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Featured Yarn Store and Giveaway -- Holly Tree Dyeworks!

My recent pattern, the #140 Vintage Charmer One-Ball Hat has been a great best-seller! Now, meet the company that created the gorgeous, hand-spun and hand-dyed 100% baby alpaca yarn used in this project AND enter to win one of 3 kits!

Vintage_Lace_Hat_500This pretty hat pattern was sponsored by

Thanks, Sarah, the creator of all The Holly Tree Dyeworks yarns, for the beautiful seafoam green hank that you created and sent to me that inspired and really made this hat so special!

Here's more on The Holly Tree Dyeworks:

Sarah set up her shop after finding it difficult to get good quality yarn for projects she wanted to knit for her own children and eventually set up on Etsy to bring designer yarn to fellow fibre addicts at a great price.  Iusb_760x100.9079344

She runs her shop from her studio tucked away at the back of her 19th Century Holly_Tree3
Victorian House, the studio overlooks the garden and very particularly the lovely old Holly Tree where the yarn is dried in good weather and this provides a lot of inspiration for her work. 

The shop stocks lots of designer sock yarns as well as laceweights and bulky yarns with colorways inspired by trips to the surrounding countryside.  Holly_Tree

All her colors are hand blended and hand dyed by her.

Thanks, Sarah!!  I loved knitting with the chunky baby alpaca. It was incredibly soft and light!  And the green shade had so much depth, it really made the Vintage Charmer hat a longtime keeper ;-)

Check out Sarah's current offerings at,
tell them sent you, AND enjoy 10% off with the special coupon code SWEATERBABE10!

*** And now for the Vintage Charmer Hat Kit Giveaway! ***

Sarah generously sent 3 hanks of the wonderful chunky 100% baby alpaca yarn that was used in the #140 Vintage Charmer One-Ball Hat to give away! HollyTree_Yarn _500
Only one hank is needed to make the hat!

Enter to win one of the three hanks shown:

1) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns like Sarah's.  One comment per person, please.  All comments must be in by 9pm PST, March 10, 2012.  And please also "like" this blog post using the Facebook link below.

2) For members, please post a comment on the Giveaway post in the Fans group in Ravelry. One comment per person, please.  Comments must be received by 9pm PST, March 10, 2012AND please also FAVE this pattern here.

After March 10th, I will choose 3 lucky winners to each receive a Hat Kit: One hank of the gorgeous Holly Tree Dyeworks Chunky 100% Baby Alpaca (I'll choose the color) + the #140 Vintage Charmer One-Ball Hat PDF pattern.

Sorry, the antique shell buckle not included AND winning hanks of yarn can only be shipped to U.S. or Canada addresses.

Good luck to all!

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Congrats to these 3 randomly chosen winners!

Christine, who commented on this blog post 3/9/12.

L2Jarvis, who commented on the Ravelry post for this giveaway on 2/17/12.

kathryn stevens, who commented on this blog post 3/10/12.

Woohoo!! You will each be emailed the PDF pattern and sent the hank of Chunky Alpaca for the kit.  Thanks again to for sponsoring this giveaway!



Kathy :)

The variations in the colors of the yarn due to the hand dying are fabulous!! It makes each item unique!!


hand-dyed yarn is luscious, carefully created by someone who loves what they are doing. provides me with infinite choices to find colour combinations that are irresistable and makes knitting so much fun.


elegance and personality of hand painted yarn is so beautifully done with alpaca wool silk blended or singles

Elen Freelander

I love variegated or hand-painted hand-spun yarns for experimenting with modular knitting like entrelac and mitred squares because of the wonderful way the colors dance…

Angie Goldsmith

I love hand dyed yarn because every hank is a unique masterpiece! Would love to win this yarn & pattern, purty, purty please :)


Because unique is best!

Carolyn Bruns

I love hand dyed yarns because if the depth of color and the unusual colors that come from hand dyeing.


I love handspun yarns because they are special - there's something about knowing this skein is just a little different than every other skein, and that someone put effort into creating it!

