Good knitting karma - a review and giveaway!
Dramatic Lace Cardigan from Agnes

Fun storage solutions!

Storing knitting stuff is always a challenge.  I've got my many WIPs (works in progress), a huge yarn stash, plenty of accessories and notions, and so much more stuff! 

Bags and Ikea sure do come in handy.  As do these great solutions from a company called Great Useful Stuff that really lives up to its company name!

Thanks to Sarah, from, for sending us these sweet Cupcake Storage Bags and Organizer Totes for review and to giveaway! 

GUS_Cupcakes_600Who doesn't smile when they think of cupcakes? No one I know!

When I first opened the Cupcake Storage Bag, I let out a delighted squeal when I found the smaller bag nested in the bigger one.  Too cute.  My DH had a good laugh at me over that!  YES - the bags nest and make a really cute set.GUS_Cupcake_Scale_600

Each bag has a bottom compartment that zips and a top compartment that has the string pull.  When closed, the top looks like it's got a cherry on it!  The bottom is a nice, sturdy canvas material. The top is like a soft, brushed cotton material (the better to resemble icing, me thinks!). 

Each Cupcake Bag actually fits a decent amount of finished knit projects and/or yarn.  You can see the scale of them since my 2 1/2 year old decided she needed to be in the photo too!  A sweater's worth of yarn can definitely fit into a cupcake!


Sarah also sent a cute organizing tote - with more pockets than I've ever seen on a tote!  This purple tote has nice, deep, open pockets all around and a great big center pouch.  It's also made in a sturdy, high quality canvas with pretty contrast trim piping. It comes in a lot of other great color combos as well.  Love it!  It's the perfect size for a project.  You can keep all the accessories, like post it notes, pens, calculators, gauge ruler, stitch holders, etc. all handy and separate in the outer pockets.  The tote is great for any kind of crafting.



NOW, for the Giveaway Details!

I'll be giving away:
ONE Cupcake Storage Bag set
and ONE Purple Organizing Tote.  Two lucky random winners will be chosen from among all giveaway entries.

To enter, please do ANY or ALL of the following:
Post your comment here on how you store your knitting and crochet stuff and what you think about the Cupcake Bags and Pocket Tote!  ONE comment on the blog per person, please.  Comments must be entered by 9pm PST, June 15th, 2011.

2) Post your comment on in the Fans Group discussion announcing this contest by 9pm PST, June 15th, 2011.  Here's the link: comment on Ravelry per person, please.

3) Make any pattern purchase at from now until 9pm PST, June 15th, 2011.  Each purchase counts as an entry, so multiple purchases are ok!

Good luck to everyone and be sure to check out all the other "great stuff" at!

*** June 18th, 2011 Winner Announcement!  ***
And the randomly chosen winner are. . .
Mary (made a pattern purchase on 5/19/11) who wins the Cupcake Storage Bags and
Janie Holley (commented on the blog 5/18/11) who wins the Purple Kangaroo Tote.  Congrats!!!



I just reorganized my craft room and store my yarn in totes and fabric drawers now. Even after all that work, there's still room for improvement! I keep my WIPs in various tote bags with the patterns, etc. I have a tote bag fetish! I would LOVE to win either of these great products!

Mimi Fan

Wow, cute ideas! I have a few scattered zippered clear vinyl pouches, and a giant zippered namaste knitting bag, but these are not cute. Would love to win!

Debbie H

I mostly store my ufo'S in little backpack project bags and my yarn in tubs. these bags look wonderful. I would love to win. Thanks! Debbie in Alaska

Teri Robinson

I store my stash in numbered photo boxes. I have an Excel file that I use to help keep track of what I currently have. I keep my WIPs in a decorative box beside my recliner. I love the organizing purple tote. Not only is purple my favorite color, but I love all the pockets to store things in while on the go. And the cupcakes are just too cute!


I keep my stash organised by storing WIPs in separate bags, but these usually take over the living room... The cupcakes are really cute, much nicer than the bags I'm using at the moment. And the tote looks perfect for bringing projects out and about with me. Thanks for the chance to win!

Judy S.

I have all of my yarn in plastic totes (well most, um some of it) I keep the projects I'm working on in separate bags all over the house.

