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Noe Valley Sweater preview and giveaway

*** Feb. 20, 2014 update *** This pattern is now available!

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I'm calling this new design my Noe Valley Sweater.Urban_Poncho10_500

I used to live in Noe Valley, a beautiful neighborhood in San Francisco that was said to be one of the sunniest of the city. While it was quite sunny at times, I would walk around the corner many mornings to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin and be met with chilly winds that certainly reminded me that I was still in San Francisco!

Urban_Poncho7_500This sweater is exactly what I would have wanted all those San Francisco mornings.

Lots of delicious cable work to keep the knitting interesting and to add tons of textural interest to the front and back of this sweater.

The sloped shoulders and poncho shaping give it a very urban feel add to its cozy chic quality.

Its long length keeps your mid-section warm and is very flattering with your skinny jeans.

The deep cowl neck is super cozy. 

It's a piece that is very easy to throw on top of a long-sleeve tee just to keep the chill away as you walk around your favorite city.

This pattern will be coming soon. . . getting written up right now.


Want to win a copy of the Noe Valley Sweater pattern when it gets released?

I'll be giving away 3 copies.

HOW TO ENTER: You can do one or more of the following to enter.

1) Make a pattern purchase from of any knitting patterncrochet pattern, or eBook pattern collection from now until January 31, 2014Every purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to make multiple purchases to be entered multiple times! NOTE: Excludes free patterns.


2) Post a comment on this blog post telling us when and where you would wear your Noe Valley Sweater. One comment per person, please. AND share this giveaway: , or share it on FacebookComments must be posted by 9pm PST, January 31, 2014.

Shortly after January 31, I'll randomly choose 3 entrants to each receive a PDF copy of this pattern when it gets released.

THAT'S IT!  Good luck to all!

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*** Winners Chosen! ***

The THREE lucky winners of this pattern pdf are: 
Caroline L. (who made a pattern purchase on 1/15/14),Woodman's Toy Farm (who made a pattern purchase on 1/27/14), 
and Linda (who posted a comment on the giveaway blog post on 1/15/14).
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I love this pattern (I already pinned it to Pinterest!). I would wear this in the fall and spring when a coat is too much, and this style would work perfectly for casual days at home and shopping!


Ooh, I love this sweater! I'd wear it when I go home to the UK; always need a multi-purpose awesome garment like this!

Chelsea Adams

I live in Texas so this would be perfect. We dont always have coat weather but this is awsome, cold in the morning warmer in the afternoons. I would wear this all the time. Layering up and this is so beautiful. I would wear it out, work, wherever.

Brianna Nikolai

This is so pretty! I love it! I live in WI where it's cold majority of the year and so it would be a perfect thing to wear with some skinny jeans or leggings especially when shopping. That way I don't have to wear a heavy coat and carry it throughout stores!Beautiful!


Where would I wear it? Everywhere! Michigan is a cold state ^^


I will wear it while I'm working.
I am in and out of my vehicle many
times. So,this will be a pleasant
item for me to wear. The pattern is
Thank you

Linda Day

This is a really versatile piece. I have a friend with a birthday coming and this is just her style. She would wear this everyday for work and play. I would have to make one for myself as well. This would be very handy to slip on when I am walking my dogs on a cool Spring or Fall day. Any one would look like a million dollars in this sweater.

Mona Discavage

Love this the moment I saw it on Ravelry! I am currently in Germany where it is cool for all but a couple months of the year. I also tend to be chilled in general, to the amusement of my hubby, so this sweater would be worn frequently!


I would very much like to enter.
It gets very Cold here up North, so I would wear it in the spring/fall when it isn't too Cold outside. I could also wear it in the winter With a warm woolen sweater underneath. It would then be a cool accessoires :) I think it is versatile. Wear it, and be ready for whatever occasion :)

I also think this is exactly the thing my sister would like. So it is very possible that she would get one for her birthday (after having her baby), so she could wear it inside the house in the winter (she is always Cold), or outside when the weather allows for it.

Liz Hall

This looks like just what I need. My husband always asks me how I can be colder than it is. This looks like it would take care of my constant personal thermostat problems. I think I'll wear it often while sitting in my knitting chair.

Rusty Boyd

Love this look! I would make this for my wife and daughter. It is beautiful.


Wow what a lovely pattern. I would love to knit this pattern up for myself and my sister. I would wear mine as I see to my customers at my Cattery. I don't need a coat a lot of the time but this would be just the job. My sister is the one person I enjoy knitting for as she always loves the things I make and always sends me a photo of her wearing them. I really like your patterns and wish I could afford to buy more.