Mette Scott

Hand dyed yarn is amazing due to it's uniqueness. You will never get 2 hanks exactly the same, so you know that what you make will be a truly unique gift for someone you love... or for yourself.

I have great respect for hand-spun yarn as I have tried in the past to spin using a drop spindle. Limited success on my behalf heh, but I am amazed by how something hand spun can come out so wonderful and even.

Hand dyed + hand spun = perfect combination! :)


I am in the early stages of my knitting journey and have only recently discovered that are actually individuals all over our country (and world!!) who dye and spin and tinker and generally weave their magic (and TALENT) with yarns! It's been a revelation and as I mostly have only knitted 1 skein/ ball projects it has been wonderful to try these yarns. I don't think I'll ever go into my local John Lewis yarn section again- why would I when these women are producing such beautiful and individual (often one off) yarns. Thank you for the chance to win a bit of it...

Shelley McElhiney

I love hand spun yarn for the beauty, colors & textures that are just not found in manufactured yarns.


I love the uniqueness of Indie dyers- this looks so soft, both in color and feel. Fingers crossed.


I love how soft the hat looks. I have not worked with hand spun yarn before.


I love that you can knit something that's unique. And I think the colors and variations are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win.


Love this hat. It is darling!


I love when people ask where you bought something and you can name a specific person not just a chain store, say: well, the yarn is by sarah fitzpatrick, and explain how you made the item...

Suzanne Shattuck

The colors are so deep and rich, truly unbelievable!


Alpaca and hand-dyed...two of my favorite Things! I NEED this yarn! Am knitting DH an Alpaca scarf right now, and although the pattern is quite boring, the loftiness and the feel of the yarn have me parked on the couch knitting away happily for hours. Would love to add this to my stash!


Just love the colors of the hand dyed yarn. Have not had the opportunity to knit with this type of yarn - yet. What is the saying?..... There is a first time to everything. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win. Good luck to all that enter =-)


I have not used hand-spun yarns before...I really would love to though! I would even love to spin my own yarn, one day! :)

Mary Alice

What I love most about handspun and dyed yarn is the soft, subtle color variations.


I love the variegated colour changes in hand-dyed yarn - I'm becoming such a hand-dyed snob, I can hardly knit with anything else! ;) Hand spun just adds even more character to a finished object. I have a hat made with hand-spun, hand-dyed camel down, and I have yet to own a nicer hat :)

Melanie Schaub-Hayes

What beautiful hand dyed yarns and I just love the hat. Would be a joy to win this giveaway and knitnthis up!

Noreen Hunter-Talbot

I love them because the are always unique and add that extra special touch to the project.


Working with handspun and hand dyed yarn is a real pleasure! It's fun to see the variations in color and texture. I hope I am lucky enough to win some of Sarah's gorgeous yarn.

Christina S

The depth and uniqueness of the colors and the feel of the knitted yarn.


I love the idea of being connected with the person who spun or and dyed the yarn and supporting folks doing what they love.

Suzanne Shattuck

I love hand dyed yarn because of the nuances of the colors and how they blend. No two skeins are alike so you end up with a truly original product.


Beautiful yarn and the little buckle adds a nice vintage touch!


I love her shop. the shamrock colorway is beautiful


I loved hand dyed yarn and supporting small businesses.

Kathleen Kennedy

Love the hat and the color!!


I love the fact that we never QUITE know how the finished product made with hand-dyed yarns will turn out. It makes knitting a wonderful surprise.


I love indy dyed yarns - the colours are so unique! and usually far more interesting than mass-produced. I'd love to try Sarah's yarn!
[ennadoolf at gmail dot com]

Mary B.

I love hand-dyed yarns because they are so unique and the projects made with hand-dyed yarns are just beautiful. I especially like the almost solids that have subtle shading differences...LOVELY!!


I love knitting with hand dyed yarn because no matter if I am the first or one thousandth knitter to use a pattern, the yarn will make the finished product unique and I will never walk into a room and see my exact item on anyone else!

