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Featured Yarn Company - Namaste Farms and a giveaway

Namaste(RGB)Calling Namaste Farms a cool Yarn Company is accurate, but a complete understatement!

Not only do they produce one-of-a-kind yarns that I've never seen before, but the Sheep_12y hand create the yarns from the rare, award-winning sheep breeds they raise on the farm!

Natalie Redding is the fiber artist behind the Namaste Farms line of luxury fibers.  On her farm in Temucula, CA, she has: 

  • Champion Wensleydale Longwools
  • Gotlands and Bluefaced Leicesters
  • Racka Sheep
  • Old English Babydoll Southdowns
  • Angora and Pygora goats

And that's only a partial list of the animals she raises at her farm! Goats_03

As if running a farm with 85 to 100 animals isn't keeping her busy enough, Natalie hand spins and hand dyes all of the yarns with only a few others to help, so each hank is incredibly special and unique. (And if you are curious about the process of creating and handling fine fibers, spinning, etc., check out her YouTube videos!)

When she approached me to design something with her yarns, I just had to say yes!  Plus, she developed a special color, called "Babe" just for me!  "Babe" features a gorgeous blend of pinks and mango tones with hints of turquoise.  And it's the perfect backdrop for the Hello Kitty Charms that are part of the yarn (see the top hank below)!  I'm a sucker for Hello Kitty, so combining my love of yarn + knitting + Hello Kitty is like a dream come true!
"Babe" is also available as a color in her "Ohm Kid Mohair" yarn (see the bottom two hanks here, which I'll be giving away later in this post, BTW!)

To buy Namste Farms yarns, see the line exclusively at

To learn more about this unique Yarn Company, visit their website at, on YouTube (namastefarms), and on blogtalk radio at
blogtalk: Namaste Farms, where Natalie talks about farming, interviews designers, and much more!

And thank you, Natalie, for sponsoring my latest pattern, the #135 Babe Zip-Front Hello Kitty Cardigan (with matching Cowl!)   This top-down design features the Charmed-Hello Kitty yarn mentioned above that is completely one-of-a-kind! See it exclusively at

Babe_Zip_Front_Cardi_350The all-over cable design wth short-sleeves is in a coordinating color of Malabrigo Worsted.  The Charmed-Hello Kitty yarn worked perfectly with it as an accent on the knit-in pockets and along the bottom border.

See more photos and purchase info for the #135 Babe Zip-Front Hello Kitty Cardigan, now available in the Knitting Patterns shop!

AND lastly, I have 2 hanks of Namaste Farms Ohm Mohair yarn (sorry, NOT the one with the Hello Kitty charms!) in color "Babe" to give away!

To enter this contest:

1) Post a comment on this blog entry by 9pm PST, January 31, 2012 and tell us what you would do with a hank of this gorgeous yarn!  One comment per person, please.  And please also SHARE this post using the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook links below.

2) Post a comment on the Forum post in the Fans group announcing this giveaway by 9pm PST, January 31, 2012, telling us what you would do with a hank of this gorgeous yarn.  One comment per person, please.  Also, please "fave" this pattern on the SweaterBabe patterns page at 

After the end of the month, I'll choose 2 random commenters to each be sent a hank of the Namaste Yarns Ohm yarn in "Babe" color. 

Good luck to all! Sorry, but winning hanks can only be sent to U.S. and Canada addresses.


*** Winners Announcement ***

Congrats to go CoriInKansas on Ravelry, who commented on Ravelry January 24th and to Ann, who commented on the Blog for this giveaway on January 24th.

You'll each be receiving one hank of the Ohm yarn in Babe (Each hank retails for $44.85!)  Woohoo!


Louise Lindsay

Beautiful pattern and the yarn looks gorgeous! Would love to get to Namaste Farm to see how they do it.

Norma Axel

This yarn is gorgeous and it would be a great birthday present for me since my birthday is a few days before the contest ends! I would make a cowl and hat either for me or as a gift for a friend..hope I am a lucky winner.

Paula Davis

I would love to make the cardigan or perhaps something for my baby granddaughter with this gorgeous yarn.

Susan (sjanova)

My niece looks great in her sideways cable & lace cardigan. I bet she'd love this short sleeved cardi. Hmmm.


Love hot colors. This yarn is begging to be a beautiful shawl or vest.


I would llke to knit a shawl or wrap with this yarn. Then again, maybe a cowl or attempt my first sweater/vest...beautiful yarn..ty!

Mary Durbin

A gorgeous scarf would be my choice - this yarn looks spectacular!


I think this yarn wants to be a nice springtime cowl. Lovely!

