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Whimsical Stitch Markers - a review and giveaway!

Handmade stitch markers abound!  But the whimsical and unique ones definitely stand out.

Cheryl of 
sent me a great sampling of her work, including these ADORABLE and super charming M&M stitch markers!  Thanks, Cheryl, for sending me these samples for review and to giveaway.  My audience thanks you too ;-)


Here is my official review:
Stitch markers and other knitting accessories are a luxury for me.  I've been knitting for so long -- 30+ years (I started VERY young ;-) ), that for many years, I only had really basic, boring, yet functional, plastic stitch markers. 


And often, I would prefer to spend my money on yarn and patterns, not accessories.  I would usually just use little bits of contrasting yarn and tie them into little loops to use as stitch markers.  Not great, and certainly not pretty, but they did the job and it was not a big deal if I lost one!


Fast forward to today!  Now we knitters can treat ourselves to lots of knitting accessories that just make knitting more fun!

The whimsical knitting accessories: stitch markers, shawl sticks, embellished needles and hooks, point protectors, etc. from places like are a delightful option!

Life should be filled with little indulgences - especially the kind that have no calories!

So, yes - I am a fan of Cheryl's little handmade goodies. She puts so much creativity in each design, as can be easily seen by just looking at her etsy site and the individual designs shown here.  The detailing on the balls of yarn shawl stick is so realistic!  And Racoon faces are so delicate and detailed as well!

Just the sheer range of designs she has is impressive. She has charms shaped like socks, hedge hogs, flip flops, cupcakes, smurfs, and so much more!   She makes them into stitch markers, shawl sticks, zipper pulls, knitting needle and crochet hook toppers, point protectors, and more.  Lots of holiday themed ones are still in her etsy shop - like a Grinch set that is very unique and fun!

So, check out her selection at: and see for yourself.  Prices range from $8 to $15 for stitch marker sets.  And it seems that nothing is over $15 - so it's all very reasonable.

*** And now for the giveaway details! ***
I will be choosing TWO random commenters to win!  One will win the M&M stitch marker set; the other will win the balls of yarn shawl stick.

To enter this giveaway, please enter a comment about whimsical knitting accessories!  One comment per person, please.

Prizes can only be shipped to an address within the continental U.S and Canada. All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, February 5th, 2011 . 

[P.S.  A recent giveaway - the Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit received 600+ comment entries!!!  So, if you or someone you know has a knitting-related or even non-knitting related product that you think my audience would enjoy, please tell them to suggest their product for a future giveaway/review!  Details are at:  Thanks!!]

*** Deadline extended!  ***
Comment entries for this giveaway will be open until February 14th, 9pm PST.  Good luck!

*** Winners ANNOUNCED February 18th, 2011 ***
AND the 2 randomly chosen commenters that each win a knitting accessory are:

Marion (who commented on Jan. 18th) and Dana (who commented on Jan. 18th).  Congrats!!  You've both been emailed.

Marion will be receiving the M&M Stitch Markers Set (woohoo!) and Dana will receive the Yarn Balls Shawl Pin (yipee!!). 

Thanks to everyone for entering this fun giveaway!  Watch for my next giveaway!


Ruthie Anderson

So cute! I adore anything in M&M's...especially the candy itself! LOL Would you believe I've NEVER used fancy stitch markers as well? Don't know why; guess I just never got around to getting some. But as of today THAT WILL CHANGE!! So off to the Etsy shop I go........

Joanne Jones

What a cute idea!!! I LOVE the nonconsumable M&M stitch markers and the yarn ball shawl pin. For me, not only would these stitch markers be a knitting accessory, but a diet aid as well. Just think, I can have my M&M's and not eat them! Cheryl is a very creative lady. Bravo!!!!!!!! :-)

Linda K

M&M's and knitting my 2 favorite things!!


The stitchmarkers are really cute!

Denise Williams

I love whimsical things. In my house, I like to put one or two whimsical things in each room. Whimsy is good for the soul. These stitchmarkers would make me smile!

Donna Anderson

Adorable, the perfect thing for marking the next top down sweaterbabe pattern.

Shelley Tyson

Oh my gosh these are adorable! I have 2 girls McKenna and Madison that I have always called my M&M's. I want a tiny tatoo with 3 M&M's representing my 2 girls and my MOM hers will have angels wings as she passed away from cancer. Needless to say these are awesome as all of the markers are thanks for the great giveaway!

Lucille Harrington

What cute M&Ms! I betcha can't buy just one....

julia caraballo

New knitter and would love to start my collection with these new stitch markers sand shawl pins.


I love using whimsical stitch markers; they add to the karma of knitting. Beautiful yarn deserves extraordinary markers. Besides, they're cute!

Wow ... these are too cute ... I wish I could afford them all ... they would make projects a little more fun - the whimsy is great.


I love the idea of fancy stitch markers! I would love to collect many...
thanks for introducing us to this talented artist!

Jan E

Adorable designs and so affordable. I have some gifts in mind for fellow knitters!


very cute stitch markers and so much more fun than little loops of yarn


they are so much cuter than my plain plastic ones, they make me want to upgrade mine


Oh how adorable! What a marvelous idea! Would love to have them hanging from my knitting... hopefully I won't eat them!

