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Malabrigo Sleeveless Cowl and Chunky Infinity Scarf - Two to preview!


Here are the latest knitting projects I've just finished!  BOTH are waiting for me to write them up!

I thought I'd at least give you a sneak peek at what's coming soon. . .

The first one is a Tunic-Length Sleeveless Cowl in Malabrigo yarn.  Ooh - gotta love that Malabrigo Worsted!  It has amazing yardage and is sooooo soft to work with! 

The yarn is heavenly on slightly larger needles, allowing the true softness to come out.  And there is still wonderful stitch definition. The beauty of the hand-dyed color also comes through.


The Sleeveless Cowl is knit from the bottom up in one piece.  The lace stitch is easy to work and creates a beautiful all-over open lace look, as well as a natually scalloped hem.  The waist is shaped to further empasize the long and lean look.


The front neckline is shaped so the generous ribbed cowl can fall forward on the neck in a most flattering way.

AND, it only took 3 hanks of Malabrigo!!  This pattern will be written up very soon!

NEXT, is a knitting project that proved to be ideal for the family road trip we took over the Xmas/New Year's week.  It's a Chunky Infinity Scarf in a fairly simple, wonderfully textured stitch pattern. 

The Scarf is knit on size 13 needles with a soft, bulky merino wool blend yarn from GGH. It knits up quickly once you get the hang of the stitch pattern.

The Scarf is then seamed with a half-twist, to turn it into a big Mobius strip.  The stitch pattern looks similar and great on both sides, so it was a good fit with this design.  It's fun to just throw this on over your neck and go!

As you can see from the photos here, this Infinity Scarf can also be worn low as a shoulder warmer.

This pattern coming soon as well. . .  I expect both to be released in late January or February.


Chunky_Infinity_Scarf2_350 Chunky_Infinity_Scarf4_350



Oh WOW! Can't wait for the Sleeveless Cowl Pattern!

You are such a talented designer!


Looking forward to the Chunky Infinity Scarf. I'm not much of a scarf person but this looks really intriguing!

Marna (CT)

Donna Anderson

I need to be an octopuss because two hands/arms aren't enough for all of the sweaterbabe patterns I want to do. The4 sleeveless cowl pattern is perfect for
Texas. I am also dying for the blue wrap sweater in the last email. All of your work is fabulous. Donna


Please get writing!! I can't wait for the sleeveless cowl pattern! Thanks so much for such great patterns!


They all look so beautiful. Dont know where to start first.


Love both of these, can't wait! Love every single design you crank out, please keep it up :)

Denise Williams

I love both of these designs! Another great pattern from you. I am picturing myself in the sleeveless cowl right now. Can't wait to buy it!


I ADORE the Malabrigo Sleeveless Cowl and cannot hardly wait for the pattern to be released! Only 3 hanks of yarn?! My fingers are itching to cast it on!

Jacqueline Valero

o I love the infinity scraf, when the pattern is written, I will buy it immedialty.

The Netherlands


All I can say is WOW! I love both of these patterns and need to hurry up and finish what I'm working on so I can start these two when they're released. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs! :)

kelly benzin

I love the chunky Infinite scarf! The design is awesome and the color is great! What a good idea

Susan Pitts

I want the pattern for the Chunky Infiniti Cowl! How/when can I get it?


i love the infinity scarf, can't wait to make one,or two or.... ;)

Sheri D. Maple

Oh I love these patterns. I think the sleeveless cowl is sexy, and love the scarf.


Your patterns are so exquisite. I have a few projects to finish up and then I'm going to go for several of yours that I especially love. The sleeveless garments are perfect for life here in Central Florida. The new sleeveless cowl is a gem.

Judy Dempsey

Just ugly the down load for this is beautiful. What more can anyone say!

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