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Lovely Lush and Lacy Cardigan

Dream Come True Scarf! (and why blocking your knitting matters!)



I'm calling this my "Dream Come True Scarf" because it came out better than I could have dreamed!

It was a bit of a gamble, as this was knit sideways, starting with a LOT of sts (more then 450!). I'm very picky about the amount of ruffle that I consider nice. . . too much and it looks overdone and "cheap" to me. Too little and it's not worthy of calling it a ruffle. Just right and I'm thrilled!

Dreamy_Alpaca_Scarf7_350 This one worked out JUST RIGHT. Whew! AND, it's a great example of why blocking your knitting can make all the difference in the world! Here is a photo of the Scarf right after it was bound off my needles. Blech. Weirdly puffy and not so drapey.

A little quick blocking (steam ironing) and I've achieved a floaty, perfectly (IMHO) ruffled scarf that is effortlessly chic and so easily wearable right now and into spring!! Dreamy_Alpaca_Scarf10_350 The Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk yarn was the perfect choice in a very pretty smokey blue shade. The Lace stitch used looks great on both sides.

This scarf can be worn looped, loosely draped like a shawl, tied down low, wrapped multiple times, or just hung off your neck. The ruffle will fall just right no matter what! Dreamy_Alpaca_Scarf_350 I'll be writing this up soon. . . in time for spring knitting. Watch for the announcement by signing up for my free newsletters (see top left of this page for a link) to know when this one becomes available.

Are you into ruffled scarves??I think this is one of those that could be $$$ at an Anthropologie or similar store, but take the challenge and make it yourself!  WARNING: This is not a beginner's scarf.  You'll want to be comfortable with lace and keeping over 500 sts on a long circular needle. . . that being said, the challenge will reward you with a lovely and impressive scarf!


barb b

love it!


So elegant!


Beautiful and unique. I agree with you about too much ruffle looking cheap. Some of them look downright goofy to me and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them! But a nice touch of ruffle is very feminine.

Anne-Kristin Brigtsen

What a wonderful scarf... I really want to knit it...

Renee' Tromble

Beautiful! I can't wait for it to come out!

karen starnes

Cant wait to begin knitting this. Absolutely beautiful and elegant!

Louise Cotulla

Wow! I'm anxious for this pattern to be released. I especially like that it looks good on both sides.

Pauline A Stevens

Your patterns are absolutely gorgeous! It will be hard to decide which one I will make first.

Ginny Lyon

Love it and hope the pattern is soon available.

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