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Knitting Pattern Preview and Giveaway

Sublime_Striped_Scarf3_500Here are two patterns just off my knitting needles and coming in November.

Having three very girly daughters who love pink means the color will rub off on me! It sure has of late.

The first example is this Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole knit in an Orchid Pink/Raspberry color combination. 

The ultra-girly colors inspired me to create an ultra-feminine design.


I'm in love with this lace pattern and love it even more with color changes that bring out the pretty scalloping (is that a verb?) rows. I chose to do irregular stripes, but of course you can choose to do it differently and choose your own fave color combo.

Two-colored fringe give the ends a dramatic flourish. The sample shown is actually wide enough to double as a stole and a generous scarf. A narrower and slightly shorter scarf size (that uses only 2 balls of yarn) is included in the pattern instructions as well.

Next up is the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf.

Mixed texture cables are worked in with wide ribs to create a simple, yet sophisticated design. And of course it's worked in the round so it's seamless and a breeze to finish!

Looks great as a long circular scarf or is easily looped around the neck twice as a double cowl. The silk and alpaca blend yarn (new Magnolia yarn from Classic Elite) in a gorgeous shade of pink bordering on fuschia is a very flattering color on any woman, IMHO. 

OR, knit it in a nice blue, grey, or brown for a handsome men's scarf.

BOTH of these patterns will be released in November and are perfect for gift knitting or treat-yourself knitting!


To win a copy of BOTH of these PDF patterns, here's how to enter:

1) Make any pattern purchase from now until November 15th, 2013. Each purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to enter multiple times! Shop all knitting patterns here.

2) Post a comment here telling us which one you'll knit first and why. And please pin this post . All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, November 15th, 2013.

After November 15th, I'll randomly choose THREE entries to win PDF copies of BOTH of these patterns.

Happy entering!

Magnolia_Cowl2_500 Magnolia_Cowl4_500

*** WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT *** And the winners are. . .

1) Norma Horan, who commented on this post 11/5/13;

2) Sheryl K., who purchased a pattern 11/4/13; and

3) Anne E., who purchased a pattern 11/7/13.

Congrats! You've each been emailed the 2 pdf patterns.

BOTH patterns now available:

#177 Annabelle Striped Stole/Scarf on (Fave/Queue on Ravelry)

Also, available as part of a 4-pattern eBook called #eB0004 The Gossamer Lace Collection.

#178 Rose Cabled Circular Scarf on (Fave/Queue on Ravelry)





The Rose Cabled Circular Scarf for me. I haven't been successful when it comes to knitting with mohair yarn. Plus I love the fact that you can wear it as is or double it for the look of a cowl!


The colors are beautiful and the pattern looks easy. I am not sure working with mohair either, I have not worked with it before.

Margo Lynn

I would knit the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole because I want to practice lace - I do cables all the time!

Janey Kotleski

I just love to knit something that does not take months! Both are beautiful!

Suzanne R

Striped mohair for me- looks beautiful and I've been wanting to try lace knitting.

Lindame Rumsey

Both scarfs are gorgeous! I'd knit the cable one first to keep me warm this winter, then take my time over the lace one.
lindarumsey on Ravelry


Would knit Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole first

Account Deleted

HI, I would knit the rose cabled scarf first because i have a hard time knitting fine yarn. plus i want to learn to do cables. i have yet to do that. Both patterns are gorgeous.

Cheryl Patton

They are both so beautiful I would have a hard time picking just one; but.....if I need to it would be the pink cabled one. Its lovely. It would be that pattern I would want to make in every color and wear every day.

Roxie Day

I love the cabled circular scarf and would knit that first. It's a tough choice because both are lovely and would add a lot to any wardrobe.


I love the cables in the rose cabled scarf.

Jennifer Jamieson

I love both but would probably knit the cabled cowl first for a Christmas gift for a friend of mine who loves cowls. After Christmas I would knit the other for myself because I am sure it would take me a little while :)


i WILL be knitting the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf. I am in your club and so happy it is to be a member pattern next month. I just got some beautiful teal alpaca I think should work well. YEAH for your Knitting Club!!!


The Striped Mohair is the one I would do first. I like the wavy, scalloped lines and the airiness of the lace pattern. I could knit more than one, and make some into cowls.