P. Joan Gavigan

Really lovely pattern! What I like best about it is that the sweater lends sophistication and beauty to any and all figure types. Even if I don't win this, I will buy it. My favorite if your patterns to date. Congratulations-it's beautiful:)!


Looks exactly like something I would enjoy wearing in our cold and windy climate

Tara Forrest

It is a beautiful pattern. I would wear it right now! I would don it for work and over jeans. It looks very versatile. In Tampa, this would be the right topper up until April.

Rina Cristy


joan p

Perfect for spring and fall in the northeast - I would wear this to go shopping or even to work.


Definitely a versatile piece to wear when the weather isn't quite cold enough for a heavy coat or taking long drives when a coat is too bulky! It would be nice to have around when my classroom gets a bit chilly in the winter. Great color!

Mary Grant

I love this pattern and style. I hate heavy coats and this is perfect for those in between days!

Dawn H

This is a gorgeous sweater! It would become my spring/fall coat (or I would have one for each in different colors) and wear it everywhere!


Love this pattern! I will wear it to watch my son run his first marathon --- in Paris. Tres chic!

Janet Scott

WOW!!! This will be a top seller. Noe Valley is over the top. So versatile regardless of where you live. Am an old hen, body beautiful flew the coop years ago, but I would wear this for sure


I pinned it, and would love to have it on those snuggly knitting days when my arms need to be free


I think it would be great to toss on when the air gets chilly (downright cold) and you are looking for that extra layer. I believe this will be a wonderful layering piece.

Alice Murray

Lovely sweater! I live in southern Ontario, Canada, where sweaters are a must. I would wear it when I run errands and everywhere. Oh. what colour to make it?

pam tucker

Heavens this is just stunning. And so well shaped around the shoulder. I'd make it in a dusty oatmeal, perhaps with neps and wear it on my daily walk to school with my little girl. She dawdles a bit so I'll be beautifully cosy in my Noe. I imagine I'll get stopped a few times to ask where I bought it too. The patterns in the UK can be a bit dull so thank you for your wonderful inspirational site.

Penny Powell

Would be great to wear to football games here in Louisiana!

Martha Coscarart

This has got to be one of my favorite patterns of yours to date. Perfect for a walk in the woods here in the North Carolina mountains.but I'd have to wear it to football games too just to show it off. It's gorgeous!

Amy McGlynn

This sweater would keep me warm, and still allow me to use my crutches. I would wear it a lot!

Marilyn Marco

I would wear this whenever and where ever instead of a the fact that hands are free....great pattern


I love the cables! This design would be great to wear while running errands--I'd love to knit it.

Cora Arthur

Beautiful!! Perfect piece to layer for anytime. Would have to wear it for my knitting group! My daughter and I looooove this pattern already.


I live in Oklahoma, where it is often rapidly changing between warm and cool. It would be a perfect piece here.

cathy robillard

Oh I would wear it in NY visiting my brother, but really I would make it for my sister in law who lives in Colorado and would love it. Leaves hands free but if she's cold she can snuggle in!! I love it.

Janice Lavoie

This would be perfect for a stroll on the National Mall inspiring during cherry blossom time!


I will be moving from warm sunny FL to the high desert area of AZ where this would be perfect to wear in winter there. So looking forward to being able to wear sweater knits! Hope I win this pattern!!

Cynthia W

I would love this pattern! I have been working on Paton's Blanket Poncho and am not getting it! I am NOT a new knitter, but the Blanket Poncho has me stumped! Can't get an answer from the company on errata, either!

Sharon Hines

I live in Massachusetts and this would be perfect to wear while taking long walks on the beach in early spring or in the fall.


I live in Nebraska where if we don't like the weather, we wait a couple hours! :) This would be perfect on just about any day Sept through April!


i live in the UK and LOVE this pattern - such beautiful cables and the colour you have chosen is gorgeous. i hate boring knitting and would really love to have this pattern - soemthign to get my teeth into. would wear it everywhere i think! on days when a coat is just a bit too much, i'd wear it out for coffee with friend and family, or going to the pub, or just lazing around the house.

Cindy Lynne

I would wear this beauty in the spring or fall to ward off any chills.


lovely, ideal for "loose living" outdoors! When sleeves are not required...just love it! :)

Leslie B

Looks wonderfully cozy, and it's a different style than the usual sweater or wrap. I think I'd use it a lot!


Beautiful pattern, and so versatile. I work in a building that is minimally heated through the winter and I can see this being just enough to be comfortable outside my heated space. So much more style than a fleece or down vest!