Diana H

This would be excellent incentive to start organizing THE ROOM. (If I can get the door to open, that is.) And they are soooo cute!


My WIP are all in separate bags, but those bags seem to multiply overnight! And I TRY to keep everything I need with each project, stitchmarkers, measuring tape, extra hook, but there's never what I need in the bag I'm working on....
I LOVE the cupcake totes. SO cute!!! And enough room for a sweater or maybe a small afghan! I'd smile every time I'd see it. The purple tote is excellent though, with lots of pockets for supplies.


I'm a total bag lady and bag fiend. I've got endless bags to store my WIP's, but I'd love to add a cupcake or purple tote to my collection. They're totally cute!

Lory Osborn

Most of my ufo's are stored in ziplock bags and placed in my bookcase. My yarn, storage tubs with lids. Love the cupcakes, so cute. Thanks! :)

Rusty Boyd

I am a bag fanatic. The pocket bag is great. My wife and daughter would love the cupcake storage. It would be great for those larger projects when you are going away for a week.

Lou Glaub

I think my boyfriend would even approve of this storage solution!!!

Louise Cotulla

These are sooo cute! I currently store my yarn stash in plastic bins. They're effective and efficient, but not very decorative. I'd love one of these!

Janet Merkle

When it comes to storage, there is storage and then there is storage. I have totes, baskets, plastic bags, suitcases and anything else you would like to name. My job entails a lot of sit time if I am not driving. I am always looking for something to take my WIP in so I can work on it while waiting. I just haven't come up with anything that "floats my boat" or "trips my trigger" yet, if you know what I mean. I love both the cupcake bag and the tote. But for me, I would have to say I would get more use out of the tote, (even though it is purple and not blue).

Gina P

My storage system is out of control and I could really use these bags! I store all my skeins in clear plastic bags and these are grouped together based on yarn type and put into a larger plastic bag. These are stored in a closet I convereted to yarn storage by installing a 5 shelf unit. I labeled the bags with the yarn types on the outside so I can read it and know without having to open each bag. I also have storage bins, plastic, under the bed for overflow and mostly scrap yarn. I think your daughter is adorable! Thank you for always giving us opportunities to win great items.

Shannon Wagner

I have an armoir dedicated to my knitting supplies. It is perfect! One shelf tools/notiions, another shelf (with bins) yarn, finally, a shelf for books/patterns. I also just cleaned out my yarn stash and will be donating my unwanted yarn/needles to a school knitting club.

Elizabeth Downs

I have yarn stored everywhere, bags, storage bins, in closets, under beds, etc! What a fun and attractive way to store yarn and projects!


What a cute way to store things! I love it! The pink one would match the decor in my craft room perfectly!!!


Just got this wonderful six-cube storage cabinet plus matching bins at Target. Love that they're super deep and light and streamlined. Dunno where the cupcake storage would fit in my decor but that tote sure does look yummerific!

Jill R


Thoise are super cute! I would love to put my WIP of the month in either of those totes!


I use a tote bag to store my current projects in. My large stash of yarn is stored in plastic boxes for my "someday" projects. I work full-time and that sure puts a strain on my knitting and crocheting time! I enjoy your Newsletters I receive via email.


These are so adorable! And definitely nicer to look at than those big plastic storage bins! I can't wait to mover my yarn supply from their plastic shopping bags to these! Thanks!

Janie Holley

Since friends are now calling me "the bag lady" that pretty much explains my constant vigilance in looking for additional WIP bags. I treated myself to one of Erin Lane's recently at Stitches South as well as getting a nice canvas one when I subscribed to Knitter's Magazine. I found 11 floral ones on the clearance table at Barnes and Noble and bought them all for an average price of $1.14 each. Hubby collects Depression Glass and as a result we go to every thrift store, Salvation Army, Goodwill, yard sale, etc he can find and I found some really nice, heave canvas ones from someones trip to the California wine country, not to mention my Namaste Hermosa bag, so you can see what I mean. Dh is helping me organize things and is currently sorting 40+ years of yarn hoarding into large opaque plastic containers. My patterns are in pretty good shape including my 57 years of the Workbasket I have. When I tell people I probably have over 10,000 patterns, I probably do! The cupcake bag and purple tote are incredible. I could put either one to very good use and the 4 year old daughter of a friend of mine would absolutely LOVE the cupcakes! She's learning how to knit too and already has her own WIP bag-and is very proud of it!