Cynthia W

I will knit the rose Cabled Circular Scarf first - for me! I've just moved to northern Minnesota, from Georgia, so I'll need a few warm accessories for my first real winter in 20 years!!!


I like look of them both but the Striped lacy mohair scarf would by my first choice as i have some yarn in mind to do it in.

Kathy Mock

Love your patterns.

Kelly G

These are both so beautiful! I think I'd knit both at the same time, depending on my mood. I love both of them both equally! <3


I would knit the cabled scarf first because it's getting so cold here and it looks like it would keep me both warm and stylish at the same time! They are both beautiful scarfs though and I would knit them boh up right away.

Lorraine Hegedus

Beautiful . I've never done lace and have been looking for a nice pattern.

Katrina Wray

The striped Mohair silk scarf looks divine - that's the one for me!

Ellen Tucker-Cohen

Wonderful patterns --as always. I think I'd knit the striped mohair scarf because I'm always afraid of switching colors, but when I've done it, I've loved the results. This pattern would get me out of my comfort zone.

Nina Goodwin

Rose Cabled Circular Scarf would be my first project. I love the cable ribbons! And mohair seems to pick up fuzz from everything. .. not my favorite medium for sure. Great designs for both though! I love your work!

Ellen Shapiro

Cabled scarf for me, for sure!


Definitely the lacy shawl. I love both designs. But just broke my ankle and I could use a hug!!!

Elsa Corsi

Your patterns are always so interesting, you think outside the box when it comes to shaping of the sweaters. And now with all your scarf patterns. No one should be bored. I personally feel intimated trying to learn a lace pattern, have you thought of doing videos for your patterns? Then I would purchase more, gives me time to rewind or pause so I can figure it out!


One look at your striped mohair scarf and I was in love!! :-) Beautiful choice of colors, too!!

Lynda Babcock

I like the pink cable knit. I have lots of worsted weight yarn. The other gossamer looking scarf would require going shopping for more yarn. Whoo Hoo!

Tonda Stewart

I would love to be in this give away but right now I would have to be oiled to have a squeaky budget getting ready for Christmas your designs are fabulous maybe one day can be involved in your give aways

Lori Sutton

Which one would I knit first. That is a hard decision since I love cable and lace knitting. I would probably knit the cabled one first so I can where it to work, then I would do the lace one.

Robbie Keefer

Like others I would probably opt for the cowl as a gift for someone since (I live in Florida.

I would opt for the stole ONLY if I could avoid the mohair going up my nose, by using another yarn, perhaps organic yarn for allergy prone people like myself.

Both designs are truly lovely. Thank you.



I will knit the first one, the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole, first as I know mohair knits up quickly, and it is soft and warm.

Janine M

Cabled circular scarf would be perfect. I have fallen in love with these type of scarfs. They are extremely versatile and lovely. I wear them to my daughter's soccer games and my youngest daughter wears them to the dance studio to keep warm.

Debbie H

Rose Cabled Circular Scarf is what I would knit first. It is so delicate and pretty. I really like the cowl too!

Kristine Burke

I would definitely knit the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole first! The pattern is gorgeous and I knit cowls and cables patterns quite often. My next set of projects are lace!

Toni Seger

I just wore your button cowl last night with a turtle neck pullover; a perfect added accent, very flattering and it kept me warm on a chilly fall night. I guess that's why I'm so drawn to the circular scarf. It's very different, the pattern is fascinating. I'd love to wear it.

Cindy Wright

Both are lovely. I would knit the lace one first. Cable one for gifts.

Jannie Bahrs

I love the femininity of the striped mohair scarf and how it shows a delicate movement and yet the rose cable circular scarf looks like a challenge I would love to tackle. Sweater Babe has the most beautiful and unique designs and I look forward to seeing what comes next.


I would make the lacy mohair one for myself. I like lightweight scarves, and find them quite warm enough on a cold day. I'd probably make the cable one as a flat scarf for a special man in my life, as it is an interesting pattern


What lovely patterns! I like both very much.

The first one my needles would be the Cabled Circular Scarf which I would make for my friend. She rides her bike to work and would love this scarf for its practicallity. No ends to come loose and tangle in her bike chain or wheels. Plus, wrapped around her neck it would be warmer than the Striped Mohair Stole.

The Stole would be fun to knit in black and silver for an evening out or in Holiday colours! Maybe a deep burgundy or a rich blue and antique golds?

