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Whimsical Stitch Markers - a review and giveaway!

Handmade stitch markers abound!  But the whimsical and unique ones definitely stand out.

Cheryl of 
sent me a great sampling of her work, including these ADORABLE and super charming M&M stitch markers!  Thanks, Cheryl, for sending me these samples for review and to giveaway.  My audience thanks you too ;-)


Here is my official review:
Stitch markers and other knitting accessories are a luxury for me.  I've been knitting for so long -- 30+ years (I started VERY young ;-) ), that for many years, I only had really basic, boring, yet functional, plastic stitch markers. 


And often, I would prefer to spend my money on yarn and patterns, not accessories.  I would usually just use little bits of contrasting yarn and tie them into little loops to use as stitch markers.  Not great, and certainly not pretty, but they did the job and it was not a big deal if I lost one!


Fast forward to today!  Now we knitters can treat ourselves to lots of knitting accessories that just make knitting more fun!

The whimsical knitting accessories: stitch markers, shawl sticks, embellished needles and hooks, point protectors, etc. from places like are a delightful option!

Life should be filled with little indulgences - especially the kind that have no calories!

So, yes - I am a fan of Cheryl's little handmade goodies. She puts so much creativity in each design, as can be easily seen by just looking at her etsy site and the individual designs shown here.  The detailing on the balls of yarn shawl stick is so realistic!  And Racoon faces are so delicate and detailed as well!

Just the sheer range of designs she has is impressive. She has charms shaped like socks, hedge hogs, flip flops, cupcakes, smurfs, and so much more!   She makes them into stitch markers, shawl sticks, zipper pulls, knitting needle and crochet hook toppers, point protectors, and more.  Lots of holiday themed ones are still in her etsy shop - like a Grinch set that is very unique and fun!

So, check out her selection at: and see for yourself.  Prices range from $8 to $15 for stitch marker sets.  And it seems that nothing is over $15 - so it's all very reasonable.

*** And now for the giveaway details! ***
I will be choosing TWO random commenters to win!  One will win the M&M stitch marker set; the other will win the balls of yarn shawl stick.

To enter this giveaway, please enter a comment about whimsical knitting accessories!  One comment per person, please.

Prizes can only be shipped to an address within the continental U.S and Canada. All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, February 5th, 2011 . 

[P.S.  A recent giveaway - the Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit received 600+ comment entries!!!  So, if you or someone you know has a knitting-related or even non-knitting related product that you think my audience would enjoy, please tell them to suggest their product for a future giveaway/review!  Details are at:  Thanks!!]

*** Deadline extended!  ***
Comment entries for this giveaway will be open until February 14th, 9pm PST.  Good luck!

*** Winners ANNOUNCED February 18th, 2011 ***
AND the 2 randomly chosen commenters that each win a knitting accessory are:

Marion (who commented on Jan. 18th) and Dana (who commented on Jan. 18th).  Congrats!!  You've both been emailed.

Marion will be receiving the M&M Stitch Markers Set (woohoo!) and Dana will receive the Yarn Balls Shawl Pin (yipee!!). 

Thanks to everyone for entering this fun giveaway!  Watch for my next giveaway!


Josie Dinwiddie

Very nice accessories. I love all the wonderful extras you can now get to enhance your style when knitting. The stitch markers are adorable and I loved the wolf point protectors.


so freeking cute!


Whimsical stitch markers and other notions make knitting more fun, especially when you're around non-knitters. They stare and you get to laugh. That said, I <3 the M&Ms! The little candies are such a brain food for me during finals week!

Doris J. Owens

Her stitch markers, pins, earrings, etc. are great. Her imagination appears to know no bounds. The m&m markers are my favorites I think. I am going to have to treat myself to the thin wire markers, they're my favorites for my regular knitting.

Trudi Brooker

Oooh! I'd love to win the M&M stitch markers. I was very sad when my Mum visited the M&M's World when she was in the US and didn't bring me a souvenir.


