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Preview the Three Flavor Delight Cardigan pattern (and enter to win the PDF!)

Malabrigo_Kiana_350 Forgive my sense of humor. . . my DH's favorite dish at the local Chinese restaurant is called "Three Flavor Delight."  I'm thinking it's a great name for this new upcoming pattern.

As you can see, it fits all three of my girls!  And I can't decide who it looks better on (being a fair Mommy at all costs!).

It fits beautifully on my 3-year old (left) and the girly flared fit (A-line, really) is so cute on her!


On my 6-year old (right), it's bracelet-length (but so easily made longer or shorter as, yes. . .  drum roll here. . . it's a top-down design!!!!).  The fit is shorter on her, but the shape still totally works!! 

And then, my-8-year old looks great in it!  The same sleeves are more of a 3/4 length on her, and it's more fitted, but that's how she likes it too.

I'm loving this design, as I was able to make something that will truly grow with the child!  (And I've got the photos to prove it!  Ha ha.)

The design also features 3 heart motifs running down the fronts.  Two smaller hearts, then a larger heart adorns the knit-in pockets (which are perfect for little girl's treasures and were added as a response to my 6-year old asking, "Mommy, where are the pockets?").  The back features a pretty lace panel that is simple to work.

Malabrigo_Sammi_350 Malabrigo_TaliaB_350 Increases along the sides create the slight flare/A-line shape that is just so adorable on girls IMHO and is easily continued if the length of the cardigan needs to be longer.

Oh - and did I forget to mention that this sample was knit with just 2 hanks of Malabrigo worsted?  So, it's incredibly soft, has beautiful color options (this color is called Dusty), and is a wonderful yarn to work with!  No "Mommy, this is so itchy!" complaints from these models ;-)

I've not written this one up yet, but it will be ready most likely in March.

*** PDF Pattern Giveaway!  Enter to win a copy of the Three Flavor Delight pattern when it gets released! ***

Here's how to enter this giveaway:

1) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you think of this pattern.  One comment per person, please.  All comments must be in by 9pm PST, February 29, 2012.  And please also "like" this blog post using the Facebook link below.

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When this pattern gets released, I'll choose THREE (of course!) winners to each win a copy of this new PDF pattern.

Good luck to all!

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*** Winners Announcement! ***

Congrats go to Patricia H. (who placed an order on 2/6/12), Ingrid Lynch, who commented on the blog post 2/6/12, and Elisabeth B. who purchased on 2/20/12. I've emailed the three winners their PDF already.Malabrigo_Kiana2_350

This pattern is NOW available at: http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knitting-patterns/three-flavor-delight-top-down-cardi.htm.



Niki Winchell

Great pattern, adorable models. This will be perfect for my great niece, nearly 3. I usually hesitate to knit for little ones, as they outgrow the sweaters in less time that it takes for me to knit them. Not so with this one, I can hardly wait for it to be available.


This is just the pattern I have been looking for.Need a cardi that will do my tomboy 3 year old & girly 6 year old.It will suit both of them.Can't wait for it to come out.


Another amazing pattern. Makes me wish I had a little girl to knit for...guess I can always make it and put it away in a "hope" chest..."hope my kids provide a granddaughter someday"...lol"

Jennifer S

That is soooo cute. I wonder if i could get my 9yr old to wear it? If not, I have a niece on the way. :)


Adorable! Such a cute pattern!

Miriam Olsen

the sweater is so pretty, it's great that it fits all three of your daughters, I remember my mom knitting me a sweater and before I knew it I had grown out of it and had to give it to my little sister-that was a sad day foe me.

Lucy Hill

What an incredibly beautiful sweater. I adore knitting for my granddaughter and this would be a wonderful sweater coat for her. She really appreciates Mimi's knitting. :) Beautiful job, yet again. Your talent
never ceases to amaze me.

Diane Wantaja

Beauty! I love this lil sweater. I have 6 granndaughters and always looking for another pattern.


Such a cute little cardi! I love it and can't wait 'til March! Great work!!!

Suzanne Edwards

My daughter and I think the cardigan is gorgeous and we have decided I will knit one for her in purple! Love your patterns.

Terri Chango

I love to make little sweaters for my grand nieces. Their mothers think that they are so cute. I keep a photo album of all the sweaters I knit, and I especially like to have a picture of the little nieces wearing their sweaters. This would look adorable on them. I really like the heart pattern.

Sandy Smart

What a cute sweater. I know three little girls who would just love it!
Sandy Smart

Cindy Evans

What a perfect design for growing girls! My youngest granddaughter (9 months old) has already outgrown 3 sweaters I have made for her. This pattern is perfect for her.

Jean McCubbin

What a gorgeous pattern and on such pretty models too. My grand daughter loves her hand knit cardigans and would certainly want me to knit this one.


I don't know which is cuter - the sweater or your girls. Adorable all around! Would like it for me any my nearly 10 year old granddaughter (the 3 grandsons might balk!). Great going!

