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Preview the Three Flavor Delight Cardigan pattern (and enter to win the PDF!)

Malabrigo_Kiana_350 Forgive my sense of humor. . . my DH's favorite dish at the local Chinese restaurant is called "Three Flavor Delight."  I'm thinking it's a great name for this new upcoming pattern.

As you can see, it fits all three of my girls!  And I can't decide who it looks better on (being a fair Mommy at all costs!).

It fits beautifully on my 3-year old (left) and the girly flared fit (A-line, really) is so cute on her!


On my 6-year old (right), it's bracelet-length (but so easily made longer or shorter as, yes. . .  drum roll here. . . it's a top-down design!!!!).  The fit is shorter on her, but the shape still totally works!! 

And then, my-8-year old looks great in it!  The same sleeves are more of a 3/4 length on her, and it's more fitted, but that's how she likes it too.

I'm loving this design, as I was able to make something that will truly grow with the child!  (And I've got the photos to prove it!  Ha ha.)

The design also features 3 heart motifs running down the fronts.  Two smaller hearts, then a larger heart adorns the knit-in pockets (which are perfect for little girl's treasures and were added as a response to my 6-year old asking, "Mommy, where are the pockets?").  The back features a pretty lace panel that is simple to work.

Malabrigo_Sammi_350 Malabrigo_TaliaB_350 Increases along the sides create the slight flare/A-line shape that is just so adorable on girls IMHO and is easily continued if the length of the cardigan needs to be longer.

Oh - and did I forget to mention that this sample was knit with just 2 hanks of Malabrigo worsted?  So, it's incredibly soft, has beautiful color options (this color is called Dusty), and is a wonderful yarn to work with!  No "Mommy, this is so itchy!" complaints from these models ;-)

I've not written this one up yet, but it will be ready most likely in March.

*** PDF Pattern Giveaway!  Enter to win a copy of the Three Flavor Delight pattern when it gets released! ***

Here's how to enter this giveaway:

1) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you think of this pattern.  One comment per person, please.  All comments must be in by 9pm PST, February 29, 2012.  And please also "like" this blog post using the Facebook link below.

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When this pattern gets released, I'll choose THREE (of course!) winners to each win a copy of this new PDF pattern.

Good luck to all!

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*** Winners Announcement! ***

Congrats go to Patricia H. (who placed an order on 2/6/12), Ingrid Lynch, who commented on the blog post 2/6/12, and Elisabeth B. who purchased on 2/20/12. I've emailed the three winners their PDF already.Malabrigo_Kiana2_350

This pattern is NOW available at: http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knitting-patterns/three-flavor-delight-top-down-cardi.htm.




Such a cute sweater. I'd love to make it for my granddaughter.

A Facebook User

The colour really suits both of your daughters and the pattern is really cute and a great everyday a well as being able to use it for school and the girls would have something really different rather than the boring school cardie

Jennifer McLaughlin

This is far too cute! And would make a perfect birthday gift for my friend's little girl :)

LP Starr

The details of the cables, the lace panel in the back, and the purled collar make this sweater a darling project. And the model shows it off beautifully!


This sweater would look adorable on both of my two little granddaughters who are 4 and 6 years old!

Tammy Larink

What a cute sweater and adorable models. I think the name is just perfect for this piece. Great job!!


I have grand-daugther just this size and it would be perfect Terry

Betty S.

This is soooooo cute! A perfect pattern for me to use for my 6 granddaughters, all under 10 years of age. I think I even have the yarns in my stash.


Love it....gotta have it.....so cute......thank you
I "have" the perfect granddaughters to knit it for :)

Susan (sjanova)

Oooh. I have some perfect yarn for this and a wonderful great niece to wear it! So very sweet.

Mary F

This is so cute! I want one in my size!!!


Beautiful sweater on beautiful girls! Would love to make this for my granddaughter and grand god-daughter!

Renee Jones

Love this sweater and I'm so hoping you will write the pattern for adult sizes as well! How cute would this be to have a mommy/daughter combo that will fit for several years!?!?


It would look awesome on a little girl with white dress. The pattern is perfect for Spring. Even with a t-shirt and jeans.

Cinder Kenner

Darling pattern! My 5 year old daughter would love it, as would my 3 year old niece. Personally, I'd like to have it in adult sizes too, for my 16 year old daughter, and myself!


Great pattern - so cute! Lovely little models show it off so well!


too cute!


My daughter is on the higher end of the age range, but I have a 2 1/2 year old niece who would LOVE this.


What a sweetheart of a pattern! This would be great for any one of my 9 nieces. It's a shame there are only little boys in my house..


