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Cool Knitting Design Paper!

Basic knitting graph paper is easy to get online. . . but all it is is graph paper that is fudged a bit so the aspect ratio of the boxes resembles the size (height and width only) of a real knitting stitch better than regular graph paper with squares.

BUT what if you are really trying to design a nice color pattern for a sweater or other project??  What will give you the best results for your design efforts?

Well, Gari of, had this dilemmna and solved it with the help of her clever DH! 

And thanks to Gari, I have a few sets of her "solution" to review and giveaway to you! Thanks, Gari!

Graph The Knit Stitch Graph Paper is a great tool for knitters planning out a color design. It just makes sense! The best way to plan a design and get the best results are by using the best, most accurate tools.

The Knit Stitch Graph Paper is graph paper that is made with the actual v-shapes of a knit stitch!  So, it can really let you see what a finished color design will look like.

It is sold in pads OR as transparency overlay sheets!  I LOVE the transparencies, because you use them by overlaying them on top of the design you want (e.g. a flower design that you like). . . then "translate" the v-stitches into the appropriate color to best approximate the design into a knitable design.  Genius!Graph2

And the printed pads are ideal if you are making your own free-form design vs. tracing something.

Really neat and nicely done.  The transparencies are packaged in plastic tubes to keep them safe and easy to store.

Gari sells her Knit Stitch Graph Paper as a pdf download on and the printed pads and transparencies in her etsy shop at  She sells landscape and portrait versions.  Very useful tools for any novice or experienced knitting designer. 

*** And now, the giveaway details!  *** 

I will be giving away 3 sets of Knit Stitch Graph products to 3 randomly chosen commenters! 
Just comment on this blog post and tell us what you think of this knitting tool.  I'll randomly pick from all commenters and give away 3 sets:
- One set of BOTH landscape and portrait transparencies + the transparency marker set!
- Two sets, each incluying BOTH landscape and portrait printed pads + the colored marker set shown above!

The marker sets that Gari sent me a perfect for designing and come in a nice range of colors.

Comments must be posted by 9pm PST, December 31st, 2010.  One comment per person please.  Giveaway items can only be shipped to continental U.S. and Canada addresses.

Good luck to all!

*** December 30th UPDATE!! *** Deadline to enter this giveaway extended one week.  Please comment to enter this giveaway by 9pm PST, January 7th, 2011. Happy New Year!!

** January 12, 2011 Winners Announced! **
And the 3 randomly chosen commenters to win a Knitting Graph Paper set are:

Shirley Baumbaugh, Janie Holley, and Peggy R. (who commented on 12/31/10).  Congrats!  You've been emailed so I can get your mailing addresses. 

Thanks everyone for entering!



That is so cool!! I alawys have trouble makeing charts and colored patterns, I think everything would be simplified!! cool!


Your post comes in at the perfect time. I was thinking of doing some colourwork on some mitts and as this is the first time after many years I was wondering how to get started again.

Will go off now and check out Gari's tools on Rav and Etsy... that does not mean I would not be thrilled to be picked as one of the winner's for a free set :-)


I'm concerned that the markers will dry out or run out quickly. But the idea seems great!


I am just getting into color knitting and also trying to do my own designing. So I would love to try out any or all of these products!


Colorwork is my FAVORITE type of knitting. Your graphing products sound perfect for design-your-own knitters. Thanks!!


What a great idea. I'm taking a colorwork class in February. This would be a perfect tool.


Such a wonderful and useful tool indeed! I've just begun to do multi-strand color work and would love to make my own designs! Happy Holidays to all of you.


Looks like a great product.


most excellent and fun idea. sure HOpe I win!!


Wow, this sounds like a welcome improvement from graph paper. I would love to try it out! I have never designed anything really but would love to try.

Betty Vates

These will be a great help! Trying to copy a pattern from small squares online is a hassle! Thanks for telling us about this. Betty


That sounds like such a great product idea! I'm always looking for more ways to be creative with my knitting -- I'd love to play with a set of these!

Louise Marsalko

I've never seen anything like this. Very nice. Would love to try using this.


Sure sounds better than what I'm doing right now (making a file in Excel and color it) - would like to test it for myself


I have tried to design with regular graph paper and it was so hard to visualize the finished picture from the squares I had...these look like they would solve that problem! Thanks for the info!

Linda D Wiltshire

I am new to this craft and I need all the aid and assistance I can find. Thanks for being so generous and sharing with your fans.L

Donna R

I'm a very visual designer. I usually visual a design in my mind then I grab my sketch book and/or graph paper to get the details down on paper. Having graph paper to match the actual stitch is just Awesome! It would just bring my designs more to life!!!! I'll be ordering a set!

Kelly Ostapchuk

These are great. I always love having the perfect tool for a job!

heather misiukiewicz

I love this idea and would love to be able to try it out!


This is a great idea. I especially like the idea of being able to trace an existing picture.


This sounds like a totally awesome thing to have!

Valerie Hutchinson

What a wonderful idea. this is something that I've always wanted to do, but was afraid to try. This looks like and awesome thing to add to your tool box.

Angela Cadle

What an excellent idea!

