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Preview of some upcoming patterns. . . and a Giveaway!

Falling Leaves Scarf knitting kit giveaway! Three kits to win!

Falling_Leaves_Scarf2_200 Time for a knitting kit giveaway!

This one courtesy of our friends at, who sent us the lovely Peruvian Highland Bulky yarn for each kit. 

This giveaway includes the #95 Falling Leaves Scarf PDF knitting pattern + 4 balls of's Peruvian Highland Bulky yarn in beautiful and rich fall shades.  The 4 balls are more than enough for completing the scarf (and the Peruvian Highland Bulky is even a little softer than the original yarn called for in this pattern. . .).  I'll choose the color for each winner from the 3 shades shown here.

More info on's Peruvian Highland Bulky yarn can be found at:

To enter this giveaway, please do one, two, or all of the following:

1) Make a pattern purchase from now through October 30th, 9pm PST.  Each individual pattern purchase counts as an entry!  Start shopping for knitting patterns now at or crochet patterns at

2) "Like" this blog post by clicking on the Facebook "Like" button just under this post AND post your comment here on this blog post. One comment per person, please. Tell us what you like about making scarf projects with bulky yarn on bigger needles! Please comment by 9pm PST, October 30th, 2011.

3) Post a comment on in the Fans Group discussion announcing this contest by 9pm PST, October 30th, 2011.  Here's the link: comment on Ravelry per person, please.

Thanks and good luck to all on winning these kits!

*** Announcing the winners of this giveaway!  11/10/11 ***
Congrats go out to:

Julie D., who made a pattern purchase on 10/12/11. You have won the BRONZE color kit.

Carol D., who made a pattern purchase on 10/25/11.  You have won the PORT color kit.

and Carol (bank**** on, who posted a comment on the Ravlery thread for this giveaway on 10/24/11.  You have won the COFFEE color kit.

Woohoo!  I've emailed the winners.

Thanks to all who entered!  Stay tuned for more giveaways. . .





Kris C

I like the instant gratification of knitting with a bulky yarn. :) And it looks rustic to knit with a larger diameter yarn too.

Debbie H

I would love to win! thanks! Debbie H

Laura Marusa

Perfect giveaway for my favorite time of year!

Eire Stewart

I love being able to whip up an impressive Christmas present in a short amount of time!


I like the style of the slip-through connection for the shorter scarfs. The fall colors are perfect for the pattern too. This would make a perfect gift for my sister-in-law in Washington...coldie-coldie!!!

Deanna Concidine

I would love to win this too. Beautiful pattern and I love fall colors.

Rebecca Borbidge

The yarn looks beautiful. I would love to do this project for one of my kids teachers

Suzanne Shattuck

My first project was with bulky yarn on size 15 needles. Even though I knit with smaller sizes now, every once in a while I still feel the need to 'GO BIG'.


Making scarfs with bulky yarn knits up so fast, you are ready to wear it a day or two, no waiting.


I like bulky as it is self gratification fast! Great yarn and pattern.


Bulky yarn and big needles make quick fun knits for holiday giving.

liza koenig

I love the idea of working with bulky yarn... never have knitted with it before!

dana faber

I love key hole scarfs and the almost instant product with bulky yarns.

Julie Tucker

Fall is my favorite time of year with the leaves turning
gold and deep maroon. Making keyhole scarves now for holiday
gifts. Would love to have this pattern.

Dari Trout

What a lovely scarf!!! It would make a fabulous gift!


I love the look of chunky yarns knit with large needles, the instant gratification can't be beat and I can make more gifts in much less time!


Our yard is full of falling leaves, how appropriate your scarf comes with this pattern and fall colors.


I like the quick and easy aspect, as well as the texture achieved using large needles.

Dianne Lacelle

warm and cozy for our cold Canadian (Ontario) winters!!


"liked" on facebook
Have never tried really chunky yarns on large needles yet!


Thicker yarns, quicker knits, faster gratification! I also really like that I can whip up something faster for short notice gifts and it's quickly becoming gift giving season.

Laura Neves

Love the design and the yarn looks gorgeous! Would love to try it out


Love this scarf! It would be perfect for a Montana winter.

Karen Davis

Love the pattern and the yarn!!