Linda Hensens

Hand dyed yarn is so beautiful to knit with because you never know how the yarn will knit up. You don't know the color changes and nuances will present themselves!

Karen Miller-Youst

I love natural fiber yarn and natural dye. So hard to find fibers closer to God's oringinal design and bio friendly. Many blessing to you for making this possible and sharing so many patterns inspiring others to knit.

Angie S.

I love handspun because it is a true piece of art-one of a kind.

Anastasia W.

With handspun, hand-dyed yarns, it's as much about the feel of the yarn as the colors. I find the colors are more unique and eye-catching. Then the feel. Oh my! It may be that I just haven't knit with enough different varieties of commercial, but I'll take the way handspun yarns feel any day.


they look so lovely and soft!

Elaine Yuen

Love handspun yarn - looks and feels great to knit with too. wonderful colors.

Terri Barnes

Alpaca is truly the best yarn ever, and the artistic qualities of hand spun and hand dyed bring this to the next level. It would be a dream to work with.

Marycile Cortez

I've never had alpaca yarn or hand-died yarn. It would be a real treat.

Marcie Albright

I love the colors of her yarn. I especially am going to buy the bulky baby alpaca to make this hat. I can't wait to use them.

Michele Berg

I love to use handspun yarn, and esp hand dyed, because you know that your project will be full of handmade love!

Rusty Boyd

I have been teaching myself to dye as well. I love indie dyers. They make colors found no where else. It makes your knitting and crochet "one of a kind".

Joyce Maltby

The colors are simple yummy and the softness is like a feather. Thanks so much for the chance to win the yarn.

lisa mitchell

I personally love the color blends. They are original which is a rare find these days. So I get to be an individual because no two are the same.

Jill R

I love knitting and working with hand-dyed yarns. Each skein is unique, and finished project too!

Angie Gossen

I love hand-dyed yarn because I know someone put the time and attention into making the yarn--just like I will do when making a handmade item with it.

Erica Grivas

I love the vintage details on the pattern and the yarn looks yummy.


There's really no comparison between commercial yarns and handspun or handdyed yarns. Luxurious!


I love indie yarns because they are unique...and of course beautiful!

Lori Sutton

Baby alpaca is wonderfully soft and I love the colors of hand died yarn. I have been dreaming of a hat, scarf, sweater made out of baby alpaca since the first time I touched the yarn. I have not had the opportunity to knit with hand spun or hand died yarns yet. That will change pretty soon though. I will soon be learning to spin on a restored early 1800's spinning wheel.

Susan B.

I adore alpace because it is ssenuous and to be hand dyed wow!

Paula Allen

The colors are so subtle; some of the variations defy conventional descriptions. They look buttery-soft, and the delicate little hat would make a very special gift or a treat for oneself. Thanks for doing these giveaways; they introduce us to yarns we might otherwise not discover.

Margo Lynn

I love how each skein is unique, even if they batch-dye. So everything I knit is extra-special!


The yarn is beautiful and the hat is so pretty. I love to get "non-commercial" yarn and support independant people. Plus, alpaca is such a wonderful yarn. I'd love to get my hands on that.

Cindy Luedeman

I love the color gradation of hand dyed yarns.
Thanks for the great giveaway. I love blues and purples.


The yarn is to dye for!

Meredith MC

I love how hand dyed yarns have their own personality and cannot be duplicated exactly. I can feel the care and attention that went into each skein as I knit it.


I love the variations of color in hand-dyed yarn.


It's always a treat working with new yarns.

barbara roske

The yarn looks beautiful and soft.

amber kane

I love the look of hand dyed yarns. The colors are so unique and no one else has the exact same item with the same yarn.

Paula Cyphert

I love the look and feel of hand done yarns. I can very seldom afford to buy them, but I love working with them. I can not use wool yarns as I have an allergy to it. That's where alpaca yarns are great for me. I love her colors there will never be two items alike. Your hat pattern is so cute, it would be fun to make. Thank you for the contest.

Joan Sanning

I like the fact that this gorgeous yarn is made on a small, individual scale!


I love this type of dyed yarns because it makes me feel like the yarn was dyed specifically for me!

