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Sweaters that pill? Blech!

It's definitely a pet peeve of us knitters and crocheters. Who wants to see pills and fuzz on projects we spent many loving hours knitting or crocheting?

Unfortunately, as a lover of fine fibers like cashmere and alpaca, pills are par for the course.

A product called the Lilly Brush promises to come to the rescue! Let's put it to the Sweater[Babe] test!

TEST #1: My black 100% baby alpaca cardigan (loom knit!). 

See the pills? This cardigan is one I used to wear often, but the little pills that have gathered under the sleeves and at the sides where my sleeves rub against the body of the cardigan are rather unsightly, so this cardigan was banished to a back shelf.

I used the Lilly brush on it, and it actually worked quite well! See the after photo below.

There were lots of little pills, so I did have to brush and clean the brush out, then repeat several times.

See the pile of pills and fuzz that came off? Impressive!


Lilly_Brush4And note that after all that brushing, the cardigan is just fine. The stitch definition is as it was before all the pilling and it did not suffer any damage from the brush. Hooray, Lilly brush!

TEST #2: My Malabrigo Sleeveless Cowl Neck!

After just maybe 6 wearings, there were already some big pills and fuzzing at the underarms that I didn't appreciate!

Some brisk brushing of the Lilly brush worked to remove the little pills. A slightly more aggressive brushing helped get more of the excess fuzz off. I did notice though, that if I brushed it too harshly, I was getting more halo than I wanted, as it ended up pulling some of the fibers out from the stitches. NOTE TO SELF: Go a little easier on the Lilly brushing with single-plied yarns like Malabrigo Worsted!

Lilly_Brush6 Lilly_Brush7
So, bottom line? Does it work? YES.
I do recommend the Lilly brush, as it's the only thing I've ever seen that effectively removes pills (and lint too!). And it's packaged in a nice way. No sticky rollers that stick to your patterns and everything else.

Yes, I've used sweater shavers in the past, but there is no way I will ever allow a shaver to touch something I've knit and potentially cut off a part of a stitch! So, those sweater shavers have all gone in the trash eons ago. Too risky.

And picking off the pills just seems to leave a sweater, that, well, looks picked at.

(BTW - The Lilly Brush is only effective on natural fibers. According to their usage information, synthetic fibers are too long, so the pills won't effectively come off with the gentle brushing from a Lilly Brush.)

To learn more about the Lilly brush and see where it's available online, check out their site at http://lillybrush.com/


*** SO, now for the GIVEAWAY! ***

I've got FOUR black Lilly Brushes* to give away!

HOW TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY: You can do one or more of the following to enter.

1) Make a pattern purchase from SweaterBabe.com of any knitting patterncrochet pattern, or eBook pattern collection from now through March 31, 2014Every purchase counts as an entry, so feel free to make multiple purchases to be entered multiple times! NOTE: Excludes free patterns.

2) Post a comment on this blog post telling us your pilling story (or nightmare!). AND share this giveaway:  , or share it on FacebookComments must be posted by 9pm PST, March 31, 2014. One comment per person only, please.Before-After_Depilling

Shortly after March 31, I'll randomly choose 4 entrants to each receive a BLACK Lilly Brush (See Black one in the nice box - it's just like the Red one, but the casing is black).

THAT'S IT!  Good luck to all!*
* Giveaway prizes can be sent to US or Canadian addresses ONLY. Winners will be notified by email. If winner does not reply by email with mailing address within 7 days, a new winner will be chosen.

*** 4/4/14: Announcing the 4 lucky winners! ***


- Allison B., who commented on 3/12/14.


- Nicole S. who made a pattern purchase on 3/22/14


- Kerensa M., who made a pattern purchase on 3/23/14.




- Jennie K., who made a pattern purchase on 3/12/14.

I've emailed you all. Thanks for entering and congrats!



Candace Koester

Pinned on my addicted to knitting board! Www.pinterest.com/candacekoester.

Elaine Gould

I, too, hesitate to use a sweater shaver. I tried a Remington battery operated one with a guard but it was pretty useless against the pills. My go to tool is "d-fuzz-it". It fits comfortably in my hand and does a very good job (just takes time!). It also fits nicely in my purse, my car, my desk... I have one just about everywhere! I would really love to see how it stacks up against the new Lily brush.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


I have several sweaters that I could wear again if I win this:)

arl olster

I am impressed. Having dumped the sweater shaver eons ago, I know how pills beset us all.

