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Whimsical Stitch Markers - a review and giveaway!

Handmade stitch markers abound!  But the whimsical and unique ones definitely stand out.

Cheryl of 
sent me a great sampling of her work, including these ADORABLE and super charming M&M stitch markers!  Thanks, Cheryl, for sending me these samples for review and to giveaway.  My audience thanks you too ;-)


Here is my official review:
Stitch markers and other knitting accessories are a luxury for me.  I've been knitting for so long -- 30+ years (I started VERY young ;-) ), that for many years, I only had really basic, boring, yet functional, plastic stitch markers. 


And often, I would prefer to spend my money on yarn and patterns, not accessories.  I would usually just use little bits of contrasting yarn and tie them into little loops to use as stitch markers.  Not great, and certainly not pretty, but they did the job and it was not a big deal if I lost one!


Fast forward to today!  Now we knitters can treat ourselves to lots of knitting accessories that just make knitting more fun!

The whimsical knitting accessories: stitch markers, shawl sticks, embellished needles and hooks, point protectors, etc. from places like are a delightful option!

Life should be filled with little indulgences - especially the kind that have no calories!

So, yes - I am a fan of Cheryl's little handmade goodies. She puts so much creativity in each design, as can be easily seen by just looking at her etsy site and the individual designs shown here.  The detailing on the balls of yarn shawl stick is so realistic!  And Racoon faces are so delicate and detailed as well!

Just the sheer range of designs she has is impressive. She has charms shaped like socks, hedge hogs, flip flops, cupcakes, smurfs, and so much more!   She makes them into stitch markers, shawl sticks, zipper pulls, knitting needle and crochet hook toppers, point protectors, and more.  Lots of holiday themed ones are still in her etsy shop - like a Grinch set that is very unique and fun!

So, check out her selection at: and see for yourself.  Prices range from $8 to $15 for stitch marker sets.  And it seems that nothing is over $15 - so it's all very reasonable.

*** And now for the giveaway details! ***
I will be choosing TWO random commenters to win!  One will win the M&M stitch marker set; the other will win the balls of yarn shawl stick.

To enter this giveaway, please enter a comment about whimsical knitting accessories!  One comment per person, please.

Prizes can only be shipped to an address within the continental U.S and Canada. All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, February 5th, 2011 . 

[P.S.  A recent giveaway - the Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit received 600+ comment entries!!!  So, if you or someone you know has a knitting-related or even non-knitting related product that you think my audience would enjoy, please tell them to suggest their product for a future giveaway/review!  Details are at:  Thanks!!]

*** Deadline extended!  ***
Comment entries for this giveaway will be open until February 14th, 9pm PST.  Good luck!

*** Winners ANNOUNCED February 18th, 2011 ***
AND the 2 randomly chosen commenters that each win a knitting accessory are:

Marion (who commented on Jan. 18th) and Dana (who commented on Jan. 18th).  Congrats!!  You've both been emailed.

Marion will be receiving the M&M Stitch Markers Set (woohoo!) and Dana will receive the Yarn Balls Shawl Pin (yipee!!). 

Thanks to everyone for entering this fun giveaway!  Watch for my next giveaway!


Cheryl Shores

So cute. I have tried and tried to create my own cute sitch markers with Fimo clay, but I guess I'm just not that creative. I will visit your website on Etsy. I'm Cheryl too.


Mmmmm....I love M&Ms! I've got to win this one.

Leslie Behm

Way cute. Would love to see hedgehog ones.


the stitch markers are very cute. I love M & M candies. thanks for the give a way


these stitch markers are so cute, they could be used for a necklace or earrings if you weren't knitting at the time! Thanks for sharing! I love finding new products to order and give as gifts!

Miriam Giles

These are such fun accessories! I love using fun knitting tools, and Cheryl has some wonderful ones. Thanks for sharing with us.


How neat they are! What a wonderful job on crafting. Anyone would be proud to use them.

Catherine Lemanski

Love the stitch markers. It's always nice to have fanciful tools when knitting a project.


So cute! Love these little guys. Off to check out the other items for sale!!

Amber K

those m&m stitch markers are toooo cute! I looked at her other stuff and etsy and it's all super cute...would be totally awesome to win some of these!

Leslee Ramirez

Umm, these look good enough to munch on while I'm knitting. How fun, I could fill two cravings at once lol!


They are so cute and make great little gifts for all your girl friends that knit, cuz we have all the basic gadgets. These are fun!!