I've also used bits of yarn and plastic markers and am ready for a change!


I am new at knitting anything more complicated than a scarf and would love to know more about how to use stitch markers. I recently tried making a doggie sweater but when it called for placing a marker at the beginning and end of a row I wasn't sure what to do. How do you get the rings off after you are done? I ended up using contrasting pieces of yarn to mark the rows but would like to know how to use the rings?

Lee Ann Johnson

Those are so cute. Good luck selling.

Becky Richardson


Norma Axel

These "luxuries" are unique and very usable, too. I would rather add to my stash most of the time; however, these adorable markers cannot be passed up. What a wonderful gift they would make - especially for me on my birthday!

These M&M Stitch Markers are so enchanting! Since I am in love with the M&M people, I knew that I just had to enter this give-a-way. (This is my first contest entry.)
I have crocheted for over 35 years now. (Your book was the 1st hard cover crochet book I got) and I have been visiting your site ever since you started it.
I now have a reason to learn to knit. I would really love to use these adorable fellows on my first knitting project and on ALL the projects I make. I usually use a bobby pin as a marker. I would also wear them as jewelry.
Please Thank Cheryl for us, for offering these cuties as a gift!
Whether I win or not, May GOD BLESS YOU for a having a GREAT SITE and for ALL the HARD WORK and ALL the FUN you PUT into it and for ALL the MANY PRETTY PROJECTS you offer! Thank You!!! Joyce L.

Leslee Ramirez

How fun, I love to see a little bit of unique added to simple aids we take for granted. Why shouldn't the act of knitting and crocheting be fanciful as we purl and knit along!


Very nice work! I too am going to check out Cheryl's other notions. Diane in Denver


I think these stitch markers are really cute. They really add a bit of fun to something that can be plain & basic.


Her things are so cute, it would be much fun to have her custom make something - the Smurfs were so cute, a set of stitch markers with Smurfs would be way so cool. Thanks for reviewing these, it is a great link!!

Shelagh Gunn

Are they edible too?!?

Amy V

Cheryl's stitch markers are so cute. Thanks for this giveaway.


I love to add whimsical stitch markers to my knitting because they add pizzaz to my work - and they are fun to look at!

Teckla Buller

Knitting and chocolate - it's hard to get better than that! Cheryl's designs are so clever and fun. And scarf pins/sticks are so practical. My scarves always want to creep away from where I place them, so a pin or stick is just perfect. Cheryl, you go girl! I'd love to win!

Stephanie Haberman

2 Cute!

Heather McKenzie

I have just started knitting. These are fantabulous!


As a fairly new person when it comes to knitting there are so many super cool things to discover like these. These stitch markers are some of the coolest knitting accessories I have never thought about or have even seen before. I love Them!

Beth Duggan

I had no idea that there was even such an invention. How awesome. I could really use some stitch markers that I wont find on floor and under couch cushions.

Sarah Laurens

As a teacher, these will make a great gift to knit club students at the end of the year!

Denise Nagorski

So totally cute!!

Janelle Vogler

So cute! Reminds me if the funny m&m commercials!


These are so cute, I wonder if there is the California Raisins. I used to cross stitch them on all my clothes.

Elizabeth Delisi

I love the M&M stitch markers. So cute! And the chocolate stitch markers...they look good enough to eat. And I know it's not knitting-related, but I adore the dog sculpture. We lost our dog last year, and I still miss him, so I'm attracted to anything dog-related.

Colleen Figley

They look good enough to eat!


I am almost out of stitch markers! I have been reduced to taking off my wedding ring to use in a pinch!

Susan Spiers

These are so cute & how talented! LUV stitch markers, use them all the time! LUV the shawl pin-wonderful colors-balls of yarn, who knew-great ideas & giveaway-Thanks! Susan

Linda Cartlidge

Very nice, even though I love them if I won I would give them to my best friend :0)

Victoria Murphy

So cute!!! My little M & M buddies to keep me company during a knitting project! Awesome!


