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Top-Down Cardigan Sometimes, a superDainty_Sleeve_Beaded_Top3_400 gorgeous yarn just has me stumped!

What design can I come up with that will allow me to make the most of the yarn's beauty?!

Well, here is the result of many hours of racking my brain to create a piece that justifies the use of such a lovely yarn… Tilli Tomas’ Symphony Lace. The color is Midnight Borealis, which is a stunning shade of purple (or amethyst?) with subtle blue accents in it and lots of sparkly iridescent beads scattered throughout. 

This cardigan is a top-down design, lending itself to easy adjustments to suit your needs. I make mine a longer, tunic length with tiny sleeves so it would layer well oSymphony_Lace2_350ver a skinny strapped evening dress or a tank and slim pants.

The lace pattern is a lovely open leaf design that I'm very pleased with.  The open sections are a wonderful contrast to the more closed center section.

This is a versatile pattern that would work equally well with a simpler yarn. . . ideally still lace weight to really bring out the airy-ness.

Maybe even in cream or white for a summer wedding?

Pattern to be released soon… likely at the beginning of July. Be sure to sign up for my email updates at to be notified of it's release!

OR Fave it on so you won't forget about this one! 


I need help naming this pattern! As you may know, I tend to use long descriptive names for my patterns. . . but this one is defying me.  I can't think of a name that will give it justice!

So, to enter this contest, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, July 6th, 2012:

1) Use Pinterest to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!) AND your proposed name.  * PLEASE be sure you are on my email list, so that when I announce the winners, you can claim your prize if you entered through Pinterest (as I can't contact you directly).

(If you don't know what Pinterest it, then skip to 2!)

2) Enter a suggested name as a comment on this blog post.

Short names, long names are all good!

After July 6th, the person with the winning name will win a copy of this PDF pattern + 3 months of free membership in the Knitting Club!

I'll also pick 3 random entries to win a free PDF copy of the pattern.

 Good luck to all and can't wait to hear the suggestions. . .



THE WINNING NAME FOR THIS PATTERN IS. . . Whispering Lace Leaves Cardigan, submitted by Dianne Shiozaki through Pinterest. Congrats Dianne! You  win the PDF pattern + 3 months of membership in the Knitting Club!

There were SOOO many to chose from, I went ahead and chose 3 runner-ups to each win a copy of the pattern too:
1) Gossamer Trellis, from Loreen O., who posted on the blog 6/25/12.
2) Cascading Wisterias, from Lani Smith, who posted on 6/21/12.
3) Shimmery Midnight Dream, from Susan, who posted on 6/21/12. (pretty name, but when I add "by," it can becomes a bit "adult-only" LOL ;-)

Congrats to all and thanks for a making this such a fun contest!

AND of course, this pattern is now available for all:
See the NEW #141 Whispering Leaves Lace Top-Down Cardigan in the pattern shop!

P.S. This is July 2012's pattern download for members of the Knitting Club. Not a member? JOIN in July and get this new pattern right away as part of your $7.99/month membership!




Lene Andersen

Ivy League Cardigan - Greetings from Denmark

Maureen P. Pratt

A sweater to wear for an important occasion therefore how about DINING OUT.


Summer Windsong - the sweater is so light and airy, and the lace panel is very lyrical...

Gayle Cox

how about the following

"Trailing Vines"

"Sparkling Vines"

"Sparkling Leaves"

"Beaded Waterfall"

Karen D. Hager

I like Fly Away Elegance. It is truly beautiful and light.

Elena Liss

How about Enchanted Dragon's Fire. The design on the back looks just like fire from a dragon. I love it!!!

Niki Winchell

The lace work reminds me of the Kokopeli (flute player) dolls.

Kokopeli lace cardigan


Backtracked :)

Janet Talbot

'Beautifully Beaded Weeping Willow' It would look fabulous in green.

Olga Proniewski

So light !! what about "morning breeze" ?