Jan M.

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to make this!

Janet Knight

As I sit looking out the window this morning at the fog, I am wishing I had this sweater to cozy up in as I leave for work and all day long!!! Did I mention that I work at a yarn shop, so how appropriate would that be!!!!!

Joannem Johnson

Love this!! It will be on my needles for autumn!! Pinned and shared on facebook!!

Lisa Cadtellano

I love this! Can't wait for the pattern!


So....Monday thru Friday I catch a 4:20am bus in Palmdale, when the temperature hovers around 30ish...get to Santa Monica, where it's usually about 75! I start out swaddled in scarf, hat, sweater, coat and shawl - then spend the rest of the day dragging all that around. Wouldn't it be lovely to have this pattern and use only a coat over it? Please oh please let me win!!!!!

Mye Thompson

I love the Noe Valley pattern! I would wear it to my granddaughter's softball games. It gets windy and chilly and it sure would be nice to have such a beautiful sweater to wear.


I Love the Noe Valley the cable are great I am crazy for cables

Christiane Johnson

I am diving into my stash. I know I have the perfect yarn for it. These cable are just perfect. Since I am going to San Francisco next month , this would be perfect. My daughter can wait for her sweater for later. Me first. LOL. I Pinnit, FaceBook and placed in my queue in Ravelry. Oh , I also sent a link to my weekly knitting group.

Lisa McMeekin

I adore the cabling on this sweater! I have just moved from my home of 45yrs in lovely, sunny, Southern California (just south of Disneyland) to the currently quite frigid NorthEast Ohio that has been all over the news for it's terrible winter freeze-it got down to 40BELOW with the windchill last wk! So I would wear this lovely sweater just about everywhere except the shower! Thanks!

Theresa Denson

just what is need for sitting while knitting

Ann Bridger

I would wear this beautiful sweater when my husband and I take our walks along the beach in October, when most of the grockles (holidaymakers!!!)have left and the beach is ours again.


It gets chilly in the winter, even here in Southern Spain, but not so cold that you need a HUGE sweater. So ideal for chilly days and evening, much smarter than a poncho. I'd wear it to my singing class, so I can unbutton the sides and wave my arms around!
I would probably make a looser cowl, advancing years mean i don't draw extra attention to my jawline !


I can think of a lot of times to wear this in Spokane, WA because we have four seasons and early spring to get ready for Bloomsday would make the best time this year to wear this or when the weather changes in the fall around the city for walks.

catherine s

I live in Paris, France, and with the weather finally getting cooler, this would be perfect for those morning jaunts to the boulangerie for a croissant. Now this piece would certainly turn heads!

Mary Beth

This would be perfect for Florida winters. There are usually only a few days that are cold enough for me to need a coat (and usually a few days hot enough for shorts and a t-shirt!), and I could wear this the rest of the season. It would be perfect for work or weekends!


This beautiful sweater would be perfect for my trip to Alaska. A beautiful layering piece to keep the chill away! In town or on ship it would work wonderfully.


I have been looking for a pattern just like this! It is exactly what I had in mind - one of your prettiest designs. I'm sure it will be very popular.

Anne Simons

I would wear this all the time as I am always freezing and love this pattern

Lorraine Fink

This is absolutely love this. I live in SW Georgia where in Winter months it may be 32 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees in the afternoon. I love to wear pullover sweaters, but quite often they are too warm after lunch.
The Nol Valley is just perfect for our climate!


I love everything about this design and will be anxiously waiting for it's release. With our long winters here in Canada I would wear this often.

Helen K

This is a gorgeous sweater. I would wear it throughout the fall, winter, and spring. Maybe even during summer when the AC is on as I get cold a lot.


I love this easy to wear design :D This is definitely something I would wear while running errands around my home town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia...


This could become my favorite sweater for that quick run to the grocery store or the coffee shop. Love the cowl collar to keep the wind off the neck.

Fran Briscoe

Gorgeous! My knitting group meets at a local Starbucks and we often sit outside, even when the weather is a bit chilly. This would be perfect to wear then! And I just finished going through my stash and i may have the perfect yarn for it!

Essie Bruell

I live in southeast Tennessee, where we have relatively mild winters. I could wear this most of the fall and winter, and into the cooler days of spring. It is unique and beautiful.

Joyce Morrow

I love this new sweater! Cables, especially celtic braided-look cables are a huge fave of mine. I also love the toss it on aspect. It elevates the skinny jeans and long sleeve tee to a real "look" You could go to the coffeehouse or shopping or walk the dog in style.

