Whimsical Stitch Markers - a review and giveaway!
Two Projects from Theresa!

Luxe Infinity Scarf Giveaway!

I'm giving away this AWESOME knitting kit for the lovely, useful, and stylish #125 Luxe Infinity ScarfIt's knit with 3 hanks of Del Cerro yarn from Aslan Trends.

Special thanks to Shelley's Yarns & Fiber Shoppe in Taylors Falls, MN for sponsoring this giveaway.  Please read more about Shelley's shop in the post Featuring her wonderful yarn shop!   

Shelley introduced this Del Cerro yarn to me through this project and I'm very thankful!  It has amazing stitch definition, rich colors, and great feel when you knit with it.  This yarn delivers!


So, here are the official giveaway rules!

To enter this giveaway, you can do any one (two, or three!) of the following:

-- Enter a comment on THIS blog post commenting on this yarn OR project and why you love cowls in general.  Post by 9pm, PST, March 15th.  One comment per person ONLY, please.

-- Make any pattern purchase from SweaterBabe.com from today, February 19th, until 9pm, PST, March 15th.  EACH order counts as an entry!

-- Join my Ravelry.com SweaterBabe.com Fans Group at: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/sweaterbabecom-fans anytime from today, February 19th, until 9pm PST, March 15th. Luxe_Infinity_Scarf_350

I'll be choosing 6 winners!  One random winner will be chosen to win the Kit (3 hanks + the PDF pattern) AND 5 other randomly chosen winners will win the PDF pattern (to be delivered by email).  Sorry, but the Kit can only be mailed to an address in the US or Canada.

Good luck to everyone!!!  Comment away!

*** Winner Announcement March 23, 2011 ***
WOW - thanks for all the entries!  Adding up all the comments, purchases, and new Ravlery Group members, there were over 1500 entries for this contest!  Woohoo!

So, the random winners are. . .

The GRAND PRIZE Knitting Kit goes to Marion C. (who made a purchase on 2/27).

And the FIVE PDF Knitting Pattern Prizes go to:
Jane (who commented on 2/19)
Bonnie Torgerson (who commented on 2/19)
Erica Allewell
(who commented on 2/20)
PBMama on Ravelry
(who joined the SweaterBabe.com Fans Group on 2/19)
VendeMar on Ravelry
(who joined the SweaterBabe.com Fans Group on 2/19)
Each of you will be emailed the pdf pattern.

Congratulations to all the winners!  A NEW giveaway on SweaterBabe.com coming soon!



Awesome giveaway!! I just joined the Ravelry group and shared my two amazing Talias! Would love to win this gorgeous kit too! Looking forward to participating in the group.

Amber K

I've had my eye on this cowl since I very first saw it....LOVE! Cowls rock because they are so simplistic in concept but can be so beautiful at the same time!

Beverly Tilton

What a wonderful giveaway! Good luck everyone!


Love the stitch pattern on this cowl - so interesting! I've never used Del Cerro but it looks great!

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

The cowl looks so snuggly - I started wearing cowls last year and love them as a cozy accessory to my winter wardrobe.

Debbie H

I've never used this yarn, but it looks great! The cowl looks great too! I love cowls, they don't get in the way like scarves and they knit up quick! I'm also in your Ravelry group! Debbie in alaska gussek on Ravelry


Many reasons why I love cowls 1) they are stylish and easy to wear (no dropping off like scarves sometimes tend to do especially in smoother yarns) 2) easy construction 3) infinite number of patterns that look great 4) can be made in any yarn weight 5) fast knit 6) reasonable yardage enabling you to make it 1 or 2 skein only project in luxury yarn... and I could go on and on.

The caramel-biscuit colour of your give away looks amazing!


Gorgeous cowl pattern and yummy yarn!!! Love the texture play in the cowl design!


LOVE the yarn color!! I just joined the Ravelry group, and I have never worn a cowl.

Nancy Padfield

This is so beautiful!
I LOVE cowls beccause they are so easy to wear and take off during a hot flash!


