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Cables, cables, cables - make up a pretty versatile and unique Poncho Sweater!

Cabled_Poncho_Sweater2_350Sometimes, I have a love/hate relationship with a design. Well, I am in love with the finished results of this one, but it was a design process for sure! Cabled_Poncho_Sweater3_350

I was very much in the mood for cables (can you tell?!), but also wanted this piece to have the same uniqueness in details and feminine touches that I try to put into all of my designs.

I started with the back of this poncho sweater, and had so much fun doing all of the fancy cable work.  No boredom there!

Then, I did the front (with pockets -- I just couldn't resist!), and joined them together at the shoulders.

Then, I had my "Uh oh, I'm not liking how masculine and fisherman's sweater-ish this is!" moment.  Grimace and groan.  What to do?

Luckily, I still had the lower edging to do and somehow came up with the idea of further accentuating the curved bottoms with a curved border (thank you, short rows!).  The result is a slightly ruffled (yea - feminine detailing!), nicely shaped bottom edges (we all want that nicely shaped bottom, eh?) that are my "SweaterBabe" touches to an otherwise more traditional-looking piece. Whew!

I left the sides open for the true poncho effect AND because this is intended to be a transition piece (as we greet spring and head into summer), I didn't want to overheat when I threw this on as an extra layer. 

I'm very pleased now with the result and have already worn this too many times! Plus, heathered grey is an all-time favorite color of mine - call it my "neutral" of choice - and this one is the perfect heathery wear-with-everything shade of grey! 

I do think this would be so much fun in a bright spring color (light blue or a gorgeous green?).  The armbands are optional as sewing the sides at the underarm or from the underarm down to the bottom would also look great.

And thanks go to for their fabulous Highland Chunky Wool, which I used for this sample.  And thanks also to my daughter, Sammi, who took these photos!  Who needs a tripod if you have a willing 8-year old around ;-)  LOL.


Pattern coming soon!  Gotta write it up. . .

MEANWHILE, add a comment on this blog post and enter to win one of THREE copies of this PDF pattern that I will giveaway when the pattern is released!

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Thanks and good luck to all!

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Debbie Kosiarski

Very nice pattern~! I love the poncho look and love that you can use this for vest, sweater, whatever. I've been looking for something just like this.... and just getting into cables, so that's a pretty big plus for me.

Linda Ancil

This is a great design. It could be made in a cotton yarn also for warmer weather states such as Florida. Looks easy to make also.


This is so cute for that in-between weather that we have in New England.... Great job!


I LOVE this pattern!! It will also be useful for a cool evening, when you are enjoying a relaxing time and knitting - the gentle warmth is there, but no sleeves in the way! And if you are rushing around on a coolish day it will provide just the right amount of warmth without overheating.
What a GREAT concept!
AND POCKETS!!! And Feminine.
Well Conceived.

Irish Red

I really like how such simple changes turn this poncho (ugh)into such a versatile and feminine piece. I don't really care for shawls and ponchos, but this is lovely and different. I can't wait to make it.


Love this pattern. My daughter is in and out of her car all day and in our coll winters this would be great because it would be just enough over a long sleeve shirt

Sarah Dorendorf

I love this cable poncho because it is SO unique! It doesn't really look like a poncho at all...just a very textured different piece that I plan to make :0)


love this! I pinned it already! :D and will be buying a pattern soon! <3

Jackie Holecek

I love this pattern and it would be fun to wear. Hope I win the pattern! Jackie


Absolutely perfect for our frozen north weather! I think this will be great for my elderly mom to slip on. She will love the cables! Thank you for another great pattern!

Jan Davis

The perfect "winter coat" for here in San Diego. I LOVE it!


Love the idea of a poncho, sweater, vest and with pockets!...something that will get lots of wear.


Really cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathie Mayo

Love the possibilites of yarn weights and colors. The design is unique, and I am looking forward to creating this.

Nilda Caamano

Great pattern, sure to flatter any figure!!!


Always looking for layering ideas! This pattern is a great one, with lovely details and ease of movement.


This is such an unusual garment. Love it

Janet Morrison

What a great design. It looks a perfect design to help keep you warm but not get too warm during this crazy weather we're having in Cleveland.

Jacquie Hutchinson

Gorgeous! Not sure if it is the color or the design that attracts me most. It would be great to add to my camping closet as one can never tell what the weather is going to be like or when it will change!


I love the sweater babe patterns I have made a few of them. They are easy to follow and the directions are easy also. I can't wait until this one is available.

Claudia Louise

This is a great piece. Looks very comfortable and I love cables!

Beth Sprague

This sweater would be just great over the jeans I wear all the time. It is adorable.

Claudia Louise

Love this cabled poncho and love the fact that it has pockets. Can't stand clothing without pockets.

Peggy R

This is such a clever, yet beautiful pattern!! The cap sleeves and pockets make it more useful to wear, and the cables make it a showpiece!! Although I know you love it in the grey, a piece such as this is just screaming for a brighter color to show off this wonderful piece of art!! Thank you for such a wonderful donation!!

Alli Barrett

Oh yeah! I have to have this one! It`s just the pattern I`ve been looking for to get me from one season to another ... and will be very popular 2x each year to come! I love the grey, the seed stitch and above all those luscious cables!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine Hegg

This is one of my favorite designs of yours.


Oh, this is just darling. I don't do ponchos but I have to make this. The cables, sleeves and open sides are perfect!

Dorothy Johnson

Fabulous! I would love to knit this for myself and for friends! What a great gift! It looks so classy and also fun to knit! I sure hope I win!!!

