean Silk AND fingerless gloves - great combination.

Judy Sturm

They look perfect for keyboarding at work.

Janie Holley

These are really cute and functionable! My hands get soooo cold and they keep them warm, yet I can still type, knit and do things around the house.


I have coveted that cable finglerless glove pattern since it came out. I do alot of outdoor shoveling and snowblowing for my elderly parents and neighbors.It's too awkward to do with mittens or gloves-I just keep having to take them off and stuff in my pockets- then I lose them every yr. I've thought for some time a fingerless glove is the answer- never get around to knitting for myself! I would definitely make time for this pattern ( using real- non acrylic yarn even!) woo hoo!

Marie Willford

I play the piano for my church and fingerless gloves would keep me warmed up between songs. Love the colors you have and your cable work is so inviting.

Susan Spiers

It is hard to do anything with gloves on! Fingerless gloves allows me to do this. Keeping my hands warm is important in keeping my fingers warm. Luv these! Thanks for this giveaway!

Jessica N

Fingerless gloves are amazing because it doesn't get cold enough for full hand coverings here. These give enough warmth without making you sweat! Those Lace ones in a greenish color would be gorgeous!

Karen Tremblay

I'm a chainmaille artist and I love fingerless gloves for chillier days. They keep the main part of my hands warm so I can keep chaining away while leaving my fingers bare to grab those rings! :D

Sue Horowitz

Soft, warm, cozy and practical! What more can one wish for, other than to win the drawing for the pattern and yarn to make a pair of the lovely fingerless gloves.


Quick to knit, fun to wear. Fingerless mitts/gloves are the best!

Marian Zuehlke

I love fingerless gloves-they are very functional and look great. Knit Picks yarn is one of my favorites, too. You can't go wrong.


Fingerless gloves are the best because I can still type but keep my hands warm. Really tough to type with gloves (and even harder with mittens). Love that purple color!

Heather Toone

Fingerless gloves are elegant and sassy at the same time. I am just learning how to knit cables from the book "Fearless Knitting," and would love to add these as my next project!

Stephanie Sisson

Fingerless gloves are very excellent for keeping your hands warm and getting stuff done at the same time, even typing. I love them.

Karen Carroll

I luv the Lace Fingerless gloves. I have MS, plus athritis, and both my joints and muscles stiffen up. With fingerless gloves I can still crochet and not hurt near as bad. Would luv to win the Lace kit as I am on disability.

Amanda Clinton

I love fingerless gloves because they are the perfect balance between warm but not hot hands in the winter!
Wow! Fabulous for Fall and Winter, and with such great yarn.


Need fingerless gloves to work the I-phone!

Lorie H.

My new obsession is fingerless gloves. They are a quick fun, project that doesn't take much yarn. A good excuse to use "fancy" yarn you wouldn't buy otherwise!

Susan G

Fingerless gloves are just plain fun - plus you can wear them inside on cold nights and still get things done that you need your digits for - like knitting more fingerless gloves!

Barbara Frei

I LOVE fingerless gloves! They keep your hands warm while allowing more freedom than full gloves! *Barbara


I love the fingerless gloves. I would love to win this and add to my very small (2 pair) collection.


What's not to like about fingerless gloves? Besides being beautiful and keeping your hands warm yet functional, they're a breeze to knit! I'm planning to knit them for almost everybody this year.

Teresa Hemphill

I've always wanted a pair and would love to make myself some - I could use them while driving, or just around town and it would be a lot easier to do things than with a pair of regular gloves!

Sally BC

Oh I love fingerless g loves. I also love yarnsalad's poem.

I'd love to receive the kit as I am trying to learn to knit lace. Key is trying!



Love my fingerless gloves, can't live without them. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to appear in one of those fashion magazines 'Don't Do This' column. During Wintertime I can be found riding the bus wearing my fingerless gloves, a scarf, a hat, And I'm knitting to boot!!!

Margo Lynn

I recently moved from TX to CT, and I find them handy for holding onto a cold steering wheel in the winter.


I love the look for gauntlets, or fingerless gloves! I never win anything but would love to win this pattern! Thank you!


I would love these. I have my fingerless gloves I wear when on my computer in the office because my office is a bit chilly in the winter. I love your blog.
Thank you!