Ellen Lee

Cheryl's etsy site is chock full of practical eye candy to jazz up our creations while they are in progress. I'll never be totally satisfied with coilless safety pins again!


Love the stitch markers! Life is short - accessorize your knittin!!! I'm off to oher site........

Brenda Martin

I am a renewed knitter. When I was younger I was impatient and knitting took to long so I took up crocheting. Now at 61 I learned to make mittens!! And not just plain ones, ones with a pattern! I used stitch markers for the first time, plain safety pins. It would be so much fun to have the M & M stitch markers to show off at the knitting group I belong to.


I've managed to lose every little plastic stitch marker I had - including some I 'borrowed' from my mum. I'd love to get these, I'm sure I'd take much better care of them! I don't have any whimsical knitting accessories, but this new shop (to me) is very very tempting!


I need all of the whimsy I can get! :D


Cute, fun, you can never have enough stitch markers! Thanks for the chance.

Lori Johnson

These are absolutely adorable!! I will be passing out her name tonight when I teach my yarn group. I am sure she will do well with these items in her store. A little calorie free indulgence IS definitely good for the soul (and the creative mind). Thank you so much for finding this treasure trove.

Gail Gundlah

My grandson loves M & M's. He'd be so excited to see them on my knitting.

betty droddy

what a cute way to keep up with your stitches!


These are the cutest!


What cute knitting accessories! Thanks for a chance to win some.


I, also, am spending my spare change on yarns and patterns. I have recently found myself on overload with these. So much knitting, not enough time. In the past couple of months I have used my spare change for cute little "notions" more than the usual yarn/pattern addiction. These are absolutely perfect! :)

Michele Berg

So creative!

Renee' Trimble

What could be better!? Knitting and chocolate or thinking about chocolate while knitting.. YUM!@


The M&M stitch markers are great! I like that the rings are small so they won't make the yarn stretch when you have to knit the next stitch.

Marie Gudde

I love the M&M stitch markers. I used to be one of a trio of people and we called ourselves the M&M's. I could give these to the only other one left besides myself. She knits and would love them.


The stitch markers ar very cute. Would love to have them


M&M Stitch Markers - Combining my two loves - chocolate and knitting! What a great idea!

Little indulgences like these are a present every knitter should give to themselves. Since most everything else is given away!

Patty Wing

I would love to own these! I've been using plastic bread ties for a long time now because I could never find any markers that I truly liked.... plus I LOVE M & Ms!!!!


Those are gorgeous! I'm currently using the simple plastic rings or scraps of yarn. Which work, but as you said.. are boring.


I would like to have the whimsical stitch markers or the shawl pin. I am trying to with 6 markers that is all I have. So a few more would be great.

Donna  M

I love M&M's and I love knitting! What could be better? They're so cute.

Alli Barrett

She is one talented creative indivual .. I just love the little sheep and duckies!!

Adell Lovett

The M & M's are way too cute and they remind me of that commercial "No, you get in the bowl" which always cracks me up. I'd get a giggle everytime I pulled one out to use in my knitting.

Also, I love that the shawl pins are unique. A shawl should make a statement but the pin adds the extra touch. So creative!!

Jennifer Stover

The M&M stitch markers are absolutely adorable! I could definitely see them melting in my mouth and not on my yarn! :)


very cute! i usually give a crochet gift basket (easy hat pattern, hook, yarn, beginner book) to help introduce my young nieces/cousins/friends to the creative world of crochet. it will now also include these awesome stitch holders! a cool addition to entice the younger kids that it's cool to crochet

Marlon  Reinmann

what a great way to add more fun to your project and feel special at the same time.

Susan Sanders

Great markers!! Use them alot in my knitting.

jane thompson

Love her knittery stuff it makes knittimg so much fun ,also make great gifts!
MnNs so adoreble also those hedge hogs!


These don't have any WW points either!!!!
Nicely done!

leah sawkins

these are too cute for words! i've never seen any stitch markers before but these are gorgeous!!


i love unique stitch markers and these are adorable. gonna head on over to her etsy shop right now!

Melanie Chin

I'm currently using the boring plastic rings you can buy at Walmart. Every rime the fall on the floor, I'm struggling to find them because they're so tiny! I too would rather spend on better quality yarn. So, if I win, it will be my very first "fancy" stitch marker set. They are so cute! Another plus? They'll be easier to find when I drop them!

N J Gill

Colorful, unique stitch markers are "jewelry for my knitting," making even the most interminable stretches of stockinette more interesting and fun! I would love to include the M&M guys as assistants on my next project!


"Cute! Cute! Cute! I would probably end up popping them in my mouth!!


I never thought that knitting accessories could be so cute. Have never seen anything like them!

Lorraine Swift

Pretty sweet!

Lorraine Swift

Pretty sweet!

Beth Rudo

I love all the pictured knitting accessories. Goodness knows daily life could use a bit more whimsey!

Esther Rumfelt

These are the most adorable stitch markers I've ever seen. They would make great gifts!

