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I've been stashing my DPN sets in their original plastic bags, but the bags were certainly not made to withstand repeated use.  My alternate storage solution of keeping all of my DPNs in a drawer was less than ideal as well. Anytime I needed DPNs for a knitting project, I would have to sift through the mess to find all the DPNs of the size I needed.  Blech!

On my quest for a better solution, I came across a line of knitting pouches and needle cases from

Catherine of ZigZagStitches was kind enough to send me some samples to review and giveaway. So here's my review! ZigZagStitches2

What I noticed when I first came across her etsy site was her nice selection of fabric designs! She has many colorful, striking options -- my favorites being the ones with an Asian flair!

Her fabric design choices were all just very "cheery" and fun.

Some were very stylish and modern abstract designs. Others were a little more cutesy, with little cats and balls of yarn, or themed for the season, like the halloween ones.ZigZagStitches2B

I'm personally not a cat or halloween print person, but I'm partial to cute sheep - like the sheep design on the blue project pouch here!)ZigZagStitchesPouch.  Even the designs I don't favor are refined and not at all cheesy!ZigZag_DPN_case_closed1

Catherine sent me a DPN case (the dark fabric design you see at the top of this post and here to the right) and two of her "Sock and Go" cases (one small and one regular), which are for holding smaller Sock project needles and tools.

I immediately tried out the DPN case. While I do own a full set of DPNs from size 2 through 15 (thank you, eBay!), I don't see myself needing the smaller sizes very often (I'm not a sock knitter), so I'm happy if the sizes I do use can all fit in the DPN case. And they do!

I easily put in my DPN sets of 5 from sizes 7 through 15! The DPN case is a simple design and just has a flap that folds over the top of the DPNs, so they don't fall out. It then rolls up and ties securely with a thick ribbon. Perfect!

My DPNs were contained, easily organized, and sitting pretty in a case that I think it quite lovely to have sitting on my desk! These cases are well made. The sewing is done with a perfectly coordinated thread color, the black grosgrain ribbon is very securely attached, and the ribbon is cut to a perfect length to tie the case closed with a bow. I always love and expect great attention to detail in a handmade item!

In fact, I liked the DPN case so much, I bought myself one to keep in the pretty red/aqua deisgn (see the photo at the bottom of this post)!

The Sock and Go cases are also well made. They are intended for just carrying a few tools around for a single project. My 8" DPNs were too long to fit in them, but 6" sock DPNS would fit just fine, as would a small pair of scissors and yarn tapestry needles. 

These cases are made to lay flat, with interfacing inside to keep their shape.  They fasten with one big button, as you can see in the photos.  As with the DPN cases, there is an inside layer of fabric to prevent any needles poking through!  These Sock and Go cases are also made so they fit in the co-ordinating ZigZagStitches project pouches and bags.

Catherine also has a lovely selection of boxy pouches and larger drawstring project bags. Her line is very reasonably priced IMHO, ranging from $8 to $30.

*** And now for the giveaway details! ***
I will be choosing ONE random commenter to win the black dots ZigZag Stitches DPN case.

To enter this giveaway, please enter a comment about how you store your knitting tools and DPNs!  One comment per person, please.

Prize can only be shipped to an address within the continental U.S. All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, November 15th, 2010 .ZigZagStitchesNEW

And please visit to see the rest of Catherine's great line. You'll definitely find some lovely holiday gift ideas for your fellow knitting friends!

Tell her sent you!  Thanks again, Catherine, for sending me these great samples!

[P.S.  My last giveaway - the Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit received 600+ comment entries!!!  So, if you or someone you know has a knitting-related or even non-knitting related product that you think my audience would enjoy, please tell them to suggest their product for a future giveaway/review!  Details are at:  Thanks!!]

**** Congrats to the randomly chosen winner . . . Ianthe Norton, who left her comment on November 12th. Congrats on winning the lovely DPN holder! Enjoy organizing your DPNs. And thanks again to for their great knitting cases!  ****



I store my DPN's in a roll, but they don't fit as nicely as the DPNs in these cases look. I keep them in their original packages within the roll so I can remember what size they are!
Would love to win--these are great-looking!


My DPNs are all in a recycled jar right now... I'd LOVE to have a case to put them all in!


Like you, I store them in their plastic bags in the bottom of big knitting bag. A roll sounds like a great idea!

Sallie Pollock

My storage system is sandwich bags. The DPNs of course, poked holes in the sandwich bags and the marker I used to write sizes on the bags has rubbed off. It is a pitiful mess, I'm afraid. The ZigZag gal has it goin' on!!!


oh wow - I would LOVE to win something like this. Right now all my hooks are thrown in an unorganized pencil case!!