Jeanne Dickinson

Sounds and looks like a great idea...especially for a beginner like me. Would this make patterns easier to read AND understand? I would like to knit my 1st pair of slippers... ;)


Looks like a great product and a great gift for my mom who does a bunch of design work

Ann D.

This sounds like a great idea.Regular graph paper never worked quite right for me.I would love to try this.

Martie Dawn

How clever!

Lorraine Swift

What a clever idea!

Jenn Lucas

Oh my gosh! What a wonderful new toy this would be! I would love to win this set!

Anne Brett

Quite a nice idea! Making one's own with Excell can be tedious at times.

Shirley Baumbach

I make Christmas stockings and design what ever they want on the stocking. I guess I live a very sheltered life since I have never seen this graph paper. Doing your shopping at Walmart and not at Knitting shops keeps me sheltered! We have no yarn shops in our area. I would love to play with this graph and color set. I think that was the child in an old lady speaking!


This is a clever idea! I am a graph paper nut, and have wondered what the "knit graph" paper was for, as it has been confusing to me. The idea of laying it over a design and coloring in the sections is perfect.

D. Suthers

Finally something specifically for knitting pattern designs. Great idea!


I think it is a great idea. I really feel that having something like this would really help me with desiging my own patterns

Cathy Briggs

Clever girl.

judy harris

As a fledgling designer, this set would be an invaluable resource for colorwork! I'd LOVE to be selected, since money is SO very tight right now (!!!) but if not, I'll get one the old-fashioned way... by reminding everyone I know that this would make the PERFECT Christmas, birthday, 'just because' gift! LoL

Judy S-G.

A better "designing mousetrap"! I'd be a very happy camper if selected as one of the lucky winners & I'd love to much more colorwork in 2011. Maybe this is a way to get started....

Thank you for sponsoring such great contests and sharing your wonderful patterns!!

Denise Royal

I am learning lace knitting and this would be great as i am having trouble with the graphs...

Donna Anderson

Fabulous idea and just in time. My husband wants a hat or scarf with the University of Oregon "O" logo since they will be in the national championship. I had no idea how to chart that O- the transparencies would work great. Would love to win this prize. Donna

Cindy W

What an awesome gift this would make for my friend who is always making her own sweater designs - I'm NOT that adventurous!


what a wonderful idea!!! i've never tried anything like that, but I love learning new things!!!

Joan Kristjansson

Great, great, great idea!! And I see that you will now ship to Canada - woohoo! Can think of many uses - Joan in Winnipeg, Canada


Ooh! A new toy!

Bim HD

Lovely - I would love to use it on something to my to little grandchild... (gah, that's sounds like I'm hundred or something like that, I'm not... :))
Try it out to knit some fun for those little girls, living in the cold north off Sweden. Knitting something that there friends don't have... and made the mums, "I want something like that toooo..." :)
Big hugs from a cold and snowy Sweden.......


Oh this would be SO great to use to design the personalized UNC socks my friend has been bugging me for for ages! =)

Jo Ann Prager

I'm glad to know about this product. My next project (after the holidays) is for colorwork. I'll check out Ravelry now.


Really cool! Makes me want to design some colorwork!


I think this is a great idea. I do alot of my own patterns with and with out graphs. This would make it very handy for me to reproduce my ideas. If anybody has anymore of these nifty ideas or items to share with others keep me in mind

Megan D

That is a brilliant idea!


What a cool idea. I have designed a few colorwork patterns specifically for things to knit up for friends. I like how the pattern paper shows actual knit stitch, that is a really interesting and I think would be easier for those of us who follow and even design patterns with charts.

Willa Schrlau

This sounds like a very useful tool! I found out the hard way that regular graphing paper isn't ideal for graphing color designs. I'll have to check this out. Thank you for bringing this product to my attention!

Noris Brophy

Looks like it would be fun to experiment with your own design.

Elizabeth Hartsell

What a neat idea! I'm going to have to try this.


Being able to use a graph and design your own designs sounds challenging and what I like is a good challenge. I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!


Although I am not a designer, I've tried a few times to create colorwork patterns with regular graph paper and what a pain that was! These tools make perfect sense and will surely be a turning point in knitting design all over the world!!! I cannot wait to see what gorgeous patterns will come out thanks to this ingenous paper!

Sue O'Neill

Sounds like a great idea! I've tried to make my own with Excel. Needless to say it was difficult and not 100% accurate. Will have to try this. Thanks for checking it out for us!

Doti Roraback

I like working with graphs so have worked out a design a few times. would love to win. Will check out her site. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all. Doti of

Josie Dinwiddie

Thank you for all your wonderful tips and ideas. Knitters graph paper is really awesome. I'm always searching for the free online ones to print out. Being able to buy a pad of it would be so much better. I use crayola coloring pencils. It is good to know that there are better choices out there for designing.

Lisa "Pete" Peters

I am a graphic design student and am excited to think of the applications for this tool!! I am also looking into diagram patterns and think this would be helpful in retraining my mind from word-based patterns.

