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Sublime_Striped_Scarf3_500Here are two patterns just off my knitting needles and coming in November.

Having three very girly daughters who love pink means the color will rub off on me! It sure has of late.

The first example is this Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole knit in an Orchid Pink/Raspberry color combination. 

The ultra-girly colors inspired me to create an ultra-feminine design.


I'm in love with this lace pattern and love it even more with color changes that bring out the pretty scalloping (is that a verb?) rows. I chose to do irregular stripes, but of course you can choose to do it differently and choose your own fave color combo.

Two-colored fringe give the ends a dramatic flourish. The sample shown is actually wide enough to double as a stole and a generous scarf. A narrower and slightly shorter scarf size (that uses only 2 balls of yarn) is included in the pattern instructions as well.

Next up is the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf.

Mixed texture cables are worked in with wide ribs to create a simple, yet sophisticated design. And of course it's worked in the round so it's seamless and a breeze to finish!

Looks great as a long circular scarf or is easily looped around the neck twice as a double cowl. The silk and alpaca blend yarn (new Magnolia yarn from Classic Elite) in a gorgeous shade of pink bordering on fuschia is a very flattering color on any woman, IMHO. 

OR, knit it in a nice blue, grey, or brown for a handsome men's scarf.

BOTH of these patterns will be released in November and are perfect for gift knitting or treat-yourself knitting!


To win a copy of BOTH of these PDF patterns, here's how to enter:

1) Make any pattern purchase from now until November 15th, 2013. Each purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to enter multiple times! Shop all knitting patterns here.

2) Post a comment here telling us which one you'll knit first and why. And please pin this post . All comments must be entered by 9pm PST, November 15th, 2013.

After November 15th, I'll randomly choose THREE entries to win PDF copies of BOTH of these patterns.

Happy entering!

Magnolia_Cowl2_500 Magnolia_Cowl4_500

*** WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT *** And the winners are. . .

1) Norma Horan, who commented on this post 11/5/13;

2) Sheryl K., who purchased a pattern 11/4/13; and

3) Anne E., who purchased a pattern 11/7/13.

Congrats! You've each been emailed the 2 pdf patterns.

BOTH patterns now available:

#177 Annabelle Striped Stole/Scarf on (Fave/Queue on Ravelry)

Also, available as part of a 4-pattern eBook called #eB0004 The Gossamer Lace Collection.

#178 Rose Cabled Circular Scarf on (Fave/Queue on Ravelry)




Leslie Kennedy

I'd make the annabelle striped scarf first!

Crafty Grandma

I would love to make the mohair one. The pattern reminds me of a sweater my mom made for me in mohair but it was so itchy, I didn't wear it! Hopefully mohair has changed since the 70's...the cowl is beautiful and would be more practical for me since the cold weatheris creeping up on us already.

Stephanie Ostrich

Both beautiful patterns and I would be happy to wear either and both would work with my wardrobe. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the mohair stole. That is just stunning. A special piece!


Oooh! I love the Striple Mohair scarf! I'm a big mohair fan, anyway and this pattern makes good use of it.

Bev Moon

I love both of them but would probably knit the cabled scarf first as I know I have yarn here I can use. I'd have to go out and buy some silk mohair yarn. And you ask what's wrong with this--well, you've not seen my yarn stash!!

Terri Watson

Both are awesome! and both would be perfect to perfect my knitting skills !!


I just finished my first cable project and hated it ... well, not hate - I just didn't enjoy it (I need a lot more practice on a small scale). So I would definitely choose the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole project first.


I would knit the Rose Cabled Scarf! I'm in love with long circular scarves right now!


The Rose Cabled cowl is the one for me - I am a total sucker for cables. Although the lacy one is gorgeous too.
Thanks for a great giveaway!

Deanna Concidine

I would make the striped mohair, it looks so delicate and beautiful.


The cowl scarf seems to be more "in" right now, but I have yet to see anyone where one where I live and I made one and sent it to Washington state and got a big "huh??" (Not this cowl, but another large cowl, similiar with different design). So I think I'd make the 2-tone first because most of my scarf knitting is for gifts.

Teri Edwards

The pink cable circular. It looks so warm and I am so cold today!!!


The srtiped mohair scarf is so feminine and gorgeous - definitely my first choice!

janet brattin

I would love to knit both, but if I had to choose, I would do the cabled scarf! I love the texture, the design is awesome! Very nice!!

Beverly Neilson

I would knit the rose cabled circular scarf first, as it is more unique in design and shape. Have not seen any similar to this before. Both are beautiful though.

Debra Coker

The Rose Cabled Circular Scarf would be my choice because it's so practical. I love the delicate pattern of the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole, but I'm not a fan of fringe. Both are beautiful!

Kathy in Alaska

The two-color lace scarf for me, since it would be perfect for the two skeins of alpaca I just bought! Thank you.


I would make the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf.

Lisa Spencer

I would knit the Rose Cabled Circular Scarf first.....I like the cowl design and the fact that it doesn't have fringe (we have a puppy!!).


I'd knit the striped mohair first because I love knitting lace, but I'd probably knit both eventually.

P.J. Coldren

I would make the rose cabled scarf - I have animals with claws who would absolutely love to play with the lacy mohair. I myself tend to not be a lacy kind of woman - love cables. Thank you for the opportunity to perhaps win both patterns - I am sure I could find someone who would love the mohair if I were to make it.

Jasmine Browne

I love them both, but I have a weak spot in my yarn basket when it comes to cables and such, so cable would be the first one for me to do.

Roxanne Brown

I'd love to knit the cable cowl first. I'm a relatively new knitter (after a 35 year lapse) and lace is still too challenging for me. But, the real reason to attempt the cowl is that I think it's beautiful plus I've fallen in love with wearing them as opposed to scarfs.

Rose O Keeffe

Oh definitely the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole for me. It's gorgeous! I do adore all your patterns though :-) They are by far the best quality and most fashion forward patterns I've come across to date :-)

Evelyn Van Orden

The Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole is my favorite because lace looks especially lovely in mohair. The undulating lace pattern is beautiful! :-)


I would knit the cable cowl because I would wear that. The unisex quality of the stitch pattern has a lot of character.

Sharon Malandra

The Rose Cowl would be the first one I would make! Love the design! The Mohair is stunning as well, and would make a lovely gift for my s-i-l for the holidays.


I'd definitely knit the cabled cowl first, err no I'd definitely knit the Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole err no maybe the cabled cowl but the Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole is so pretty, oh heck I'd just have to knit both of them at the same time


The Rose Cabled Circular Scarf is very lovely but I would knit the Mohair Scarf first for sure. This scarf is more versatile for me because it can be worn with anything (indoors and outdoors).


I love your Striped Mohair Silk Scarf/Stole that is the one I would make first!

Patti Bukowski

I would make the Annabelle Striped Scarf, because it just looks so pretty and wispy!

Carol Burdette

I'd do the cowl first...probably in pink because my daughter would love it!

Chris Driscoll

I would knit the lacy mohair silk first because it would use a pound cone of green silk mohair that I've been saving for 5 years now! I never liked the pattern that came with it- but yours has little holes and fine detail - it looks nice and delicate. I might go all green or mix with a white silk that's also waiting.
Did you mean that we need to do a purchase AND then comment? Or are all our comments qualifying?
Thanks, nice patterns!

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