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Mustard_Cardigan_500Oddly, I find that I am able to get more knitting done in the summer, but less writing up of the patterns on the computer?!


Just a quirk of the way I work. I'm able to slip in little chunks of time to knit, but writing up a pattern takes some focused computer sitting time - which is hard during the busy summer months (when I have my 3 kids at home and the weather outside is so nice)!

How are you finding the summer knitting?

Here are the latest items off of my knitting needles. . . light, lacy layers have been front and center in my mind, as you can tell!

Top left is the #171 Extra Spicy Mustard Cardigan. It's a short-sleeved, top-down topper that will add a lot of spice to your closet! A very pretty Vine Lace panel envelops your shoulder with a nice Garter stitch knit-in collar to provide contrasting texture. Then, the body of the cardigan is picked and knit down. Small cables are added to the fronts for a pretty detail.

But the best part might be the back, which has a panel of 4 cables running down, then twisted together to create a nipped in waist. This is a winner of a cardigan coming or going!

Next is this ultra soft, creamy coverup knit in an amazingly soft and silky yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas called Metalico! This yarn gets rave reviews for being so pet-able! Imagine knitting it up and then wearing it against your skin?!

To that end, I knit up this very sophisticated, yet incredibly easy-to-wear short-sleeved cardigan so I would wear it over my skinny-strapped tops and enjoy the softness.

It features a gorgeous curved back hem, lace panels that run vertically for a slimmer shilouette, and dolman sleeves. The open front keeps it casual, but the mulberry silk gives it a subtle sheen that will make this cardigan feel like it could you a small fortune.

And lastly is the #172 Cloudy Skies Scarf, which only uses 2 balls of mohair silk yarn. It has a lovely extended triangular shape that lends itself to being worn many different ways. 

The mohair in the yarn gives it just enough substance that it can be "sculpted" around your neck and ressemble a fluffy cloud. Knit it up in a light sky blue, or choose from the many other lovely colors of mohair silk available online or in your stash!

I hope to finish these all soon and release them in the next couple of months as fast as I can!



Meanwhile, how about a contest?? I'm having a hard time naming the Creamy-Colored Dolman Sleeved, Curved Hem one! Help!!

So, to enter this contest, please do one or BOTH of the following by 9pm PST, July 26th, 2013:

1) Use this Pinterest button to pin this blog post and in the "describe this pin" area, enter (required, or I won't be able to find your entry!) AND your proposed name.  * PLEASE be sure you are on my email list, so that when I announce the winners, you can claim your prize if you entered through Pinterest (as I can't contact you directly).

(If you don't know what Pinterest is, then skip to 2!)

2) Enter a suggested name as a comment on this blog post.

Short names, long names are all good!

After July 26th, the person with the winning name will win a copy of this PDF pattern (as soon as it's released) + 3 months of free membership in the Knitting Club!

I'll also pick 3 random entries to win a free PDF copy of the pattern (as soon as it's released).

 Good luck to all and can't wait to hear your name suggestions. . .

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Thank you for all of your creative, interesting, whimsical, and cool name suggestions for this pattern!

It was definitely a challenge to pick the winning name, but here it is: THE WINNING NAME IS. . . Tumbling Leaves, submitted by Florence Solowianiuk through Pinterest.

Congrats, Florence! You win this PDF pattern (when it gets released) + 3 free months of membership in the Knitting Club. [FLORENCE, please email me at info @ sweaterbabe dot com to claim your prize!]

And the 3 randomly chosen winners who will also receive a PDF copy of this pattern are:
- Cheryl Witte (who entered through Pinterest)
- Amanda Mier (who posted on 7/23/13)
- Giselle Dosen (who posted on 7/9/13)



Black tie affair because it reminds me of a tux seen from behind

Fran Friel

So lovely!

The Sculpted Moon

Julia Burnside

Definitely reminds me of Kansas Wheat Fields, so how about, "Dorothy."

helen Nelson

#1 Victoria
#2 Angel
#3 Melody

They are all lovely. Thank you for sharing your talent.


a well-seated HUG!


Bliss in Simplicity: I think this is ultimately about the clean, simple look and the multiplicity of use.


I would call the yellow sweater "Buttercup".


Trailing leaves

Vivette Pullum Ashen-Brenner

When I looked at this, on a hot, steamy, ready to storm morning, I remembered a fresh snowfall and seeing a dogs prints wandering through the otherwise unmarred blanket of snow. My naming suggestion is "Footprints in the Snow"


Morning Glory! I walk in the mornings and this cozy sweater would be a great start to anyone's day.