I work full-time, go to school full-time, and am a single mom. I love chunky yarns on large needles because I'm able to get the satisfation of a completed project despite my not having a whole lot of time for knitting. :-)


looks lovely

Angelina Fazio Glass

liked on facebook!!
absolutely LOVE this scarf!!

Angelina Fazio Glass

I tweeted this giveaway!!!/cinderella73077/status/124491796842692608


I like that knitting with bulky yarn goes so quickly. Sometimes I like long projects that I can take my time with, but sometimes I just like to whip up something quickly.


Liked on fb and if there was a LOVE button for the scarf I'd do that too :)

Sheryl Verdelli

I have this pattern and just love it! Be sure to make it in a solid color yarn, or the ‘falling leaves’ will not show up well.

Angelina Fazio Glass

commented on ravelry

my rav id is


After working on fingering yarn and small needles all summer, working on chunky yarn/big needles gives me instant gratification to get my project done in a timely manner. Plus, it's FALL, and how fitting is this pattern!!!

Ina Harding

love the design


I've been learning to knit socks and would love to intersperse this with a fast bulky weight/big needle project. Plus I LOVE this scarf pattern. Looks like fun and a beautiful finished project in either of the darker colors!

Diana Follett

I have never made a scarf but have one on needles now for a gift. Would love to make this scarf. I love the keyhole idea so it will not fall off and get lost or destroyed. I am currently making 3 sweaters with the 3 sweaterbabe patterns I purchased. I love these patterns they are fun to stitch so I know the scarf would be fun to stitch. I also love the yarn from elann. I purchase yarn from there often.


I love bulky fibers for super quick projects and gift giving. It also helps add warmth for the winter months. What a generous giveaway!


Love the pattern and I would love to win this kit.
Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.


Posted on the Rav , but thought I'd chime in here, too. Big yarn = fast!

patty armstrong

Making something by hand, that is unique, is half the fun!

>I have been using hand-made, bulky yarn for a scarf. Large needles are a must.

I also posted this on a knitting groups FB page.

Alyson Hudak

Bulky yarn, why do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
You don't cause my fingers or hands to cramp like the lace weight projects do
Your projects seemingly unfold within hours
If you forget a friend's birthday or a special event your quick to whip up and no one's the wiser! ;)

Melissa Cox

I would love to win one of the beautiful yarn kits. I just started knitting and the bulky yarn and larger needles are great to work with. Being a "newby" everything isn't always prefer :) Thanks for the great give away.


This is my first autumn and winter being able to crochet. I love that I can make beautiful things for me, my family and my friends. There is nothing more that can show love than giving a present that you have personally made.

Maia Forde

Gorgeous pattern and gorgeous yarns!!! I love the quickness of knitting with bigger needles and yarn! The look is also lovely, because you can see the stitches more easily! :) All of the colors are just beautiful!!! :D

Marsha Wenskay

I would love to make this for a Christmas gift!I have knit with this lovely yarn and can recommend it!

Kimberly Storti

What a awesome Kit, I would love to win that!!


Love the instant gratification of big needles, chunky yarn! Satisfies my ADD tendencies!

Claire Willoughby

My hands want to feel this luscious yarn and make that beautiful scarf. It reminds me of an elementary school project I made! I would love to win this. Claire

Anne Marie

Scarves in bulky yarns = instant knitting gratification! What could be better! Rav amchart

Beth Hochstein

Love scarf patterns with bulky yarn-with such a full schedule, the patterns go faster and still satisfying with a limited amount of time!


I love having a quick project on the go, and the bulky yarn and bigger needles make this a perfect candidate!
Lovely pattern and yarn combination, too!


I love bulky yarn for scarves. It ups the cuddle/cozy factor. :)


Just recently found out about this site...beautiful pieces. And this contest, is terrific. Beautiful patterns and exquisite yarns. Good luck to all of us!


I like how cozy and rustic a chunky knit looks!

Amy Bailey

I wish I had this for a trip to WI next week! Lovely

Carol Cripps

The pattern is lovely, and would look great on any of my sisters, or even on me - sometimes, you just have to knit for yourself. I've done so much of it, I think I deserve a nice, soft scarf.

Shawna Robinson

I teach knitting at work and for beginners knitting a scarf with bulky yarn is a great way for them to see progress.

