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Whimsical Stitch Markers - a review and giveaway!

Handmade stitch markers abound!  But the whimsical and unique ones definitely stand out.

Cheryl of 
sent me a great sampling of her work, including these ADORABLE and super charming M&M stitch markers!  Thanks, Cheryl, for sending me these samples for review and to giveaway.  My audience thanks you too ;-)


Here is my official review:
Stitch markers and other knitting accessories are a luxury for me.  I've been knitting for so long -- 30+ years (I started VERY young ;-) ), that for many years, I only had really basic, boring, yet functional, plastic stitch markers. 


And often, I would prefer to spend my money on yarn and patterns, not accessories.  I would usually just use little bits of contrasting yarn and tie them into little loops to use as stitch markers.  Not great, and certainly not pretty, but they did the job and it was not a big deal if I lost one!


Fast forward to today!  Now we knitters can treat ourselves to lots of knitting accessories that just make knitting more fun!

The whimsical knitting accessories: stitch markers, shawl sticks, embellished needles and hooks, point protectors, etc. from places like are a delightful option!

Life should be filled with little indulgences - especially the kind that have no calories!

So, yes - I am a fan of Cheryl's little handmade goodies. She puts so much creativity in each design, as can be easily seen by just looking at her etsy site and the individual designs shown here.  The detailing on the balls of yarn shawl stick is so realistic!  And Racoon faces are so delicate and detailed as well!

Just the sheer range of designs she has is impressive. She has charms shaped like socks, hedge hogs, flip flops, cupcakes, smurfs, and so much more!   She makes them into stitch markers, shawl sticks, zipper pulls, knitting needle and crochet hook toppers, point protectors, and more.  Lots of holiday themed ones are still in her etsy shop - like a Grinch set that is very unique and fun!

So, check out her selection at: and see for yourself.  Prices range from $8 to $15 for stitch marker sets.  And it seems that nothing is over $15 - so it's all very reasonable.

*** And now for the giveaway details! ***
I will be choosing TWO random commenters to win!  One will win the M&M stitch marker set; the other will win the balls of yarn shawl stick.

To enter this giveaway, please enter a comment about whimsical knitting accessories!  One comment per person, please.

Prizes can only be shipped to an address within the continental U.S and Canada. All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, February 5th, 2011 . 

[P.S.  A recent giveaway - the Fingerless Gloves Knitting Kit received 600+ comment entries!!!  So, if you or someone you know has a knitting-related or even non-knitting related product that you think my audience would enjoy, please tell them to suggest their product for a future giveaway/review!  Details are at:  Thanks!!]

*** Deadline extended!  ***
Comment entries for this giveaway will be open until February 14th, 9pm PST.  Good luck!

*** Winners ANNOUNCED February 18th, 2011 ***
AND the 2 randomly chosen commenters that each win a knitting accessory are:

Marion (who commented on Jan. 18th) and Dana (who commented on Jan. 18th).  Congrats!!  You've both been emailed.

Marion will be receiving the M&M Stitch Markers Set (woohoo!) and Dana will receive the Yarn Balls Shawl Pin (yipee!!). 

Thanks to everyone for entering this fun giveaway!  Watch for my next giveaway!


Caryl Unrein

I love these! I've often thought of making myself some cute stitch markers but I'm usually too busy knitting to do it. Would be wonderful to win these.


These are so much prettier than my rubberbands from my kids braces!


These look very fun to use - I always like something that puts a smile on your face and these can just do that.


So cute! Just hope I wouldn't get the munchies and try to eat the M&Ms!

Kim Lovett

I love M&Ms, and since I started my diet on New Years I can't have any real ones. These would be a wonderful replacement!


The stitch markers would be perfect for this chocolate lover. I keep losing markers in my chair so have resorted to clipping ends off straws and using that - they also get lost but don't cost anything to replace.

Karen McClung

These are very cute and I would love to win!!

Denise Park

So cute! I have just recently gotten more pretties for knitting myself. I used to use just the yarn loops too.


They are so cute, especially the M&Ms

Alexandria Baca

These knitting accessories are so cute! Thinking of indulging soon myself.

