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Lush Scarflette Knitting Kit Giveaway!

*** The #147 Lush Pull-through Scarflette Kit Giveaway! *** Lush_Scarflette4B_350

2 hanks of Classic Elite Lush AND some well-deserved knitting time will produce this great gift knit!

Enter this giveaway and maybe you will be the lucky winner chosen to receive this Knitting Kit!

Here's how to enter this giveaway:

1) Post a comment on this blog post telling us what you love about knitting quick gift projects like this scarflette.  One comment per person, please.  All comments must be in by 9pm PST, May 25th, 2012.  And please also "like" this blog post using the Facebook link below.

2) For Ravelry.com members, please post a comment on the Giveaway post in the SweaterBabe.com Fans group in Ravelry. One comment per person, please.  You MUST be a member of the Group to be eligible to win. Comments must be received by 9pm PST, May 25th, 2012AND please also FAVE this pattern on Ravelry by clicking here. Lush_Scarflette2B_350

After March 25th, I will choose ONE lucky winner to receive a Scarflette Kit: Two hanks of the gorgeous Classic Elite Lush yarn in the Vintage Blue shade I also used in the sample + the #147 Lush Pull-through Scarflette PDF knitting pattern.

Good luck to all!

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*** June 18th update ***

And the lucky winner is. . . Lynn Delahunty, the lucky knitter who entered this giveaway by posting a comment on this blog post on May 9th.

She won the Lush Scarflette PDF pattern, plus the 2 hanks of Classic Elite Lush yarn in Vintage Blue so she can knit the scarflette as shown here. Woohoo!


Virginia Harrison

I would be very proud to give this "small" gift. It's lovely!

MaryAnn Armbruster

I love small projects because they give me a break from more complicated ones, and because they are good to carry. I knit in public regularly. And I know just who who will get this one. She will love it!

Jane Dohrmann

Pull through scarves are so fun to make and get such wonderful compliments when worn...


I love quick projects like this because it's almost like instant gratification. I can make many more projects much more quickly. BTW, this scarflette pattern is beautiful and I faved it on Ravelry.

Wendy Mosier

I'm a newby knitter so quick projects build my confidence and help me create gifts from my heart and hands. This scarflette is gorgeous!

Sally Richardson

Quick projects are a great "tote bag knit" that I can take to work with me and get a few rows done at lunch, etc. I keep something going all the time this way. I can enjoy a luxury yarn by doing an elegant small scarf or mitts, even though I can't afford to do a larger project. This kit would make a wonderful gift for my Mother and enhance her beautiful blue eyes!


Gorgeous and would work up so quick.


I luv making small projects and giving them to the people I luv ....i usually do wash cloths but have been thinking to make something different to xmas gifts or bday....


Always looking for quick, fun patterns to enhance my wardrobe--and as gifts for birthdays and holidays!


What I love? - Easy knitting after a very long day at work and the instant gratification of quick finishing - an last but not least - quick last minute gifts!!

wendy friend

I love this pattern because you get a lovely piece complete without being a really advanced knitter..i am just starting out but i can make this and it is such an encouragement to grow to get better...i love the yarn too..so feminine and soft..stylish!! this is NOT your grandmothers scratch wool!!!


This pattern is so beautiful, not your regular scarflette! It has a french flair that I adore! It would make a simply wonderful gift (after I make one for me!)!!!!!

Lisa W.

Love a quick knitting preject - Fast results so I feel accomplished!

Marion Poole

My knitting time is limited. I have chronic tendinitis in my elbows and a small child so I can only work a few minutes a day. Small projects let me complete something without getting frustrated. The scarf pattern is so cute and perfect for biking. My other scarves either unwrap or get too tight. Great design!

sara sacks

Quick knits are so satisfying. although I've knitted quite a few lace shawls, a scarf is so much easier - less time committment.
This is adorable! Keeping fingers crossed!

Beverley Riley

This looks like a very soft and cozy scarf. I enjoy knitting projects that are go fast but have a challenge. I enjoy kitting my gifts. Love the color and yarn.

Colleen B Smith

I have problems with my left shoulder so I like quick projects so I can still give quality knitted gifts.