Bonnie Matossian

yarn looks lush and soft how about "gossamer leaves"

Betsy WT

How about Lacey Branches at Midnight? The beads sparkle like stars in the night sky as I look up through the branches of my favorite tree.

Ann Daugherty

"Devine Elegance" is my choice.

Barb Kellen

would call this Midnight Lace


suggest Midnight Drama or Midnight Dreams

Cheryl Brake

I propose, "Midnight Whisper". It cardigan is such a light, delicate whisper of fabric, much like a midnight whisper into your beloved's ear might be light and delicate.




wisteria nights


i think Whispering Trellis Cardigan is the perfect name

Mary Beth Wilson

I think "Shimmering Purple Waves" fits this sweater!

Colleen Ostberg

Evening Stroll as this sweater makes me want to go out to Portsmouth for dinner and take a leisurely stroll to watch the harbor boats.......

Janie Holley

I would call it "Elysian Lace".

A couple of definitions of elysian are:

"glorious; blissful" & "being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by
the gods"

Patty Hill

Midnight fantasy would be my choice.


Very beautiful..."A Borealis Symphony" or "Galadriel's Mist"

Cynthia Wilbanks

Gorgeous! I think you should call it "Angel Wings".


I am french girl ans and I propose :

OA Lundeen

"Violet Mist Long and Lacy Duster"

Willa Schrlau

I would suggest 'Falling water'


Twining Light

Laura Daetz

I thought of: ocean coral; slenderizing vertical lines; sparkling beads; lightweight yarn. This all added up to "Slimming & Sparkling Coral-Lace Tunic."

Laura Daetz

How about "Etherial Skies & Lacey Vines Topper"?


"Midnight Corn Fields" Lace Tunic.


"SCALES OF BEAUTY" This is beautiful!!!!!!


What a fantastic design, I love it. How about LACETASTIC TUNIC.


Sparkling Streams

Carol Huisman

Moonlight Garden!

Diane Girard McFadden

Twilight Dance in the Sand


borealis summer romance beaded lace cardigan


"My Blueberry Nights"

Mari Connors

Falling Leaves


How about " Ava Chere' "

Norma Horan

Warrior Pose Illusion Wrap

Deborah Ervolina

How about Field of Lavendar?


symphony's summer romance

Ande Ritchie

First thing that popped into my head was "Fairy Dust"


midnight borealis beaded sea lace

Donna Reed

Vining elegance


The beads make me think of dew and the lace pattern of morning glories. So I suggest: Dew on my morning glories

Juli Williams

Leaf Swirls Lacy Cardigan

Heather Taylor

I would call it "Wisteria Lace Cardigan". The lace design reminds me of Wisteria blooms.

Nancy Main

Aurora borealis misty water rapids summer cardigan

na bischoff

gorgeous so I would call it "Evening in Paris"


Moiety --- it's said like moi-itee and it means one of two equal parts which is how this pattern is made... with equal designs.

BarbaraAnn Couturier

Falling Leaves Beside the Whispering Waters of Early Fall Tunic/Vest


I thought how lovely to have all that detail in the back and in the front - How about "Coming and Going" or "Watch My Back"? :)

Becky Clark

Uve in Vigna Lace Cardigan (Italian for grapes on the vine)


Classy delicate leaf cardigan


SHIMMERING VINES sounds about right to me. I can see this in any number of colors as though the vine is flowering,... Yum! (The earlier post of Wisteria sounded really good too. ^_^)

Deborah Ervolina

How about Field of Lavendar?


Looks like another beautiful sweater Katherine. I like many of the names, lots of really good ones. I like Royal (for the purple colour and I think Kate would were something like this) Summer Symphony.

Royal Summer Symphony

Good luck choosing.

Evelyn Dugger

This pattern says "Katherine's Dream" to me.

Andrea W

"Vining Down Cardigan".

Carol Holmes

What name comes to mind for me is "Jewel of the Nile", based on the flower, Hosta Jewel of The Nile. The iridescent beads, lacy leaf pattern design, and exquisite yarn used in this soft and elegant wrap exemplifies the beauty and mystery of "Jewel of the Nile."