This is such a sweet pattern. The models are perfect!


Adorable! I know my daughter would love it too!!

Brenda Pflum

Love this design and can't wait to make it for my daughter.

Phyllis G Lederman

This is really cute. I have 3 grand daughters that would each look adorable in it. And I love the pockets!


A beautiful pattern and only 2 skeins of yarn - a real treat
Your daughters are darling too!


I am going to be a grandmother soon and this will be an awesome pattern to have.

Christina B

Your daughters are beautiful and the pattern is also

Holly Bracy

I love this one. I have 3 little granddaughters under 5 that I would like to make the sweaters for.

Virginia Alabbasi

I have 2 granddaughters who are in this age range. It's a lovely sweater and all your girls look beautiful in it.

Forest Perea

What a wonderful sweater, I have 3 grandaughters who although they are only 1 year apart each (2,3,4) they are so different in body style. One is short and chunky while the other 2 are both tall and thin. Nana makes sweaters for them all each christmas. This would be wonderful as the ones that I make are usually outgrown very quickly, although they are passed down. Love all your designs and have some for me with more on the wish list.


Very sweet design. Looks like a great fitting and beautiful cardigan :)

A girl called Pete

I would love to make this for my niece. I love the pockets!


This pattern is adorable! GReat work, I qwould love to make it for my niece!

Mary Anderson

wonderful sweater. I can hardly wait until it's ready for publication so I can knit one for my two year old Great Granddaughter.


I have four granddaughters, and would love to make this sweater for each of them. It's beautiful!

Suzy Griffin

Oh My Goodness! This is the cutest little sweater. My 15 month old and 3 year old granddaughters would love this. The 3 year old is totally in to pockets! I love to knit top down sweaters, but I'm really going to ask my husband to knit this! I taught him to knit dishrags about 5 years ago when he was bored on a camping trip, and he has since graduated to socks and sweaters! He's surpassed my 40+ years of knitting. Good grief!


Oh what a lovely new design and the models are soooooooooo cute! Congratulations. I would be very happy if I´d win a copy of the pattern to make this adorable sweater for the daughter of my best friend (3 years old).


I love the simple, classic design of the cardigan! The pockets are a really nice detail.

doris irizarry

That is a beautiful cardigan... I would love to knit that for my granddaughter who is 4 years old...

Meryl Felds

I would love to make this for my granddaughter


I think it's very pretty and springlike


The pattern is simply adorable. And with only two hanks of malabrigio? Amazing!


What an adorable sweater! I love how one size works for different ages. I cannot wait for the adult version.


This is the most adorable cardigan I've seen in a while. I can't wait to make it for my daughter!


such a cute pattern. Have two great granddaughters. It would be perfect to knit for them.

Ann Marie

I've been looking for exactly this pattern to knit for my girlfriend's daughter - whose adoption was just finalized last month! We've been celebrating her ever since!

Erica Kolatch

Love it - just adorable.... Of course my granddaughter isn't quite big enough yet! (Is there going to be a 4 month size? :-))


This is very cute...so are your girls!


Love it, love it, lovt it! And I just happen to have three granddaughters!

Name Norma Nurse

would love to have this pattern it is so beautiful

stephanieostrich@comcast.net ostrich

Very cute pattern. Would love to ake it for my 8 y.o daughter.


Love the back, it just "pops" ! Any season sweater, so perfect for those growing girls !


What a gorgeous cardigan. I'd like to make it for my daughter very soon !!


I love my son, but patterns like this make me jones for a little girl as well! Luckily I have a few friends with daughters - and the Malabrigo yarn makes this extra tempting!

Nancy McKee

It's absolutely adorable! Would love to make this for my niece.

Vicki Suan

That's a cute cardi for girls but your girls are way cuter!

Janie Holley

Adorable pattern! We have no little girls at the moment, but ARE expecting our 2nd grandchild at the end of June and secretly I'm hoping for a girl, but healthy is all I really want. However my hubby has a 5 year old girlfriend-she has him totally wrapped around his little finger-that would be adorable in this sweater, especially in a color that sets off her reddish blond curls!

Katherine Bauman

This is an adorable pattern. With a little girl on the way, I have been making lots of little things for her. This would be nice to add to the collection.

Donna B.

Such a cute sweater! And your models are adorable!

Granny H

You are so talented. Beautiful sweater worn by beautiful young ladies.

Cathy Walker

OOOOh this is nice - and I love knitting top down! Good job!

Barbara Nana

So pretty. My granddaughters woukd love this!

Pam Smolek

I have 3 granddaughters and this would be GREAT for all of them!