Kelly W.

Indie dyers come up some of the most beautiful colors and knitting with handspun yarns make the knitted item look expensive and unique.


I love the unique colorways, and attention to detail.

(Goodstuff on Rav)


Hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn is such a treat!! The incredible depth to the colors, the fantastic textures that spinners can create, the uniqueness that these yarns bring to each finished project... What's not to love??? Beautiful hat pattern - it will make a fantastic gift for a friend of mine who has a bit of a hat fetish.

Shelly Duniphin

This yarn is beautiful! Love the hat pattern, too!

Donna Street

Yummm. Hand spun and/or handspun/handdyed yarns just have a feel and energy that mass produceds yarns will never have. This is goreous looking.


Such a sweet pattern! Looking forward to putting it on the needles.

Sheri Trout

Hand spun and hand dyed yarns just make you feel good about knitting.

peggy connolly

hand spun, hand dyed yarn just seems so luxurous with great colors

Beth Holt

The colors and feel of hand-dyed yarns are beyond compare.

Diana Schneider

This hat is just what I have been looking for; beautiful and stylish! The yarns are lovely as well!

Jeanne M. Sprague

Love the colors. Hope I win.

Essie Bruell

There's no comparing the beauty of a hand-dyed yarn with a commercial one. I prefer them, and I also prefer to support the small, independent business.

Cindy L.

I especially love chunkier weight yarns in hand-spun. The unique character really shines through! Would love to be able to make this hat in the gorgeous hand-spun shown.

Gina Coombs

I love the had dyed yarns!

Knitting with hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn is like knitting with a sunset. It's so natural, ever-changing, and breathtaking all at once. Everybody is drawn to the colors, and nobody can take their eyes away from it. And it's so rustic and nostalgic to feel that lovely non-synthetic yarn run through my fingers as I work the stitches on my needles. Hand-made all the way...

Morag Rathband

Knitting with yarn like Sarah's makes every item you knit look individual and special. The finish looks luxurious and I am sure it would be a joy to wear.


This yarn is just beautiful! I love the subtle, natural colors.

Miss Marty

The blues and greens in the two hanks are wonderful. Almost like the Northern Lights. What a delight it will be knitted into a wonderful Hat.

Juanita Williams

I am taken a back to the flow of stitches of this hat. Love it and would love to be the winner.

Hildie Gallagher

I am addicted to crocheting hats right now and those that don't have, want one !
I would love to make a hat with this yarn that was produced by someone's own hand
then made-up by my own hand, completely a Handmade Hat ! Thank you.

Mary Enck

Just reading about Sarah's studio gave me an image that made my day and relaxed my mind. The ambiance came through. To be in those surroundings and work with yarn would just have to impart tranquility. I believe the product would be embued with that feeling and knitting with it and wearing it would be so comforting. I hope to experience that for myself.


I would love to win this alpace yarn. It fills like heaven. And the colors are to die for. You can't buy color like hand-dyed yarn

Maria Edmonds-Zediker

I like indie dyers because they get to use their imagination in creating color combinations we would not think of and that our "mass merchandiser" stores would not carry.


Hand-spun and hand-dyed yarns are one of a kind. There are no 2 alike and that makes them special to me.

Thank you for the giveaway!


I love the fact that hand dyers can use colours that aren't in the mass manufacturers palate.


Knitting with hand painted yarns is creating a unique work of art that began with the fiber artist and continues through the knitter's skill to become wearable art.


I have never knit with hand-spun hard and it looks lovely. Thanks for the giveaway.

Sarah Eby

That yarn looks so beautiful, soft yet rich color. And I always look for soft nice feeling yarn. Its hard to finish a project if the yarn doesn't feel good in your hands as you work.

J Oakley

Wow, so pretty. I love the variations in handmade, hand dyed yarns. It makes me feel connected to all the knitters and spinners who have come before.


The colors of her yarns are beautiful. I love the subtle color variations.

Andrea Diane Graham

I can hardly wait to use this yarn! The colors are wonderful.

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