Wow!!.. pockets and more pockets - bring them on. I have an dresser for my yarn and a few standing totes for my needles and other accessories. Each work-in-progress gets their own lovely tote.. Really cute bags!


Squee! I am always looking for bags to carry WIPs and yarn in. I currently am storing yarn in water-tight boxes in my basement. These would be perfect in my craft room.

Lisa S

I don't have very good storage solutions for either my stash or my WIPs, so I could use either of these cool products!

Dari Trout

I have several medium sized baskets with liners & lids in a couple of corners of the house with my WIP & next in line to start projects. I use a folding canvas laundry sorter for my yarn stash. I use several different bags for the current WIP.


Those are just too cute for words! Love to have one for my own. My current bag is open at the top and little fingers like to find their way into the progect and the patterns.

Pete Futa

I put my yarn in Ziploc storage bags and then put them in several baskets around the house. I carry a Hello Kitty beach bag with me to work and it has a minimum of three Ziploc WIP bags. :D


Would love to use this cupcake to store stash.


My storage "method" is pretty haphazard - mostly just yarn everywhere. These seem like a great and fun way to corral the wild yarn beasts!


I store my knitting needles and crochet hooks in glass vases. It is easy-to-access, and I think it is an aesthetically pleasing way to keep them on the shelf in the living room. The cupcake bag is super cute but I think the purple tote would be most useful for me...especially with all the pockets.

Julie Witt

I collect little tote bags from everywhere! I have totes from Scholastic Books where my older kids had a book club when they were little, and little totes that have their names on them that they outgrew years ago! I really, really need some grown up totes, so I really, really hope I win this! LOL

Carole Passalacqua

These are sooo cute. Would be nice and decorative to store or carry around. I currently story the yarn stash in totes in closet. WIP's are in totes and storage bins "around" Knitting needles are stored in wine bottle carriers.
Hoping to win.

Cheryl Lum

I would love either one of the storage bags. The cupcake one looks like it will hold lots of stuff. It looks very large to be carrying along to the Dr's office or dentist for little kitting outfits however, the project one looks perfect for me. It has so many pockets to put things in like tape measure, scissors, stitch holder, row counter etc. Sometimes I use my canvas bag to hold my projects, or the reusuable bags from the grocery or pharmacy stores or even just the plastic bag the wool is put in from the store just so I can get going on the knitting. Unfortunately, this plastic bags get ripped with the needles and I lose things so it is not so practical.

Thank you.


I have a couple ways of trying to organize. bought a large wicker basket that fits perfectly under a table near my favorite chair & that holds some of my stash. I have some projects in a tote bag and just inherited a friends tote bags with legs. I would really love to have the purple tote as the pockets would be ideal for both my knitting/crochet habits.

Susan O'Neill

Mostly store small projects in zip loc baggies and larger ones in a diaper bag. Would love to win - these are cute!! And the pockets are a great addition.

Jackie Watson

I use rubbermaid boxes, laundry bags and collapsible tots for storing. I would love either item you are giving away!

Nancy (aka, Beachkoz) McAfee

These cupcake organizers are the CUTEST!!! Currently, I'm storing yarn in plastic bags in the guest closet; not convenient and not guest friendly. I've won already just finding out about these organizers. Thank you!!!!


I have ufo's (unfinished objects) stored in my cupboards in the basement and the current projects are stored in a large basket with a lid in the family room(there are several projects on the go). I also have the most current project that I am working on in a fabric bag that I can take with me. As for the yarn its also in the cupboard.

The cupcake storage bags are really cute, but what I really like is the tote with the multiple pockets. I just can't get enough of bags with tonnes of pockets! Almost as much as an obsession as with my baskets (much to my husband's dismay)!