Wonderful that Lily Brush can rescue the items I'd set aside - put too much work into them to just discard, but not looking good enugh to wear as intended.

Hope I get picked.

Lene Andersen

Would love to try it.

Sandy Plocharczyk

I knit a beautiful sweater with about a zillion cables for my lovely daughter. Paid a fortune for the yarn and after just a few wearings it pilled like crazy. I did what I could with a sweater stone - but the outcome was not great and the sweater has been relegated to the back of the closet. I'd love to try the Lilly brush!

Carolyn Robinson

Would love to have this as I too, have sweaters that aren't being worn because of pulling. Great to see your review.


How timely this review is! I was just looking at this lilly brush in a catalog, then saw an ad for it in a knitting magazine and made a mental note to look up the website and find some reviews on it. Sure would be great to win one!


cannot wait to use this.
have made very expensive sweaters, etc. and purchased expensive cashmeres that just cannot be worn except for weekends with jeans because of the pilling. so, cannot wait to get one.

shelly Easton

I have several sweaters that have pulled in the underarm area & it drives me nuts! I have shared on pintrrst & Facebook!

Donna Anderson

This seems like a must have tool for every knitter. Would not want to lose any of my sweaterbabe treasures to pilling. Would love to have this.

Paula Bone

I pinned this on my knitting board, and would love to win, I recently made 2 garments with alpaca and am hesitant to wear them because of potential pilling.

Patsy Coats

I've tried the lint rollers,too and they don't work for me either.

Martha Chenault

My husband picks off the pills each one by one. I don't have that patience. Would LOVE to have this brush!


pinned to my board...hope I win


I have also had favorite sweaters that took hours to knit and then started to pill. Would love to try this new brush! I have also pinned this on my knitting board.

JKnits51 on Ravelry

Roxie Day

Sounds like the perfect thing for bringing knitwear back to its original smooth texture. For some reason, pills always pop up in the least flattering spots.


There is nothing worse than a favorite sweater that you can't wear because it is all pulled. I would love to try the new brush!


I absolute hate the pilling along the sides of sweaters/vests where my arms rub against them! I have never had any luck with sweater shavers, either. And I don't like the "dust" that comes off on the sweater with the sweater stone. So this sounds like a great alternative. I am not expecting to win, since I am not very lucky, but it is nice to know that this is available. Thanks for your review of this nifty little tool :-)


shavers don't do a good job...this looks like a winner!


I've tried pulling pills, scissors, stones, even the shaver .. would love to try the brush!


I would love to win this as I do have sweaters that aren't being worn because of the pilling. Sweater shavers scare me as I ended up with a hole once. I do have an old sweater stone, which....Kinda works but you need to be careful because of the same thing happening, holes.
Thank you for this chance!!!

Denise Royal

I get pilling all the time and hate it. Would love this product.

Bonnie Strohl

I get pilling all the time and had a fuzz brush that I had been using with mixed success. This sounds a lot better because the handle looks as if you can get a better brushing action. I would be interested to try it.

Robin Ludwig

I could really use the Lily Brush to defuzz my things that are getting a little funky. Like my cowls. It would help a lot !!!!

Maria Elena Blecha

I hate the piling, I would love to know where to get that brush-I am only a beginner knitter but I do enjoy all the information you give us and the patterns!!I just wish I was able to execute all of them, but someday, I will be retiring soon so I can devote more time and take a few classes. Thanks Maria Elena Blecha

Helen Naleid

I have a beautiful Irish sweater that I enjoy wearing although it has pilled very badly. This sounds like a great solution! I'd love to win this successful sounding brush.

Cynthia Wilbanks

I de-pill the old fashion way - I sit & pick them off with my fingers! This brush would save me a LOT of time, wouldn't it!?

Brianna Nikolai

I've never used a pilling brush or shaver before just because I am scared of ruining the sweater. So I have quite a few sweaters that have some major pilling that I don't wear much at all anymore :( Usually before they get too bad I'll just pick them off with my fingers but this would make it so much easier. I'd love to try this though and bring my sweaters back out of the closet!


