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Glittery High Low Cardigan - a Preview and Giveaway!


The latest project off of my knitting needles is this high-low glittery cardigan. I've never used sequins in my knitting, so trying out this Disco Lights yarn from Tilli Tomas was quite awesome!   Big thanks to Melinda of Unwound: Unique Yarns and Accessories yarn shop in Blowing Rock, NC, who sponsored this pattern and introduced me to this fabulous yarn!

Oh - and the high-low isn't referring to the short sleeve vs. long sleeve! Ha ha. My finished cardigan is actually a long sleeved one (well, technically "bracelet length"!), but I wanted to take some photos of the cardigan with a short sleeve, so I can include that option in the finished pattern.


Disco_Cardi_LS_500 Disco_Front_LS_350

This cardigan also features a mix of textures.

I worked the fronts in Garter stitch, as it is a lovely contrast to the glittery little sequins. The back of the cardigan is mostly Stockinette stitch, with a little nipped in waist detail and a little bit of lace.

I used short rows to shape the back curved hem.  And yes, this is a top-down design, so you can play with the sleeve lengths for sure!

Watch for this pattern release in early fall!

*** GIVEAWAY Details! ***

WHEN this pattern gets released, I will send out PDF copies to THREE winners randomly chosen from all comments on this blog post.

To enter this giveaway, please Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter (include the hashtag #sweaterbabe in your Tweet so we can track it) OR post a comment here by 9pm PST, August 7th, 2011.  One comment per person, please. 

Tell us which sleeve length you would knit?  Have you tried out Tilli Tomas or other beaded/sequined yarns before? 

*** August 30th Winners Announced! ***
The pattern is NOW available!! Find it at:

But first, check if you are one of the 3 winners of this PDF pattern. . . the 3 randomly chosen winners are:

Frederica Z, who commented on July 9th;
Charlie Nonhof, who commented on July 9th; and
Suzanne Reichel, who commented on July 15th.

Congrats to the 3 of you! I've emailed you the PDF of this pattern.  Woohoo!



Normally, I would go for the short sleeves, but I like the details of the long sleeves.

Terri Barnes

I'm loving the detail in the back and sexiness of the lacy pattern down the sleeves. This is one to certainly add to my wish list.... I wish I win, I wish I win, I wish I click (that's my heels clicking together).....

Marie V.

Pick me! Pick me!

I love this beautiful pattern and the gorgeous yarn compliments it nicely!


Beautiful pattern! I like the detail in the back, something new for me!


I love this, I would go for the long sleeves, but I like the short sleeves too, I can´t wait, I wish that I can knitt it pick me! I wish I win pleasssse

Michelle T

I love the long sleeves. I've not used sequined yarn before, but I think this would be the perfect project to try it with!


I would definitely go with the long sleeves. The lace detail down the length is lovely. The teeny bit of lace in back is to die for. I'm totally going to knit this up.


Tilli Tomas has a lovely drape. And I like the two different sleeves! Gives an interesting asymmetric look to the sweater (although perhaps only intended to show how different sleeve lengths look?)


I liked this when I saw the front, but I loved it when I saw the back. Can't wait until the pattern is released!


Delicious! I've never knit with sequins/sparkles, but this looks intriguing. Sleeve length - always long, since my arms are always cold.

Kay Larsson

I absolutely LOVE this design and would make two of them -- one with long sleeves and one with short sleeves. It is so unique and lovely! I have never used the sequinned yarn before but would LOVE to try it! I would probably give one as a gift and keep one for myself. I would LOVE to be picked for this very special pattern.

Laurel Robbins

What a beautiful pattern! I love it!


Kinda like the long sleeves better or maybe the short? May have to do 2 to be satisfied!!!!


You are an incredible designer! Love this look! The long sleeve detail makes it more glamorous! But then again, you did say Hi-low! This would work for anything! Please pick me :)

Lynn Higginbotham

Stunning! I would have to knit both versions!! I am currently knitting a project with Beaded Pearl and Sequins..

linda barlow

Absolutely stunning...would love to try this pattern


oh, i would love to knit both a long sleeve and a short sleeve cardi in this pattern!

Diane Tower

Love this Design! I would like it longer...

Eve Hoffenkamp

Wow, I love this pattern and hope it comes in larger sizes, at least a 3X. I would probably do the long sleeves. Or make one with each length it is so pretty.


omgoodness. you do such beautiful things! And sparkly yarn! I love sparkly yarn! I would definitely do long sleeves because I love the details in them...