Priscilla Laybolt

These both look beautiful, and the yarn looks so soft and comfortable. I am 86yrs. young and still am excited to find new patterns, and lovely yarn. I would love toake both of them for gifts. Bravo Sweqaqter babe for creating again.


First up - the arose Cabled circular scarf which would be a treat for me to keep me warm. The lace scarf would be a birthday gift for a dear friend


While I love both designs, I have been doing so much lace work lately that it will be a nice change to switch to the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf.

Sheli Ferguson

I lobe them both, but think I'd start with the mohair one first. As a present for a friend.


Beautiful patterns.

Bev Moon

I'd knit the shawl first--hopefully getting it finished by Christmas for a gift. I'd probably also start the cowl as I really like to have two things going at once. Actually, most of the time I have three things I'm knitting on and always have one project that is my 'pick up and take' project that I can take with me to knit on where I don't want to be looking at a pattern, using a cable needle, putting on beads, etc.

A Facebook User

I'd knit the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole. It can be knitted with complimentary colors and yarns. Very pretty

Norita Willadsen

I would prefer the scarf as I wear scarves more that cowls. They are both beautiful and you are showing them in one of my favorite colors.


They're both so cute, but I love the mohair scarf most. :)

Valerie Heiden

I am a knitter. I love to knit scarves, slippers, clothes that fit the American Girl Doll. I love to see the finished project.


The mohair scarf looks beautiful but I like the look of cables too. I'd love to make both at some point!

Robin Fremer

As a breast cancer survivor of less than a year I'm always looking for pink patterns to make and donate to our Hopes Closet shop for breast cancer patients.

Virginia Lyon

Both are super - love them. I would knit cabled first for immediate wear or Christmas gift if I can part with it. I would then definitely knit the lacey one as I love both lace scarves and mohair. Ginny Lyon


Love them both...which to do first...cables..stripes...cables

Alayna Niehaus

It's a hard choice, but I think I would make the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf first. The cable are beautiful and unique!

Knittingdancer on Ravelry

I like both patterns. I would knit the Striped lacy Mohair Scarf/Stole first because I like knitting lacy items but I also like cables. It would be a hard decision to make about which one to knit first.


I never win, but it is worth it to keep trying with gorgeous patterns like these two!!

Helen King

Both of these patterns are gorgeous but I would knit the Striped Lace Mohair Scarf first because I love the look of lace.

Kathy J

Love the silk mohair! That is just beautiful!


I just bought 2 patterns (from Sweater Babe), the baby pixie hat and the cowl. I bought them to make for the babies and one teen who just came to the states from Ethiopia as adopted children. I went to Ethiopia with my friend to bring home her new baby. We spent the week with 6 other families who were adopting and as you can imagine, we bonded with the families and babies (and one teen). I'd make the circular scarf first for the teen as I think I like this better than the cowl pattern I bought for her.


The mohair scarf would be my first choice. I love the femininity of it! The Cabled circular scarf is nice too, especially as I love doing cables. I just bought the pattern with the five scarves and cowls. Wish I had waited now so it would have counted as an entry into the contest!

Stephanie W.

Definitely the Rose Cabled Circular scarf. The color and design are beautiful, but then I love knitting scarves and cowls. Cables are my new skill this winter and this would be a great project to work on.

Crystal Louise

I love lace so I would knit the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole first. I love knitting cables so it would be great fun to knit the cabled circular scarf next.

Tiffany G

Both are absolutely beautiful! Love the colors on the lace scarf!

Sue Horowitz

I love the ultra-feminine mohair scarf in two shades of pink. That's definitely the pattern I'd knit first. gThe cabled cowl is so rich-looking in the luscious rose color. I like it's versatility as a mobius or cowl. This would be my second project because it usually doesn't get that cold - or at least not until later in the winter - here in lovely So Cal.

Sue Roth

Both are beautiful but I would definitely knit Rose Cabled Circular Scarf. Such a versatile cowl style and so lovely in pink! I don't Pinterest, sorry, but I liked this for FB!

Denise Royal

I like both but I think I would do the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf first.

Amy Sunder

Both scarfs are beautiful! I would try the mohair one first because of how soft it looks. My daughter would love it!

Lene Andersen

Beautiful!!!! Perfect for Danish weather!!!