Quick knits are a great way to try out a new technique or a new yarn - and I get to give someone a treat, too (or even keep it for myself . . .).

Shelly Duniphin

Quick knits are perfect for last minute gifts. This scarflette is just perfect for a gift anytime. : )

Lorraine Patskanick

This would make a great quick gift!

Margaret Cleland

I love your site and look forward to each and every new posting. You have some fabulous patterns and I dont have enough time to do them all but wish I did. I thank you for what inspiration you give to knitters and crocheters all over.

Karen Miller-Youst

I love this scarf and have been wanting to make it. I made the Vintage Charmer one-ball lace hat. My daughter was amazed that I could finish it in one day. She loves it. My other daughter has a two year old and new twins. My best friend has 8 kids and one the way. I always have to make something for all of them. I work full time so love quick knits so I can get them all made. I love your site and all your patterns. Thanks so much.


It is always fun to knit something quick for a gift! This scarf would be such a lush and lovely gift to give. I love your patterns!!!

Bee Lazarow

I love the instant gratification of a quick project. And smaller is good during the warmer summer months.

Denise Hinckley

To be able to give such a beautiful gift that takes so little time to make is a very fulfilling thing. This scarf is so beautiful and I can think of several people who would love it-not to mention Lush is such a gorgeous yarn-so soft and warm.


Quick knits like this are both beautiful and functional. Plus they make you feel accomplished because you actually finish it (unlike many of my other projects). ;-)

Margaret Clark

I like the color of this scarf.lovove doing cable and small projects.


We travel quite often and I like to take quick, fun projects like this to work on.

Helen Lord

This scarf would delight my youngest daughter and be a project that I would have a chance of finishing quickly. I am always on the run, and even the smallest projects take me far too long. This scarf looks so pretty and would be soft and warm as well!

Yvette Wilson

I would love this scarflette because I actually might get to finish it before Christmas, so i could give it as a gift. Tho I just might want to keep this one for myself. It's just my color and the pattern is beautiful as are most Sweater Babe's patterns.

Pamela Narveson

I love scarves that will snug around your neck! And this combo of pattern and yarn looks positively yummy! And sometimes a nearly instant gratification project is just the tonic a knitter needs when working a large or difficult project! Thanks for the chance to win!

Ann Marie

I love gifting items that are hand-made as they can be customized to each recipient which makes for unique items which are always well received. This scarflette would be ideal for my daughter but i'm sure once she wears it there will be requests from her cousins.

Jennifer Hoffman Gessler

Something about knitting little gifts like scarves and hats, playing with cool pattern and texture, and feeling wonderful yarns between my fingers...it's like instant therapy. One of my favorite, favorite passtimes! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to try out this beauty! :)


Quick but exquisite patterns like these are my favorites for gifts. They are also great for take-along projects to do while waiting for appointments, soccer practice, etc.

Kathy A

I love quick projects - those are the ones that I often make for myself!!!


Very pretty pattern and colour!

Carie Jones

The above scarf is beautiful!

I love working with my hands and giving away what was created. There is much satisfaction too, in seeing the improvements made over time.


I like quick to finish projects due to my long work hours, ohterwise I feel I never get any projects done. I also like them for trying out new stitches or new techniques.


I'm always attracted to innovative designs and this one fits the bill.Love the soft and fuzzy look to it too. hhhmmmmm :-P

Kelly A.

I love fast, pretty knits...and although it would make a great gift, I would so keep this for myself. The pattern and the shade of yarn is beautiful!

Doris Acre

Small projests are always nice but more so when the weather gets warmer and you still need to pick up those for relaxation.


I love quick projects like this scarflette because they are "quick gratification" and in the case of this scarflette, it is a beautiful item that looks like it took a long time to make but takes very little time. Very nice!

Jynx Stevens

Small projects let me indulge is some luxury yarns I might otherwise miss. I love including a beautiful, handmade item in a yarn swap or just surprising a friend.

Cathy Henry

I am a scarf-aholic! They are my go-to projects when I am stash busting and when I want to give gifts to friends and family members. I think I always give scarves because I LOVE wearing them myself and have quite a collection just for me!