Rene Van Damme

This is so cool! Just think how many kids will be interested in learning the craft if the had knitting needles and markers like this. It could change the world.


So adorable! Makes me want to get off the computer and back to the fiber. Thanks for the info.

M. Culver

I love the m&m stitch markers. And, of course, I love M&M candies!!

Patricia Jones

As someone who loves to knit (My Dad taught me when I was 7 years old and Mum was in Hospital)I must admit my stitch markers are just blah blah!
How fun to discover all that is available these days!
Many thanks!


I love M&Ms WEddings parties anny time all the time and now to add to knitting - wonderful

Beth Hochstein

These are adorable! My 6 year old who is learning to knit will love them too.

Mary Mowen

If I win the yarnball shawl stick, and you win the M&M stitch markers, let's trade! ;-)

Thanks for a lovely website; love browsing your patterns.

Mary in Maryland

amber kane

I have ordered from Cheryl before. Her items are always nice. I even asked her one time to make me a pug set of knitting needles and she did. Even added beads on the collar. Love her stuff.

Janet Kee

The stitch markers are so cute. I think they could be used for a lot of different things; like hair pins and pony tail ties for kids, shoestring bobbles for kids shoes (and even some adults). They are really darling!


Love MMs so the stitch markers are a perfect addition to my knitting. They are so cute.

Silly Sister

Love the M&M'S stitch markers. Knitting with a bag of M&M's next to you with matching markers.....PRICELESS!!!!


I love stitch markers! These are so cute!


I swear, the act of knitting or crocheting is whimsy itself. It seems you only have to turn yarn into a finished product to decrease its value...and yet we do it and do it and do it again. It's obviously the act of creating that we so adore. It seems necessary that we make the process as enjoyable and whimsical as we can. Let the trip be at least as beautiful as the destination.


Love the M&M stitch markers! They are so cute. Thanks for offering the contest.

Carol S.

Such cute stitch markers and shawl sticks! Little things like this help keep knitting fun. I've got a set of cat stitch markers that always brighten my day.

Lynn Sholer

The stitch markers are really cute. I'll have to check out Cheryl's web site.

Irene C Mair

I have looked at every item posted on her site and fell in love with them. The knitting needles with simulated yarn on the ends are adorable. The wee charms for holding stitches are so sweet I'd love to be able to afford several sets. Thank you for your newsletter. I read it religiously. Irene C Mair in Australia

Loretta R.

LOVE the m&m's! They are a staple in our home.


M&M's are my main food group-they have all the colors of fruits & vegetables after all! I LOVE knitting & I LOVE M&M's, they work very well together & would love to have these "yummy-yums" stitch markers! <3

Pam Mellone

Stitch markers have come a long way from the small loops of contrasting yarn. There are so many creative and reasonably priced markers it is hard to decide which ones to choose.


Those m&m stitch markers look good enough to eat. Thank heavens they are not alive or they all would be running from me .

Mary Ellen Wilkosz

What adorable stick markers, M&Ms are a clever idea, I think these would get my young daughter interested in knitting!

Lisa Long

Oh, how CUTE! M&Ms are perfect stitch markers with their many colors. These will make me smile every time I use them.

Hewina Jackson

Wow! I've checked out Etsy's stitch markers and the M & M's win hands down. Sweater Babe, you've opened a Pandora's box as so many of us will want to win this set of Etsy stitch markers!They are so much fun and so cleverly made!


I love Cher's whimsical designs, and I have a little collection of these wonderful whimsies. I'm so glad to see them written up on the Sweater Babe site. I know when I go to CECreations on Etsy I'm going to come away with something marvelous!

Donna R.

These are adorable!!!

Donna Cooper

M&M's with no calories - how can you beat that! Very cute idea.


I love them! My first stitch markers were safety pins! These are so much nicer!

Kathleen Walker

I am learning to knit after 30+ years of crocheting. I have not perfected the whole stitch counting thing yet so a set of stitch markers would be very helpful.

Amy D

Those look like the perfect gift for the knitter who has everything!

Toni Ann

Being the M & M's fanatic that I am, I *absolutely* LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those stitch markers!


I have a problem with stitch markers. I collect them. I want those. :) Good luck all.


