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New Knitting Pattern - Coming next is this LONG Cabled Vest!


This pattern is available on SweaterBabe or in my Ravelry Store.

Here's the latest project off my knitting needles.  I was in the mood for a LONG layering piece that was almost like a coat (hence the long length), but without the heaviness of the sleeves.  Something I could grab as I run out the door that would keep the chill away and not feel like a bulky coat.

The intricate cabling on the back is echoed on the fronts (which mirror each other).  The length is long, down to mid-thigh.  Slimming AND dramatic!  

It's knit in one piece on size 10 3/4 needles to be fast and to avoid seaming (only the shoulders are seamed). 

The ribbing is prominent, to contrast with the rich cable design.

The shawl collar is knit on and shaped with short rows.

And I closed it with a side tie, which looks a bit kimono-like, you think? Cabled_Vest_Side_Angle_350 Knit in Knit Picks Swish Bulky, which is a bulky yarn in thickness, but soft and not very heavy in feel.

The heathered shade of blue is perfect for casual outfits, but the length and styling are dramatic enough for dressier occassions or for the office.

What do you think? 

How would you wear this? 

Pattern coming soon!!!! Cabled_Vest_Back_500



I think it's fabulous! I might make it in DROPS Eskimo which I used for another pattern by you before. Color... Hmmm.... probably violet or old rose.

Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

Its beautiful!!

Lynn Ketelsen

I love the color as it is! Can't wait for the pattern!

Dawn Clarke

This is a beautiful, I love the kimono like side tie. Would love to make it in a soft grey - would really look great on a smart pair of black pants.
Looking forward to the pattern,
Super, thanks for another great design - Dawn


I am practicing my cables now! I can't wait!


I *love* it. Truly beautiful design. I'd totally wear it, but given my knitting ADD, I'll probably never knit it. Sigh.


I love it. I look forward to having the pattern.
You have very good taste and great abilities. Congratulations!!!


Certainly in a dramatic aubergine colour and my favourite merino-silk mix. Layered over a cotton shirt with long sleeves and a long skirt in a flowery pattern! But I would have many more ideas.....


I love it! I love that color too!!


Wow!~ I absolutely LOVE this!!!! I am going to have to have this pattern!!It is stunning! LOVE the ribbing at the bottom. LOVE the pockets! LOVE the intricate cable pattern. Just a complete winner all around. Love the color. I would probably do this in a dark brown or dark grey.....maybe a wine color....yummy! Love this~ When might the pattern be coming out??


This is really pretty. I'm envisioning a brown shade! I just got hooked on the softness of the Lorna's Laces yarn. It would be so comfortable in that!


Fabulous could wear it with trousers and a pretty top and a funky clasp and dramatic necklace to go out or with jeans and a jumper for those colder days when walking the dog.

A truly classic piece

Susan Sanders

Great looking vest. I like to layer and that would be good for it? Would make it in a tweed.

Dana K.

I hope it comes in varied sizes(I am 5ft 11 in tall) and if it does I will put on wish list for me to make from post-op bed since i won't be walking for a while(and if I am ever able to get the needles) and its absolutely lovely and I would do that in a vintage colorway or maybe a nice Camel/Taupe color...

Ellen Taskerud

This is an extremely attractive piece. I would make it in a neutral color - gray or brown or a tweed. I could wear it over long sleeved and 3/4 length sleeve shirts/blouses - it looks to be very versatile. I can't wait until the pattern is published. I appreciate the one piece design - another very desirable attribute!

AnDy Horne

I love the long-lean look ....can absolutely see myself in one of those (always looking for something new to try with whatever I am spinning, and this is calling my name)....perfect with jeans, or dressed up with a long straight skirt...maybe in basic black for dressy occasion or in a heathered look for dressing down with jeans


WOW, your patterns just keep getting better. I would make this is a brown tweed or black heathered yarn. Would be great for work! Love the bulky weight yarn and large needles, might actually finish this one.

Wendy Radding

I love it! I would definitely make this and wear it with a skirt, top and boots.


This is an especially lovely garment. I live in Florida, and the sleeveless look is perfect for layering, as we don't often have days cold enough for long sleeved sweaters. I'm also very partial to the aran look. I envision this beauty in either burgundy or teal.


I will knit it up in Briar Rose Fiber "Sonoma" - greens with blues - gorgeous. When finished, I shall wear it with the new modern tux-poet shirt: high neck, slim sleeves, and dressy wrap trousers. OR my favourite Land's End turtleneck and jeans. Can hardly wait!

Tina L

I would knit it up in the blue and wear it with a long sleeved blouse and navy dress pants. I would also wear it with a white turtleneck and dark jeans. I might make a second one in a woodsy green.


Love it! Looking forward to the pattern. I like earth tones & neutrals. I'm also thinking an Aran white would be a pretty color.

Ruthie Anderson

So pretty!! I'm rather short so would probably have to shorten this a bit but it looks easy enough to do...LOVE the ribbing on the bottom so wouldn't change that at all. I would look for a dusty rose or antique rose color, maybe even an ice pink. I dunno but it gives me an excuse to shop for more yarn! LOL

Your patterns are so are a genius!!

Kelly Dannemann

I love this one for sure, I like the slimming design, I have big hips so, I think it would be flattering to take away from them. Can't wait.


Oh I just LOVE the pattern and I canĀ“t wait for it!


I can just see how fashion runway my daughter-in-law would look wearing this in a charcoal grey over a black turtleneck and black leggings.There is still time before Xmas....a cabling I will go!


Yes, I also think this would look great with leggings - and high boots, over a long-sleeved white shirt.


The cable is just beautiful...I have never seen one like it...I love it!!

Mandy Ward

That is just gorgeous! I love the cable pattern - I've only just tried my hand at cabling and I'm enjoying it!

I know just the colour - a dark purple chunky yarn that Rowan produces - and it's going to look perfect with my favourite boots and jeans!

Hurry up! I want to make it!!!

Birgit Mertz

Wow! It looks GREAT!!! Would love to knit and wear it in exact the same color you chose. I can imagine me looking very cool in it plus jeans-leggings and boots.

Ginny Lyon

I love the vest and look forward to receiving the pattern. Thanks a million. Ginny Lyon ([email protected]).

Deb in CT

I love this one! I'm thinking instead of the tie a big button with a loop. Also, I think a tubular cast off on the collar would be really effective. I can't wait for the pattern so I can knit one up to wear with my skinny jeans.

Christina Smale

This is beautiful! I may extend the length, make it a duster, and wear this with a turtleneck and boots!

trish johnstone

Just a beautiful pattern, can imagine knitting this in a lovely shade of heather and teaming it with denim leggings and henley long sleeved top in white. Bliss on those spring days when mornings and evenings are still alittle chilly.


Beautiful! I'd make it a dark color (dark wine, black, dark chocholate) and wear with a crisp white button-up shirt, jeans and high heeled boots.


very very nice so flattering

Beth Hochstein

Love this!!! I think I have finally found the pattern to make for my sister-in-law who is so extremely picky.


I would use a deep charcoal color or a fisherman yarn. It is so pretty , love it.

Rachel Toland

It's a wonderful piece, very practical and pretty.

I'm a recent addition to your email list and am not quite sure how this works. I was expecting emailed patterns, but so far have only received email 'updates' re patterns.

Please put me right


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Where can I find this pattern ?

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