I love simple yet unique hand made gifts. The Lush Scarfette definitely fits that description perfectly! Anyone can make or buy a scarf but a Scarfette? It will be that little something any recipient will remember (including me!!!).

Lynda Schwechtje

I like knitting small projects like this beautiful scarflette because they are portable, the pattern is usually easy to remember, and it doesn't take a lifetime to finish!

Diane Rhodes

I made this and gave it to my assistant for christmas. She loved it! Very gratifying.

Carlene Bishop

I like to crochet or knit while watching TV after I get off work. Also nice gifts for family that they enjoy.


I love beautiful projects like this one! My daughter, daughters-in-law, and granddaughters total 12 beautiful women and girls. It's a challenge to knit gifts for all of them and still have time left over to knit for other family members and friends. This is a lovely design and wonderful yarn!


This looks like a breath of spring on a cold day to keep you warm and looks easy to make.

Debbie Fehl

I just love working on small projects like this!

Donna frederick

I know I just love giving a hand made item (especially one that that looks more involved than it was) almost as much as getting a hand made item....... This scarf is very pretty..

Dorothy Johnson

Low effort, high impact and made in a short time so that I can have the same lovely gift for all my family and friends! This scarf could be it for this year!! Each year, I select a lovely pattern to make for everyone so that there are no comparisons..the yarn and color highlight the different personalities.

I would love to win to get a headstart on this!!


Melissa Torcedo

I got so burnt out knitting so many sweaters back to back that I needed to start knitting quick knits to keep me sane


Giving a hand-knit gift like this scarflette is like giving something of myself.


Put my name in to win this Beautiful scarf. Looks nice and soft to wear around your neck.


Projects like this are great as they are not bulky. I knit as I travel on public transport to and from work and always have people asking about the project I am working on.

Rhonda Foster

I like quick small projects to use for charity stalls and to make as gift as when their lovely every one whants one


I love quick knits. They make excellent gifts and since I knit slowly larger projects end up not getting done because I lose interest. Then they get lost in the craft room! Lol so many patterns so little time!

Donna Reed

Quick knits don't have time to become UFO's.


I like something that is beautiful and quick when you need ato give. Mostly, I have being doing blankets and this will give me a break without having so many WIP


I love to have a special gift on hand when one is needed. Knitting scarves is a great and easy way to give a friend a special treat!

Carol Li

I have two kids under three and time is just a luxury. I love something that is quick and gorgeous as this!

Carol Katz

What a fantastic scarf! I'd love to knit it for a friend that has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me. It looks so elegant yet won't take me months to do. And I know she will appreciate it and wear it often.


I like quick knits for last minute gifts, charity projects and craft show items. Quick knits are also a nice break when I am making large, challenging items.


I love and need quick projects these days. so much has been going on in my life that i am finding it too hard to focus on big or complex projects. Am sticking to the small projects because i can complete them and then have something to feel good about.


I love knitting these quick knits because I get satisfaction out of completing a project and smaller projects are more attainable when I find I am busy with work and everything else life throws at me.

Gina Coombs

I love doing quick knits in the summer when you want faster projects to do up! Love this one.

Dorothy Hunter-Talbot

7 grand daughters 1 god daughter quick and easy knits are always welcome :-)


I like to see quick results ~ I would love this beautiful scarf. Smaller projects give me time to relax between bigger ones too.

Susan Hoffman

Quick knits are great for last minute gifts for birthdays, and I love to make them for sick friends, or new babies!

Marnie Meagher

I love the small quick knit projects because they make wonderful, much appreciated gifts to the people in my life. Particularly fabulous for my 3 daughters, 2 daughter's in law and 20 grandchildren.They are both smart and practical for the recipient.

Juanita Williams

Simply Adorable! I can feel the Lush yarn hugging my neck or see this gifted to someone special. I enjoy knitting with lace patterns makes the handmade item a bit more elegant.


I like quick projects because they allow me to make things for all my family, especially the grand kids. I love making things for others. Also, since the grand kids grow so fast, small projects allows me to almost keep up with them.