WOW!!!! what a great store. so much talent. i wish i had alot of money i would buy 2 of everything. i think with all the tools she has for knitting and crocheting it will make it come around better. not so boring. where people think it is just for the "old" people. it is wonderful and new and great. this will bring it alive and you can express yourself in so many ways. LOVE IT. and all the other things that she makes it great too. love homemade things. they are the best and better. i love m&ms. they are so cool. we have them all the time in the house. i love the charters. they are so cool.

T. Rodgers

I try to limit my notion purchases to practical essentials-- rarely do I splurge on such colorful and fun accessories. Oh, but I do love them! I wish more non-knitters were aware of these kind of things. It would be nice to receive these stitch markers as a gift. Much better than a craft related gift certificate... which would be spent on practical essentials.


When I started knitting very long time ago ;-) I always used a different color yarn as stitch markers. Now I have a lot of very beautiful ones, but I also love the M&M, they are so yummy and no calories on these!!


What cute stitch markers! My daughter's nickname is M&M, so I'm always on the lookout for cute M&Ms themed accessories. She would love these!!

Cheryl Bartlett-Carr

Both of these products are adorable. Have never had these indulgences in my 40+ years of knitting, but they look like fun.


Wow! Those are just completely adorable :) LOL and I'm exactly like you! I still don't have a proper stitch marker for myself yet;; I just use contrasting bits of yarn :P. This would be great.

Shelly Royal

I'm another one who started out young, as a pre-teen, & have been crocheting for over 30 years. I didn't even KNOW what a stitch marker looked like until just a few years ago, I used the little scraps of yarn as well. = ) To see what Cheryl has done with utilitarian needlework essentials is just amazing! My only problem is not being able to choose what I like best. LOL!
Shel = )

S Libby

Absolutely wonderful items on her site! I can't wait to do some shopping with her!


Really unique markers! They do make knitting more enjoyable - if that's possible. LOL!

Susan (sjanova)

Terrifically cute. These would make getting to the next st marker a lot of fun. And I do wear my shawls with a pin or stick!

P Roberson

Things have changes so much since I first started to knit, and those M & M markers sure make me smile!! Up to now, I've tried to buy the brightest plastic markers I could find to brighten up my knitting. If I could afford it, I'd love to buy a sheep measuring tape, which is adorable!! I also think the mini crochet hook for your mistakes is very clever. I do own a couple pair of lighted knitting needles that I got as a gift, and have used them a few times. They're always coming out with something new and clever. Thank you for another good contest and have a Happy Valentine's Day!!

Kim Young

Absolutely awesome!! I love to knit and I'm all about fun and whimsey! These are perfect!


amazing stuff, i need some no calorie treats.


Cutest little things I ever saw! My knitting will fly by with these markers.


What a fun valentine these would be!


I feel like I've been missing out! Must get cute stitch markers ASAP!

Janice Miller

This is a great way to enjoy M&Ms without gaining any weight! Since I am on a perpectual diet, I really appreciate this!


Love the M&M guys.

Fiadhnat McGrath

Oh, the Smurf stitche markers are soooo cute, I love them.


The stitch markers will make knitting a little more fun. They will put a smile on your face each time you come to them. The shawl stick will add fun to your garment


Really, really a relatively new knitter, I don't have a lot of supplies...what a fun way to start my collection!


I've been using cheap safety pins because I can't afford markers. And, I love M&Ms. I can't stop eating them when they are in the house! I know I won't eat these markers but will have a smile on my face every time I use them.


What cute stitch markers!


SO CUTE!! I would definitely be doing more charity crocheting of baby items if I had these instead of nasty old yarn scraps.

Kathy L. Thomas

These are too cool for school! Love'em, Love'em, Love'em. The creativity that some have inspires me to continue growing in my craft. Knitters and Crocheters are such a wonderfully woven group of people. Kathy T.