MaryBeth Richards

I would love some nice stitch markers. The M & M s are adorable.

Lynn Ketelsen

Little indulgences like these make knitting all the more fun! What great ideas!

Linda Roundy

I love cute knitting accessories. They make me smile even when I'm screwing up my face doing something wrong!

Kelly W

These are just too cute. Oh, and Hubby thanks you for pointing out another website for me to explore. The poor man doesn't understand knitting needs it's fashion accessories But even he thinks the M&Ms are great.
I would be very happy to give the M&Ms a loving home.

Susan Harris=Rohde

These markers are wonderful. I love them. I, too, grew up using bits of yarn or paperclips, etc for stitch markers. Now, when someone is new to creating or "playing with yarn", I make sure I give them some pretty accessories for their bag.


I love any kind of whimsical knitting items! Sheep are my favorite, but I'm open to anything!

Anna Housholder

Oh, aren't they so CUTE and ADORABLE! To own these would make knitting that much more fun and exciting!

Anna in Northern California


Wow, a lot of comments already! Cute accessories. I like to treat myself to "pretty" while I am knitting. I love the whole knitting process, wonderful yarn that feel divine as it passes through my fingers; needles that are the best I can buy; stitch markers that are cute, fancy, or bejeweled; and even a pretty marker to identify the front. I don't buy a lot, only what I love and it makes knitting so enjoyable.
These are really cute!

Nancy Reid

Too bloody cute for words. A set of needles, a ball of yarn and a pattern,
always go better with a set of "won't melt in your hand" M&M's. Gee, I'd have to have a bag of the real things too. :-)

Nancy McKee

Love the flip flop stitch markers. So cute! Please, please pick me!


love the stitch markers!!! my children love M&M's!!!!!!!

Steph G.

Those are so cute! I love neat little accessories as they make knitting even more fun! :)

Karen Paessler

Knitting is even more fun when you have fun tools like these to use. It can be just what you need to put a smile on your face! Thank you for your creativeness.

Jen Sturdivant

I love using fun stitch markers in my knitting. They are great conversation starters when I am knitting on the subway or in the doctors waiting room. I loved what I saw on the etsy site! She will definitely get my business!

Marge abbott

would love some of these for my co-workers that I taught to knoit last summer. They are absolutely adorable

Sandra King

I have ordered from Cheryl several times and her items are truly fantastic! Just like her!!


Those are so cute. Off to check out her other wares!


Very cute!

Elaine Lewis

They made me smile. They would make knitting more fun with using these cute stitch markers.


Those stitch markers are adorable! In fact, she has many cute sets in her etsy store, I'm going to have to start dropping some hints for hubby.


Just ordered lightning bug and rose heart stitch markers. Would love to add some M&Ms!


I LOVE pretty stitch markers. Like you, I used to use bits of yarn, safety pins, rubber bands etc. Then, someone gave me home-made stitch markets in a yarn swap - they make my projects look they they are wearing jewelry. Adds to the fun of knitting.


So cute! And creative!!!


So much fun in such a small package! I love to accessorize and therefore love all stitch markers. They can make the knitting up a garment fun and attractive. I especially like the m&m's - who wouldn't love chocolate and knitting at the same time?

martha michael

The m and m markers are so cute. They match my initials and have been my favorite candy since childhood.

georgia andrews

I'm a gadget girl, love new creative items. How crafty she is to be able to design adorable gems that embellish our knitting. This makes for very happy knitters. georgia




I like a bit of whimsy in my stitch markers. The m & m's are really cute. I also like the various fruit ones in Cheryl's store.

Maureen Morrison

The stitch markers are adorable, my preference was the Knit Diva Stitch markers. The M & M markers are second.

Mary Klee

Knitting is FUN, so we should be using fun materials! I think these stitch markers are great. You certainly would be able to see them amidst your work easily!


Really cute. I'd love to have some creative stitch markers like this.


Those stitch markers are adorable.


M&M's are a favorite of my daugher and myself. These are really cute and something I have never indulged in. Someday:)


I currently use those metal wires with white plastic that you use to tie plastic sandwichbags or binbags together, it's terribly poor I know! This post reminds me to clean up my act! ;)

debee early

Too cute and not the same old/same old!


I love them they are the cutest.

Cathy Trudell

I have been knitting for years and these have to be the cutest stitch markers I have ever seen. I would love to call them my own!


Zero calorie M&M's! Adorable!!! :)


those are sooo cute! i would enjoy either one of those items. i'm going to check out her other items too.


Too Cute!!! I love them, I'm new to knitting crocheting and am building my supplies! I'd love to add these to my growing collection!


OMG! Those m&m stitch markers are the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'll never use boring old plain ones again! Some people are just so creative!

Mary Portalski

Great animation!!!! I only have round plastic markers.....nothing as enticing as these little guys!!!


I love those stitch markers. Whimsical knitting supplies just add to the fun. I have a set of knitting needles with cute little sheep on the ends.

Always  Alice

Cheryl has the BEST....all her things are unique....and so light weight.....Love them all!!!

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