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Lush Scarflette Knitting Kit Giveaway!

*** The #147 Lush Pull-through Scarflette Kit Giveaway! *** Lush_Scarflette4B_350

2 hanks of Classic Elite Lush AND some well-deserved knitting time will produce this great gift knit!

Enter this giveaway and maybe you will be the lucky winner chosen to receive this Knitting Kit!

Here's how to enter this giveaway:

1) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about knitting quick gift projects like this scarflette.  One comment per person, please.  All comments must be in by 9pm PST, May 25th, 2012.  And please also "like" this blog post using the Facebook link below.

2) For Ravelry.com members, please post a comment on the Giveaway post in the SweaterBabe.com Fans group in Ravelry. One comment per person, please.  You MUST be a member of the Group to be eligible to win. Comments must be received by 9pm PST, May 25th, 2012AND please also FAVE this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here. Lush_Scarflette2B_350

After March 25th, I will choose ONE lucky winner to receive a Scarflette Kit: Two hanks of the gorgeous Classic Elite Lush yarn in the Vintage Blue shade I also used in the sample + the #147 Lush Pull-through Scarflette PDF knitting pattern.

Good luck to all!

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*** June 18th update ***

And the lucky winner is. . . Lynn Delahunty, the lucky knitter who entered this giveaway by posting a comment on this blog post on May 9th.

She won the Lush Scarflette PDF pattern, plus the 2 hanks of Classic Elite Lush yarn in Vintage Blue so she can knit the scarflette as shown here. Woohoo!


Kris C

I love quick projects because it allows me to get last minute gifts done, and it's pretty instant gratification too! :)

Karen Davis

Even quick projects make beautiful gifts!!


This is beautiful! I like to knit quick projects like this and keep them on hand to give as gifts.

Sharon Michalove

Quick knits are my basic go-to patterns. I never have enough knitting time.


Small projects like this one are a great way to share handmade gifts with those who appreciate them without committing weeks or months to a project.


Quick knits are finished knits!


This is a much more glamourous version of an old basic pattern - quick to knit but full of charm.

Zannee C

It's beautiful. Just learning to knit. This would be a wonderful project.

Susan B.

Nothing like a homemade gift. I try to give homemade gifts whenever I can.

Tracy Dickerson

They make brilliant gifts; especially for putting smiles on peoples faces when they need it most.

Joni Huddleston

lovely scarf

Tara Irwin

Quick projects like this one are not only fun but an awesome way to show your talent!


Classic style

Anne Marie

beautiful pattern! beautiful yarn! Rav amchart


With 4 kids, 4 dogs, 5 acres and 17 alpacas, quick projects are my saving grace. I can take them everywhere, to all the kids activities. I have 3 or 4 project bags that I can just grab and go when I'm running out the door.


I love that little projects come together so quickly - it's so gratifying to have something out of "nothing"! Thanks for the giveaway offer!

Karen Johnson

I love quick projects like this because I am always knitting my gifts at the last minute and often give them with the needles still attached. But my friends don't mind especially when the gift is this pretty.


I am always so inspired to knit and crochet when I see your beautiful yarns and patterns. Just love the quick knits. What a wonderful gift to give with such beautiful yarns. Thank you SweaterBabe.


I like little quick projects like this one because they I can work on them while I sit and listen to a recorded book with my husband who is confined to a nursing home.


Aewsome quick projects keep me motivated to get it finished.


What a beautiful and quick project! Thanks for the chance to win!

Rusty Boyd

I love being able to get something done quickly for someone who deserves a little something special. Thanks for the chance to win.

Granny H

I love quick knit projects. This one, with the chosen yarn, looks like it would be fun to finish.


I am a last minute type person, so quick gifts are perfect for me and I love scarves, so this would be a doubley wonderful prize

Diane B

I love quick projects that use interesting stitches like this one! A great learning/teaching project - count me in!


Love this scarf because of the many different stitches involved. I also truly love that blue color.


I am such a knitting fiend, I love to make things for everyone I know and quick patterns allow me to do more, faster! Plus, the scarf is beautiful!


what a lovelky little scarf...great bonus that it's small enough to be a quick knit.
Thanks so much for offereing it.

Laurel C.

I love quick knits - they are instant gratification and this one looks super soft and cozy!

Lynda Franczek

I like to knit quick patterns in between the other challenging projects I am knitting...sometimes the mind and fingers need a little break...this pattern is both quick and lovely!

Debbie S

Quick knits are fun to make and such nice pick me ups to encourage and keep me going on the larger, more intricate projects - and an added bonus when they are like this gorgeous little scarfette - going to have to make a few of these!

b schwarz

This scarf looks so lush and cozy. What a great gift for a special friend or even for me!!!!!