Cindy Hoskey

This is just lovely! I would wear this on chilly spring and fall days during my commute to NYC. I might even wear it in the city during the winter! Going in and out of overheated buildings while wearing a heavy coat is overwhelming to the system, while this beautiful item looks like it would be just perfect!

I have shared it on Facebook and I hope I win a free pattern! I would LOVE to knit this!

Jan Picard

I LOVE the Noe Valley Sweater! It is the perfect go to for whenever there is a chill in the air, but it isn't cold enough for a coat. I'd proudly wear it everywhere!!!

Lindsay Ryan

I love this! It's so me! Perfect for the weather where I live. I will have this on my needles soon, well after a few UFOs. I'm committed to finishing those also.

Linda Robertson

Lovely pattern to wea casually for running errands. Also for sitting in front of the fireside on cold winter nite with your true love.

Molly Morris

Wow. This is a pattern I will absolutely buy. I have been looking for one in stores, why not knit my own?! Perfect to wear on my lazy runaround days to cover my yoga pants ;)

Anne B.

Living in Banff, Alberta, there's always a need for layers and this would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe.


I absolutely love this sweater! I have been looking for a pattern to knit something like this all winter! I would wear this when I take my son on field trips, out for brunch, for casual dinners with friends, to the movies. I really can't think of a place it wouldn't be adorable!

Jeannie Otterness

What a gorgeous sweater!! I love the fact that it's sides are open! I live in California where we don't get extreme cold winters, but plenty of cool days and colder nights! This would be perfect for anything in my area of the country!!


My mother-in-law in Colorado would wear this as a quick throw-on to walk from the house to the car -- just something easy to wear and not bulky, something to keep her warm and yet not get in the way when she drives.

Valorie Romero

Luv Luv Luv! I would wear this when I walk the plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Patricia Shumsky

A beautiful piece, what I would call "casual sheak". I live in the north in the summer & in the south in the winter. I see this as a perfect season transition piece for both north & south.

Lynn Drzewucki

I love cable sweaters. I guess that makes me a cable-maniac! I would wear this sweater in early Fall - the cool days of Spring, and probably make it in more than one color if I really like the first one.

Lynda Laugavitz

It's cold where I live! I would snuggle up in this sweater while working at my desk or going out with my hubby. Can't wait to make it!

Omeghan Penfield

I would knit it for my daughter, who in a wheelchair finds a coat/ jacket difficult. This would solve a variety of dressing problems and keep her toasty warm and comfortable in the Ontario, Canada cooler weather.

Virginia Surre

I love this Sweater. It will be perfect for Buffalo, NY where I will have many opportunities to show this gorgeous sweater and the beautiful cables off.

Jean Mahew

This sweater is awesome. I can tell already that it will become my go-to garment. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to win this pattern!

Kathie Davis

I would wear it on Saturday's while running errands in Asheville, NC. It would be less bulky than my coat!


Already imagining it with boots and leggings - perfect!

Cindy Rosborough

This is a great pattern that I think I (as a novice) might be able to manage. I can do cables, it's shaping I'm afraid of. I would wear it on warmer winter days, spring, fall, any time a coat is too much. Love it!

Terri Lester

This is just my style! I love cables and easy wear transitional patterns like this beautiful sweater/poncho style. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this!

Lonna Symmonds

Love, Love, Love this! I would wear it all the time and I'm already planning the colors I want to make!


Oh, I love this!

Kathryn Fuller

Oh this is so me...or at least how I see me. I would wear it running errands in the cold, windy mountains in New Mexico. Love the ease of movement that it provides.

Jenn DiRocco

Ooo, love this! Hurry up and write it up! I'd wear this anytime a little warmth was needed! It looks comfortable, the open sides will keep it from being to hot, but at the same time it looks so cozy! Win or lose, I'm going to get this pattern!

Suzanne Smith

Noe Valley is a sophisticated yet casual style that I would enjoy wearing on a cool day at work or play. It looks fabulous and cozy with skinny jeans and a long sleeved top. Thank you for the opportunity to win the pattern for this beautiful knit.

p.s. I love the cables!

Cynthia Miller

I would wear this sweater everywhere!

Kathie Chiu

Oh! How lovely! I could see myself wearing this while I walk the dog along Dallas Rd in Victoria, which winds along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. Just the right length and cozy collar for when the wind off the water bites a little :)



Oh My Goodness! This is super cute! I would wear this quite a bit, and I bet my daughter would beg me to make her one, too. :D


Perfect for my Mom , when she goes out in her wheelchair.

Jocelyne Denault

Love it for walking in the leaves!

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