I knit my favorite sweater in Plucky Primo and unfortunately it pills like crazy. Definitely need something to help out with that!

helen luke

Last year, I purchased a couple of cash
Cashmere sweaters. After only a couple of wear they were pilling. It was so disheartening that I haven't bought supplies to make a sweater for myself. Sounds like I would be good to go with this product.



Sounds like a great product. Wonder how it would perform on other fabrics as well.

Allison Bushman

I once used a pill shaver on a cabled scarf that I worked a long time on. Well it just ruined it. It is now unwearable. Whether or not I win this new brush I will find where to purchase one as most of my projects are knit with alpaca, cashmere, or some combo above and are n need of de pilling.

Gwen Hene

Lilly brush would be a great thing to have. I have sweaters I knitted years ago that I have to pick off. No fun


Oh I need to try the lily brush. I made a baby blanket that fuzzed up. There's cabling involved much like a sweater and so I hesitate to use anything on it. I bought a d-fuzz it but tests it on baby's fleece pjs. It works well, but it also pulled the stitching (sewn) which makes me cringe at trying on the blanket or any sweater I knit.

Wendy Chicoria

So happy I can pull my pilled sweaters out and give them new life! This would double my current wardrobe!

Lisa Stewart

I have one of these and LOVE IT!! I did a demonstration on a thrift store cashmere sweater that had more pills than a pharmacy and in just a few minutes, it looked almost brand new. I could use one of these for my car, my desk at work... it is great. And, it works great to remove lint, pet hair and other unwanted 'stuff' that can land on one's clothing.

L Stuart

I have Malabrigo Worsted mittens and scarf that are very pilly. Lucky me that you tested out the brush on the same yarn! I would LOVE to make my garments look new again if I win a brush!


It's so disappointing when a sweater you've spent hours knitting starts to pill. This product sounds like a much needed solution.

Dolly Niemi

viola . . this sounds like the gizmo to end our "fuzzies" on our
beautiful knitted garments !! hope I win 1
I have a special bag allocated for "de-fuzz" garments visiting with grandparents (45min travel time each way) hubby drives I defuzz :))) by finger picking, wee finger snips, wide parcel tape
hubby sniggers :))))


This looks like a great product! I have many items that could benefit from this.

Irene S.

I use a sweater shaver and have yet to see how they could possibly "eat" a stitch, since they have guard screens on them. However I would love to try this to see if I can be convinced to toss my shaver!

Maureen Baird

I would really like to try this.

Shirley Scribner

I just made a beautiful sweater with 100% alpaca that has already pilled after 2 wears!! I would LOVE to try the Lilly brush on my sweater and everything else!!


I NEED this for those sweaters that have pilled & all the ones still to be knit that will pill since I insist on using fibers that due to their fiber content & twist are "pills"

Susie Osterbur

I too have several sweaters w/ pilling that I've had no luck cleaning off. Hope I can win one of your brushes!

Christiane Johnson

Cutting a stitch? How barbaric. Poor sweater. So this new gizmo sound like a solution. Having one and trying it, will be the only way to convince me that it will work.So I hope to be picked. I Pin it and Facebook too.


Hubby tried to be helpful and did the laundry. Needless to say it became a disaster. My hand made sweaters and first pair of hand knit socks were put in with the towels and other items. Luckily I caught him before he put everything in the dryer! However, I have many a night of sitting and picking off fuzz balls ahead of me. These things will never look the same again. It would be great to use the Lilly Shaver and see if my sweaters and socks look as great as your sweater and cowl.

Cindy Humphrey

Thanks for this great test and review. I always wonder if these new-on -the- market tools actually work! I know I will put it to good use.


I'd love to try the Lilly Brush on my "wooly" (aka the warmest sweater/coat ever!) as it is quite full of pills! Thank you!

Marylyn Sidle     15902 Fox Chase Lane, Culpeper, VA 22701

I could use this right now! I'm working on a second sock and the first one is already showing signs of pilling! It looks like it's already been washed and worn!


I've never liked the idea of having one of those shaver type of pill removers near anything I've made. The idea of winding up with holes was enough to put me off of that idea...So, what pilled got put up on the shelf in my closet hoping that 'someday' I'd find the perfect solution. Here's to hoping that the Lilly brush is it!