Oh my gosh, I LOVE that cowl!! I hope I win!!!

Laura L

I love that cabled cowl! It's so pretty and I love the colors you chose- it's perfect!

Brianna Nikolai

I really like both so it's a hard choice, but don't think I could go wrong with either. I think I'd do the cable scarf first, because I really enjoy doing cables. I've already got an outfit in mind I could wear it with. I love earthy tones so I think I'd make it in cream so I can wear it with anything. I've never knit mohair scarf so that would be a fun change. I know my Mom would love this scarf!

Lorraine Patskanick

I love both scarves, but since I enjoy knitting cables I would knit that first and then the mohair. It would be tough to decide who I would give them to as I have three daughters and four granddaughters, but maybe the daughters who have birthdays the week of Christmas would win out if I had them finished in time.

Betsey Fowler

The rose cabled infinity scarf is the one that caught my eye.


I love both patterns, but since I've been looking for a new stole pattern I would begin with the lace stole/scarf. Hmmm ... the cabled scarf is really calling to me as well though. Since I already have some beautiful mohair yarn waiting on the shelf that makes the decision easier.


I like them both, but would do the cowl first. Still warming up to mohair/haloed yarn!

Beth Rudo

I would do the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf first, because I love the stitch pattern, but the stole pattern is also very nice.


I would knit the Rose Cable Knit Circular Scarf first for my friend, who is fighting Breast Cancer and has loved the color pink even before her diagnosis. Then I would knit the second for me b/c I am always knitting for my kids and never for myself and pink is such a flattering happy color.

Liesl Williamson

cant do mohair it makes me itch but I might try it in a different yarn, because it is so delicate would definitely be a challenge! and I just love doing cables, so I think I would make the cowl firt/

F. Castillo

I love the pink circular cabled shawl and would knit it first to match a sweater currently knitting; then I would like to knit the two toned lacy shawl!!

Janice Lavoie

The rose cabled circular scarf, it is so versatile.

Eleanor Novello

I like the Rose Cabled Scarf!

Janey Kotleski

The cabled circular is for me! I love cables! Also I enjoy the circular scarves,I think they look much better than a regular old scarf!
I hope to win. Thanks


Both are lovely patterns. I would knit the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole first as I am currently knitting a cabled cowl. Thank you for the contests and the opportunity to win your patterns.

Debbie Moore

I would make the cowl first.Beautiful and I tend to lean toward them.


I would definitely knit the cabled cowl first. I have been looking for a cable-patterned scarf or cowl for some lovely merino yarn I just purchased.

Heike Wehrenberg

I would like to knit the Rose Cabeled Circular Scarf at first. If I look out of my window I feel that I need a warm and cosy scarf that will hug me against the cold.( sorry for my bad english ).
Thanks HEike

Donna frederick

Cowl has it hands down. I LOVE cowls, just ask any of my friends....your pattern is beautiful.

Janet Gacek

It would be the Annabelle for me. Both are beautiful and warm, but the Annabelle has an air of pure luxury!!! We can all use a little luxury in our life. Because it is shown with two colors you could really customize it for the person you will make it for. Or you could knit it with one color and have it look beautiful as well.

Marj Birley

I would make the cabled one first because I love cables, both watching them appear under my needles and wearing them!


would be proud to make and wear either of these scarves

Karen Drouin

I would definitely make the Stripe Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole. Both designs are lovely!

Norma horan

Love both of them, but would knit the cabled cowl first to give as a Christmas present....and then a second one for me :-)


The Rose Cabled Circular Cowl. Why? The stitch pattern has more appeal to me.

Linda Newcomb

I'd knit the Circular Rose Cabled cowl 'cause it's more my style. Love the sideways cables.

Kathleen Bernard

I would knit the silk scarf for a gift. It would be appropriate for most climates and it is so feminine that it would be perfect for the Holiday Season. My daughter and nieces would fight for it, so I would have to start now to make enough of them to keep the family peace.


The Rose Cowl would be my choice, I tend to go towards bigger bolder looks, and I enjoy cabling.

Connie Wagner

I would make the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole first, love the two colors idea I always make solid colors.


Love, Love, Love the Mohair! That is the first one I would make.. It is GORGEOUS!

Carol Adams

I would make the Mohair Scarf first. The scarf would be more practical than the cowl for me.

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