Mandy C.

very cute, love the name of the yarn

Lillian Pilkington

I would make something for my first great-granddaughter due on March 20th. I have just finished the lace vest for my youngest daughter and now older sister wants one. Enjoy your site and posts very much.

MJ Cahill

this yarn is totally awesome if I won this I would make something for my best friend who isn't quite a pink girl but this yarn would definately turn her into one


What cute yarn! I would make something for my niece with it as she's the only girl in our family who will wear pink...or perhaps I would try something new for myself! I know I could get into wearing a little something pink! Your designs are beautiful and inspirational so there is never a shortage of ideas!

Shellee Foster

I would love to knit 3 "hugsfromnan" squares for my 3 grand-daughters. I have not seen my twin grand-daughters as of yet, they're still pretty new, 4 weeks, but I sure would love to knit them special hugs from me to let them know that they are loved even from afar. My other grand-daughter is 3 yrs old and she already trying to knit with me, she has her own special needles(plastic), and her red skein of yarn that she carries in her purse and when she is asked what is that in her purse he simply says" I knit like my Nan, do you want me to show you how?" I love them all so much :D

Elise Reel

This yarn is beautiful. The colour is positive and will make the wearer feel great. If I won a hank of this wonderful yarn from Namaste, I would make a pair of fingerless gloves because I am head over heals for them.


I would make two pair of fingerless gloves with the lovely skeins.

Sara Sparks

I really enjoy your patterns. If I won a hank of this yarn I would use it to make a chevron headband and crochet flowers to pin my scarf and wraps.


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Maria Petric

I llove the raspberry colored lace zip up sweater. So lovely! It really picks up from today's styles.

Louise Fullman

Well im a Hello Kitty fan already but if i won the skein i would make something for my grand niece Amy she is 12mth old and cute has a button so i need the wool to make her a gift xx

Lori Carlson

this is fabulous looking yarn. So luscious! I am part of a shawl ministry and I can imagine this wrapping my friends. Going to yarn market right now.


Thanks for the Great Patterns I love them all....


This would make a gorgeous cowl. Fingers crossed.

Maggie Henry

Something for granddaughter- she looks awesome in pink... hat?... sweater? decisions!

Rusty Boyd

I would love to win this yarn for my wife to use (or for me to make something for her)!

Peggy R

I have a pattern for a cute shawlette that would look awesome in this yarn!! It happens to call for mohair, so I would love to get my needles clicking, since they've just been collecting dust lately. Thank you for the great giveaway in such a great color, too!!


this is calling to me to make a cowl


I would make something for my niece because I love to spoil her. :)

Donna Anderson

I have a pattern for a 20 stitch spiral scarf that ruffles beautifully. I would do it on a little bigger needles than what it calls for to give it a little lacy look. Love that yarn,

Natascha Crandall

Love the pattern and the yarn. I would use this beautiful yarn for something for myself! I think that only I can appreciate how awesome the yarn is... plus it would kill me to see my daughter drool or spill something on it!


I would knit an infinity scarf to keep my neck warm for Michigan winters!


I love the colours in this yarn and would knit a wristlet, a blouse collarette that I would wear in partner with the wristlet and possibly add some lovely beads for a unigue look. The collarette would fit underneath the collar of a blouse and a lovely eyelet pattern shows in front. With any yarn left perhaps crochet small flowers also decorate the wristlet or a lacy square to peak out of the breast pocket of a jacket.

Marti Majersky

I think this yarn is absolutely beautiful! I would love to make baby girl twisted cable hats, since lots of baby girls have been born recently within my circle of friends.

Lorraine Patskanick

I would make my absolutely perfect girly girl granddaughter a cabled cowl as this color would be perfect with her complexion. Then I would probably go out and buy more in other colors to make the other eight terrific grandchildren something they would like as I think I would enjoy working with it and they are always appreciative of receiving something from my needles.

Mary Brinton

That would make a very pretty shawlette done with simple stitches. Yep, that's what I would do with that yarn!


I LOVE Hello Kitty! I would use this for the trim on a cardi I am working on. gorgeous colour and I love how it was named for you!


I love the pretty feminine colorway. I would make a nice, warm scarf for my mom with this.

Tammy Hempel

The yarn is just beautiful! I think a scarf is what I would make.

Claudia Louise

I love Sweater Babe's patterns. Several of her pattern's are on my wish list I give to family members so they don't have to wonder what I want for birthday's & Christmas. To win one of her patterns and Namaste yarn would be wonderful.

Linda Downs

I would use this lovely yarn for a shawl or scarf for a friend. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

Loren Gaggini

Gorgeous yarn! I just want to play with it ;)


I'm not sure what I'd do, I've never knit with yarn with charms before!


Thanks for all the giveaway submissions! Winners to be announced soon.

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