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Cables, cables, cables - make up a pretty versatile and unique Poncho Sweater!

Cabled_Poncho_Sweater2_350Sometimes, I have a love/hate relationship with a design. Well, I am in love with the finished results of this one, but it was a design process for sure! Cabled_Poncho_Sweater3_350

I was very much in the mood for cables (can you tell?!), but also wanted this piece to have the same uniqueness in details and feminine touches that I try to put into all of my designs.

I started with the back of this poncho sweater, and had so much fun doing all of the fancy cable work.  No boredom there!

Then, I did the front (with pockets -- I just couldn't resist!), and joined them together at the shoulders.

Then, I had my "Uh oh, I'm not liking how masculine and fisherman's sweater-ish this is!" moment.  Grimace and groan.  What to do?

Luckily, I still had the lower edging to do and somehow came up with the idea of further accentuating the curved bottoms with a curved border (thank you, short rows!).  The result is a slightly ruffled (yea - feminine detailing!), nicely shaped bottom edges (we all want that nicely shaped bottom, eh?) that are my "SweaterBabe" touches to an otherwise more traditional-looking piece. Whew!

I left the sides open for the true poncho effect AND because this is intended to be a transition piece (as we greet spring and head into summer), I didn't want to overheat when I threw this on as an extra layer. 

I'm very pleased now with the result and have already worn this too many times! Plus, heathered grey is an all-time favorite color of mine - call it my "neutral" of choice - and this one is the perfect heathery wear-with-everything shade of grey! 

I do think this would be so much fun in a bright spring color (light blue or a gorgeous green?).  The armbands are optional as sewing the sides at the underarm or from the underarm down to the bottom would also look great.

And thanks go to for their fabulous Highland Chunky Wool, which I used for this sample.  And thanks also to my daughter, Sammi, who took these photos!  Who needs a tripod if you have a willing 8-year old around ;-)  LOL.


Pattern coming soon!  Gotta write it up. . .

MEANWHILE, add a comment on this blog post and enter to win one of THREE copies of this PDF pattern that I will giveaway when the pattern is released!

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Thanks and good luck to all!

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Tammy Larink

WOW. I absolutely love it. I am a real cable fan and this is certainly filled with them. I love how you make sure all of your patterns have a feminine touch. Which is probably why I am attracted to them. I certainly could have used a poncho like this today. We went from 86 degrees and plummeted to 45 degrees, although we had gorgeous sun. It sure is hard getting used to wearing a coat again. A poncho would be just the ticket. Can't wait for the pattern. A free PDF would be just peachy!!

KIm I don't know if I want to make the cabled cape or this one.....maybe I'll have to plan on knitting BOTH!!!!


I love this...the perfect layering piece that is super stylish!!!!!

Abby Finer

I think I might actually stop my other projects to make this. It is definitely a "go to" piece! The pockets are a cute addition too!!


What a clever idea a poncho sweater. Love it!

Jynx Stevens

What a wonderful slate for beautiful cable work and the pockets are such a welcome addition. This would be perfect for all those chilly spring morning soccer games.


what a great novel idea. the only thing missing for me is a hood. i love hoods in case it's breezy to cover my head.


I love cables, but they can get so bulky! The modifications you made to the traditional poncho (the short, fitted sleeves and the short rows at the bottom) really give it a swingy feel and take away the bulkiness. I like to knit special pieces, and this one is special!


I love this! The cabling and the color are beautiful. I can already imagine myself wearing this!

Christina B

I think would be a fantastic addition to my wardrobe, how perfect to just throw on and run to the store when your in and out of the car and the overheated stores.


Oh, boy, I am loving this! Especially since I always tend to get too hot. This sweater has vents! Love it.

Barb D

Absolutely love the cables and the pockets!!! It looks so feminine too!


I could really live in this sweater. Unique! L ooks fun to knit AND great to wear...


Love this pattern, it is so cute and versatile.

Wendy C.

I love this pattern! I love cables and this would be so fun to make! Not only that, but it's a sort of poncho you can wear that wouldn't interfere with wearing a cross-body purse like I do. Great!!!

Willa Schrlau

What an interesting design! I love the pockets and the cables look like fun!!! Wonderful!


I love cables and texture and this has it in spades! What fun to make and to wear!