WVU_Alesha @


I have a needle storage case I bought at Michael's a few years back. I also have a circular knitting needle case from Knit Picks, but have not been happy with it since the zippers keep breaking.

P Nerissa

I luuuv luuv, luuuv these! I think a person could never have too many of these storage cases! I would love to have one of these!

kelsey mariner

these are so adorable! i made off with my husbands tool box, you know those canvas and plastic ones with the handles. as its meant to store screwdrivers and such, it works alright for needles and notions. but its quite unsightly. i keep all the packages also, and slide them into the pockets to organize them.

but i would totally rather something like that roll... i think my husband would also...

Elizabeth Delisi

I store my DPNs in a rectangular metal tin that originally held fruitcake. But my needles have outgrown the tin, so now they end up stuck all over the place, making them hard to find when I need them. I could sure use a better storage method!

Brenda Giger Pflum

I LOVE these cases! I currently use a silverware organizer to store my DPNs in drawer. These look way more stylish!


My DPNs are stored, along with my straight needles, in a rolled storage unit that my lovely boyfriend made for me.


My DPNs are all sitting in a drawer until I can find something I like to put them in.

Melissa Schoenwether

I keep mine in small vases or pottery mugs in my studio. All the ones alike have the same color dot on them so grabbing them makes them pretty easy. This is a beautiful way to keep them, though. If I am not lucky enough to win the giveaway, i still will get lucky and order some things for myself! =) Thanks for sharing this pretty product with us!

Lindsey Butler

I don't have many DPNs yet, but the ones I do have I keep in the small ziplock-like bags that I bought them in. Not a good system and I'm sure those bags won't last long.


I keep my DPNs in the original plastic case they shipped in. This would be a great way to store them. It would be so fun to win!


Cute! I usually rubberband (the type one would use for their hair) the dpns together, then stuff whatever ones I may need in my notions travel bag (an old cosmetics bag). More often than not, I don't have what I need, since I can't bring them ALL with me!


Lovely cases and a great variety of patterns. My doubles are in a too tall knitting tube. I keep a Susan Bates knit check in it too so I can check the size of the needles. In a pocketed case they could be arranged from 1-15 in size order. A grand idea.

Sara Spalding

I store my DPNs, along with all of my crochet hooks, in a large artist's bag/case that has many small compartments in it. I really need a better system or at least something smaller to store them in that I can then place in the larger case.

Susan Swartz

I store them either in their original pouches (which take up a lot of room in the drawer or else, for those where I've lost the case, I've just thrown them in the drawer by themselves and it's a godawful mess. These colorful cases look great!

Leah Yarbrough

Very nice! All of mine are currently in a tall round tin, I'm pretty sure it originally contained a bottle of wine or some other alcohol. This would be great.


Love those rolls! I keep them in the original plastic and then they're stuffed with my straights, which I rarely use, in a vase that I have. Not the best solution, but it's ok until something better comes along.


My DPNS are in an old makeup case and are in a bit of a mess!


My dpn needles are a mess, it would be a good idea to have some sort of organizer to put them all in.


I store my needles in a Lantern Moon case, but the DPNs slide out all the time.

Lynn Higginbotham

I use a pencil holder, they fit ok, but a pain to find all of one size.

Dawn Sampson

i use plastic sleeves for my dpn's that go into a 3 ring binder though i don't put them in the binder, but keep them in an elastic in my knitting bag.. the plastic sleeves are for dpn's and have separate sections for each set of needles and a little box that you can check off for the size that is in that particular pocket.. i got them online at one of the knitting sites..

i keep my circulars in a separate bag with plastic pockets and labeled them..

my set of circulars that are interchangeable are stored in a binder wiht separate pockets and labeled..

my straights are in a rollup..

i would love to have a new system for my dpn's.. mine is not the best!

Leigh Wheeler

I have a drawer, a pencil case and a couple of knitting bags. Needles are everywhere. I can never find what I want. I definitely NEED a needle case!!! :)

April Howard

My DPNs appear to be eaten by knitting trolls at the bottom of my basket after I use them. I keep thinking I should make a case like that myself, but I never get around to it . . .

Nancy Heiner

My DPN's in a sort of soft pencil container....not very efficient. I'll definitely check out the etsy site, my needles are out of control.......all of them! Thanks for the opportunity to win.


very good idea. very nice give-away.