Love the M&M's!!! Super cute!!!!


I think part of the fun of knitting is the wonderful accessories that are no available. I wish I had the money to buy all of them :(

Melissa Underhill

those are all so useful and cute!


They are so adorable. I love using stitch markers when I knit, and crochet, although the crochet ones, I need to be able to open and close them. More cute things to keep us knitting along.


The M&M's stitch markers are
really special.I like them.
Please count me in for a
chance to win.
Thank you


Those M&Ms are beyond adorable!


Too cute!!!


My wife would love these!


This lady has really cute items for knitters on her site. Would love to have the M & M stitch markers or the shawl pins.


The M&Ms are soooooo adorable...and yummy!!!

Margit Sage

Cute! I love the M&M's!

Sandy Ho

These are too cute. I like their fun practicality.

Cathy H

These are adorable! You can never have too many stitch markers!

Crystal Wheeler

I love the M&M stitch markers! My son is an M&M fiend, so they would be fun to have and use on projects for him.

Kay Martens

The M&M stitch markers are very cute and...they will not melt in your hand!!!


Soooo Cute!! This would be a treat for me.


They look really sweet and quite robust too. I love stitch markers and these particularly.


I just love the M & M little people … and to think of chocolate while crocheting and knitting… yummy ..
These are just adorable.

Lila De Pernning

I am always digging around for something to use for stich marker (safety pin,papr cliip, etc). I just never seem to think of buying them, these are so cute. If I won these I would always know where they are and would use them constantly.

Keri Goldsmith

Love the M&M stitch markers. On her site is some lovely stuff, but I must say that I have never used stitch markers. How are you to get them off of your project?

Debbie Ragsdale

I guess I am like a lot of knitters. My stitch markers are boring. These would be fun to have. I prefer to spend my money on yarn and patterns, but stitch markers would be fun to win or to get as a gift.


The M&M Stitch markers are absolutely adorable

Susan Hansen

Yum! What a treat to be able to knit with one of my favorite candies!

Mary Rowe, 304 E. Yacolt Road, Yacolt, WA 98675

Sooooooooo cute and clever not to mention pratical.

Jackie Watson

Very cute stitch markers that I would love to give a home to!

Doti Roraback

Great Stitch markers But my heart got to the moose christmas ornament. Thanks Doti of DotisSpot.etsy

K. L. Pucci

These are so cute! I would love to turn them into earrings or use them as part of a charm bracelet or two for my daughters!

Susan Bishop

Love M&Ms, especially love Green's attitude. You go, girlfriend!

Elisa Maruottolo

I just love the M&M stitch markers. They are sooooo adorable.

Shannon O.

These are adorable! I shop beads a bit, and when I happen upon a special bunch, I buy them and make stitch markers for myself and those I and such a luxury!

Mary Ann

Very creative. Why not knit with creative and different stitch markers It makes it just as fun as knitting different patterns with different yarns. Also great gift idea for the novice as well as the advanced knitter. Great site!


these little things are so cute! Another reason to love M&M's!


OH MY Goodness... I would love to win a set of these to give to my friend who encouraged me to begin knitting at age 60+. She continues to encourage and entertain me w/knitting tales!

PLSE PLSE Let me win!

Barbara Brundige

They are so adorable!! Just like jewelry for your knitting!


So very Cute!!


MMMMMmmmm sweet!!!!

Kerrie Graham

Love the M & M's stirch markers, way better than a piece of yarn!!!


very very cool! i love stitch markers and M&M's...perfect valentines gift :)
especially when i dont have my own valentine LOL

thanks !

Janet Garvin

Very cute!! I want some!! :))


I really really need some of these! For one, because I have no neat knitting accessories and for two, because I just never win anything! =)

Penny Miller

I went to the site and am going to order some little feet stitch markers They are so cute


Adoreable....what a great gift idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

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