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Top-Down Cardigan Sometimes, a superDainty_Sleeve_Beaded_Top3_400 gorgeous yarn just has me stumped!

What design can I come up with that will allow me to make the most of the yarn's beauty?!

Well, here is the result of many hours of racking my brain to create a piece that justifies the use of such a lovely yarn… Tilli Tomas’ Symphony Lace. The color is Midnight Borealis, which is a stunning shade of purple (or amethyst?) with subtle blue accents in it and lots of sparkly iridescent beads scattered throughout. 

This cardigan is a top-down design, lending itself to easy adjustments to suit your needs. I make mine a longer, tunic length with tiny sleeves so it would layer well oSymphony_Lace2_350ver a skinny strapped evening dress or a tank and slim pants.

The lace pattern is a lovely open leaf design that I'm very pleased with.  The open sections are a wonderful contrast to the more closed center section.

This is a versatile pattern that would work equally well with a simpler yarn. . . ideally still lace weight to really bring out the airy-ness.

Maybe even in cream or white for a summer wedding?

Pattern to be released soon… likely at the beginning of July. Be sure to sign up for my email updates at to be notified of it's release!

OR Fave it on so you won't forget about this one! 


I need help naming this pattern! As you may know, I tend to use long descriptive names for my patterns. . . but this one is defying me.  I can't think of a name that will give it justice!

So, to enter this contest, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, July 6th, 2012:

1) Use Pinterest to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!) AND your proposed name.  * PLEASE be sure you are on my email list, so that when I announce the winners, you can claim your prize if you entered through Pinterest (as I can't contact you directly).

(If you don't know what Pinterest it, then skip to 2!)

2) Enter a suggested name as a comment on this blog post.

Short names, long names are all good!

After July 6th, the person with the winning name will win a copy of this PDF pattern + 3 months of free membership in the Knitting Club!

I'll also pick 3 random entries to win a free PDF copy of the pattern.

 Good luck to all and can't wait to hear the suggestions. . .



THE WINNING NAME FOR THIS PATTERN IS. . . Whispering Lace Leaves Cardigan, submitted by Dianne Shiozaki through Pinterest. Congrats Dianne! You  win the PDF pattern + 3 months of membership in the Knitting Club!

There were SOOO many to chose from, I went ahead and chose 3 runner-ups to each win a copy of the pattern too:
1) Gossamer Trellis, from Loreen O., who posted on the blog 6/25/12.
2) Cascading Wisterias, from Lani Smith, who posted on 6/21/12.
3) Shimmery Midnight Dream, from Susan, who posted on 6/21/12. (pretty name, but when I add "by," it can becomes a bit "adult-only" LOL ;-)

Congrats to all and thanks for a making this such a fun contest!

AND of course, this pattern is now available for all:
See the NEW #141 Whispering Leaves Lace Top-Down Cardigan in the pattern shop!

P.S. This is July 2012's pattern download for members of the Knitting Club. Not a member? JOIN in July and get this new pattern right away as part of your $7.99/month membership!





Heliotrope Haze


I would name it "A Little Night Music" because the yarn is Symphony (music), the color is Borealis (night), it is beaded (little). :)

Andrea Burke

It's so delicious and just right for a night at the theatre---"Phantom of the Opera Tunic" is my choice for a name. Beautiful!!

Suzanne E

Whispering Dreams

Gwendolynn Dennetta

Beautiful! I can never find good lace patterns for anything but scarves and shawls. Although I did think of tree branches at first, on second thought it reminded me more of a meandering path through the woods. I think I might call it the "Road Less Traveled By."

Susan (sjanova)

Given the beaded yarn and the almost ferny lace look:

Sparkle Fern


It reminds me of wind shimmering through the pines at twilight on a summer evening just before a storm. How about Dancing pines or windswept pines or Storm Dancers?