Beth R.

What a darling sweater. And nice to know that it could be used and admired for more than a single season. I'd love to make this.

Debi Adamson

I can only hope I'll have a lovely grand daughter someday so I can make this beautiful cardigan for her; it's timeless.

Annette Wright

Your three beautiful daughters must be your inspiration for your lovely sweater patterns!
Can't wait to make this for my 4 granddaughters!


Nice Pattern! It would be a great sweater for a beginner knitter as it has some complicated patterning but is simple top down construction.


Such a cute pattern. Love that it will fit for more than one season.

Liisa Martin

How adorable! I love the way you inserted the pockets in line with the hearts. Gives a whole new meaning to pockets in my world. Gotta make these for the new granddaughters.

Terrie Cummings

I am not sure who is cuter, your daughters or the sweaters!!! Nice work, love the pattern.

Deidre Stewart

This sweater is adorable! I have a granddaughter on the way and I can't wait until she is old enough to wear it!


The pattern is adorable, but those girls are PRECIOUS!! Oh my gawd, they make my ovaries hurt, they are so cute!

Bev Patterson

I have never made a sweater. I just stick with things that don't have to fit. I would love to make this for my granddaughter.


What a lovely cardigan, will be perfect for spring. I think this will look beautiful in either a solid colour or a random. I may even have a play with different textures. Such a happy cardie :)


I Love this design! Would love to put my daughter in it! I think it would look beautiful in some of my handspun yarn also.


I love it!! It's adorable and the best part it's knit top down!


So cute! I love the idea of being able to wear it for more than one season.

Charlene Giordano

This is the perfect design for all my nieces that I've been reluctant to knit cardigans for because they grow so quickly out of them! I love it : )


Beautiful Sweater, sure to be a top seller!

Giselle Kerr

This sweater is just beautiful! I would love to make it for my 3 year old granddaughter. I especially like the idea that the sweater will fit her for many years.


ooo...how adorable...would love to start knitting this for my little baby girl

Penny Rico

I am buying this pattern for sure! Perfect for my two granddaughters! Feminine yet functional. I love it!

Michelle Gist

Gorgeous! I have a whole list of girls to knit it for!


This is adorable. I can't wait for the pattern to come out.

Bev Patterson

I love the look of this little sweater. I have never knitted a sweater, this one would look so cute on my granddaughter!

Trailer Trash

How cute, and I don't just mean the cardigan. Love the top down construction, so easy to adjust if necessary!

Angela Haynes

Gorgeous! A must have for my little girl and a new challenge for me!


This is just adorable and would look so good on my 7 year old!

Geraldine Ramsay

I can't wait until the pattern is posted. I love Sweater Babe patterns. Easy to follow, good directions. Look forward to the pattern for my grand daughter who is going to be 4 years old. Also my new Granddaughter who is only 1 month old but in the future will get more sweater, that Nana will make for her.

Roseanne Brewer

Love top down knitting patterns. A cute pattern for my granddaughters...


Thanks for all the great comments!!! Comment entries for this PDF giveaway are now closed. The pattern is off to the tech editor soon and I'll announce the winners and availability of this pattern as soon as I can!


This is a darling sweater......would love to make one like it for my 10 yr old.....why are there so few tween pattern?


very cute

christine jacob

The pockets aqre sooooooo important for the little ones. Room for treasures, lemon drops,garden rocks, anything! I will be making this for a friend's little girl.

Geraldine Ramsay

Love the pattern can't wait until it comes out to make it for my granddaughter, Sadie Jo. She wants to know the little models name.


WOW! It looks like everyone wants to make this sweet childs sweater, and adult size also. Well guess what---I need to be added to this list. I would like to make one for a great niece and an adult sweater for myself.
It's beautiful!


Your girls are really darling, and such great models for your patterns! Thanks for the great giveaway!


This would be perfect for my daughter (nearly seven)!

Dotti Thompson

Love this cardigan-would like to make for a young girl I take to church with me on Sundays.

Does anybody know what M.1 means on a British pattern?
It is not Make one- It is a pattern stitch-I want to make a sweater for my daughter but cannot understand the pattern.

Pat Zielinski

What an adorable cardigan. I have been looking for cardigans to knit for young girls as all the babies I knit for have grown and are starting school. This would be a great item to knit for them.

Helen Lord

This is such a lovely sweater, and I know 3 little girls who would look darling in them (in different colors, of course).


This sweater is absolutely adorable!! I would love to make it for some of the children in the local homeless shelter. Is it available yet?


such a beautiful cardigan for my daughter!!i like the heart cable and the lace band.


Would love to see this adapted to an adult size!!!!! I'd knit it for myself!


sorry, those girls are distractingly cute!!

Pauline Stevens

I also would like this sweater in adult sizes, I just love it! I could probably incorporate it in one of my plain patterns, but it would be so much nicer if you did that for us ladies that love it!

Basak Thompson

I like the pattern, it's so cute!

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