Leslie Mills

Love Love Love this beautiful design. I would call it Summer Love !

Trisha O'Leary

Wheat Sheaves Dolman Sleeved Topper. Lovely pattern, thank you!

Judith Henry

Love this pattern. Oddly the first thing I thought of was catipillars. The fuzzy ones that I actually think are cute looking! Catipillar's Trails. That's the name I would choose even if it is not terribly glamorous!!!


I would call it "The Kissing Fern Cardi" as it kisses your body beautifully no matter what your figure may be. "Fern" because the lace resembles ferns.

Sue C.

Lovely design that reminds me of Grape Hyacinths, tiny spring flowers that peek out of the snow in England, whilst the side pattern reminds me of tyre tracks. So I would call it 'Snow Flowers'

Patty Thorne

The lyrics of "America the Beautiful" popped into my head: how about Silken Waves of Grain Cardie?

Linda R. Alpert

How about "cream of wheat"


Creme de la Creme because it looks rich and creamy.

Pam aka Angel4J on Ravelry

My first thought was Lily of The Valley Cardigan. The creamy white color and the eyelet pattern reminds me of the Spring Lily of the Valley that grows in our yard.


Lilly of the Valley Cardigan

Lori Matteson

I think that it should be kept simple and names "Wheat Fields". Love the drape of this sweater.


How about Waves of Grain? It had me thinking of the beautiful wheat fields waving in the breeze.


Nantucket Breezes

Debby Shoemaker

Another name I would call it could be "Snowdrifts". Very feminine.

Barbara Watts

Wheat Dancing In THE Wind


Floating Ferns Curved Hem Cardigan


Summer wheat

Amy Coppens

Iwould call it CLEOPATRA ,It is simlpy georgous,



First of all, love it. Next..."Cascading Lacy Tails"


Very pretty. I would call it "Snow Drops"

Jill Klasen

Posted on PINTEREST, but not sure if I did it right.

I like PARADISE FALLS. I've never been to southern California, but it reminds me of a waterfall and I see that Paradise Falls is a lovely waterfall in California.


I love the name: Creamy Breezy Cardigan
I also pinned in on Pinterest. ^_^

Carolyn Robinson

Ethereal seems to be quite fitting as it looks so angelic and peaceful,

michelle hazlett

It reminds me of a "Misty Morning" :)

Amanda Mier

It's beautiful. I'll call it: moonlight summer

Schelly Y

Duchess Kate.

Karen Evans

My name is 'White Horses' since the pattern made me think of waves on a choppy sea.

Beth Rudo

I'd name it "Wheat to Waffles," as the lace looks like wheat and the textured stitch looks like a waffle pattern.

Astrid Lower

Reminds me of "Melting Snow"

Karen Hager

I really like the new designed cream colored cardigan. I would name it 'shake a tail feather' it looks like elegance but fun. Karen


I like "White Mulberry Breeze" cardigan. The yarn you used had mulberry silk it in, and the lace pattern reminds me of white mulberry berries all along a branch! And breeze... well its such an airy, floaty cardigan, I think that just fits. Reminds me of a romantic summer night sitting by a mulberry tree, warm and sweet.

Shelley McDowell

The first name that came to mind when I saw this was Swan Dive. The color of it plus the shape made this seem like a good name for it. Beautiful garment, just like the bird.

Dorhonda Baxter

Swan Song

Nancy Flemming

This reminds me of caterpillers leaving their nest, to work their way to becoming butterflies.
So..."Caterpiller Goodbye" would be my suggestion.

Jennifer K.

"Lily Cardigan", love the feminine and dramatic shape


Ariel is the first name that comes to mind.

Christine Funk

I would call it Angel Steps cardi. The pattern looks like baby angel steps to me


I would call it Fields of Barley

Carmelle Lamarre

I would name it : HARVEST WHEAT CARDIGAN. The color and the pattern of wheat crop ready for harvesting. Beautiful!


Thanks, everyone for the super creative and fun name suggstions here and on Pinterest!! I'll announce the winners soon. . .

Joyce Goodship

The white is absolutely gorgeous, I would call this ANGEL WHISPERS

Joyce Goodship

The mustard one is also gorgeous, I think of warmth and would call this one Golden Warmth

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