Suzanne Faulkner

I would love this

Jacquey Ryan

Knitting is such a great past time and the thing about knitting something quick for a gift is that you can create something home-made for someone in the time it would take you to go out shopping to look for that special gift. This way, you can stay home, create something unique, spend less money because you won’t be buying other items you see along the way and the person on the receiving end gets a piece of you with their unique gift. Also home knit gifts rock!

Dawn Trochinski

This would help me learn how to cable. I've never cabled before.


I love this scarf. I like to do pull thrus for family and friends, because they stay in place. Lacy pattens are so much fun to do.

Susan Wells

I love quick projects because I can see the reward of finishing a gift or such so much sooner. I also get bored or disinterested in large projects and lose parts so easily it's frustrating, I'd lose my head if it weren't attached.

I love to see a pile of gifts, gifts of love, ready to wrapped and given to those I love.

Etsuko Tsuchiya

Quick knitting projects kills two birds with one stone; I get my knitting fix in, and I can make a gift that's more personal.

karen Seiler

I love the way you combine the yarn with imagination as you watch the pattern dance and come to life to create this beautiful scarf. Your color choice is just right to give it the soft look to where you want to hold and feel it. not to say wear it for a long time. it is a scarf that NEVER goes out of style.


I love during projects that I can see the results quickly so that I can do more...

MaryEllen Rausch

I love quick knitting projects..I tend to lose interest if a project is taking too long, and then I feel guilty when I don't finish it! This scarflette looks so soft and like it would be a fun pattern too. Thanks for the opportunity to win the kit.


I love quick knits! I have so many more things I could give to people that way!

Janet EB Williams

I like a quick and good looking pattern. I can keep cool in the summer making gift items for the cool weather

Mary F

Lovely scarflet! Quick gifts = fast gratification.

Dominique GODEAU

Un projet SUPER pour se remettre au tricot en DOUCEUR...
MERCI pour cette belle idée...


A day not knitting is a day that's incomplete! Your scarf is wonderful and just what is needed in Australia as we are comomg into winter in June.

Elizabeth Coxon

It means I can run up a last-minute gift for someone without having to knit all night! I have FMS and carpal tunnel so something small and quick to knit puts less strain on my hands and wrists and actually gets finished in a reasonable amount of time,instead of taking me months (or years,in some cases!)to do. I also love the vintage style and colour of this scarflette,it would go with almost everything in my wardrobe.

Kathy B

I love quick knits as take along projects and in between my bigger projects. They are also great to work up as last minute gifts. I love your SweaterBabe patterns they are well written and so creative. Thanks for keeping us knitters in stitches :)


This is a beautiful scarf, I would love to make it for a friend of mine who has to go out very early in the morning (4AM) for work. I love your patterns and would love to have this one!

Sharon Amador

This is gorgeous. I would love to make this for my daughter-in-law. Her birthday is the same day as the drawing.


Being a single mom, I unfortunately have neither much time nor much money and quick little projects like this are just perfect!!! a lovely scarf and just perfect for my friends birthday - she loves blue!

Kappu Desai

I love to do quick project ac A am always making gifts to people and I am some time able to use my unique creativity with these quick projects
Omshanti kappu


I love to make knitted or crochet gifts for friends and family. this is perfect because quick and beautiful means more gifts to give !! who wouldn't love this !!

Trailer Trash

I love knitting scarflettes and cowls. I use them instead of a bold piece of jewelry many days to add pizzaz to a plain outfit. Everyone appreciates a hand knit gift and with this one, you can splurge on fabulous yarn and still stay within a budget. Gotta love the fast knit time too!

Kris Slader

I love quick gift projects, because they're quick but I still feel accomplished when I finish. Larger projects can become a hassle when they take days or weeks to finish.

Laura L

I love quick knits, because, well let's be honest, time is always a factor in a 24 hour day! And if they are stylish, too? ALL THE BETTER!

Patricia from Italy

I love projects like this because a handmade gift is something very special to give someone you love.

Coral Luke

A 'quick knit' gives such satisfaction and I find them easier on my arthritic hands. Thanks for the patterns.

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