Helen G

Love this cardigan! I would call it Midnight in Paris


Trailing Vines Beaded Smock. It's gorgeous!

yvette brown

"breath of fresh air" the airy lace down the spine of the piece gives me a chill up the back.

Barbara McNamara

I think the pattern on the back looks like a "SAX PLAYER"..Symphony Lace.


Since it looks like the Double Vines pattern, I immediately thought of "Gossamer Vines".

Fran Waldmann

Morning Glory Cardigan

Linda Austin

Angel wings cardigan


Light and Lovely Lavender Beaded Lace--beautiful design!

Paula Durrant

I like Wisteria also ... my second choice is "Katherine" ... and my third choice is the name of your dearest friend. That sweater is special and deserves a carefully chosen name that honors someone you love !


Beauty in Lace Cardigan.

Harriet Schipper

"Hummingbird's flight" reminds me of the humming birds in my yard which are delicate and also flighty going first one direction and then the other.

Donya Frontauria

Dragon Dreams... it just reminds me of the ridges and scales of a dragon, and the beaded yarn makes me think of the beast flying high into the midnight sky...

Nancy Aldrich

The lace design reminds me of the flower Bird of Paradise, so that is my suggestion for it's name "Bird of Paradise".


Amethyst Aurora Lace Cardigan

Joan DeWolfe

What a great design!! Can't wait for the pattern, After looking at the total design my thought was - - "HELLO GORGEOUS" Beaded Lace Cardigan.


Lacy-leaved Lovely Cardigan


Whispering Wisteria Lace Cardigan

Denise Carlson

Cool Summer Garden Cover

Beth Rudo

I see vines on the back which seem to branch, so "Branching Vines."

Dawn Bradt

ANGEL WINGS or wings of an angel

P. Joan Gavigan

How about Amethyste?


I saw dragon scales and since you are stumped why not call Mysterious Dragon Walk


midsummer's dream


Bird of Paradise Lace Cardi Wrap.


Congrats & thanks for making such a beautiful piece. Can be named in many ways. Below are my choices:

'Lacey Lust' - a romantic lacey open cardigan with starry shimmer making you irresistable for a candlelight dinner...

'Divinely Elegance' - a lacey open shimmery cardigan apt for that romantic moonlight date making you his princess...

'Lacey Elegance' - day, evening or night wear it on top of any outfit to win that grace enhancing the figure.

Robyn Macdonald

This cardigan/tunic is just "Sheer Elegance".
I can imagine this over a special occasion, figure hugging dress.

Kim Dempsey

"Dreaming of a Midsummer Night Cardigan"

beverly avery

Airy midnight stars

Robin Stott

"Lacy Climbing Vine"?


Délicatesse (in french)


Midnight Whispers

Zeno Losty

When I saw the design, the first thing I though of was "Sea Horses in a Wave" It is a beauitful cardigan.

Laurie Baker

Hi there! What a fabulous pattern. I can't wait for it to become available. How about calling it Wisteria Jewel? It reminds me of those lovely flowers and the beads shimmer like jewels.

sue wentzel

Even though I do not knit, I crochet, this is so lovely. Reminds me of "Tumbling Leaves". I would name it Tumbling Leaves Tunic.

Love the look of this yarn.


Flowing Leaves of Summer

Shirley Cauchi

Delicate Cobwebs!

Barbara Silverman

Light as Air, Joy to Wear Top-Down Cardigan



Peggy D

Double Crick because it looks like 2 creeks meandering through the forest.

Estelle Langslow

I'd call it "Dancing Ladies" as the lace reminds me of my grandmother's lovely fuchsia bushes with their Dancing Lady flowers.

Judy Wheldon

I think this is just lovely. I would call it, floating leaves tunic.


Iris Beauty

April Gay

Beaded Lacy Whispers Tunic


Sheer Heaven, would by my suggestion.

Absolutely beautiful!


Victoria, of course.


Napa's Strolling Vineyard


I would call it "Sparkling morning dew"

Rachel S.