I am beginning to store my yarn in the clear plastic under bed storage boxes. Although not a big fan of plastic, they are handy and store quite a few skeins. Haven't gotten around to separating them by weight or fiber yet, but will eventually. The hope is to have a set of shelves built for each container so there will be no more box avalanches while searching the bottom boxes - where the yarn I'm after ALWAYS seems to be!

Love the fabric hideaways and the bag looks very cool with lots of storage pockets!! Perhaps a craft room with doorknobs attached all the way around the walls would be more fun. hmmmm..... And how inspiring is a cupcake!!!!

Denise Royal

I love the cupcake storage containers. I currently have 20 wips.


Cupcake idea is truly inspired. LOVE IT! Went through the company's website and what a super great collection of products.


My yarn is stored in my closet in a cube storage bookcase. My wips are keep in whatever empty bag I can find. Would love to have either of the bags from the giveaway. They would be put to some good use!


THOSE ARE THE CUTEST STORAGE BAGS EVER! I absolutely love the idea of being cute AND funtional. Right now I store my knitting in a boring plastic storage container. If I need something I have to go digging around for it!


That cupcake bag is the cutest and best of all - NO CALORIES, LOTS OF FIBER.


Love those cupcakes. I store my yarn in a wicker hamper, and baskets for soon to be used yarns. I think the cupcakes would be put to good use here.


The cupcake and organizing tote are both desperately needed for my knitting! Great looks for containment of the projects & stash.

Lynn Demsky

How wonderful, and I neve have enough totes! Thanks for offering!

Gail Kerns

I reorganized my craft room and use plastic bins....but I need more. My WIPs are in various totes, of which I have plenty. I'm still in search of the perfect knitting tote; which my hubs says is just an excuse to buy another tote.

Joan Reilly-Bertsch

You mean I would be able to stop using my lovely plastic bags from the grocery store for my ongoing larger projects!!!! Thanks for a telling us about this great storage product line - and thanks for another great giveaway! Joan in NJ

Barb Stacy

Love the cute cupcake bags, right now my yarn is stored in my shoe organizer and my shoes are under my bed. Would love to win the bags and get my shoes back in order, but I'd rather have my yarn organized than my shoes....also love the tote, you never can have too many pockets when it comes to knitting or crocheting.


I generally keep my WIP's in their own project bag. I generally find new project bags either on sale at places like Ross, Rue 21 and places of the sort. The cupcakes totes are absolutely adorable and would be a very welcome addition to my living room where I generally knit or crochet.


Long ago I decided that "craft" people should not carry their projects in plastic bags. It looks so much more professional to carry items in either a purchased tote or one you have sewn yourself from lovely material. I knit prayer shawls and laprobes which are rather bulky and the cupcake bag would be large enough to hold either one. Purple is my favorite color so to carry my smaller projects in that tote would be wonderful. What nice gifts for whomever wins! Barb in NJ

Norma Axel

These storage bags look great and I would love to have them since my projects, stash, needles, etc. are in a closet with my off season clothes. So, you can imagine how difficult it is to find stuff plus to change clothing each season! This would help a lot. So, contact me in June if I am a winner and thanks..


I store all of my yarn in Space Bags. I never have to worry about moisture or pests getting at my wool, even stuff that's been stored for a couple of years.
The cupcake storage bags are just too cute. What absolute fun!
The tote looks amazingly useful. Gotta love all those great pockets.

Sue Sayne

I keep my stash in clear tubs in my big closet. It keeps the yarn safe and I can see thru the tub to find the particular yarn I'm looking for. I also have one of those mesh holders that you can twist down into just a little circle for overflow.

Alison Lake

Oh, What beautiful project bags! I hope the lucky winners are happy with them!


I have a bunch of big plastic bins for my yarn, and I am obsessed with little notions pouches for my notions--I have several packed at all times for the multiple projects I have going!
I am not that wild about the cupcake, but I love the tote!

Debbie Berger

I love the Tote, it beats my freezer bags any day!

kathi lipnos

I use pretty gift bags, but would love the more sturdy cupcake bag.

Auntie D

I have an organizer on wheels that I bought at Michaels, a Roots bag that I think I bought online somewhere, a box under my chair in the living room, and a clothing storage bag in my closet. I have far more yarn than the number of projects I have. I just gave away a bunch of yarn to our church, and I have some cotton yarn and some baby yarn on the way from 2 different places online.