Denise Hinckley

Oh WOW, Katherine!!! I just love this and Can't wait for the pattern to come out! Cables are my favorite thing to knit and this pattern has so many. You've really outdone yourself this time!

myra michie

This poncho sweater could really make me start to cable again. Ponchos don't suit me and sweaters are too hot. This is great, especially as it has pockets!

Janet Venema

This might be the first cabled poncho I have seen that actually works.

Sandra Vidueira

I really love cables! Awesome

Jeni Stickler

Love thew cables! This is the first poncho i have seen that one can't get lost in..the proportions are great!! Love it!

Barbara Croon

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DESIGN!!! Can't wait for the pattern to bne available- I already have the perfect yarn waiting! Cable work is beautiful!! I've never found a poncho pattern that suits me- this idea is perfect! Thank you!!!


I love this because the cables give it shape rather than the "baggy" look of a typical poncho.

Eileen Eisenman

This pattern is so beautiful, I will be taking up knitting again...

Janice Austin

That is so cool!!! I love the opening on the sides.

Heather Prescott

This is a gorgeous design and I have some stash yarn that would be perfect for it! ;-)

Alice Dyer

Love the poncho! For Texas weather this would be great. Right now we have cool mornings and evenings but hot days. I would throw this in the back seat of the car when I go out during the day so that I have a coverup for the nighttime. Beautiful feminine detail as always -- thanks Sweater Babe!

Jennifer K

I just love knitting cables.


Love the look, enjoy the cable challenge and look forward to knitting it up! Thanks for thinking of us!


I love this look, is it possible to also close up the sides to make an oversized T-top or tunic?

mary devries

Cables and more cables love those. However I really like the sleeves and lack of over abundant fullness. As a semi plus sized woman cables and flair enhance my size and frankly not in a good way. this pattern gives the freedom of a poncho, the eyecatching flair of cables and fits more like a medieval tabard. I am waiting for it to be avialable


Really cute! Just hope its made for plus sizes!


What a great idea! This will be perfect for chilly evenings at the lake. Can't wait for the pattern!

Irene Thibodeau

Incredibly awesome!! I LOVE this design and would thoroughly enjoy not only creating one but wearing one would be divine :) Really hope I win a copy of this pattern, but if I don't I will be lining up to buy a copy - really looking forward to it!

A Facebook User

I love, love, LOVE this design! The cables are beautiful, and the shaping gorgwous!! I can't wait to knit this!!

Esther Sprinkle

Wow!.. this is definitely my kind of garment... a great design.

Barbara Silverman

What a fantastic garment! Would also like to knit it in a lighter weight yarn. Any chance you can offer the pattern in worsted and DK weights?

Beth Moore

This a great design -- a sweater vest poncho... Love it!


I can't wait for this pattern, I love everything about it. I will be making it in that exact same heathery grey!

Shannon Notestine

I love this pattern and the fact it has pockets! I have just discovered cables and how much fun the are, they're like potato chips you can't just eat (do) one. The cap sleeves make sure that the poncho doesn't shift or turn. Brilliant! It's a georgous design with fantastic funtionality

Jerry Cote

Love this, because, unlike a cape, when you lean down or forward, it won't all slide forward and hang awkwardly around your neck! Very versital and can see it in so many colors.


love the idea of doing it in a bright green or blue..might have to sew up the sides to!

Kathy A.

You had me at 'pockets' or was it the grey?! Truly an easy to wear design with that 'wow' factor when people ask, ' did you made that?' I don't understand why you ever thought it was manly.


I love all of your patterns, but this poncho is truly unique! Can't wait until you publish the pattern :-)

Lynne in NM

I love the style of this sweater. I have steered clear of cables, but this one is drawing me.


I love sweaters with cables, and I love knitting cables. This is a great looking sweater!


Georgeous! Very clever and innovative design. Love it!

Barb Boran

Not much more to say. Wonderful pattern!


Honestly, this is a lot more wearable than a poncho. Great pattern!


Love all the different cables, grey looks great...but want to make it in green!
Can't wait for the pattern to come out, since we go into New Zealand winter it would be a perfect layering piece.


Love, love, love it!


Love it! Another to add to the list!


Gorgeous, textured yet feminine


Youare incredibly talented and innovative! Fashion Star!! I love this

A Facebook User

Very cool pattern. Love the cables and pockets!


Oh my, yet another gorgeous design! This a completely unique design, I've never seen anything like this, and you just know it will be a dream to knit, like all the sweaterbabe patterns....