My DPN are such a mess. I inherited most of my needles from teachers I have worked with who didn't knit anymore. My case is also inherited and probably 40 years old. The pattern is this awful striped mess; the lining is plastic (cracked and torn); the zipper sticks; and the whole thing smells like mold. I put everything in there and then have to quickly zip it closed before it explodes and spews it's contents all over me. I am constantly picking it up upside down then all the contents spill out all over the floor. So my knitting time is often wasted by picking everything up, smooshing it back in the bag, then trying to remember what I went in there for in the first place. Yeah, I could probably use another case.


I too bought an entire set on ebay, size 1-15. They are stored in their original baggies and the manilla pouch they were shipping in. I would love to have the holder. It would make it so much easier to find the size I am looking for.

Therese Bishop

My dpn's are store in an old vase on the table next to my knitting chair. Yes, I have to sort through them to find the matches :) A zigzagstiches case would be a wonderful solution!

Jeannie Fagerstrom

I keep mine in zip lock bags, but the points poke holes in the bags pretty fast. These DPN keepers are, well, keepers.
Enter me in the contest, please.
Thanks for the great review.
Best wishes to everyone.


I personally don't knit... yet. But my mother knits all the time and she's been requesting a case for her needles every day....
I'd love to gift these to her!


wood/bamboo are in a pocket in the side of by 'tool bag', metal ones are floating in the bottom somewhere. Some have orginial cases some don't. The cases are lovely, if I don't win (likely) I think it might be on my Christmas list this year.

Peg Carmen

My dpns are are a jumbled up mess! They are stored in a plastic bin, completely random and in such disarray. I would love a cute and classy way of keeping them straight. This needle case looks perfect!

Placida Silva

I store mine in a ceramic vase next to my yarn basket. Cute but inefficient for finding needles in a hurry! :). I was just thinking that I needed to organize them better then I received your newsletter!! :)

Ruthie Anderson

I keep my DPNs in their original packaging so I know what size they are. Then I keep all of them in a junk drawer where I rarely go for anything. Because they are out of sight and often out of mind, I don't use them very often. If they were more easily accessible and more carefully stored, I probably would use my DPNs more often.

Please. Pick me! Pick me, random generator!

Marilyn S.

I bought a set of bamboo ones from an ebay seller, now they're just sitting in the thin, flimsy cellophane covers they each came in. All in the mailing envelopeI could use a better solution. But I have various other sets too-it's a mess! It's easy to lose a needle or two if they're not stored properly!


What a great case! Mine are all lumped together at present.

Susan (sjanova)

What a perfect looking case to carry around. I keep my needles in pencil cases, each labeled with the size, and the whole set of them in a plastic bin with a lid. (Generally, this is my KP Harmony tips and DPNs -- and a separate pencil case for each length of cable and well, there's one for all the crochet hooks. The old metal and more recent Clover needles are in another location, with the circs hanging on the door in one of those circular solution hanging thingies. That keeps the circ cables from kinking again.) Mostly I put them back where they belong. Mostly. Hmmm. But I often need to carry a couple of sizes of needles in my project bag and this looks perfect for that -- not bulky, able to manage the needles after I give up on the packaging to carry them around, and nice to have out in public. So pretty!

Theresa Pearson

I bought two of those photo storage boxes - one for my DPNs and the other for my circulars. Most of the needles are in their original plastic bags. I taped a card inside the top of the box with cm to inch conversions, as well as mm / US size equivalents. I added a needle size gauge in each box and keep the boxes on a shelf - always with the thought I'd cover the boxes with a beautiful paper or fabric but the knitting keeps getting in the way!!!!


My DPNs are kept in their original plastic sleeves. My interchangeable needle tips came in their own case, and I'd love to have that level of organization for DPNs. These cases look really useful.

Cherie F.

Wow are these great. Love the colors. I am impressed by the other comments. I have no organization system at all. Half of the time I can't find the needles I need and I end up buying a new pair/set. These would sure help the cause.

Donna R

I think I've tried it all... keeping them in their original packaging to remember what sizes they are; putting rubber bands around them which eventually break; and the zip loc bags to which I owe the loss of several of my dpns which I've had to replace with a whole new set. I currently have them standing in a small vase sitting in the middle of my cocktail table, (which remind me of my pick-up sticks I had as a kid - LOL!), and have resolved to shifting through and using my measuring gauge to find the size I need for my current project.


All my knitting needles are in one drawer. It's not the ideal situation. My DPN's and circular needles are not labeled with a size so I have to guess on those every time. At least the regular ones are labeled on the end. I am greatly in need of some organizers! Thanks for the chance to win.