Missy K

Everything of mine pills. I just attempt to pull it off by hand which stretches things out and looks terrible. Help. I would like to look nice again.

Andre McGinity

I just shared the link on FB and already have a friend who is wishing she had this brush sooner as she just gave up a sweater due to pilling. I am excited about the brush so I can save some sweaters of my own from a similar fate! Will get one for my friend too!


I just pick off the pills by hand. Afraid to try anything else. This I would use. Thank you!

Elaine Yuen

Yes would love to have a Lily brush - my knitting is beautiful but the pills detract (a lot!)


My fave cardigan only gets out of the closet when I am just around the house. Why? Pills of course! Lilly brush, I need you! My cardi needs you so it can get out and about again!


The Lilly company says this only works on natural fiber, not acrylic, nylon etc. I wonder how it would work on wool blends with some nylon. Has anyone tried it on maybe75% wool and 25% nylon?

Joanne Rada

I am currently knitting a large complex project and already notice pilling just from manipulating the yarn. Yikes!!! I too am afraid of using a shaver and would love to have this Lilly Brush.

Laurie Filice

I have had no success with anything I've tried. With this rec, I''m willing to give it another go.


I have used sweater shavers, but I was afraid of ruining my knits. I bought a Gleener and it works well, but eventually the blades wear out. I have wanted a Lilly brush, because it is so portable.

Mary Lee

Brush away the pills, huh? I love the idea! It might bring some of my sweaters back to respectability.

Donna Hale

This looks like the perfect way to keep precious sweaters looking new and pill-free. I have tried so many gadgets and nothing so far has done the job. I can't wait to try the Lilly Brush.

Cathy Vaidich

I just ruined a knit dress using "shaver" with a guard. I was able to fix it, but it does show a little, so now I have to use a jacket with it - it's on the front of the sleeve at the shoulder. Nasty. I'd love to try this at the waste where the belt buckle rubs.


I would like to try it too!

Lisa McMeekin

My first & most frustrating experience with pilling stems from having made a gorgeous sweater in the Vodka Lemonade open Cardi with 3/4 sleeves in the wonderful malabrigo Silky Merino colorwork in a beautiful blue. This was my first foray into luzury fibers that I is scrumptous & I adore this design but was really surprised & sad when it pilled so badly. I've never tried the sweater shaver becuz I've been too afraid to damage it...so I'm really excited to find this option!

Andrea Saylor

I have many sweaters relegated to the back of the closet, all because of pilling! How exciting to think ican wear them again!!


Pinned! I'm reluctant to shave my sweaters, so this would be great!

Teckla Buller

Pills are a pain! This might be the answer I've been looking for! I've tried several different tools and have been unsatisfied with all of them. You have the nicest giveaways and really great patterns and I hope I win one. I recommend your patterns, and website, to my knitting friends, one in particular who loves cables and pattern!

Trailer Trash

OMG - I so need one of these! In addition to my hand knits, I have many vintage pieces that are pilling like crazy with wear and time. I could rescue some great fashion from destruction with this!

Helen K

I have never used a brush to eliminate pills. I just slowly cut them off with scissors. I would love to win one of these brushes to try.


Life lesson: After getting a pill shaver (at the recommendation of someone at the yarn store), I ruined two sweaters on my first go-round. Well, ruined is maybe too strong a word. Damaged. I damaged two sweaters (so, well, then I learned how to darn...). I have since used the shaver without catastrophic results, but this sounds waaaaaay better!


Pilling does seem to be a problem that all we knitters encounter at one time or another. I currently use a d-fuzz-it with adequate results, but it is time consuming. I would love to try this Lily brush and hope that I win one. Should I be so unlucky as to not win one, where can one buy a Lily brush other than on the web?


I'd love to win one as they appear much faster than the gizmo I now use to pill sweaters.

girlie friend

Oh, I could use one of these!


I used to use the battery operated lint shaver for my sweaters-with success. Then I used it on a special knit top (the only one I ever found to match a pair of odd colored brown slacks). I now have a lovely hole directly in the center of the front of this top. I certainly would like to have the Lily brush.


