Good knitting karma - a review and giveaway!
Dramatic Lace Cardigan from Agnes

Fun storage solutions!

Storing knitting stuff is always a challenge.  I've got my many WIPs (works in progress), a huge yarn stash, plenty of accessories and notions, and so much more stuff! 

Bags and Ikea sure do come in handy.  As do these great solutions from a company called Great Useful Stuff that really lives up to its company name!

Thanks to Sarah, from, for sending us these sweet Cupcake Storage Bags and Organizer Totes for review and to giveaway! 

GUS_Cupcakes_600Who doesn't smile when they think of cupcakes? No one I know!

When I first opened the Cupcake Storage Bag, I let out a delighted squeal when I found the smaller bag nested in the bigger one.  Too cute.  My DH had a good laugh at me over that!  YES - the bags nest and make a really cute set.GUS_Cupcake_Scale_600

Each bag has a bottom compartment that zips and a top compartment that has the string pull.  When closed, the top looks like it's got a cherry on it!  The bottom is a nice, sturdy canvas material. The top is like a soft, brushed cotton material (the better to resemble icing, me thinks!). 

Each Cupcake Bag actually fits a decent amount of finished knit projects and/or yarn.  You can see the scale of them since my 2 1/2 year old decided she needed to be in the photo too!  A sweater's worth of yarn can definitely fit into a cupcake!


Sarah also sent a cute organizing tote - with more pockets than I've ever seen on a tote!  This purple tote has nice, deep, open pockets all around and a great big center pouch.  It's also made in a sturdy, high quality canvas with pretty contrast trim piping. It comes in a lot of other great color combos as well.  Love it!  It's the perfect size for a project.  You can keep all the accessories, like post it notes, pens, calculators, gauge ruler, stitch holders, etc. all handy and separate in the outer pockets.  The tote is great for any kind of crafting.



NOW, for the Giveaway Details!

I'll be giving away:
ONE Cupcake Storage Bag set
and ONE Purple Organizing Tote.  Two lucky random winners will be chosen from among all giveaway entries.

To enter, please do ANY or ALL of the following:
Post your comment here on how you store your knitting and crochet stuff and what you think about the Cupcake Bags and Pocket Tote!  ONE comment on the blog per person, please.  Comments must be entered by 9pm PST, June 15th, 2011.

2) Post your comment on in the Fans Group discussion announcing this contest by 9pm PST, June 15th, 2011.  Here's the link: comment on Ravelry per person, please.

3) Make any pattern purchase at from now until 9pm PST, June 15th, 2011.  Each purchase counts as an entry, so multiple purchases are ok!

Good luck to everyone and be sure to check out all the other "great stuff" at!

*** June 18th, 2011 Winner Announcement!  ***
And the randomly chosen winner are. . .
Mary (made a pattern purchase on 5/19/11) who wins the Cupcake Storage Bags and
Janie Holley (commented on the blog 5/18/11) who wins the Purple Kangaroo Tote.  Congrats!!!


Melissa Underhill

My yarn and WIP's are all over the house in plastic grocery bags! ugh! I would love to win these so i can actually be a little more organized!
ahh how nice they are and would look with my projects in them! :)

Charlene Ellis

I love this storage and tote. My daughter and I are constantly coming up with cute cupcake items(we seem to collect them) and would love to have this. It would even keep my kitten out of my knitting, maybe. she loves my other knitting bags.

Lynn ann Lassen

Appealing bags! I'm not too organized, so they would be a help. I store haphazardly in whatever is handy-plastic bags, baskets, drawers...


i currently store my needles and wips in a disorganized mess in my tote bag and my yarn in an gigantic knot in my yarn chest,so i think that these cupcakes are the most genius creation on earth!

Chris Williams

storing my yarn stash in a cedar chest, projects are in assorted knitting tote bags or cute baskets! Always loooooking for another way to store and stash.

Kathy :)

well...I LOVE bags of all shapes and sizes! So, this is where I store everything from yarn to needles to works in progress. These bags are FABULOUS! And I would LOVE to add them to my collection!


I organize all my knitting needles and crochet hooks in a tool box and my yarn in a giant plastic tub in the closet. anything i'm working on is in reuseable totes.

Susan Sanders

I try to use cute containers so they can live in the open for all to see.

suzanne mccusker

My WIP's are scattered in various tote bags for easy portability. I would much rather carry them in these beautiful bags!