Kim C-W

It's just darling! My little Lennox would be so cute in this sweater.


My niece is 8 and is a girlygirl and she would love the lace and hearts. This is really a pretty one!


I would LOVE to make this for the only girl to be born in our street in 15 years!! Her name is Fleur and although she is still very small it would be ready for her later!

Oh, and you have beautiful daughters!

Emily Kalmoe

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh so cute...would love to make a four generation sweater - My Granddaughter, My Daughter, Myself and My Mother and the color is just marvelous Emily Kalmoe

Lynn Haynes

This is just adorable. My granddaughter will love it. And I love the hearts!

Gayle Cox

Very nice design. Love the little girls; great models.


Looking forward to making this for my daughter. :)


Supersuper cute (both girls and the cardigan :) ). My little one would be soo cute in that one, too!


Beautiful sweater, flows nicely. Love to make it for my granddaughter.

Anne Marie

LOVE the pattern and so do my girls. Rav amchart


Adorable! I don't have any little girls to knit for, though. You should make a grown up version. I'd totally wear that!


it's lovely!!


I would love to make this sweater for my 6 year old daughter - it would be nice to know it could last for years to come!

Julie Witt

My niece would love me SO much if I made this for her!! I love it! Thanks so much :)

Carolyn Thibodaux

An extremely interesting pattern, eye-catching, a lovely sweater for girls. I think the thought put into this pattern resulted in a lovely project. I have 18 grndchildren, both boys and girls, and have knitted and crocheted for all; now I have 2 greats to knit for. The nicest thing about good patterns is that they can be handed down and each child loves it. THank you for your great ideas!

Ann Lemerise

I love to knit top down sweaters. I would like to make this for granddaughter who is 2 1/2 and will be 3 in May.

I can't wait for the pattern to be available.

Jenny K

Cute sweater. Will there be bigger sizes than 8 y.o.? My 12 y.o. would look cute in it too.

Jane Wright

Very cute, the heart cables are delightful.

Mary Ann Martin

I would love to knit it for my 2 grand-nieces


this is a stunning, multi-function sweater... great for handing down! i would love to knit this for my fave wee girl! :) great colour choice!

Sue Barrie

You have come up with another amazing pattern and your little girls look beautiful wearing them. Looking forward to your next creation.


Love the detailing on the back

Elaine Johnston

What fabulous details! My 2 yr old granddaughter has nearly outgrown the current sweater so I'm looking for a new pattern.

debra peterson

So lovely, your girls will have to have a sign up sheet so they don't fight over it! Beautiful color too-and the heart motif on the front, perfect for Valentine's day!

Lalurie Baker

I love the cable design on the front and the lace design on the back. Also love the fact that this sweater grows with the girl!


Love the back detail! Totally cute on all three girls.

Judy Hess

My granddaughter is 3, so this is the perfect time to make this. I love that it's top-down so I can lengthen the sleeves for my tall girl.

A Facebook User

This is beautiful! My little one is 3 at the moment and I would love to make this for her!


So cute and love that it is top-down. Could actually then be elongated when "she" gets a little older and taller! Have a baby girl coming into the extended family this March . . .


I love it! Can't wait for this to come out, I have a 4yr old that will love it too!

Carol Lawrence

Yes! I want this pattern....... and I DO LIKE the fit on all three sized gals....... it's great granddaughters that will be in line for this outfit!


Darling! I'd love to knit it for my own three delightful girls!


LOVE this pattern! I have 2 girls 4and 7 and I have a difficult time finding cute patterns can't wait to try this one when it is available!


Super Cute! My 4yo daughter would approve, too, since it is pink. She doesn't quite grasp that any sweater can be made pink for her, so she only signs off on patterns with pink samples!

Denise Hinckley

Katherine-This is such an adorable little sweater, not to mention very cost effective. I sweater that can be worn for such a long time without outgrowing it is such a plus. Kids grow so fast and outgrow most clothes so quickly that it's almost not worth going to the trouble of making anything. This sweater knid of blows that theory out of the water. And what little girl would not want to wear this sweater? Nice job!!!

Quanda Berkeley

This would look cute on any little girl. This will not fit my daughters, but would look good on my niece or friends little girl.

Gloria Schryver

This is really cute! I love the heart detailing front and back. At the speed I knit it will be ready for my granddaughter to be born in May!

Carol Weisner

I love the lace and hearts detail. I'm new to knitting so I think this would be a great pattern to advance someones knowledge, new techniques to learn while not worrying too much with a complicated basic pattern. Its nice how versatile it is also, with fitting a good size range.

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