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Knitting Project - A cool green ruffled scarf

Ophelia E. from Seattle, WA knit her version of the #97 Chic Ruffled-Edge Lace Scarf and photographed it to great advantage on her pal Gideon!Gideon_Scarf

She used Paton's Angora Bamboo in Green and had this to say about knitting this project:

"I loved this pattern. It was a fun and easy to follow pattern and knit very quickly. I modified it only in length by adding a repeat.

I've knit it twice for friends. I really need to knit oGideon_Scarf2 ne for myself! Thanks, Katherine. Your patterns are wonderful!" -- Ophelia E.

Thanks, Ophelia!  That green color looks like it would be so flattering on anyone!  Vibrant, but not too bold.  Great stitch definition.  Soft enough for Gideon too! Gideon_Scarf3


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Beautiful scarf. Love the draping, but this is a Fantastic kitty. Mine would have shreaded the scarf before you had time to say "kitty".


I love the scarf but how did you bribe your cat to sit so good?
Great cat!


Your kitty is quite the 'model'. The scarf is sooo nice!! Love the color.

Jeanne Rhodes

Both a beautiful cat and beautiful scarf...Great for Christmas gifting.

Joanne Purich

I love it! My cat Sasha was reading my emails over my shoulder and is now requesting I drop all else and knit him one! He won't wear his belled collar but is apparently sartorially-savvy enough to recognize a feline fashion must-have when spotted! Of course a baby-blue color-way has also been suggested (demanded actually) to go with his baby-blue eyes and...what? Sasha, did you just hiss Cashhhmere?????

Ingie K.

Gideon looks so much like my kitty who has been gone for 2-1/2 years now. Love the pictures, especially the one in the upper left in which he most reminds me of her. I want to knit this scarf in the same color just because it looks so good on him! Thanks for sharing not only your beautiful creation but your kitty too!!

Ophelia Esteban

Oh there he is!! So exciting to see him and my scarf here :) Thank you all for your sweet comments.
Gideon is actually quite tolerant of me and my antics. He truly sat still for about 15 minutes while I fussed with the scarf and took about a dozen photos. He's a mama's boy though. He demands major lap time. Wants to be held even while I'm trying to floss/brush my teeth. And the endless crying at mealtimes...
The scarf was MUCH easier to deal with then "Mealtime Gideon". The yarn is yummy. The pattern easy. It turned out well and the recipients loved them and still wear them.


Oh too cute!
I LOVE the scarf on the beautiful, majestic looking cat. Thanks to both you (original author), and for you, Katherine for posting it. :o)

beautiful scarf, but the cat makes your eyes shoot to look more carefully and just admire both! :O)


My Oh My! Lovely, just shear loveliness!! All of it, the kitty, the scarf, the yarn, the pattern, the stitch definition, then pull back and look at the whole picture again and (sigh) beautiful! Katherine, thank you for posting finished project pictures for us!! Ophelia, thank you for taking the time to take pictures and share your work and Sir Gideon!! The one picture of him looking in the camera? "I momentarily allow you to gaze upon my magnificence" Thats what my kitty would be thinking. Love cat self esteem!!


Oh its lovely and goes well with your cat which should look good on me as we seem to have the same hair colour lol. It is different and I like having something that is unique. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your scarf and you little prince - its the way they look at you that does it lolol.

Katherine Pierce

Very cute kitty. and the scarf too. very beautiful. I love the color. <3


I just bought the pattern - it's a lovely one. But it's really the kitty's fault that I succumbed!

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So cute!

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