Cables, cables, cables - make up a pretty versatile and unique Poncho Sweater!
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Preview the upcoming Malabrigo Luxe Blanket knitting pattern

Malabrigo_Cable_Blanket3_350The softness of Malabrigo Merino Worsted yarns just lends itself beautifully to cables and blankets!

I was itching to knit something a little challenging stitch-wise, but simple in shape.  Well, here it is! Malabrigo_Cable_Blanket2_350

This is a baby blanket-sized (or a great lap-size) project that features a glorious cable design that was challenging (in terms of paying attention vs. watching a TV show that was too involving!), but so well worth the effort!

I'll be writing up this pattern soon, and probably including an adult-sized version in the pattern for those of you with more ambition and time on your hands than me!


Let me what you think of doing fancy cables and what shows you can't watch (ha ha) when focusing on your knitting?!

** May 29th UPDATE **
The #150 Malabrigo Luxe Cabled Blanket pattern is now available!



I love a good fancy cable, and tend to brilliant watch shows with a lot of action or visual gags while knitting just to complicate things.

Tammy Larink

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I just finished a wedding blanket entitled "Twining Trees". The twists and cables were fun, however, you are right. Don't watch an involved TV show. I tried watching BBC's Sherlock Holmes series and that didn't work out at all. I ended up watching an episode again and taking a few rows out of my work because of mistakes.

I can't wait to try this one. I absolutely love trying new stitches on blankets. I am so excited!!


I absolutely LOVE it!!! Truly gorgeous!!! Can't wait for the pattern...and would seriously consider making the adult version!! As for watching t.v. while knitting way....LOL. Not for me!


I can't wait for this pattern to come out! A great baby shower gift for grandchildren, truly a heirloom blanket.

I just finished working a heavily cabled sweater and I can't tell you how many times I looked up to realize I had missed an entire episode of some favorite show. Thankfully DVR means that I could start it over again at the beginning as many times as I needed to... but yes, heavy cables & tv watching is challenging.

A Facebook User

I love those cables. I would make a baby and adult version.


Oh, how beautiful! Can't wait for this one. I'm doing shawls & lapghans for cancer patients & this would be great for the the men/boys.

As far as what shows I couldn't watch while cabling this, probably "Lie to Me". I've learned a lot from that show - ask my husband! :-)

Debbie Blundell

Beautiful!! Looking forward to the pattern!!

Hudson Boyce

Yes, yes! I want to make it. I don't watch a lot of TV but have enjoyed the new show 'Person of Interest'.


that is AMAZING! those cables are awesome.


Can you PLEASE make this a free pattern? I just love it!!!!!

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Wow! This must be change into a free pattern. I do really love it! Thank you for sharing this to us! :)

Jim D

Just got a link to this from my Daughter-in law who is expecting in July. She is wondering if Pop-Pop would make this for the new baby. I love cable-work but it should be done soon befor I become too senile to remember what row I'm on. She said she would provide the material. I will see if she gets PINK or Blue which should be a good clue as to Gender. she will probably fool us by going yellow or green to keep us guessing.
Hope to get your pattern soon. I should get it done before Winter.


Please, please, please write instructions for an adult version of this blanket. I am in LOVE with this design and simply need this beautiful creation to keep me warm on a cold winter's day :)

Jim D

Haven't done ARAN work for awhile. Started working some practice panels froma a borrowed aran book. Please publish the pattern soon. the baby is due in July. Thanks for your website and links from Ravelry.

Lynn Ferguson

I absolutely LOVE this blankie!!! And I'm addicted to wonderful malabrigo please, please DO give us the pattern!! :)

Irene Hutchison

I not only made the mistake of trying to do cables while watching TV, I was also in the dark! My mother-in-law likes the room dark, I THOUGHT I could knit okay. Needless to say, I ended up taking about 30 rows off :(

Emily Kalmoe

Any update on when the pattern will be available ???? Yes I know I am out of control on this one.....Emily


Hi Emily! The pattern will be released early next week! If you prefer not to wait, it is May's pattern download for the Knitting Club members ($7.99/month) along with the Cabled Poncho Sweater. Details on joining the club at at

Jim D

I couldn't wait. I bought your CABLE-Y good Poncho patern and have been practicing on the panels that you designed for that and am using those elements to make a baby blanket.. I may make the poncho next so that baby and MOMMY will have matching CABLES. That if I am not too burned out by tome I finish the blanket. I am moving forward with great enthusiasm. By the way it looks like a great design and your charts for the panels are super easy to use. MORE CLEAR than most I've looked at. Your SYMBOLS are very intuitive.
Thanks for really good charts.

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