Living in New England, the fingerless gloves are a great transition item. With one toddler and one baby, they have been great for my daughter

Mary S

I would love to make myself some fingerless gloves!


Thanks for the giveaway! I love fingerless gloves because they're so pretty and I can type or drive with them on.

Amy Hines

My sister and I both LOVE to wear fingerless gloves. The patterns are both truly stunning, and whoever is lucky enough to win these kits will, I'm sure, be very happy (not to mention warm!)


Haven't tried knitting a pair of these yet, going to be my next project (fingers crossed).


I LOVE fingerless gloves/mittens. I especially like them when my hands get a bit clammyish while I knit.

Thank you for the contest, and good luck to everyone!!!


oneofthehive at gmail dot com

Karen Gilbank

These are just lovely gloves! I would love to win a kit. I use fingerless gloves all the time! I sometimes make the finger ribbing really long to reach the end of my fingers, then fold it down. then when it gets colder, or my fingers need relief, I unfold them to cover my fingers for a while, works great!

Gale Fields

Fingerless gloves are so great because they are, well...fingerless! I love using them. Warm hands and still can work.


cold hands = warm heart. fingerless gloves = warm hands & warm heart.


I love fingerless gloves. The weather in my area is never so cold that mittens would be necessary, but fingerless gloves are perfect!

Jill R

I love the VIne Lace pair, simply lovely.

Doti Roraback

I like both patterns, and enjoy knitting these. Would love to win, Thanks Doti

Donna Reneau

I love the fingerless gloves. Made several gift sets (scarflette, hat, & fingerless mitt) sets last holiday season and was left with a pair that don't quite match my coats. I've been planning to make myself a couple of pair, just haven't gotten around to it. Now my fingers are twitching to get started!!!

Beth DiBiasio

I love fingerless gloves because not only do you NOT have to mess with fingers and thumbs, but working with yarn, either knitting or crocheting, is made much easier without fumbling with the bulkiness of gloves or mittens. Your fingers are free to work their magic with needles/hooks and balls of yarn!!


I love fingerless gloves b/c they allow me to use my smartphone when it's cold out...but more importantly, I LOVE them for my eldest daughter. She has cerebral palsy and can't get her fingers into mittens really well yet. I made her one fingerless glove in pink, and she thought it was THE COOLEST (we lost that one, though;).

Beth Salvatore

Ooooooohhhh! I love Knitpicks yarn, but have not tried the Andean silk yarn yet. I have been making fingergless gloves as gifts using Knitpicks Swish or Knitpicks Palettes yarn.

Juel Hess

I love fingerless gloves and even made my husband a pair to work in air conditioned building.


What beautiful fingerless mitts!!!


I love fingerless gloves! It's so much easier to drive with them on.


I love fingerless mitts. I live in a ski town full of snow and they are always needed in the winter, especially while driving.

S Ertl

Thanks Stacey - these look beautiful! I have never used fingerless gloves, but an seeing a Christmas present for my 13 year old granddaughter. Not only will they allow her to use the key to get in the house after school, more importantly to HER - she will have access for texting. Need I say more? lol


I love layering fingerless gloves with regular gloves or by themselves in a cold house.

Kathy Vincent

These are beautiful patterns and the yarn colors are delicious.


I became a fingerless glove convert about the time I learned how to knit -- so much easier to use cellphone, drive, etc.! And so much easier to make than flip-top!


fingerless gloves are my new favorite project. I just made a pair for my sister with some lovely soft merino. It is a gift of appreciation for taking care of my 98 year old grandmother through the last few weeks of her life.


Lace and cable my two favorite things - love them - I will keep my fingers crossed that I win

Laura Amarys

Fingerless gloves are one of my favorite things to knit. Here in Oregon I can wear them 3 seasons of the year. I'd love to win this kit!

Karen Lavorati

I love to knit and crochet and fingerless gloves are wonderful for my arthritis. I can enjoy my favorite hobby while the heat from the gloves warms my hands and keeps them moving.

Roberta Fullerton

Needing to buckle up little ones in their car seats becomes easier with the fingerless gloves. grdma B

Ina Harding

Beatiful patterns and I love knit picks yarns--Ina


I just love fingerless gloves!! I cannot keep gloves or mittens cause they are just too hot for me to keep, but fingerless are the "thing" for me..
Lace pattern is my favorite :)

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