My needles are stored in a plastic storage container. I have the circs in a separate one. But all of they are also kept in their original plastic cases even my interchangeable needle tips. I would love to have something like this for storage. Carry with ease and show it off!


LOVE these cases. Bought some used curtains (pretty indigo blue plaid) at the community used clothing sale a few years back, and made cases for the dp needles, the circulars, and the single point needles. Didn't cost much, nice place for the needles to live, and I made them all by myself. Fun.


I love fabrics and would love to make my own but am a better knitter than seamstress, so I'll have to win 'em or buy 'em!


Mine are stored in the two lower (of three) drawers in the guest room nightstand. I am hopefully waiting for a guest to ask me to teach him to knit! But then they might have to admit they'd stumbled across the needles and tools while looking through the nightstand....


I store my DPNs in their original packaging then keep them all together in a double-lock Ziploc freezer bag. Not the best solution...would love one of these cases as a fashionable & functional alternative.


Mine are in their original packing (if I haven't lost it!)...otherwise, I have a needleholder case thing that I got at Michaels to put my dpns, straights and crochet hooks, but it's not very pretty!!!!!


My dpns are in their original packaging and kept in a plastic shoebox. Not the best, nor is it as pretty as these rollups :)


my dpns are in a old flower pot.

Susan Sanders

I really don't have a storage solution and I guess that is why I have alot of 1s and 2s.!


Right now I store all my knitting needles in their original pouches, in a bag, in a basket. Everytime I need something I have to take the whole bag out and go through every pouch - I NEED a new storage method desperately! And these pouches look great!

wendy weheeler

I also have used a varity of containers for organizing DPN most have been disasters resulting in frustration, time lost, needles lost. This fabric roll seems like an excellent idea. The fact it is well made and beautiful or bonuses. I will check out her site and may purchase as my daughter also knits and could use some help with organzation.


I bought cardboard tubes, but they aren't big enough for 5 of my bigger DPNs, so I have random ones rolling around.


OMG, these are absolutely wonderful. I store my needles in all sorts of places and am constantly re-buying because I can't find where I put them.


My needles are either on projects or in project bags or stored in their original packaging in a basket! Not too organized, I must admit. Need to do something better!

Sharon Buxton

My double pointed needles are currently stored in a crock, and I love this neat and orderly approach to storage. Now what I need is for someone to come up with a storage idea for all my circular needles.

Anna Humphrey

I store my dp needles in the same case as my straight needles. Needless to say the case is bulky and the dp's fall out every time I open. This is a beautiful solution. Thank you for the opportunity

Jenn Lucas

Right now my DPNs are stored in a giant plastic box which is not working out at all. All of these tool and needle cases are beautiful. I would love to have any one of them. I'm going to have to visit ZigZagStitches!

Cheryl S

Well, I store my DPNs, some in a roll, but most in a can, in which SO tipped them out walking by. So, I have to sort them again sometime.


I'm a long time fan of!! One of the best shops on Etsy!!

I don't have a full set of dpns (yet!) - just the ones I use for my ongoing projects, stored in their project bags. My straights are all in a lovely metal decorative vase.


while my set of dpn isn't complete, i store my dpns in my designated 'knitting drawer' in my bedroom where i have my best yarns. so they just sit there along with my straight needles and my circular ones....i really need a better system so i can find them when i need them


My DPN's are stored in a small rectangle make up case. I would LOVE one of these beutiful cases to keep them in! Wow!!

Michelle T

I store all of my needles, including my DPNs, in their original pouches and they are all currently floating around in a huge knitting bag.

Margo Lynn

I bought a bunch of zipped pencil cases to hold my dpns. They are plain colour and I could write the size on the outside, making it easy to pick the correct one out of the drawer.

A friend uses incense stick holders for hers, which are very pretty.


I have a long cosmetic bag that holds my DPN's, I should probably rubberband them up but they're all just floating around :)

amy in ne

I'm ashamed to say I store my DPN's in an office desk organizer so I have to size the needles to find the ones I want. NOT an ideal situation. I love this needle roll and can see how dramatically it will simplify my knitting life!


I have my double points and straight needles in a homemade case. I pulled the pages out of an old hard cover book and glued in some fabric pages with pockets attached to them. My double points are in their original plastic cases and put in the pockets. Not bad, until the book tips over!


I store my knitting tools in an old fashioned lunch box type thing and my needles float around in the closet! lol


My DPNs are stored in a pocket of a knitting bag all jumbled up together with other knittting supplies. I need to be more organized!