DeVine Waverly Beaded Cardigan

Barbara Adams

My hubby suggested, 'Long Line Train Track.' Not as good as the others, but it does describe the lace front and back!

Barbs Adams X

Evelyn Van Orden

Whoops -- my website is


Symphonic Lace Summer Tunic


I thin i'll call it "Lacy Leafy evening Tunic

Melanie Hayes

Dancing Leaves on the Isle of Skye


How's about "Memories of a Phoenix " (Simply stunning design BTW)

Leanne Pacey

"Divine Delight"

I just love the garment. It is so light and lovely created in a beautiful yarn.

Joannem Johnson

Wandering Wisteria Cardigan


New Flame

Beverl l hall

How about dragons teeth?

Beverly L Hall

Or Heliconia? The lace pattern looks just like a heliconia plant blossom!

Jenni McKee

Oh my goodness you're gonna have a time picking over those awesome names!!! My immediate reaction was: TOP DOWN AND TATOOED
I don't even have a tatoo but will LOVE to knit that to get the feel!!! Love that pattern!

Deni Dunn

Fairie Dust


Amethyst Dream


I think it should be called "Icharus" because it looks as light as a feather and the design looks like feathers going up symbolizing Icharus' flying too close to the sun.

tracey C

"TINY DANCER" - the pattern running down the back reminds me of tiny ballerinas .


Devine Cascade

Mary Bednarczyk

I like "Waterfall by Starlight".

dee landreneau

how about Divine Beaded Lace Cardigan??? maybe you ahd the name all along

Helen Hooper

Northern Lights Beaded Lace Cardigan. Gives a nod to the yarn color (midnight boralis). The iridescent beading further calls to mind the beauty and dreaminess of the phenomena Aurora Borealis .... or Northern Lights.

Stephanie Whalen

When I saw this, I thought of a weeping willow tree, so how about Willow Spring tunic?

dee landreneau

Falling Leaves Beaded Cardigan

Roxie Day

Aurae, goddess of the breeze, fits this so perfectly. The tunic is so airy and floaty.


I first thought of a cooler day or night (after the current heat-wave) some people refer to as "Indian Summer"! Therefore, my suggested name is: "Indian Summer Delight"


Windering lacy dream tunic

Amanda Hume

My first thought when I saw this was DragonWing Cardi.

Lynn Cook

There are so many wonderful names that have been suggested by so many clever artisans. This is a very beautiful creation and the yarn is a perfect choice for this piece. My offering is: "MEANDERING MISTIQUES" or "SCINTILLATED LEAVES COVER-UP."



Mary D

Guinevere - named after the queen of Camelot!

Ingrid Phaneuf

The lace weight yarn and beads are so delicate but the back pattern is so twisty - it looks like gnarled roots. I would call it the Forest Fairyduster.

Doris I.

I would call this beautiful cardigan "The leaves of Life".

Carol S

I see a knitted leaf pattern ascending and a lacey leaf pattern descending, I call it ENTWINED

Edna Isaac

My first thought was it resembled facing rows of peacock faces, so my choice would be Peacock Glory.


Baroness Fredericka

Nancy (aka, Beachkoz) McAfee

Beaded Midnight Wisteria

Nancy Flores

How about "Symphony on the rise"

Allison Wade

I posted on pinterest and facebook:
the name: "Lovely Travelling Vines" sweater

Kristen A

Since the name of the yarn used is "Symphony Lace," how about "Sonatina Cardigan"?

Donnell S.

I think I would call it "Ethereal Lace Vest."

Evelyn Orem

I suggest " Lucious Lace Coverup" It woud be appropriate for an all occasion wear.. A night out on the town. or a relaxing evening in the garden. "Simply beautiful"

Stavroula Pantelaki

Fairy tale lace cardigan!

Priscilla Laybolt

I would like to name this pattern TRAILING LEAVES.
I can see the leaves falling so naturally and swaying in the breeze.


Plum Delightful


grace in lace


purple persuasion

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