Patt Losiewicz

for small projects I usually use a zip loc bag to carry my work with me so I can crochet while waiting at the doctors office etc. I buy tote bags at the thrift or bargain stores and keep bigger projects in those. I also use the big plastic zippered bags that bedspreads come in to store my stash and clear plastic totes. And yet I still have a mess of stuff everywhere.

Jean Ashley

I store my wips in a variety of tote bags, but usually I stick too many into 1 bag to be able to find what I need. I really like the look of the organizer would help me out a lot I'm sure.

Nancy Peterson

Great neat way to organize.

Marsha Auster

I had some shelves built in an empty bedroom, which I also use as my exercise room. The bottom half has shelves with doors but the top half has open shelves. I went to Home Goods, TJ's, etc and found affordable straw baskets. This is where I store my yarns. It looks great.

I love your knitting tote bag to get organized when I take it with me. Currently I use a tote bag but it does not have all the great compartments that your tote bag has.

Health, Peace and Happy Knitting,


I store my items in ziplock bags sort of making "kits" that I can grab and go as needed. I love the cupcake storage because it hides the items and is cute!

Carol Cripps

I use the re-usable bags from places like WalMart. Actually, WalMart has my favourite cheap bags, as the designs vary by season. I always have a "work bag" with me. It usually carries a bottle of water and something for a quick snack (I'm diabetic) and one, sometimes two, projects. My current WIP is a baby blanket, and the bags are large enough to hold the blanket and a couple of extra skeins of yarn. Still, I LOVE the Cupcakes - they're sooo cute! And I would love to own them!

Sherry D.

I keep my stash in plastic tubs, my WIPs go in reusable shopping bags. I've always spent my money on yarn instead of bags, but these two bags are making me re-think my priorities! They are lovely!!


Right now I use whatever purse I am using to store my WIPs. It's a hassle because my keys get tangled in my yarn and end up strewing it all over the bag, and then knots occur, along with the time consuming process to unravel them. The tote with pockets would be incredibly convenient for me to put my keys in one side, and my WIPs in the main compartment. They're so cute in purple too! Thanks for the opportunity to enter[:

Nancy Kell

I use zip lock freezer bags for each project...and carry them with me! Tell me the cupcake carrier wouldn't make me look better!!! ALSO, I bake and sell cupcakes...all kinds, decorated to the the carrier on more than one level!!!!!

The "tool kit" is the coolest thing. Instead of my old pencil cases that hold all my stuff.....need I say more! Love your page!

Kristen Wesloh

My LYS (Darn Knit Anyway in Stillwater, Minnesota) has a small zippered pouch with their logo that I received free during a promotion. It's perfect for holding just enough yarn and supplies for a baby hat or pair of socks.

Susan Dietrich

I actually have my WIPs in cardboard boxes in a closet. My current project is just put on a table in the living room. If I have company company is tossed in a closet or wherever I can find room for it at the moment. These are clever organizers. The one with the pockets appears to be a very, very nice tote to take to a class. All your different gadgets would be in reach at a moment.
Would love to have any of them. Thanks for the giveaway.

KiKi Crombie

Wow a cupcake! I ought not eat them, but I sure could decorate/store with them (or make a cupcake hat)! I store yarn in an old dresser and laundry baskets. My WIP's are in totes or purses, large or small enough to hide the needles so that I don't snag them, lose them in my travels, or tempt my kitties cats. Thanks for your great website!


Tote bag and more tote bags, plastic storage bins, even clear boxes under the bed. That's where I store yarns. Oh, did I mention the shelves on top of my closet??? Can you have too much yarn??? The two bags lewd adorable. They would look great as storage in my living room. I am always looking for a bargain when it comes to yarn. If I find one, I have to store it until I get ready to use it, SO more storage is always needed.


I use huge plastic bins and they are sorted by fiber content (cotton, kitchen cotton, wool, the good stuff (alpaca, silk blends,etc) with a few things sorted by weight (lace and sock).

Those cupcakes bags are SO cute! And the other one - I feel one can never have too many pockets.

Tish P

Well, I have been called the bag-lady at work due to my habit of always bringing a bag big enough for my lunch and a knitting project. ^_^
I have many bags I use for WIPs and baskets and shelves for stash (and I re-discovered a few more WIPs in one of those baskets recently). LOL I need more ideas for organizing and better bags for larger items. I think those cupcakes are wonderful and so gosh darn cute!