I made my needle case which rolls up but because I have to leave a large space for the longer needles the smaller ones often fall out when I pick up the roll, unless I keep it tied up tightly until I can roll it out.

judy bechtold

My DPN's are all thrown in a shoe box with alot of everything oh how I think I would love this

Adell Lovett

My non-dpn's, plastic and metal dpn's are in a standing pencil holder which works pretty well but my bamboo needles are only held together with cheap rubber hair bands bought at the dollar store. I'd love to have a pretty roll to throw in my bag for knitting group. :0)

Denise Royal

Always in need of more storage for my crochet hooks and knitting needles. These look great.


Too cute! I am a big collector and user of dpn's and would love one of these

Carol Pellegrino

I store my dpn in a bureau drawer with my other crafts and I have to practially empty the drawer to find them. Wouldn't it be nice to have them in one place all organized?


These bags are adorable! I could really use one as my DPNs are stored in cans, vases, at the bottom of big knitting bags...I need some pretty organization!!

valerie clawson

Yes, I agree with you the holders are very nice and look well made.
I store my needles in a epi-pen container it's a very hard plastic with a twist on top lid; not much to look at but it does the job.

Barbara Ely

I rubberband my DPNs and store them in a zip lock bag - not very cheery. These rolls are super. I have one for my crochet hooks which works beautifully. Would love to have another roll to add to my "collection."

Cindy Tucker

My DPN are all currently stored by sticking them in the WIP - OK, I'm just not that organized!

Diana Battye

Oh wow I really want to win one of these.
I crocheted a case for my metal crochet hooks with individual pockets, and to prevent them digging their way out I wrapped an elastic band round the non hooked end rather like a nobble.
It had a second more useful purpose,I discovered. They no longer slipped through my fingers in use and I spent less time on the floor picking up dropped ones. "Simples!!"
I need a magnifying glass to read the sizes on my DPNs and have kept them in their celophane wrappers,with labels on. I would love to embroider the mm size numbers on each section in the DPN case and keep them in style.

Christy Campbell

I have a big glass masom jar sitting at my desk I keep it all in. Not very organized!

Jan Stockton

Thanks for highlighting well-made and attractive products that are designed and crafted by individual artists, not massed produced on an assembly line with less than ideal results. I mostly crochet and don't have any DPNs, but I certainly understand the need for organizing the tools of your craft.

Pat Devaney

Love the pouch as well as the needle case. I think it might work as a case for my Knit Picks interchangeable Harmony needles. I love products that I can use for more than one purpose!


Love these cases. I made a roll up case for myself out of fabric scraps but didn't think to make a flap so they don't fall out. I would love to get one of these styles - so much nicer.

Russell Boyd

That DPN case is extremely handsome. I would not be ashamed to carry it in public (I am a man and love my knitting accessories when I can find masculine ones). I don't have a case for my DPN's and need more organization.


These are super awesome!! I also keep my DPNs in the bags they came in or in these little roll things. But having on of these knitting pouches would keep them well organized and together. It would be so much simpler. LOVE IT!!


I store mine in a small handmade bag, but nearly as nice as these., plus they are all in there together,not these....


so cute, and practical! I've been needing to upgrade my needle storage solution....or lack of solution....

anne in seattle

I use the DP needle tubes from Nancy's Knit Knacks, with the needle size written in sharpie on the end of the tube. They work great, though not for anything large than a 10 (if you want the whole set in one tube), and are neither as compact nor as lovely as the cases you show here.


I love these. I store mine in a bag all together that isn't very organized at all.

Shirley Norquist

Most often my dpns are in the original packaging just dumped into my project bag. Some of my bags have zippered pockets that are large enough to hold the dpns. I tried a plastic box (the ones designed for crayons, markers, and pencils), but didn't find it quite appropriate. The dpn roll looks like something I'd use quite contentedly.


I too have a combination storage method! Not great, not efficient but the only method(s) currently in use. Method #1 - original purchase package; #2 - Glass test tubes(works great until the tube is broken in my knitting bag, need plastic tubes instead) #3 - in UFO. Would love a safer, neat, pretty method like the tool in the contest.


Uh, would you believe I use a Ziplock bag? But I also have a little zipper pouch for small notions that a 100yr old neighbor gave me. Wasn't that sweet?

Stephanie Sisson

I keep my dpns in their original pouches. I have a homemade needle holder I found, but it's very big and bulky and the slots don't have room for a whole set of dpns, so I just put the pouches in there and tie the whole thing up. Works o.k., but not ideal.

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