A Facebook User

Scarves knit with bulky yarn make for quick and easy holiday gifts.

Susan W

What a cool pattern!! I'd love to win the kit!


This is beautiful and would love to be one of the lucky people to win the kit to make one of these scarfs.


I'm all about the instant gratification of bulky yarn on large needles!!!!! And I just love the beautiful fall colors of the yarn choices!!!!!


I love bulky yarn projects because I can make more of them in less time -- yippee.

Debbie Wenzel

Knitting with as bulky yarn and large needless and the right yarn, like Elan's Peruvian Highland Bulky, gives me quick results that are beautiful, warm, soft and luxurious!

Rusty Boyd

I love working with bulky yarn. It works up so quickly for that " I need a gift fast" project.


I love the lace patterning on the scarf. Bulky yarn goes fast and you see results quicker.


love quick projects on big needles! and would make a great xmas present -- to myself!

Maud Steyaert

What everyone has said, I echo.

Celeste J

Make lots of scarves at the holidays. Also made some for a group to sell to raise money for the local food bank.


Knitting with bulky yarn and large needles can show the knitted details so much more clearly for all to see. i sure hope i win!


Always looking for new scarf patterns to make for myself and as gifts. Bulky yarn and large needles mean I can make more in less time.

Denise Royal

Since I am a avid crochet and new knitter, knitting with bulky and bigger needles actually is helping my knitting learning process.


Bulky yarn and big needles has gift written all over it! I love the leaves and the ease of wearing this scarf!

Catherine Lemanski

I love knitting scarves because the knit up so quick.


Bulky yarn is perfect to use for presents. Instant gratification.

Kay Wittenberg

I would love to win this beautiful pattern and yarn. Bulky yarn + larger needles = more completed projects for gifting!


Oh, oh, oh...pretty. Love the fall colors.

Jessica Nelson

The scarf is lovely and the yarn looks like it will be nknit up nicely.


This would be the perfect way to start that holiday knitting off with a bang.


Bulky yarn helps keep me warm while I knit in Minnesota.


The leaf shape looks elegant and the bulky knit would make it a quick project.


I love the texture & feel of chunky knits, I make almost all my projects with them!
I liked the post on FaceBook :)

Cherie Harper

I love to start and finish a project in the same weekend AND to give my poor wrist a break by knitting with a larger gauge. :)


Bulky scarves are relaxing, quick beautiful gifts to knit and share.


Very nice and would make a quick project to make up for someone for yuletime.

Tammy Larink

Love knitting with bulky yarn and big needles. One, it is a quick knit project. Two, you get some pretty lace patterns using bulky yarn with big needles. Love to knit scarves in general. You get to practice new lace patterns or cables without having a huge project to learn on. One can never have enough scarves, can one? *wink* Needless to say, I would love to win one of the kits.

Tonya Willett

Love bulky weight scarfs cuz they are done so quick! =)


Would love to win this~

Jerry Cote

Scarves are very gift-worthy. Easy to make because of the big needles, and you can just whip it off yourself and hand it over to friend or kids, and run and make another!

Janet Monroe

I love the quickness of knitting with bulky yarns and bigger can see the progress grow as you work.


It's fast, of course!


So pretty! I love making scarves w/bigger needles and bulkier yarn because they work up quickly enough that I don't lose interest AND I can feel successful!


SweaterBabe and Elann - a FANTASTIC combination! It would be REALLY cool if Elann offered this combination as one of their kits :)

TerryAnn Porter

I like how quickly a bulky yarn project works up. It's amazing to me how detailed and elegant a bulky yarn project can be.


Would be awesome thx for the chance


I posted about the giveaway on FB. I'd love to win! Bulky yarn knits up quickly for near-instant gratification.


Scarves are fun to make! And with bulky yarn, they knit up faster - so you can make more of them! Love the yarn!


Bulky yarn, big needles and a beautiful final product - what's not to like about that when you a three weeks away from delivering your first baby! A perfect project for a new mom!

Rita V

There's something sweet about knitting when the weather turns cooler. You know your hard work will be worth the effort, and that soon you can be wearing something of your own creation!

Danielle Edwards

Would really appreciate the pattern as I belong to a charity group that knit for homeless and nursing homes and we have been knitting ordinary scarfs so far !


Love knitting scarfs

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