Fiadhnat McGrath

My stash is stored in plastic boxes and my wips in various totes - I have maaannyyy WIPs!


I store things all over, plastic drawers, totes, dresser drawers, boxes stacked in the closet, plastic bags stuffed in a large Costco tote...its everywhere. Aside from the projects I'm working on, I have things sorted by color and weight.


I store my yarn and fiber (for spinning) in plastic bags safely tucked into plastic storage totes and stacked on each other. I guess I have enough to not have to buy any for a while, if I chose to do so, however, I can't imagine not choosing to buy more yarn and fiber on purpose :P. I have a canvas bag that I keep my current knitting projects in - tho they do not have the storage pockets that are on the purple tote. What an awesome addition to my knitting that would be. :)


Either the wonderful bag or tote would be very useful for me, I LOVE bags of any sort to hold my knitting projects and tools. These two different ones are very attractive and look like they would be fun to use. And the colors and fabrics are great, too. Even if I don't win I think I'll have to get one of each!

debra taylor

I just use ziplock bags for my yarn and projects - these cupcake bags would be a huge improvement! Thanks for sharing these with us. Also, love the pocket bag, sure beats a plain old tote.

Cathy Matthews

I store my current projects in either 1 or 2 gallon zip lock bags and of course poke holes in them with my needles. I have been very fortunate not to have lost needles. My stash at home usually sits in the bags that it came home from the store in (I know - shame on me).

The cupcake bags looke really cute and I would use them in a heart beat.


I store my yarn in a plastic bin. Love the cupcake bags!!!

Linda (lindaran on Ravelry)

Right now, I have one big tote that I carry my WIP's in. For the smaller individual projects, I just have some clear heavy duty plastic bags. I'd love to have something more stylish - these are great. Love all the pockets in the Pocket Tote - a great way to stop all of those little notions from getting tangled together.


Who can't use another tote? Although I have several, my WIP's seem to expand to fill the available space faster than I can acquire new totes! SO help me out here, I would love either version!

Peggy Roberson

I have several tote bags that I use, and always make sure that they have a zippered pocket in them for my tape measure, which is heavy. Because I belong to a knitting group, I have my waterproof ones for rainy days. As for my stitch markers and items of that sort, I keep them in their original bags, and they go in a zip-lock bag, along with my cable needles, and other assorted notions. The cupcake is not only in my favorite color, but it would also be so useful to me, because I have so much stuff to take for our knitting group every week!! As for the rest of my yarn, I have it stored in a plastic container, cardboard storage container, and an adorable cow hamper I fell in love with!! Being on a fixed income, I am hoping to be able to purchase plastic storage containers that open from the center, so I'll be able to see what I have inside, without having to guess. By the way, I think your Daughter is a doll!!


I love the cupcakes! I store my wips in bags I've upcycled from tshirts, bags a friend made, various baskets and felted bowls and tossed around on tables or the mantle. I have a problem with too many wips, it's true! I bought needle cases but I have more needles than can fit in them. My current storage solution is a drawer devoted to them.


I have some boxes, and I use brown paper or plastic bags to carry projects on the go. I could really use something like these guys in my home and daily life! No more having yarn all over the kitchen table for all my projects on the go and no more needles sticking out of plastic or paper bags in my backpack! :D Oh, and purple is my favourite colour! <3

Cherie F.

These are wonderful. What fun. I just love the purple one. That is my favorite color and that Purple scarf you have in it is beautiful. And your model is so cute. Looks like she had fun with these.


I store all of my yarn AND projects in three majorly disorganized beach bags. My needles are everywhere and my yarn gets tangled up. Not to mention project books and patterns do tend to pile up! I just started to collect DPNs (Double Pointed Needles) and Circulars and I have no clue how I'm going to store them in the future when I have more than just a few sets. And I like to take my projects with me when I go on trips so something as organized and helpful as the Purple Tote would be Perfect for me!


The yarn and supplies, I try (Note the word 'try') to organize in clear plastic bins. However they tend to overflow. This is when the laundry tubs and extra large Ziploc bags come in handy.
The cupcake storage bag is a nifty way to stash ones yarn. I really love the organizing tote. It is alot better than using zippy bags to store supplies.


Thanks for all the great comment entries! The entry date has now passed, so I'll be randomly selecting the winners this week!


I can't wait to win and make the scarflet in the give away! It's beautiful and because it's small I may be able to get more made just in time for Christmas!

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