Karen Little

I could see doing this with a long sleeve for winter and a short sleeve in a cotton for summer. I've never seen a yarn with sequins in it. Don't know if that is available in Canada. Is it difficult to knit with? I find using boucle yarn difficult so that gives you some idea of my skill or unskilled level! Perhaps someone could email me and let me know. I think this would make a perfect gift for my daughter-in-law for Christmas so I do hope I win the pattern!

Spirited Bohemian

This is gorgeous! I am teaching knitting classes, and for advertising I display wonderful handknits. The minute I saw this sweater I wanted it. Any idea how long it took to knit? I have a big craft fair in November, and pattern is coming out in late Fall, I'd sure like to knit this before that craft fair. I just love your style!


I look forward to making the long sleeve version of this. It is lovely.


What a gorgeous sweater for evening wear!

RaAnn Clegg

This is a well thought out design using several different elements. The choice of yarn is intriguing. I love the idea of a cap sleeve for it as well. Simple but Elegant!

Mari Gustafsson

Love this model me would prefear to do the long sleeved one beacuse of the nice pattern in them. And the glittering yarn just wow!


Jayne Fletcher

Love, Love, Love this design. I've been looking for a beautiful pattern to use for a wedding garment. This one looks perfect! With the sleeve length variations it can be adapted to any time of year and for any member of the bridal party.


Yes, I would knit both the short and bracelet sleeve lengths. I haven't had a chance to try any Tilli Tomas yarns yet however, I never rule out the possibilities.


That is adorable!! I think that is a style that everyone can wear, a shrug without knitting the entire cirle, and with lots of other options to boot!! Looking forward to the pattern, you do such a beautiful job!


What a great design! I'm looking forward to the pattern release, and will most likely knit the long sleeve version.


I love the short sleeve version. Thx for the chance to win :-)

Cheryl Berg

This pattern is a "gotta have"! I have joined the ranks of the many that have too many patterns, not enough time. But this one is too beautiful to let pass by or go without using. I just love it in both the styles.

Mary Portalski

Love love love the back detail, one of my favorite design features in coats and sweaters!!! I would love to knit this sweater.

Lucy Hill

Just beautiful! I absolutely will have to have this in my wardrobe! You've outdone yourself! I love the long-sleeved version and would get more use out of it. I have knitted with the Tilli Tomas yarn several times and love it! It makes beautiful little knitted gift bags:)

Laura in MI

Hmmm, this is a tough one! I think I like the short sleeved version best because it would be more versatile when the weather changes. Since I live in a four season climate the shorter sleeves would make it wearable all year long.


Truly beautiful! Love the pattern on this site.

Eileen Eisenman

This is a gorgeous well designed, as are all your patterns. I love how you spell everything out, which is a great help to new knitters. I am a beginning knitter, but I would definitely try to do this sweater. I would probably do the short sleeve version first, and when I become more proficient, I will tackle the long sleeve. I haven't used sequin yarn before, so I'm looking forward to the fall when this pattern becomes available.


I would do the long sleeve version. It is gorgeous. Had never heard of Tilly yarns until today. Haven't knit with any yarn that has beads or sequins throughout the ball.

Cathy Troutman

I have two beautiful granddaughters who I can see each wearing one of these "glam" sweaters! Love both sleeve lengths!


This is stunning! I'd knit two, one in each sleeve length......but I think the short sleeves are my favorite. Would be perfect over a sleeveless dress for church. I sure hope I win!

marianne lundholm

yes i would like to knitt this beatifull little thing


Beautiful! Hard to decide which version, but I'd probably go with the long sleeve first since the lace is so lovely. Also really like the detail on the back! I haven't knit with sequins before so that would interesting. I have used Nova by Tahki (cotton with a metallic thread running through), so I wonder how that might work (providing gauge works). Can't wait for this one!


This is a lovely cardigan. Since it is top down, I would experiment with 3/4 length sleeves. The back detail with a touch of lace is beautiful.


Love the back detail and the subtle sparkle. That makes it very chic, very upscale. I can see this in the metallics: gold, silver or bronze. WOW!


Genius! It's so beautiful.


I also love the details on the back! Great work, it is beautiful!


I love this design. It is very flattering and I love the detail on the back as well as the sleeves. I can imagine making one with long sleeves and one with short sleeves.

