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Thu's Lush and Lacy Cardigan

Thu N. of Bellingham, WA DSC06580knit her version of #70 Lush and Lacy Cardigan with spectacular results!

Her choice of Filatura Di Crosa Baby Kid Extra in Pale Blue felt like a gamble at first, but as you can see from these finished photos, it was a great choice!

"This was my first lace cardigan. The pattern seemed quite long and intimidating but I decided to take the challenge.

The instructions were pretty straight-forward and not hard to follow. It was a fun project, just enough details to keep it interesting throughout and not too complicated to overwhelm me.

I even finished it sooner than anticipated. Though I was unsure how the cardigan would look since I used a completely different yarn, it turned out really nice and airy, exactly how I wanted it. I'm extremely happy with this pattern. ;-)" -- Thu V.


DSC06581Thanks, Thu. I LOVE your version! Is looks so soft and flattering. Definitely makes me want to knit up this pattern again! 

See ALL the different versions of the #70 Lush and Lacy Cardigan that have been featured on the Blog. This is a very versatile pattern that works in completely different types of yarns!

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