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Top-Down Cardigan Sometimes, a superDainty_Sleeve_Beaded_Top3_400 gorgeous yarn just has me stumped!

What design can I come up with that will allow me to make the most of the yarn's beauty?!

Well, here is the result of many hours of racking my brain to create a piece that justifies the use of such a lovely yarn… Tilli Tomas’ Symphony Lace. The color is Midnight Borealis, which is a stunning shade of purple (or amethyst?) with subtle blue accents in it and lots of sparkly iridescent beads scattered throughout. 

This cardigan is a top-down design, lending itself to easy adjustments to suit your needs. I make mine a longer, tunic length with tiny sleeves so it would layer well oSymphony_Lace2_350ver a skinny strapped evening dress or a tank and slim pants.

The lace pattern is a lovely open leaf design that I'm very pleased with.  The open sections are a wonderful contrast to the more closed center section.

This is a versatile pattern that would work equally well with a simpler yarn. . . ideally still lace weight to really bring out the airy-ness.

Maybe even in cream or white for a summer wedding?

Pattern to be released soon… likely at the beginning of July. Be sure to sign up for my email updates at to be notified of it's release!

OR Fave it on so you won't forget about this one! 


I need help naming this pattern! As you may know, I tend to use long descriptive names for my patterns. . . but this one is defying me.  I can't think of a name that will give it justice!

So, to enter this contest, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, July 6th, 2012:

1) Use Pinterest to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!) AND your proposed name.  * PLEASE be sure you are on my email list, so that when I announce the winners, you can claim your prize if you entered through Pinterest (as I can't contact you directly).

(If you don't know what Pinterest it, then skip to 2!)

2) Enter a suggested name as a comment on this blog post.

Short names, long names are all good!

After July 6th, the person with the winning name will win a copy of this PDF pattern + 3 months of free membership in the Knitting Club!

I'll also pick 3 random entries to win a free PDF copy of the pattern.

 Good luck to all and can't wait to hear the suggestions. . .



THE WINNING NAME FOR THIS PATTERN IS. . . Whispering Lace Leaves Cardigan, submitted by Dianne Shiozaki through Pinterest. Congrats Dianne! You  win the PDF pattern + 3 months of membership in the Knitting Club!

There were SOOO many to chose from, I went ahead and chose 3 runner-ups to each win a copy of the pattern too:
1) Gossamer Trellis, from Loreen O., who posted on the blog 6/25/12.
2) Cascading Wisterias, from Lani Smith, who posted on 6/21/12.
3) Shimmery Midnight Dream, from Susan, who posted on 6/21/12. (pretty name, but when I add "by," it can becomes a bit "adult-only" LOL ;-)

Congrats to all and thanks for a making this such a fun contest!

AND of course, this pattern is now available for all:
See the NEW #141 Whispering Leaves Lace Top-Down Cardigan in the pattern shop!

P.S. This is July 2012's pattern download for members of the Knitting Club. Not a member? JOIN in July and get this new pattern right away as part of your $7.99/month membership!





Lacy Leaf many perfect names. what a tough decision!

Vivette Ashen-Brenner

Rapunzel, because the designs down the back reminded me of my childhood friends long braids. We used to play fairy tales and of course, she always got to be Rapunzel. Katherine passed away unexpectedly this December, so this was a good memory to awaken. What ever you name it, it's lovely!

Wendee Hart

When I first saw it, I thought of Wisteria... Wisteria At Midnight


It looks like a CORAL REEF to me. Beautiful!!


What about "Trailing Leaf Cardigan"


Whispers After Dark

Lynn Norzinskay

Cascade of shimmering foliar
Cascading lustrous foliar
Cascading luminous foliar
(foliar=of or relating to leaves)

Ellen H

In that yarn and color - Stars at Dusk Tunic

Lynne Attanasso

Languid Days Lace Cardigan? It is absolutely beautiful and truly does justice to the yarn!!!!!

Evelyn Van Orden

I meant "Cardigan " not "Tunic".

Love ALL your designs. I'm a designer who uses beads too!


Vine Lace Summer Sweater.