I heart cowls because they keep me warm without having to put on a jacket. :)

Ashley Taylor

I loooove that yarn and the cowl! It looks so warm. Considering I live in sub-zero weather most the year I'm always into warm stuff.


Just delicious, elegant and beautiful. Thanks for being so creative.

bj nesbitt

i heart luxe. nice giveaway!

Janie Holley

Lovely cowl. I enjoy making them because they are so wonderful to create.


This is a beautiful cowl, I've been trying to make one for the longest. Its so convenient to wear because it never comes undone like regular scarves.

judy catalano

This is a wonderful yarn to work with. very soft. The cowl will be very comfy

Robin Crabtree

Cowls are so great because you get so much bang for your buck--many times a quick, but beautiful project, often using less yarn than scarves, but keeping you as warm, they are less likely to be lost, can be worn around the house to feel cozy or at work to keep you warm in drafty offices and make you look so stylish at the same time--I LOVE COWLS. This looks like a fantastic project and lovely yarn.

julia caraballo

Never made a cowl, this one would be my first to make and wear.

Kay Conway

Beautiful pattern and yarn. I love cowls - cozy and warm. I would love to win.


Beautiful & fashionable. I love to wear my cowls in the movies seventy keep me from getting chilled while watching.


I love cowls. They are fun to wear and very stylish!

Pat Howes

Love cowls in this freezing cold winter we are having in MA. Great and easy gift to make and so well received. Good luck everyone


love cowls -warm cozy quick!!!

Ruth in NJ

I LOVE cowls; such a cozy feeling and no strings hanging down!! And, this one is so gorgeous...

Linda Rumsey

I love knitting cowls - no seaming! Have joined the ravelry group too.


I love cowls because they are so elegant and look fun to make.

Dana Y

Just started knitting and loved the scraf ...
Many thanks for the givaway chance...
(I'm not from the US but would love to have the pattern...)

Denise Royal

Very cool giveaway!


I remember the first cowl I ever saw and thought it was amazing to have something cuddly to wear around my neck to keep the drafts out as well as to lift it as a hood to keep my head warm. One of my favorite things!


I love cowls because they are so elegant and make me feel so warm and cozy. I also think that Sweater Babe has THE BEST cowl patterns!


I love infinity scarves. This one is nice because of the neutral color. Very versatile!


Love cowls...but have yet to knit one. What a treat it would be to knit my first cowl with this beautiful pattern and also use a brand new yarn.


Commenting! I love your patterns and have made a few of them. This one looks great, too.

Fiadhnat McGrath

I'd love to win this. I've knitted your luscious cabled cowl twice, so I need a new pattern!

Sue James

I LOVE merino..........this yarn looks luscious!
Cowls are great........you don't have to worry about losing them like a scarf!


I'm new to knitting and haven't mastered everything- this scarf looks like something I could make, though, and am excited about this kit giveaway! Infinity scavescowls are so chic, too!

caitlin mushial

I'd love this cowl! I'm wondering what is the fiber content of the yarn and how wide is the cowl?


I love cowls. They're so easy to wear, don't fall off like scarves, can showcase many different patterns and be made in different lengths.

Sheri D. Maple

I love cowls and are enjoyable to knit. My favorite thing I am knitting now is your the chic cabled cowl-neck sweater. I love making soft and cuddle sweaters and cowls. I am eye is also focused on the slouchy two way cable pattern.

Robin D.

This is BEAUTIFUL! It reminds me of my daughter's BFF & I want to knit it for her as a Birthday gift! She was just telling me the other day, that she'd LOVE a cowl...and she's so trendy and awesome, I want it to be SPECIAL...everything about this one looks PERFECT!


I love cowls because they don't have loose ends, I always seem to have trouble with the loose ends of a scarf. The patern of this cowl looks very pretty and the yarn looks so good that I'd love to touch it.


Great giveaway!! I love the look and the warmth of a cowl. I have one that I wear all the time. Its keeping me warm through this particurlay harsh New England winter.