Caryl Unrein

I love this idea. I've always used my Excel spreadsheet to design and it is limited. I always have to make a swatch of a part of the pattern to be able to adjust the lines on the spreadsheet to more approximate height and width. Glad to know I can buy it through Ravelry - so if I don't win I can still get it. Thanks for the info.

Charlene Giordano

This would be great to design my hubby's hat with his college logo : )

J. E. Roux

Looks like a great product, i hope it works out for her!


What a great tool! I'm getting to a point where I need a new challenge and creating colour designs sounds intriguing. I'll check out Geri's store myself, although I wouldn't mind being one of the names chosen in your giveaway. Thanks for another great idea!

Russell Boyd

I haven't designed colorwork yet. This would help a great deal for a beginner!

Amy D

Sounds like a dare to do more intarsia if someone winds this prize!

shari kaufman

This seems awesome. When I want to do something with a pattern I am always having to ask my husband for help and then he does it in EXCEL which I don't use. He always gives me a great finished product but I would much rather be able to do this myself.


Dawn Christenson

This would be a great tool for me. I can never make up my mind what colors to use, and end up buying too many choices. Of course the extra always ends up in my stash. This could save me ALOT OF MONEY!

Heather S.

Wow! What an excellent idea.


I am a beginner at knitting but this looks like a very useful tool!


Another one of those "why didn't I think of that?" items!

Myra Arnold

I think this is something I would really use.

andrea saunders

i love the way it's the actual stockinette stitch pattern, much more tru to result than standard rectangles... great idea!


My 14 year old daughter has been knitting for a little over a year, and has recently become very intrigued with colorwork. I think she would love this wonderful new tool!

Jane Reiter

The transparencies look most interesting and exciting to use! Thanks, Jane


What a marvelous idea - and using the transprancy is waaay cool

Julie W.

Great idea..very useful!


Great idea. Maybe I can keep track of where I am using this method.

Jen R

Ohh, much better than my kids graph paper and crayons! I would love to win this!


This is a wonderful idea especially for a person who seems to have everything! ;-) I would have loved to win this!


Wow, that's a great idea!! My little girl is into all kinds of odd things and I can never find charts I like. Woo!


I design intarsia and I use regular graph paper but have to do all the math calculations in my head to make it work. This is pretty awesome!


Happy Holiday's!!
I am stuck on my sofa for the next few weeks due to me tearing my legiments in my right ankle (OUCH!!). I wanted to surprise my sister who is leaving on Jan. 6th to Australia to get her Law degree (she is a smart cookie!) with a Detroit Red Wings touque. She is a die hard fan! I can find the logo on the net but I did not know how to trace it and knit it since it is a complicated pattern.

The transparency graft paper would be perfect!!

This would be a great gift to win (since I can't go shop'n for christmas gifts) and my sister would have something she loves and something for her to remember how much I love her and is proud of her.

Janie Holley

This is a wonderful tool. I could really see it being used for both knitting and crocheting.

Gwendolyn LeLacheur

That's a wonderful giveaway! I would love to play with the transparencies and pens and amek something beautiful! Thank you.


I really think this is a great idea! I like colored pencils better, but like that it can be purchased as a pdf! Pam

Kimberly DeMoise

This could practically make a designer out of me! Wow....

Gail Bass

You've read my mind. I've been trying to come up with a method of designing my own knitting patterns - graph paper doesn't work, nor have I been able to create anything on the computer. We often need MANY line and columns - more than a graph will accommodate. Also, knitters need to shape our garments. I can't wait to try your products!


These look great! They would also be good for copying patterns from books that are very difficult to read in the book and need to be enlarged and colored. Hope I win one.


What a great idea! I would love to try this product to make my own designs! Thanks!

Nina Pulliam

GREAT IDEA! Love to do colorwork and this seems like a good fit. I agree that graph paper misses the mark. Transparancy item sounds fabulous too. Just lay it over a picture and knit away!!!


This is groovy-good. I've drawn and designed a little but having the right tools would make it so much more fun. And not every knit shop carries the special "knit stitch" graph paper. And how great to trace over my own drawings. I wonder what Elizabeth Zimmerman would think of all this?

Shirley Norquist

It would be fun to have something appropriate for the task. I've not been much into color knitting, but I'll bet this coould also be used for graphing stitch patterns so I wouldn't need to read text.


This is great. I have been knitting the icelandic hats and have gotten board with the trational patterns and colors this would help greatly with my own ideas


What a great product! I can't wait to try it out. Thanks for offering this giveaway. My 2011 goal is to start designing my own patterns,so, this will help. Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Stover

What a fantastic idea! It brings us designer one step closer to the vision in our head!

teri p

i love colowork and have dabbled at my own designs, but it is so difficult. this would be great to try. i would love this

Susan Hansen

Love the transparencies! And graphs that will actually make something come out correctly!


Dude! The transparency idea is BRILLIANT! Why has this not been though of before?? Imagine what you could do with personalized sweaters of a person's pets, or kids, etc!!

Christiane   Johnson

If this work for on-the-round too, it is going to be a perfect tool for all knitters. Great idea,

Debbie H

That is so cool! I would love to win. thanks! Debbie in Alaska

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