Wonderful stitch markers. I would have to decide if I would add them to my M&M's collection (I have over 50 of the little critters boxed up here somewhere) or if I would actually use them - use them, of course. The shawl pin would be nice, too, since I don't have one yet!

Kathy W

So cute! The perfect calorie free way to have chocolate!

Shirley Norquist

I've gotten in more years of yarn stitch markers than you, Christine! Fifty years of that habit... Within the past year I have graduated to a set of markers made by my daughter's flat mate, but I keep reverting to the yarn markers because the beautiful amethyst bead markers are inevitably within some other project that isn't in the bag I'm using.


I love the M & M stitch markers! They are so adorable. You are very creative. Everyone should check out the Etsy site. I love the little sheep on the site.

Nancy Morehouse

So cute! I, too, have gone the "inexpensive" way by using bits of yarn for stitch markers, but I love the idea of treating myself to crochet accessories. Thanks for the great idea!


I've been knitting for 45+ years (also started VERY young :-D )and am still using little knotted loops of yarn, and paper clips and bobbypins. Like you, I'd rather spend the money on yarn and more needles. And although I'd love to win the stitch markers, I'd like the shawl pin even more. I am in a "shawl mood" at the moment, and have lined up a few very nice patterns to make, but have no pin to wear with them. The pin with the ball of yarn at the top would be so fitting! So I submit my name for that prize, if I get a choice.

Jeanne M. Sprague

Love the M&M's stitch markers. Would love to get some.

Sheryl Titone

OMG how cute are they? I never knit myself anything but, I do indulge in lots of accessories to work with.

Cathy Cook

The M&M stitch markers are sooo cute. I am going to go check out the rest of her site.

Thank you for the heads up!



Lisa "Pete" Peters

I was just looking at some cute lady bug stitch markers, but these are just as cute. Chocolate and knitting, two of my favorite things. :D

Janet Monroe

I love the M & M stitch markers....I would have never thought of anything other than a typed up piece of odd yarn. Good job:)

Andrea Saunders

these are really sweet, and like you i have "made do" with contrasting bits of yarn ties in loops, though to make them more entertaining i tied some shrinky-dink charms on them (little pawprints) one time - and of course lost one to helpful kitties :)


these are really great. would love to have them to help me keep track of my rows and stitches


These are very, very cute.


Just too cute! More things to add to the "want" list!

Joyce Cooper

i love the stitch markers...although i am a crocheter, they would be great to give to my knitting friend.

Carol Lanza

What an adorable bunch of stitch markers. It would make me smile to see those whimsical little designs peeking out at me while I am knitting away.

Kate Campbell

I frequently EAT M&M's while knitting or crocheting! No sticky fingers holding yarn and needles! With adorable stitch markers like these I'll have to keep the candy bowl off the coffee table while working on my next project...Kate


is so cute, i will love to have them

M keene

The M&M's got the awww factor in my house but, If you have not visited the web site you should the m&m's are only the start. she has all kinds of wonderful things.

Riva Blechman

What a great way to break up the serious/tense mood I sometimes find myself in when working with a complicated pattern!! Wonderful. I want them, I need them.


they are just so cute!! i dont have many accessories, i dont have very much money to splurge on them. i rather buy yarn. The M&Ms are awesome!!

Joan Reilly-Bertsch

Those M&M markers are too cute for words - and not fattening unlike the real M&M's!!! Thanks for another great giveaway!


Not only do I have many of Cheryl's pieces, I have had the chance to work with her many times. She is a fantastic artist and believes that everyone should have a unique piece from her. She doesn't make the same thing twice and puts 110% of effort into anything that she does.


I too have used scrap yarn, bread wrapper ties, etc., etc. Using these markers provides a little extra pleasure to an already very pleasant activity!

Lisa Dotson

Am a fan of Cheryl's work and am lucky to own many of her wonderful creations! Knitting is definitely more fun with her cuties around you!

Beverly Tilton

Thank you for featuring her creations! They are simply adorable and the prices are reasonable, IMO.