Sheena Reid

This is so beautiful! It reminds me also of night and stars so I would say.

1. Twilight Supernova Lace Cardigan
2. Twinkling Starlight Lace Cardigan
3. Stellar Sophistication Lace Cardigan
4. Lovely Lunar Lace Cardigan

Those would be my suggestions!! Either way, it is stunning!!


Sandi Aichele


Carol Holmes

My suggestion is to name this beautiful wrap "Jewel of the Nile" or Jewels of the Nile. Whether it speaks of the flower of the same name, or the romanticism of the jewel itself, as expressed in the movie of the same name, it exemplifies the same mystery and elegance with its iridescent colored beads, floating leaf style pattern, beautiful yarn in jewel tones, and cascading style. Simplicity and elegance at its best!

Melissa Barnes

The pattern is beautiful...I came up with the name cosmic interlude.

Cyndi Swank

I think "Dewdrop Touched Wisteria Cascade Lace Cardigan" would be nice. Its what I thought of when I first saw it. Its simply gorgeous and I love it! Pure elegance when you wear it.


Summer Angel

Debra Bankston

How about calling it Back Tracks?

Karen Daffurn

The colour and the lace design remind of Wisteria, so Wisteria would be the name I'd give this vest.

Joanne Witzkowski

My suggestion is: Vines Entwined.

Lesley Brown

I would call this little beauty ' Afternoon Delight'

Mrs Chrissy Spratt

I would call it Amethyst Darling because that what it is absolutely Darling xx


Because of the way the yarn glows with the beads and the light and airy lace pattern, I thought of Lacy Moonglow as the name for the pattern.


I like Airy back tracks


All I could think of when I saw it was " leave them with a pretty view!" SO I think that would be a good name. The back of this sweater is sooo special. I hope you plan on offering a version for a large woman too!

Linda Sommer

Top down elegance and air

Linda Sommer

Top Down airy and leafy

Claudi S

I would name it "Queen of the Night" !!!

Gina L

I would call it Starry Starry Night, after the song about Vincent Van Gogh.

Heike Wehrenberg

When i see this beautifull design ,i think of a " light summer evening"

Kim F

Blissfully Beaded Cardigan

Martha Chenault

I suggest "Shimmering Falls" This is a really gorgeous patter!


Sheer elegance

Carolyn Robinson

I'm thinking "Moonlight Sonata" would be the choice for this design. It's lacy pattern dances throughout!


A descriptive name would be Traveling Vine Couture Beaded Lace Cardigan. It is absoulutely beautiful. Your things always are tho. :)

Jeanne C.

Divine Dragon first thought when I looked at this was dragon's is absolutely gorgeous!


The name "whispers" comes to mind when I see this sweater!!

Cheryl Berg

This is almost to beautiful for words. Done in this yarn, it does evoke a feeling of peace and calm that comes with the gentle moonlight. You have many great suggestions and now I would imagine your dilemma will be choosing one. To add to your selection I am submitting "Moon Lit Wings".

Marilyn Laliberte

This top is magical and would enhance almost anything it would be worn with!
Call it "Magical".

Nora Hessayon

Cascading leaves cardigan

Patricia Rowley

The pattern reminds me of a misted fern grotto. How about Ferns in the Mist as a name?

Betsy Preston

How about Evening Dew Cardigan

Cynthia Foye

Cascading vines

mindy paquin

Traveling Heart-Leaves


Beautiful. I think of light as air and feathers: Feather Dust

Denise Buott

Beautiful design! The elegance of it reminds me of a nail polish I used to have called "Don't Touch My Tiera". I could see someone wearing a tiera with this sweater, and the name has some spunk! This name will make people feel like a princess just purchasing it!

Karen Foshay

This would be something I'd wear on a special night with my man...I would call it "Elegant Evening"


You should name this sweater "Rock Me Amadeus" cuz it rocks!

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