Tonnie Rogers

Lovely givewaway! Cowls are my scarf of choice as they are never slipping off at inconvenient times. The pattern itself looks beautiful.


We've had 8+ inches of snow here so this would come in very handy! Plus I could stay indoors, nice and cozy while I knit it!


this is a very pretty cable cowl, i love it. i love cowls because i live in a cold climate,and they keep the chill out. i don't have to worry about wrapping miles of scarf around my neck!

that yarn looks fabulous!


Great giveaway! I would love an infinity scarf! Lovely, lovely, lovely.


I'v been thinking about making a cowl, this would be the perfect excuse and perfect beautiful pattern to start with:)

Heather McKenzie

I live in Western Maine...where it snows in May on occassion. I would love to wear this cowl on my 6am dog walks. I would have to make a matching one for my Lab, Danny!


I love, love, love cowls! I don't know how many times I have mentioned that on Twitter and Facebook, but I think everyone who knows me could attest to that fact! My goal is to have a cowl for every color so I can wear a different one every day depending on the color of my outfit! And lo and behold, I do not have one in the color of the yarn you are giving away! What a beautiful color it is, and what a beautiful cowl it will make. Thanks for the great giveaway and I will be waiting with baited breath to find out who wins it :)

Barbara Brundige

I love this scarf,the color is perfect!

Sydney D

Love this cowl! Never made one before but would love to do it. It looks nice and snuggly.

Nancy L

I love the pattern stitch in this cowl, and have been thinking a cowl would be a great way to look stylish and keep warm in chilly MN! I'd love to win the giveaway! Thanks!!


This is beautiful!

Tanya Flowers

I really like cow neck they are very versitle and able to be unisex as well
but unfortunally haven't had the chance to use this particular yarn, hopes to win the kit i will!!!!!!

Heather Grant

What a wonderful cowl!

Amy D

I've recently become a fan of cowls because the chances of my kids losing them has been decreased since they don't slide off the neck and trail on the ground! Love them!


Thanks for the opportunity. This is a beautiful piece.


i love this cowl!! i find that my neck is the most important part to keep warm; with a scarf or cowl, i can skip a jacket sometimes. this cowl looks so cozy!!! it looks very do-able, and chic!

Linda Clark

Pattern absolutely beautiful and low & behold this is not a pattern I have done!!!!! All toll, I have made over 20 all with different yarns & patterns and would so love to have this kit to knit up & add to my others. Love your site

Kym H.

This yarn looks so cushy and comfy! Looks like a great cowl pattern and cowls are just fun to knit in general. Instant gratification!


I am loving the look of fowls but have yet to knit one! Love it!

Amy White

Cowls are the new sweater/scarf/hat all in one! Perfect to make for yourself or a lucky friend. This new SweaterBabe cowl pattern is lovely.

sherry w

pick me pick me! lol. always wanting new yarn and patterns.

Linda White

I absolutely love cowls. I wear them outdoors and in. They make me feel so cozy even on the coldest day!


I love this cowl and the color. Would love to knit one up this winter...thanks!


oh, the colour is like milk chocolate, i can only imaging that it would be as sweet to knit it! :)
thanks SB!

Kathleen Hartz

Beautiful pattern and yarn! Think it would be perfect for my Mother-In-Law in CT!!

Heather Swan

I haven't tried this yarn yet but if it's anywhere near as nice as Malabrigo or 100purewool, I'm going to LURVE it! ;) Plus it's comparably priced which is a complete bonus!!


Great pattern and yarn, I've never tried a cowl before but I'm dying to!!


Beautiful pattern and beautiful yarn. Thanks for the opportunity to win!


That yarn and cowl both look lovely! I love cowls because they are so easy to just throw on and go, and no scarf ends to get caught anywhere!

Joan Siegel

The yarn looks luscious and the cowl is absolutely beautiful!

Marjorie H artnett

Beautiful cowl. I can hardly wait to make it.

