Knitting Project - A cool green ruffled scarf
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New knitting pattern - Sweet Ballet Wrap Cardigan

Here's a fresh little cardigan just off my knitting needles!  It's a top-down seamless design - knit to just below the waist. Ballet_Wrap_Cardi3_200

Sweet details, like the buttons at the ribbed armbands, lace panel on the short sleeves, and ruffly knit flower at the wiast, make this a pleasure to knit and wear!  Ballet_Wrap_Cardi2_350 The garter stitch neckline border is knit as you go, as is the shaping of the flattering V-neckline.

Sample shown is knit in Guanaco from Aslan Trends.  A very nice mix of alpaca and merino wool.  Expensive looking and great to work with in a rich shade of blue.

This pattern is in the queue to be written up. 

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Oops!  Forgot to update this post, the pattern is available at:  Happy knitting!



I really like this sweater and the beautiful blue color of the yarn. Would be great to have it completed for spring wearing.

mary koon

i an looking forward to getting this pattern. i guess it is not ready yet to be shared. so waiting anxiously.


As always some thing different, and challenging to do. Can't wait to get the pattern also. Couldn't get a better color for it., and style would suit any one. Thanks...


Beautiful. I can't wait for the pattern!


SweaterBabe, You're killing me with all of these great patterns! If only I could knit in my sleep!


Another great pattern, have just started the first one I got from you! Love them, thanks!

Barb Boran

Beautiful as usual. Now that i am retired MAYBE i will have more time to knit at least more of your lovely patterns!

Norma Axel

This sweater is perfect. Would love to receive the pattern..

Marilyn Lawrence

This will be a great little cover-up for FL weather. Don't need too many long sleeve sweaters. Can't wait for the pattern.


You continue to out do yourself with these amazing patterns! I love all the cables and the color scheme you work with.


Hello Fellow Knitters and SweaterBabe. I love your patterns they have easy to follow directions. I have made the Beautiful Cable Baby Jacket for all my friends who have little girls. It is to bad they did not have one in adult form. Maybe you can think about that in the future. Can't wait for this pattern to come out. I diffently will make this one for the spring.


Can't wait for the pattern! We have an early June wedding by the ocean in the evening to go to and this will be perfect to wear with a nice skirt.

Donna Anderson

Any idea when this is coming? I've got the yarn for it already and will drop whatever I am doing to get this one done. I love it. Donna


Gorgeous! I can't wait to get the pattern for this one.


Ausome! Sexy! Can't wait to get my flirt on this summer. Hurry with the pattern already. (smile)


Ooh, I so want to make this.


I want to make this NOW! It's just what I've been looking to knit. The details are wonderful! I can hardly wait! :)


Love this! Can't wait to buy the pattern and get to work.

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Wendy D.

...I just love it, can't wait til its out !

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Any idea when this is coming? I've got the yarn for it already and will drop whatever I am doing to get this one done. I love it. Donna


Oops! Forgot to update this post, the pattern is available at: Happy knitting!

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