Bette Carr

WOW!! what a unique and pretty pattern. I can hardly wait for it to become available. I have 3 granddaughters that would absolutely love to have this sweater/bolero/shrug. The possibilities are endless. I would need both sleeve lenghts. The short ones for a bloero look for day and the long ones for a more elegant look for evening wear.

Sue Falcone

very nice pattern - love the back! I would do long sleeves for sure - and Tilli Thomas Disco Lights is fabulous!


I have 3 daughters and 4 grand daughters that would to wear this sweater. I can't wait until it comes out. I'm 68yrs.old and wouldn't mind making it for myself. It is simply beautiful.


Beautiful design !!!! I love the sleeves and the detail on the back.
I would prefer 3/4 sleeves though. I hope I win !!!!


This is cute! I love both sleeve styles. The short sleeves makes it a perfect summer pattern, for next summer I guess. I would definitely make both versions.

Judy Quick

I love, love,love this cardigan for my daughter. Hope I win!

sara castelli

I would use the long sleeves and just for me, I'd just do a straight back without the pretty detailing. I sit in a wheelchair all the time and just straight backs work best.


Both styles are beautiful, but the long sleeves are stunning!

Darla Engelmann

Love this one. New to Sweater Babe but I am sure liking the patterns I see here.

Estelle Liley

There is something so elegant about garter stitch and it seems to echo the simple classic 1950's shapes so prevalent now. When it is knitted perfectly there is nothing so sophisticated. I love the long sleeves too especially with the touch of lace- again a la 1950's and that wedding dress. Super pattern!


The detail at the back hooked me. Just plain lovely!

pam frenchak

I would want to make BOTH the long and short sleeved versions in two different colors. The details on the back are gorgeous.

andrea Logan

i love the glittery cardigan i also hope to win but living in new jersey i doubt it most winners are in the south or up north states like maine and conn. very few so i see in south jersey but i can wish
andrea logan
[email protected]


I have been watching your growth now for almost 5 years, and you are such an artist!! I love this pattern, as well as so many others over the years, and would love to win a copy! I don't think I could make just one.. so the sleeve length would vary.. I want a short AND a long sleeved one, and maybe one in between (3/4 sleeve) - It's so beautiful and the detailing is amazing.

I have used the sequined yarns before, I received some that was unlabeled in box donated to me by Tracey Shuch, and she wasn't sure who made it. I used it for edging on my first Lace Tank out of the original Knit.1 magazine this year. It works up just gorgeous!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Indulgence on Ravelry

Forest Perea

Would probably knit both. One fancy for the winter and one in a more everyday yarn for the rest of the year. Can see this becoming a very versatile piece in my wardrobe. Super pattern

Carolyn Jones

This one is so enticing -- I would like to win the pattern, of course, but if I'm not a winner, I will be buying this one. It is beautiful in both versions.


I would love this pattern -- in long sleeves for sure. I have used Artyarns sequins and beads before but only for a scarf. Please pick me!


I think I'd make the long sleeves first, but I might just have to make a short-sleeved version too! Lovely design.


Simply put, it is beautiful! Just elegant and the yarn is absolutly delicious!

Martinez Monique

Hello this cardigan is just marvelous !
I love it and I surely know a lot of sisters, daughters and nieces would like get it... But they have to wait I knitt it befire for... me.
I have never try this thread but I am ready to try right away.
I want for me one white and one black and one blue and one pink and one... and one ... and one ...
Thank you for offering so pretty models

Bev Landgren

I would love the long sleeve - it is just beautiful!

susan Andrews

update elegance - this is very nice. susan

Sandy Bennetch

Not on the fence about this one -- it's gorgeous! I like the detail on the back and down the long sleeves. Never done anything with sequins but there are several yarns on the market with a bit of glitz. Thanks so much.

Susan Schutz

That is a beautiful design.

Celeste Helms

I like the long sleeves best - shows off more of the lovely lace pattern. Love the detail in the back. However, I think I would change the front tie to a more taylored frog or hook type closure or maybe an attached satin ribbon. The sequined yarn sounds very interesting!

Jo Azary

Love the back, love the sleeves. Definitely long sleeves. Not crazy about the tie in front. Never used sequined/beaded yarns before.