How beautiful! The yarn looks so soft, just the type I'd want close to me!


Quick gifts like this are great because they are still special handmade items the recipient will treasure but easy for me to whip up in time for a birthday or other gift-giving occasion!

Kristen G-I

I love quick knit gift projects to try out new techniques.

Kyle Smith

I am a serial knitter (many projects in various stages !) keeping a smaller project on the needles keeps the momentum going and the boredom down! Love the scarflette.


I love quick knit gifts. Giving someone something handmade is a great feeling.


Quick projects using special yarn make a unique gift without getting bored with the knitting process. The gift looks like you spent hours on it yet you can be done with it and on to another wonderful gift.

Lorrie Bastian

Lovely pattern and beautiful yarn! Would look great with the "Bling Bling" sprinkled in my hair, LOL. Creating something beautiful to wear is so rewarding. Thank you for the chance to win...PICK ME!


Simple, elegant, beautiful!

Joyce Skogen

I love to surprise a friend with an unsuspected gift as a morale booster. This lovely scarflette would be perfect!

Janie Holley

I like quick projects not only for gifts, but also for charity. Even those in need like to have pretty thing such as this lovely scarflette! I would choose a more easy to care for yarn, but it would be great to keep tucked in a pocket.

Mary Saunders

I like to knit quick gift items like the Lush Scarflette because I can try out yarns, patterns, and techniques and still end up with a great gift for a dear friend.


Oh what a lovely scarflette and color! This would make such a great quick gift!

Gayle Cox

I love this yarn. I made a cowl of it and it is beautiful


I love making gifts, and this would be perfect for a coworker at Christmas.


I make hats and scarves for the "Mission Services" clients and love to have new patterns to make the knitting interesting.

Betty Stenrose

I like small project because they are easy to travel with and quick to get done. You can get alot of small gifts done in a small amount of time.

Terri Sue

i seldom buy gifts. i just started knitting last year and i am trying to enlarge my small project pattern stash. i also embroider, tat, machine and hand sew. i'm still so slow with my knitting that if i give somthing to some one its going to be a washcloth. i'd love to try this scarflette and i already know who would receive it. thank you for the chance.

Trisha M

quick knits are awesome for around the holidays, i tend to start everything at the last min, i get things done quickly and everyone gets a gift!


I like quick knits like this for gifts and who wouldn't like a pretty scarf. I really like the blue color too and the yarn looks scrumptious!


I love quick projects because as a newish knitter part of the fun is starting and seeing what evolves from each particular combination of stitches. And we obviously get there faster with a quick knit. :-)


I'm already anticipating knitting several of these for my coworkers' holiday gifts this year! Have made a selection of hats, scarves previously. A small project is great fun to sit & knit with a friend, so you can visit and compare projects!

Debbie H

I love small projects because it doesn't cost much for the yarn and they finish quickly. Thanks!


There's a sense of accomplishment in finishing something so pretty in a short amount of time

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

Quick projects don't add to my stress level by feeling like another "to do" on the list.

Melissa P.

Small projects are the only knitting I can get done during my kids' nap times! I don't know how you knit so much, SweaterBabe! You must be a Supermamma!

Denise Royal

I would love to try this.


I love quick knits for the instant gratification aspect. Don't get me wrong, I love long, complicated projects too, but sometimes a quick knits is a nice break!


I have three grown daughters to knit for and seven grandkids....I don't have time for long projects if I want to get my Christmas knitting done!!!

Charlene G.

Lushy and lovely! I adore this pattern!!


I like quick knit projects for the instant gratification!

MarieAnge Brouillard

It looks like a nice project to make and I know exactly who would love receiving it! My Mom :)

Amy Fernandez

I love the silhouette of this scarf, sometimes having to knot the scarf makes it appear too bulky, but this is very delicate. It would make a fabulous mother's day gift!!


I love quick knit gifts because that allows me to make even more friends happy with a lovely gift.

Wendy C.

I love accessories, and that is one reason I like quick projects, because most of them are quick to make. I like the faster gratification, and feeling of accomplishment, having things finished. Unlike a large wrap, for instance, that I am working on over a long period of time. Not only that, but they are wonderful wardrobe enhancements that everybody loves, especially when made by someone especially for them. Can't think of anything better than that!

Jan Canales

What a cute scarf! If it's as fast as everyone says, maybe I could actually finish it to wear in the season it is intended for!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry

I like quick small projects to use for gifts or charity knitting.

Lee Parra

I love the smiles and thank you's I get when giving a hand knit item to someone. I need a pattern that I can make up in no time for those last minute gifts. This Scarflette is exquisite and will make someone very much loved.