Enchanted Evening!

Monique Oliver-Shaw

Whispering Cascade of Dewy Fairy Wings Cardigan.

Kathie Ladd

I thought of "Midnight Trellis" because it would be great for going out for a night on the town, over a sexy dress.

Maria P

Dragon's Path Summer Wrap

Margaret Cave

How about fantasy waterfall


I think this is "Absolutely Devine" Thank you and good luck choosing a name !


Ah, I love the sparkling beads. Reminds me of dew drops on leaves. Twilight Dew?

A. Charlene Dempster

All suggestions are great...........when I saw the sweater I thought "Moonbeams".


Vining to the Clouds. The material just seems so light, it reminded me of clouds and the vine pattern just makes me want to knit them right up. Beautiful.

Sandra Vidueira

Daphne's tears tunic

Lisa Mitchell



The lace reminds of sea life, so how about Starfish Lace Top or Seahorse lace vest or Coral Lace Vest...?

Brenda (goodstuff on Rav)

Debbie Cox

Dragon's Breath

Rick Martin

How about "Lengthy, Lacey, Viney, Cardi"?

Gabrielle Evans

"I Heard it Through the Grape Vine"... reminds me of the Hamptons summer strolls though the vineyards after 5pm, drinking the finest of wines...with friends or a lover.

I love this piece. Worn with white leggings, silver bling sandals, and dainty up, wind blowing slighty.

Peggy Eagan

Wings of an Angel was my first thought!

Linda Howard

I like Symphony Sizzle for the name.


I think it should be called the "Evening Whisper" Cardigan.I love it - I would make it in this very yarn it looks perfect.


My first thought was "cascading" then "trailing" which I see (by quick glance only) has been suggested by others. I would add "vines" to either of those descriptions for the name. "Ethereal" could be added too. So I guess my idea would be "Ethereal Amethyst Cascading Vines Cardigan" or some version of that.

Ute K

Reminds me of the song "Summer wine"

Upside down it could be "Stairway to heaven"

Karen Steyskal

Fairy Garlands

Pat Flanagan

Swaddled in elegance for the comfort of luxury

Judy Blundon

I would name this "Light and Airy Feather Duster"

Doris Cote

Beaded Tendrils or Those Beaded High Heel Shoes, because the lace looks like neatly paired high heels all lined up at first glance

Gillian Kugel

I would call it a Midsummer's night dream cloud nine cardigan. It looks as if it could float like a cloud. It is beautiful and romantic.

Jennifer B

It reminded me of little sparrows in the open lace work.
I would call it the Sparrow Cover Up or Beaded Sparrow Cover Up.


Summer Lace Cardigan

Sylvia mcElhiney

Tilli's Royal Pixy Dust or Arora Borealis Lace Tunic


Shimmering vines.


The lace pattern reminds me of the climbing flower called clematis, so I immediately thought "Clematis Cardi" or even "Climbing Clematis Cardi". (I double-checked on Ravelry and didn't find any duplicates for this name.)


This reminds me of rows of grape vines and the airiness of it makes me think of the Mediterranean.

So La Vigna in italian or Le Vigne in french for vineyard.


Featherdown.... lace pattern like feathers, lightness in texture, light as down.

Melissa P.

How about "Stardust Lace Cardigan?" Yet another gorgeous design! Thank you for sharing.

Lani Smith

Cascading Wisterias


Briseida is a name that came to my mind looking at this sweater. It looks light as a summer breeze and the perfect thing to wear on a Greek isle waiting for your love. I love all your designs, though I've only actually knit two so far. Keep them coming!


I think 'Raven Wings' is a good name.

Joan Seely

Magical Stardust--it just looks like something mysterious and magic


Morado Postre or

Purple Dessert


Okay, now thinking about the yarn & color, I'm reminded of Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" - but there are (surprisingly) already 5 patterns out there with this name - however, none are cardis or tunics - so Moonlight Sonata Cardi or Moonlight Sonata Tunic might work?

Margaret Nickisson

Simply Demure

donna simkins

I thought of a symphony of gazelle.