Ellie McGovern

I can't wait to make this for my daughter!

judy catalano

i have to make this for my niece it screams her name

Karen Keith

This is lovely! Why choose a sleeve length? I would knit up two of these, one short sleeved, one long. I do love the lace details. Looking forward to this pattern becoming available.
BTW, I was just in Blowing Rock two weeks ago and had a chance to visit Unwound!, where I bought a couple of skeins of yarn. Nice shop!

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

I love the back details! The lace sleeves are very eyecatching, so long sleeve for sure. But, for my body type, (short and big busted) I'd leave off the bow in front and close with a pretty frog, sparkly button, or an invisble hook and eye.

Pat Pope

I just bought some sequined yarn for just such a project without having a pattern for using it. Who says Grannie's can't be glam, too?! Last year during the holidays, everyone sparkled but me. Hopefully, this year I will sparkle as well- while out on my date night with my best beau; my husband. We're both in our 70's and we have date nights every Saturday night! :)


i have not tried a beaded/sequined yarn before, it looks beautiful. Are there other colors? I am typically a short sleeve person but I love the pattern of the long sleeves, hard to resist.


Lovely pattern and yarn. This would work well over a sleeveless dress since so many offices, theaters are too cool in the summer. Thanks for a beautiful pattern.


so fun! I like the long sleeves.

Sharon Tarapata

This sweater is.... wow.... I have never knitted with sequins before. This would be the perfect pattern for learning something new. My daughters would look gorgeous in this. Can't wait to get the pattern. Will buy it I don't win it.

Cathy Matthews

well since i am both insane and unique - i would be doing the sleeve 3/4 length. I have not knit a garment out of this type of yarn yet but i have had a chance to play with something similar at my local yarn shop. gorgeous sweater as are nearly all of your designs as you would be able to tell from my printed download notebook!! Thanks

I love both versions but I especially like the detailing in the back!


WOW!!! I loooooooooooooooove the sweater! Can't WAIT till you get the pattern out! It's a GOTTA make for me! :)


Gorgeous!! And it looks fun to knit. I made your "TALIA" and it was the most fun pattern to knit. It fit perfectly and every step went just as it should. Honestly, it turned me around, becasue up until that point in my long knitting career, I had never made a garment that fit well and actually got worn. it fir my daughter beautifully and she has worn it many times.

All that flattery to say I would be very excited to knit another of your pick me!!!

Tory Papa

I knit and crochet for my teenage daughter. She would just love this! I would make the short sleeved version for her, and the long sleeved version for myself. The detail in the back pleat is my favorite part! But then, I love all of your designs!

Aletta Tankersley

I Love both Versions, I would Knit both Short & Long sleeves, also in the Classic Colors...Black & Navy & Chocolate Brown... this is sooo "DIVA"lious!!! Lov It!!!

Suzy Griffin

This is simply gorgeous! So elegant! I love the yarn choice. I love it both ways, but have to say the sleeves were the first thing to catch my eye. Believe it or not, my husband likes to knit lacy patterns. I would love for him to be able to "whip" this one up for me!


What a great look! The delicate design on the sleeves and the design at the back gives this cardigan a very special look! I would love to knit this pattern!


WOW! There is nothing I don't love about this sweater! This is a must have pattern for my collection and I love the yarn but have never knit with sequins or beads before. Time to try something new.


LOVE this new design!! Both sleeve versions are beautiful, but I'm a little partial to the short sleeves. Can't wait for the release date! :-)

Willa Schrlau

Oh! I love it! I can't wait until this pattern is released. I have 3 of your other patterns and I love all of them. I think I like both the short sleeved version and the long sleeved version! I'll have to make both!


Oooooohhhhhh! It's got my name written all over it! Will have to go yarn hunting. Can't wait!


Absolutely love it! Can't wait for the pattern to be released - thank goodness its top down as I tend to make my sleeves around elbow length


Gorgeous sweater - love the back, the sleeves and the sparkle - can't wait for the pattern!


This is fabulous. I've been searching for a pattern like this. I would do the short sleeve version if I was knitting it now, but maybe the long sleeve version if I started it in colder weather. I adore that detail on the back!


Love this--especially the longer-sleeved version! I'm not a very experienced knitter, but this looks like something that I could handle (with some help!).

Jaimee Reese

What a beautiful sweater!! I have only been knitting a few years, and have yet to try making an adult sized sweater. This would be the perfect pattern!!

Melissa Ooi

The yarn you used is really unique and makes the cardi even more special. Am a big fan of your work. Keep up the good work

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