Deb Weissman

The cowl is gorgeous and I'd love to make for my sister who has the perfect neck fo one. I, alas, have a very short, thick neck, and can't really wear them. But I'd love to win the kit.

Beverly Lopez

I love the looks of cowls, but have never knitted one. Maybe now is the time to try. Beautiful pattern.

Laura Reinbach

Oooo I love the yarn and color. I like cowls because I prefer not having any loose ends as with a scarf. I think cowls look more sophisticated as well.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Laura Reinbach

Debra E Morgenstern

This cowl is beautiful! It will add style & pizzazz to any outfit. It will add an unusual element of style to a work outfit, or add texture and fun to a casual outfit. Depending on the size of the finished item, and the person wearing it, the cowl might even be a capelet.

Tish Painter

I love this kit! The yarn is one I have admired but not used yet... THIS would be a perfect opportunity to try it! Awesome give-away!

Lauren Kowalczewski

I'm a Red Hat in Michigan, it's very cold here now and one of our 'sisters' is undergoing radiation treatments. She gets very tired and cold from this so I would love to make this for her. This is a beautiful pattern and the yarn looks so warm.
Your patterns are all so beautiful, I'd love to win this!!

Rick Martin

Cowls are great for me to make because the knit up and fast and are fun gifts to give to people! And at -20 degrees last week who couldn't use a cowl, or two, or three...!


I LOVE cowls because I have two young kids to chase after and don't have to worry about my scarf falling off! Also, my kids like wearing them around their necks or as hoods to keep their heads/ears/necks warm!

Mary Babiarz

I love to wear cowls because they can't blow off in the wind. I love to make them because they are so quick!

Kathryn Egan

Love the yarn for this cowl pattern. Would love to win it.

Tina P

I love this yarn and pattern! And I think the Red Hat lady in Michigan should win it to make for her friend :) All the best! Love getting your newsletter!!!

Velda Dedeaux

This pattern looks fun to make. I am a big fan of scarves that I knitted and made my first cowl last winter. I am looking forward to making many, many more cowls. I would love to have this pattern.

Jan Rockas

Love, love, love Cowls and this one here looks scrumptious as well as the yarn used to make it! From the first cowl I made, I was sold on cowls over scarves. You don't have to worry about the scarf 'flying about' on long walks in the cold, the cowl just places itself around your neck to keep one toasty warm and stylish!

Alice Dahms

I would love to win this giveaway! Cowls are my favorite. They are both warm and fashionable and I love the color of the yarn!

Kim Wade

I just joined the Ravelry group! I am excited about the pattern!!

Mary Klee

I would LOVE to work with this yarn. I knitted a "mobius" cowl once before and loved the way it draped. Pick me! Pick me!

Renee Z.

The texture/stitch pattern of this cowl looks interesting! I like cowls because they keep me warm without the hassle of scarf ends.

Marnie Reinstein

I like cowls because they are versatile (you can wear them under or over a coat or jacket) and practical (unlike scarves, they don't fall off when worn over a coat).


I'm a huge cowl fan. I definitely prefer them to scarves! So much easier to grab as I'm running out of the door, and put on and still look fab. With scarves you have to wrap and adjust and check in the mirror it all looks ok... Definitely a cowl person. All the way!

Cindy S.

This looks so snuggly!! Would love to make it!

Marlys Leder

I've been knitting a lot of cowls & neck warmers lately because of a bone spur in my neck that doesn't like getting cold. :(
This pattern looks very pretty! The yarn looks really nice & warm too!
Thanks for the chance to enter :) !
Marlys <><


What a beautiful cowl! The yarn is lovely, too. Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!


Would love to make this lovely cowl. The yarn looks beautiful


I'm fascinated by the stitch pattern on this - can't wait to try it out! I don't know the yarn, but I'm always happy to meet a new one! Thanks for this great chance.

Sara Ewen

Gorgeous yarn, lovely pattern! Thank you


I love cowls because they're easier to wear than a scarf. And usually quicker to knit. This one is really pretty. Thanks for the contest!

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