Sue Cravotta

I Love the cupcake storage idea! My yarn is in one closet,in clear plastic bags.

Kimberly Burnette-Dean

I usually store my work in progress in a plastic grocery bag, so I could really use one of these nifty storage bags!


Sooo cute!!!

Barb L

I am certainly NOT very well organized, so any help would be great! I especially love the multi-pocket tote for carrying the "current" project (maybe even multiple "current" projects - doesn't everyone have them?) I bet our local cupcake truck folks would absolutely love the cupcake storage set...Mmmmm...

Beth Sawdon

I love these bags! they are too cute! I'd love taking it w/ me as I am a public knitter and proud of it!

Rita Spratlen

I store my knitting in bins and I try to keep them sorted by colors. I would love to try the cupcake storages they sound great. What a clever idea! I love the purple tote. I take my knitting with me and this would be perfect to organize things. I always am looking for things when I go somewhere. Love to win this! Rita


Most of my stash is in the attic in plastic storage bins. My projects are in ZipLock bags and sorted into totes - depending on what the project is...socks in one tote, knitted quilt in another. Right now my Christmas granny square afghan that I am making for a raffle is in a plastic zippered bag that a quilt came in.


My WIP's are all stored in tote bags on a special shelf (a large special shelf)! I like the fact that you get two storage "cupcake" totes in one & I really like the purple tote because of the outside pockets! Since I play bingo almost weekly, I could carry my daubers on the outside & my knitting on the inside. That would be one less bag I'd have to carry with me!


I have a craft room and store all of my knitting/crochet stuff in storage boxes and on shelves. I love the cupcake bags/totes and can really see how they would be a useful addition to my totes.

Elaine Hamilton

I can't even count the project bags I have. I am a project bag collector. Each bag reminds me of something or someplace. I use any and everything for storage, considering I have enough yarn to start my own yarn store. This cupcake storage bag is just absolutely adorable. I have 5 grandchildren and they would love checking it out. It reminds me of my grandchildren, it would make me smile everything I looked at it.


Currently, my yarn is organized into a group of cardboard boxes decorated with various images from magazines. The yarn is literally bursting over the top. My WIPs and such are stored in some baskets. I love the idea of this tote or cupcake bag, it would definitely class up my storage/organizing solutions!


This definitely beats my zip lock storage bags! These cupcakes are adorable!

Darlene in North GA

I use some clean plastic storage bins that a friend gave me. Part of my stash goes in those, then there are about 15 skeins in recycled plastic grocery sacks.

For WIP's, I have a small tote bag and a small backpack for portable projects.

I love the idea of the cupcakes and the purple tote is just beautiful and so much bigger than what I have.I'd love to have it and my poor small backpack has been through a few kids, so it's not in the best of shape. The tote would be able to hold all the things that are in the backpack as well as in the tote. And my stuff would be organized to boot. Score!

brenda castiel

I use a variety of project bags, ziplock bags, and grocery shopping bags. These are so totally cute!! I'd love to win.


So adorable!! I keep my WIP's in reusable cloth bags and clear zipper bags from curtains/blankets etc. My stash is in storage bins and 'As Seen on TV' shoe organizers kept under the bed.


These are so cute! I love bags and have many with WIPs or just yarn stashed inside. I also have a dresser and chest of drawers FULL of fiber/yarn stash, but we won't talk about those! LOL


These look like very useful and fun items. You can never have too many storage bags. I have a few felted bags I made to keep my WIP's in and they are hanging all around my bedroom. Stashed wool is kept in plastic bags in the wardrobe except for the individual hanks I buy from a crofter which are so beautiful I keep them in a very large wicker basket on display on my desk.


I use bags and boxes but the cupcake bags are too cute! I wish i'm lucky enough to win.

German Barb - Barbara Burrell

I use whatever old bag I have available at the time and never seem to have enough, trouble is it never looks pretty or organised! When I saw these I thought my pattern had been stolen as I have made CUPCAKE HATS that look exactly like these bags. Love the tote too, would be easy to get organised with one of those. Good luck to all and more importantly keep knitting and crocheting, you can never have enough.