Carol Knoell

M&Ms are cute.
ihave also used yarn as stitch markers Would love to win

Vanessa VanTrease

I'm guilty! I'm a gadget person! The moment I set eyes on the markers I laughed out loud as it reminded me of the commercial where the M&M guys were throwing food at a man and he told them to, "get in the bowl" and they responded, "NO! YOU get in the bowl!" I just have to have a set of these so I hope I am the winner! I will cherish them! My other favorite accessory is something I got on the east coast, it's a tape measure that looks like a lady bug. I just LOVE accessories, gadgets, needles and yarn! I actually decorate my home with fancy bowls of yarn! YES>>>> fiber addict!

Vanessa in Oklahoma

Theresa VanTrease

I like to blame my sister for getting me into knitting and crocheting but honestly it because of the accessories and yarn! I think my favorite accessory is a tiny pair of stork sisters my sister gave me for Christmas. They fit into this little holder to protect the points but the best part is that she made me a beaded chain that attaches to the scissors and I can clip this onto the inside of my knitting bag so they are at my fingertips! She's so sweet, even though I DO blame her for my addiction to fiber!

Theresa VanTrease

Denise Koster

My biggest question--would my daughter try to eat them? Denise


Love Love Love the stichmarkers! Cheryl makes beautiful items. I've visited her shop and have gotten the cutest items from her.


Love the M&M's sooo much I made my facebook picture of me AS an M&M! I think it only fitting to have these as stich markers!!

Mary Allen


How they make you hungry?


those are the cutest stitch markers that she's got in her shop!!


oh how i need to have some "melt in your mouth, not in your hands" stitch markers, or another ball of yarn!!!!!


so cute! Love them and M&Ms too!

Niki Winchell

These are great! The M&M guys are so cute. Too often, I skimp on the accessories, plain plastic markers or yarn loops. These would be so much fun to see dangling from my needles.

thanks for the chance to win, and thanks for sharing your creativity.



Ohhhhhhh, I love these!!! When I feel like I've bought too much yarn, I can keep my addiction satiated by buying tools and I love stitch markers! These are just awesome!!!


Sock Monkey Stitch Markers! MUST... GET... THOSE!What adorable little things she's created! I'm bookmarking this page!

Pamela Ryan

nothing is better than chocolate and knitting. now they are both together

Miriam Olsen

I really think these are cute stitch markers. I've only ever used the little plastic rings or small elastics but something like this would be a great addition to my knitting accessories.


I love the little penguin and snowball set. Very cute and reasonable prices. She is talented

marsha ahlander

I could get my sister knitting with the M & M markers the are so cute.

Jean Burslem

Hi I,m Jean from Tasmania, Australia. Ijust love the M&M markers ,I think that they are just the cutest idea. I'm a little disapointed I can't join the competition. With 5 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchildren my needles never have a chance to be still. The M&Ms would have come in very handy. Must get my brain into gear and come up with something similar. Thanks for all your great ideas.

Karen Maynard

Those are sooo cute.. I would love those for my crocheting projects. I have been using safety pins. Love mini M&M's


What wonderful, whimsical tools. One can NEVER have too many right?

Sharon Amador

These are so cute. They put a smile on your face.

Barb L

They are just adorable! You won't have any trouble finding THESE GUYS in your knitting!! Thanks for showing/reviewing them, and offering this giveaway.


What delightful accessories. Would love to add either to my knitting basket!!

Linda Pierce

I have a number of beautiful yarn markers from the yarn shop hops we have in the area, but none of them match the cuteness of these! I want them! I may have to break down and buy them! You get the coolest stuff to review! I think I am totally jealous about that! ;-P


These markers are beyond adorable. Sure does beat the tiny safety pins I've been using since that is all I can afford right now.

I'd enjoy my knitting more if I was using cute markers but hey, you do what ya gotta do.

Of course, the fact that M&M's are my favorite candy might have something to do with it .



love the stitch markers! useful and fun at the same time! will have to check out the website also! just in case! thanks


love the M&M's

Suzan Sander

So cute!!! Love the M&M's.

Kristy R.

So Cute! Love the M & M's!

Holly Parsonson

Her work is astounding! I had asked for the Grinch needles for Christmas but it looks like I'll have to purchase them myself!

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