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NEW Knitting Patterns coming soon!

Chunky wasn't always a good description . . . but now it's a knitwear trend!!

Here are three upcoming knitting patterns that take full adNight_Day_Cowl_500vantage of their chunkiness!


This Eternity Scarf wraps around your neck twice, with the contrasting textures of a thick, chunky ribbing against an intricate lace design. Oh-so-wearable and flattering - all you have to do is loop it once or twice around your neck and you look instantly well put-together!


Then, this sweater is all about chunky cables. Front, back, and sleeves all feature a wide, chunky cable design that is fun to knit and wear!

Boxy fit, with dolman sleeves makes for a fun shape to toss over skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.

This sweater dresses up nicely for work or feels like the modern take on fishermans' sweaters for casual weekend attire. Modern_Fishermans_Sweater_500

Cabled_Malabrigo_Hat3_500Third is this beautifully cabled Malabrigo hat in a stunning hand-dyed color, called Fuchsia.

This one is modeled by my oldest daughter, whose head seems to have grown to be pretty close to my head size, makng her an ideal head model! This pattern will include this pink version, which is a more traditional fit, plus a slouchier hat, which is so everywhere this season! PLUS, both hats only use up less than one hank of Malabrigo Worsted!

ALL THREE of these knitting patterns are coming in the next few months. . . so stay tuned!

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Martha OHarra

These are just marvelous, specially the sweater and hat. I know someone I would love to knit the sweater for as a birthday gift, hope the pattern will be available soon. And I may just knit the hat same as sweater to match.

That is just about my dream sweater. Please hurry.


Very pretty...maybe I could attempt the cowl....cables are fun and cute!

Tammy Larink

Love, love, love cables. The sweater is gorgeous, the eternity scarf is intriguing and the hat looks fun to knit. Can't wait to get these patterns.


Love cables! Am looking forward to this pattern!!


They are all yummy. Love cables and these patterns!


LOVE the cowl; I'm sort of the cowl/infinity scarf queen. Looking foward to its release!


These are gorgeous. Can't wait for the cowl and sweater!


I just got the #164 night and day eternity scarf and came across some techniques that are new to me, and I can't find anywhere how to knit them. They are: p1b (purl into stick 1 row below) and s4k (slip 4 stitches knitwise, then knit these together through back loops).

Are there diagrams somewhere on the Sweaterbabe website? I don't understand how these are to be knit. Please let me know! Thanks!

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