Elaine Smith

I absolutely love this poncho!!! I have been looking for a nice pattern and am so excited that you have created this lovely design!!!! Looking forward to getting this pattern and would be even more excited if I were to win the free PDF one!!!

Carol C Godwin

Nice twist on a poncho & one I'd actually wear :)


Lovely design, and practical, too! I would even add buttons on the sides for the chillier, windy days.

Cathryn Wagner

I really like this pattern, especially the fact that there a sleeves in this pattern! I'm also a big fan of cables!

Shelly D.

Beautiful and perfect for Pacific Northwest weather. You never know what season you'll wake up to!


Very becoming! I am anxious to get it on needles!

Cindy S

I love the way this looks!


What a talking-piece this would make; I would feel great walking out in this garment. And enjoy knitting it up too.

Juanita Williams

This caught my eye!! It has a feminine look with cables, utilitarian with pockets and yet rugged I can see this as my go cover up when there's chill in the air. Love it!!!

A Facebook User

I love cables but rarely knit a sweater for myself as the Phoenix temperatures are too warm for one. Now I can have one that doesn't cause me to over overheat. I can't wait for the pattern!!!

Irene Thibodeau

Incredible pattern! I love this sweater and can hardly wait for the pattern release (or hopefully to be a lucky winner of the pattern). Style and comfort beautifully combined - suitable for all ages!

Mary Enck

I will make this for next fall. I love the way it can be worn over a lighter top, either a t-shirt or a light weight sweater.

Carol Cripps

I absolutely love this pattern. It's a great transitional piece, but I would probably do it in oatmeal, or some other non-season-specific colour so I could wear it i (and show it off) in fall, too!

Cynthia Wilbanks

Though I'd already left a comment here, but can't find it. I would LOVE this pattern! I love cables & this would be great to wear at work - cold half the time & hot the rest. It would be easy to slip on & off as needed!

Pascale Perron

perfect for long walks.
this pattern is just what I need to keep my hands working...

Miriam Olsen

I have a friend that is a house mom to about 4 young men with autisim and she has asked me to make her something like a sweater she can wear during the day while caring for these young men. This would be perfect-pockets to keep her things in and not really any sleeves to get in the way when washing dishes etc.

Suzette Hungerford

This is a beautiful, versatile piece to wear, especially in the spring and fall with the many changes in weather! Love it!

Edna Benoit

LOVE LOVE LOVE it. How can I purchase the pattern. I never win anything so getting the free PDF is questionable........would like to purchase it Thank you Edna Benoit

Candy Wheatcroft

The Sleeves add such cuteness and femininity to otherwise a chunky cable. I do love a chunky cable anyway, but this is super cute.

Susan M

I *love* this poncho!

Trailer Trash

Hummmm? Very interesting! I'd like to give it a try, both knitting and wearing. Who knows, I might be a poncho convert!

Yvonne Crighton

Would love to knit this for our New Zealand winters. It is sooooooo feminine but cosy.

Jean Florian

I would love to give this a try. So far, I have never knit any cables, but this could be be my first. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

Carole N.

Love, Love, Love the cables! Such a pretty design! Being half irish I think that it might have something to do with my genes! Great accessory for a chilly day!

Beth Rudo

Great transitional piece. Open side look like they would keep this from being too warm. Love the cables.


Definitely think this would be a great and comfortable sweater to teach in! love the cable pattern/chunkiness of it and the front pockets are a winner! :)

nicole j bideau

I love this poncho its inspirational like always great idea to add sleeves or not lol it is very stylish and femine you trully are one amazing designer thanks for the chance.


I just love cables, not that I have ever knit them before :) This is a wonderful way to allow me to try and master the stitches.
The structuring is divine!

Naomi Bloch

Magical and mysterious - no other words could describe such a gorgeous creation.


I have been looking for a poncho-type garment with sleeves. This is perfect. Your stitch choices are pretty bold. Great looking garment. I can't wait to try it out.


Living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, this would be a great accessory! I can't wait to make it for friends/family.

Lisa McMeekin

I also have never made a poncho but it is so beautiful that I dream about those gorgeous cables!!

Lisa McMeekin

Yummmmyyy. I can't wait!

Tonya Froemel

I love the beautiful cables and the sleeves.

geri actor

beautiful cables! Hope I win this pattern. thanks!


Looks great and fun to knit as well!

Liesl Williamson

FGABULOUS GARMENT I love ponchos with "sleeves" and the cables add so much interest,no way would you get bored knitting this!

Martha OHarra

All of your designs are not only classy, but they are unique and absolutely beautiful. I am really impressed with your work......keep up the good work...must be a great sense of satisfaction to create these beauties....


Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Comment entries for the PDF giveaway are now closed. I'll announce the 3 winners soon!


When oh when will this be available?? I want to make it for a present - I LOVE IT!!!!

Jim D

These cable designs are great. I see folks are still looking for the pattern as of May Fourth. Is it really available now? Am giving up waiting for the baby blanket version and I might buy this pattern and use it for a baby blanket. It should be an easy adjustment. Do you supply Charts or only written instructions with your patterns. It will be a first Sweaterbabe pattern for me. Will it be a matching "Mommy Poncho / Baby blankie"? Maybe?


Hi Jim D. - this pattern is available for purchase at: Or, it is a pattern download for May if you join the Knitting Club. Thanks!


Anyone who are interested in make me cowl poncho and I'm willing to pay you please contact me

Thanks so much

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