Suzanne Shattuck

Small projects give me a sense of accomplishment.

Elaine Harper

Love this little project as I am a new knitter and looking for a little challenge. This is just the ticket! Love the color, too - seems to be the new neutral.


This is definitly the perfect quick project for gift giving.Sometimes the big project take days and you are really in the need for something that is elegant and something you would love to get yourself.I love the patterns on this site because you have both.


I have such a big family and lots of friends that live all over the world. Small, quick gift projects help me keep them all happy whilst not breaking the bank on postage and not breaking me through lack of sleep!

Eleanor Tonkin

I love quick projects. This little scarf is perfect for my 96 year old Mother. She is always feeling a draft on the back of her neck. This will take care of that in luxurious style.

Andrea Little

Gorgeous! Quick projects are just what I need - and we're coming into winter here in New Zealand, so this would be ideal!

Carol Huisman

I have three daughters-in-law, and this would make a perfect gift for any of them!

Renee Gunn

I love projects like this because I always have something beautiful that I can put together on short notice.

Lorraine Patskanick

Quick knits make quick pick me ups for friends or family. Since I have a rather large family, none of whom knits or crochets to any extent, I enjoy doing the occasional quick piece to have on hand as a surprise when a loved one needs some cheering up. It lets them know I'm thinking of them and love them dearly.

Paula Allen

Interesting stitch pattern with quirky cables, plus the pull-through design that keeps a short scarf neat, not too bulky and in place -- that and the fabulous unusual blue color make this a kit that would be a gift to knit with as well as one that would fit almost any woman. This is a standout giveaway; thanks!


This scarfette is both very classy and beautiful. The color is most charming and actually I can see Katharine Hepburn in it! It would be great to be able to finish it quickly so that all of my charismatic friends can have one along with me.

Beth Rudo

It's so rewarding to have a quality gift complete in a couple of days. Though with this one, I think I'd be tempted to keep the first one.

Rosalind Hanckel

I love small projects like this when I travel, because they are easy to carry and work on in the car or on the plane!

Lorraine T

very nice short project with beautiful yarn and lovely color


This is exactly the kind of gift I knit for family and friends as I am typically a last-minute gift kind of person. I love the lace and I love the pull-through design. There are three summer birthday gifts I am already planning...

Gina Coombs

This would make a perfect quick and easy gifts for Christmas. I can't believe I'm already thinking about Christmas gifts! Yikes!!

Lindsey Butler

I ride the bus to work and a quick knitting project like this scarflette would be perfect to knit on the bus!

Lynn Delahunty

I love quick knit projects as it gives you satisfaction that you have actually completed something! Whilst plodding on with other knitting projects that take more time.

Anna Fuhrmann

This is a beautiful pattern, and the yarn looks yummy. I like quick knits to keep on hand as gifts, and feel good too about finishing a project!

Estelle Langslow

Nothing says "I love you" quite so much as a handmade gift and if it was quick to make too then that's a little gift to me :)

Corrie Habib

So many times in life there's work and work and it seems like it never gets truly finished...and then there are scarves, wonderful pieces of art that get finished and enjoyed. I'm obsessed! This one is lovely and looks like it would feel so soft...


Your patterns are absolutely beautiful! I'm definitely a fan! Although if I won this (after the incessant dancing around), I don't know if it would be a gift or not? Maybe for me? Mmmmmm.....:-) Either way, it's really beautiful - love it!


This is really beautiful I love cables & lacey patterns mixed together to give a real feminine touch. Great to knit for family & friends.
Thank you for sharing

Liesl Williamson

so satisfying to look at your finished project and say "I did that"

Nicky Herner

Such a lovely scarflette! If I would win this kit, I would make it for my Mom. I just know that she would love the softness of the yarn on her neck!


Quick knits are great for last minute gifts!


This is a Beautiful scarf. Looks nice and soft to wear around your neck.


I would love to make this for my little sister's birthday gift in August.

Julie Witt

I love small projects when I need a break from something complex. This is a very pretty design and the yarn looks gorgeous!

Christina Cote

I love knitting quick gift projects because I have lots of people I want to show my love for (Especially my mom and sister-in-law, who always seem to enjoy the hand knit gifts I give them so much they almost always cry) but with being a mom to a toddler, working on my teaching credentials, studying energy work and volunteering I have little time to knit these days so quick knits are a must in my life right now.


I love the satisfaction that comes from a one-night knit gift that doesn't look like that's all it took -- but also I love that you can spend a night knitting a gift, or a night shopping for said gift, and the outcomes are so different in terms of personal touch!

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