Leith Davis

Please write the pattern soon!! Love it, and it is perfect for our antipodean autumn into winter season. Can't wait to knit it and wear it

Carol Zid

Love the design, can't wait until the pattern comes out.

Nina G

Love, love, love it!!! Can't wait to get the pattern... You always have the most beautiful patterns!

mary knapp-samet

wil love to rry all those cables!


I love the creativity of this design. My daughter in law has been asking me for a poncho/cape design. She lives in Colorado and always has to layer. When will the pattern be available. I do agree an optional hood would be nice.


Perfect little piece - looks like it will be super flattering on many body shapes.
Thanks for sharing your talents!

Diane Rhodes

Nice! Loos ver comfy

Jenni Noble

Really like all the cables and other features, but I'm thinking I might sew up the side seams so it's more like a vest.

Beth Rudo

I love the cables, and that the sides are open so the wearer will not be so likely to overheat while wearing it.

Lorraine T

Lovely pattern, i like the idea of making it into a short poncho!

Stella Jennison

I love this! Stylish and practical - especially for our UK autumns!

Linda Rumsey

Gorgeous cables - enough to make me want another poncho - always said never again after I knit one in the 70s!

Jean Florian

This would look so good on me! I have never knit cables, but I would love to try them on this pattern. My office is always cold in the winter, and this looks like it would be just the ticket to wear over another top. With the short sleeves, my messy desktop would not be scattered all over the place while I work.

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

I do love working on intricate cably patterns! I recently dug out a poncho I knit in the 70's and had been wearing it on cool morning walks with the dog and had been enjoying the ease of it, the poncho like aspect of this is intriging. Would love to win the PDF!

Joanne Rushton

I love this one! It will be great for season changes plus those really cold mornings when I don't want to turn up the heat.

Louise Lindsay

Great design! I love it and it will be perfect for our weather here on the coast of Nova Scotia. When will the pattern be available?


This is beautiful! I want to make one for myself, and I know of at least 3 people who will want it too after I wear it for the first time! (may tell them to make it themselves, depending on how long those cables take me :) Can't wait til the pattern comes out.

Susan wilson

Great design....looking forward to seeing the pattern. Perfect transition piece!

Rachel Wilson

Wonderful pattern - a three season piece of clothing. What more could you ask for!

Audrey Druzynski

would like to make this


I love this idea!!!I'm looking forward to making this, hope I win! =)

Karen Netzband

Wow, and did I see pockets?

Cynthia Hoskey

Love it! I am a huge fan of ponchos and this is a wonderful variation.

A Facebook User

That is a stunning and useful pattern for sure


I like it!


never seen anything quite like this before - love it - want it - need it!


I love the look of this and can't wait for the pattern, looks like loads of fun to knit.


Classic with a twist! Oh so chic. Fun to knit with all the cables and elegant to wear. Modern and sophisticated garment; better than a sweater, poncho or vest. Destined to be a favorite for years!

Wendy Ritchie

I love this. If I made it it is likely that I would never take it off! Please let me win a copy of the pattern!


I love this! I've been wanting a poncho since the day I picked up the needles, but haven't found one that has to cool ease of a poncho with a feminine shape. can't wait for this pattern release!

Anna Fuhrmann

This pattern rocks!! I love that it is so textured and cabley, and yet loose at the sides and easy to wear. If I dont win this pattern I will buy it!!! hope to win tho...such a great design!


Great new idea. For someone who is warm most of the time it is just the correct amount of coverage for this time of year.

A Facebook User

The look of a cabled sweater without the bulk because of the open sides. I love it. Definitely an item to throw on to chase the chill.


I likey!


I love this pattern and am looking forward to starting it as soon as it's available. I've never seen anything else like it.

Barb Boran

i love this

Debby H

I love the look of this poncho. Thank you for your beautiful designs.

A Facebook User

i love it an interesting mix of stitches so practical and modern :)


Those cables are beautiful. They look good enough to eat.


Am really looking forward to making this garment. Hope to be wearing it by autumn.

Julie Witt

Not to get too personal but this may be the perfect garment for women "of a certain age". Just flip it off when the internal combustion unit kicks in! Lovely design!


Wow!!!! Just what I have been looking for, for my long country walks, the design reminds me of branches overlapping one another - a nice country feel to it.

Megan Hall

I am usually not a poncho fan but the sleeves just make this look so classy. Love it!

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