"Summer Flutter" - light and free flowing like a summer's night


The first thing I thought of was "Trailing Vines Cardigan". It is beautiful!

Cynthia Streeter

Shimmering Butterfly Wings Cardigan. This sweater reminded me of the beautiful shimmer of the wings of a butterfly in the sun.

Alix B

Fireflies and Moon Shadows--The yarn and the pattern made me think of a summer night, sitting under the trees with fireflies darting around and moonlight shining through the leafy branches.

Laura N

It looks like trailing vines or falling water to me... maybe "Twilight Cascade" or "Twilight Vines" because of the colour!

Linda Peterson

Falling Leaves


Divinity in violet! Its absolutely gorgeous!! I can hardly wait for the pattern......and what a fabulous birthday bday is July 6th!!-Enrobed in vines of purple bliss!!!

Diane Aubry

When I saw this tunic, I just thought it looked so graceful. So, this is not very creative, but it gets right to the point: Graceful tunic jacket.

Bonita O'neill


elizabeth Greene

It reminds me of ferns, so "Fern-a-Lea".


I like Aurora Coast. The sparkling lights look like the night sky over the ocean.

Judy Fox

"Wysterian Mystery"



Geraldine Ramsay

Lacey Midnight Tunic Vest

Cindi Galbicsek

Midsummer trellis

Eli Lashley

I love to knit with beads and that top down looks like a dream! I'd call it
"Dream Beads"


the Paths not Taken

Amanda Katz

Sheer Elegance!

natalie dorado

Twilight Amethyst


It is so light and beautiful, while simultaneously exotic...I think I would name it Borneo or Calcutta.


How about Falling Leaves vest?


I look at it and think "honeysuckle". I suggest "honeysuckle sweater".

tanya marquette

I thought of deer moving in the mist so mine suggestion is: Staghorn in the Wind

Moira Callan

What a beautiful sweater, 'BLUE LAGOON', came to me as soon as I saw it, Moira Callan.

Jan MacKinnon-Loop

'Northern Lights' picks up on the name of the yarn as well as the beading reminds me of the stars in the night sky. This truly is a stunning pattern!

Thelma Schoen

I could see myself wearing this for "A Night At The Opera"

Carole N.

Petunia Jane Lace Cardigan sounds lovely.


This pattern reminds me of tree branches swaying to a gentle breeze. Therefore, I would name it "Swaying Branches"

Janice S

Forest Dew

Mary Matus

With that lovely color and the vine design I would call it "Grape Arbor Cardigan".

Donna Watkins

I would call iit COOL BREEZE

Gwendalyn Taggart

Well I had thought of Starry Night, but someone else already posted it so I will say "Whispering Stars"

Angelique Prahalis

I think "D-Vine Entwined Top Down Tunic Length Cardi (w/Beads)"


Elegant Light & Lacey Beaded cardigan! Thats what I think when I look at this beautiful sweater!


"Symphony of Leaves Lacy Summer Tunic"

Teri G

So beautiful! How about calling it:
Lilly of the Valley Dew Drops!

marilyn koster

Hi - when I saw the pattern I thought of it being a wonderful Fall pattern - so "leaves of Fall" is what I would name it -


Ooo That's Pretty!


Breezy cardigan


Breezy tunic/vest


I would call this "Heaven On Earth" or " Heaven on Earth Divine Lace Tunic" because the reminds me of the heavens and the stars and the the lneaves on the back panel remind me of our riches on earth. It is putting the divine on earth.


Iris Garden Cardi

Julie Stemple

"Fairy Flight"
like iridescent wings aflutter in ascent through the garden flowers ;]

Lynn Craig

Up up and away!


cascade flow

Laurie Nelesen

sway in the breeze

G. K. Green

Wow, what a gorgeous design! I tend toward longer, more descriptive names, so my suggestion is:

Lustrous Beaded Lace Mantle with Heliotrope Openwork Panels

Thanks for the opportunity to win the PDF of this pattern!


It named itself for me. "Estuary" or "Estuaries" if you prefer. It's full of flowing water. "Flowing waters"?

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