I love these bags! I store all my WIPS in all sorts of different bags, mostly plastic shopping bags! Not much organization I'm afraid. I really could use some actual knitting bags!


I could really use these adorable bags to store my yarn which is currently stored all over the spare bedroom floor!

Becky K(ittishka)

I currently have wip socks in a small paper bag (the type from a coffee shop), and my shrug is in my felted lucy bag. Other than that I have 2 canvas "shopping" bags from my LYS (I don't know if they count - right now they are still holding the yarn purchased, and will someday be project bags, if I can ever get the yarn knit) and a canvas messenger bag that I got on clearance to sneak candy and water in to the movie theatre, and somehow it converted itself into a knitting bag! (And is too full to empty when it comes time to go to a movie!)


I store my yarn anywhere and everywhere....yikes, makes it hard to find what i want or need! Wish i had a big room full of shelves to the ceiling for my yarn & beads! :)
The totes look wonderful!
Martje in Buffalo


My yarn is everywhere--most of it is in my closet in a diverse assortment of boxes and plastic bags--a cupcake would be so much better!


I love cupcakes AND yarn. So these are perfection! I have a multi-tiered storage container on wheels from the container store. It truly keeps the stash under control. Once it's full, I stop buying until I get knitting and make room for more!


What don't I use for storage is a better question. Both the bags are cute and look very useful. I have a 5 plastic drawer cabinet, a plastic bin, large, two large open baskets, and bags (large and small) too numerous to count that contain projects under construction as well as stash.


i love the purple tote!!..i use various tote bags to store my knitting..a few random skeins of yarn i keep in a basket and all my sweater quantities are in plastic buckets in my closet..thanks for the giveaway!!

Colleen Mueller

That is the cutest idea! I have a bag fetish and this is sooo cute.

Colleen Mueller

I forgot to add how I store stuff. Well I am obsessive compulsive, in other words an organizing freak, so I use clear, hanging zippered sweater bags (for your closet) to store my yarn, because you can see all the yarn. I also use bins, bags, bags and more bags for everything else. I also like to use hat boxes.


those are so cute, right now i store all my yarn,knitting and such in my closets in cabinets and i have a large cabinet in my bedroom as well which is also for yarn and shelf next to my couch,THE YARN IS EVERYWERE lol

mamatwitch on ravelry


I have yarn everywhere and WIPs everywhere. WOW could I use help!


Is it a sign my stash is out of control if I use many different methods to store it? :-) On a project based level, I use a variety of bags and baskets and, occasionally, ziplocs. For stash that isn't currently in use, I use ziplocs within plastic bins for the majority of it, but I also have a lovely old china cabinet handed down through my family that I place my lighter weight yarns in to display. Basically, if there is a bag or bin out there, I totally want it!!!

Pam C

I am constantly organizing and reorganizing my stash and supplies trying to come up with the perfect system. I just don't think there is one. Clear totes seem to be a good solution for stash because you can see thru them at what you have. The cupcakes are awesome and would be great for works in progress!


My husband would be forever grateful if you helped me get my stuff better organized by sending me this gift.

Margo Lynn

I have all kinds of storage, from boxes to bags. I prefer bags that close to keep the projects clean and from falling all over the place. LOVE both sets of items - but I can see the kidlets stealing the cupcake bags.

Julie in the uk

I have yarn stashed all over the house in various bags but none are as cute as the cupcake totes. My daughter is learning to knit and a cupcake would be perfect to keep her newbie stash separate from mine and would look fab in her room

Linda Jarvis

I have yarn stored in a small wardrobe that my daughter used as a little kid. I carry WIPs in all sorts of bags. My fave right now is a Crown Royal bag, which is just the right size for socks.


I store my knitting/crochet stuff in big plastic tubs right now. I am in between places, and that was the easiest way to store them and make sure no icky wiggly bugs get into them. I LOVE the two bags. I could use the cupcake bag to store the yarn for my upcoming projects, that way I wouldn't have to dig through my craft closet for them. And the purple tote would be a great way to keep all my needles and accessories organized!

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