I'm still a fairly new knitter so I haven't had to deal with too many pills yet, but I've heard about the Lilly Brush from other knitters who absolutely love it & couldn't live without it. This looks like it would be great on future hand-knits as well as a few of my much loved store bought sweaters. :)

Bev Moon

I'd love to try this brush-I have a few sweaters that could use a good clean up the fuzziness! Hope I win.


i'm glad they have come up with something to stop the pilling nightmare to save our sweaters and felted purses! I would definitely buy the Lily Brush. Thanks for the offer.


I need one of these. I hate to use the shavers or the stones. The stones smell awful and the shavers have the potential for disaster on sweaters I bought let alone those I KNIT! Please pick me. :)


I was going to purchase one of these, but nobody in the store knew anything about them! My very first sweater was knit with Noro Kureon and is in desperate need of a de-pilling. I have one of those that uses batteries, but I think it will end up shaving it, in a bad way. This looks perfect! I could also use on my felted purse! Thank you for the opportunity

yell737 on rav


I have some hand knit gloves that are looking pretty shameful. It would be great to make them presentable again!


I've learned to more or less live with them, so this would be great!

Kristina VanderMolen

I understand why fibers pill but it would be nice to have a solution like Lilly brush. Looking forward to trying it on a DH sweater.

Janet VonHolt

I love the feel of knitting with Malabrigo yarn and thus have many pilled knitted items. Would love to use this item on all of them.


It seems the softer the sweater, the more it pills! I love soft, lightweight sweaters, and they do pill. I have used the sweater shavers, just so I don't look like some weird fuzzed person, but would love to try the Lilly brush.


Who doesn't have nightmare pilling stories??? Mine is taking a sweater class and making the Gnarled Oak Sweater with yarn that I got at a great price. As I was making the sweater (which I'm wearing today, by the way, in spite of how it looks covered with mini tribbles), I realized it was pilling and looking very warn. I checked Ravelry, and the yarn got terrible reviews! If only I had checked there first. The sweater came out great--except for the pills. I need this brush!

Julie Chinitz

I just made three single-plied sweaters which I absolutely adore. However, I am scared to wear them because I don't want to ruin them. Now they are sitting nicely in my closet where I can admire them. I think that it is time I start wearing things without the fear of pilling.


Thanks for the product info! Pills turn even my fav knitwear into seldom-used space hogs.


I was thinking just the other day that I needed to finally get some kind of sweater shaver since my favorite handknit Idlewood sweater is pilling *very* badly. Would love to try the Lilly brush, it looks more gentle than an electric sweater shaver.

Diane W

I get so upset over pilling. I buy expensive yarn, knit for hours, and wear the sweater....and pills under arms. Sometimes I wonder if its worth my time to knit. I'd love t win one, and will be on the lookout for one, if I dont win. I dont like to buy yarn online, as I want to see it....i was told the tighter the twist, the more likely it wont pill.

Emelie Ortiz

I've used a shaver, but it always makes me nervous to have blades so close to my precious sweaters! I've heard of stone, but haven't tried one yet.


A sweater shaver once sliced right into my daughter's sweater, so I agree that they are dangerous. This gadget looks like a winner.

Diana Britton

I haven't yet found a shaver that worked well to remove pills without the risk of cutting the stitches. I sure want to try this!

knittingdancer on Ravelry

I haven't have much luck using shavers on my clothes. This brush looks like it would be a lot quicker to use.

Leigh S.

I was told to try a razor, yep sure enough. I made a big slash through my sweater.

Denise Ralston

I'm always looking for something better than the 'shaver'. Hope this is it!

Brenda Castiel

One of the first sweaters I made was the February Lady Sweater, out of Malabrigo. So soft! So pilly!

Now I hardly ever wear it, for fear of making the pilling even worse. :-(

So I'd love to get the Lilly Brush.

(Goodstuff on Rav)

Darlene Sinclair

I LOVE de pilling sweaters and would really like to try this!! I don't care for the shavers either., however I like the difference they make.

Debra Jennings

I recently threw away a couple of sweaters because of pilling, and the shaver I bought didn't work. I wish I had known about this earlier. I would love to try it out.
Also, I shared this on my Pinterest contest board but I couldn't figure out how to share it on Facebook. If I click the share on Facebook link, it takes me to the Sweaterbabe Facebook page, but I couldn't find a post there about this giveaway to share.

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