Sarah from Madison, NC

I'm afraid that I learned to knit simply by watching my mom knit (I was about 10 years old at the time). So here I am at 47 years of age and am picking it up - so far just from what I remember and a little bit from knitting 101 instructional videos I've found on-line. I do get very frustrated when I'm knitting and can't remember where to change stitches. I usually just count outloud, but it seems to amuse my husband to no end to try and mess with me by counting outloud and getting my actual count off. I never knew there were such things as stitch markers (my mom never used them, so I just didn't know). It would be most wonderful to win these - not only would my knitting progress go much faster, but they may keep me from knocking my husband silly!

anna humphrey

what a fun idea! Would love to see these dangling from my needles - would bring a smile. . . and the shawl pin would elicit cute comments.

thank you

Katherine Hutter

So very cute! I love etsy and the wonderful handmade things you can get on it!

Ann-Kristin Skoglund

They are so cute!

Michelle Miltiades

So adorable! I'm still using plain jane accessories. What a great giveaway!

Doris M. Sanchez

The stitch markers are a great idea. It would make any project go faster. It certainly would keep your interest ands make you focus more. Love collecting anything with M&M. Just love it.

Lori Sokolow

love her style!!! love your site!!!
the stitch markers are so cute. I hope I am chosen - I've never won a contest before.....ever-I enter lots but sadly never a would so cool if this was the one.


They are just lovely! I'm restricting my sugar right now, but I could have those M&Ms without guilt... yummy!


The stitch markers are adorable. I love them! The Shawl pin is awesome. I hope to win one of these gifts.


Love her items! We all need MORE whimsey in our lives!!!

Donna Coffin

absolutely love the shawl pin...have been looking for one and that one is just perfect!


The M&M stitch markers are adorable. What a creative idea! I am teaching my 8 year old granddaughter to knit and she would absolutely love having these to use and add to her beginning knitting paraphernalia.

Rita McVey

Wow! These are so cute! I 'm thinking about buying a set of the markers for my aunt, who is a prolific knitter.


These stitch markers are so adorable. What a great talent. Each one is so unique. I would love to win these.

Kathleen Ropiak

I only have the boring plastic stitch markers and they are sooo old that every time I use them several break. So I am down to only a couple of them and would love to have the MM stich markers. I love MM"S and these would be definitely less fattening.

Val Aris

Too cute - eye candy for the knitter:)


I wish I had seen these before I bought the boring ones just circles and 2 colors. Ah well when I'm a more experienced knitter I can treat myself.

Dianne Woodis

After going around 259 stitches, I think it helps to keep you interested in your item to have a little cute, whimiscal item to look at as you are crocheting or knitting, especially until your item is taking shape on it's own. Who wouldn't count 50, look at that little face and not smile!!

Belinda DeJarnett

These are absolutely adorable! She has some really cute things. Will definitely be getting me some markers.


All of her creations are too cute!

Mary Beth

These really are fun. I have been so sick lately, and the only relief I have is my needlework. I have been sticking to bright, cheerful colors to cheer myself up. Something smiling at me like those m&m's would certainly help! I'm going to think of something like this as gifts for my friends who do needlework.


These are sooo adorable! I love the shawl pin too! She is someone's store I'm going to add to my favs. I would love to have these to add to my collection!

Kimberly Miller

Wow! I am so loving her stitch markers. They are really cute and unique!!!


I love the whimsical knitting accessories. So very creative and adorable! I will be sure to share the site with my fellow knitting sisters!


Oh to be adorned!! Just like we like our bobbles that bring a question or a smile to other's faces, so does our knitting! Knitting in public can bring a query or two from the passively curious,but jewelry is universal. It speaks of character & style,and layers just another affirmation that this isn't your grandmother's bygone era.

My Skull Needles are complimented by my piratey,gothic crosses,& skull & crossbones markers that stir the conversation to modern day DIY & Subversive art types....

My OTHER needles sure could use something that "Melts In Your Mouth Not In Your Hand" for Monday's Coffee group knitting! ;]

Kila Day

I love these I so love to knit lately socks, I love fun things I will check you out on facebook :)


Comment entries are now closed for this giveaway. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Winners to be chosen later this week.

Carol Farndon

I love your site and your whimsical stitch markers remind me to be childish once in a while...thank you so much.


I am the very lucky recipient of the M & M Stitch Markers, which arrived today. They are so cute, just love them! Thank you Sweaterbabe and CECreations.

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