Lilly Brush Review and Giveaway
Nadja's Sapphire Lace Shawl in her own spun yarn!

Preview of Upcoming Patterns and Giveaway

Elegant lace, mixed textures, eye-catching silhouettes, & then some! Here are THREE upcoming patterns for you to preview and then ENTER to win a copy!Tabitha_Cardigan5_500

Here's a sneak peek at two upcoming patterns that are just off my needles. Guess I was in a beige/camel color mood!

Up first is my new love. It's a cocoon-style cardigan featuring a gorgeous open lace panel in the back. Ribbed dolman sleeves provide a tailored contrast. Then, a striking banana leaf panel is featured in both the shaped shawl collar and optional sleeve cuffs.

This is a special, elegant piece that is wonderful to knit and very striking to wear.

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Coming soon!





Below, is a little cardigan with a pretty diamond lace pattern stitch. The wide back panel is then divided in half as front panels. A slimming fit allows this to work beautifully with summer dresses and tops, or at work, under a suit jacket.

Plus, it's a seamless, top-down design, so the sleeve length is easily asjusted.  

Fave/Queue this project on Ravelry or .   The #175 Diamonds and Lace Top-Down Cardigan is available NOW!





And lastly, is a new blanket design with lovely texture! [NOW Available for Purchase]

This pattern includes 4 sizes, from the Baby Blanket size (shown here) to a Throw size.

What's special about this blanket is the cool combination of Cables and Lace. This stitch pattern is a unique combination of cabling that makes it look like the cables are floating and traveling on top of the lace panels. I call it the #189 Travelling Cables Blanket.

This knitting pattern is NOW available and is a great project for texture-lovers, like me!
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(Don't wish to wait? This is an April pattern download for members of the Knitting Club. Details on joining the $7.99/month club are here.) Curves_Lace_Blanket1


I'll choose 5 winners to win a copy of one of these patterns (their choice of which pattern).


1) Make any pattern purchase from from now until 4/30/14, 9pm PST. Each purchase counts, so multiple orders are welcome. Sorry, but free pattern downloads do not count as an entry.

2) Post a comment on this blog post telling us which pattern you would chose and why and Pin one of the patterns above (use any of the PinIt buttons). Comments and pins must be entered by 9pm PST, 4/30/14. One comment per person please. 

Shortly after 4/30/14 I will contact the 5 randomly chosen winners and ask you to chose which pdf pattern you'd like for your win!

*** May 8, 2013 Winner Announcement! ***

The winners are:
Tammy Blondon, who commented here on 4/15/14.
Becky, who commented here on 4/5/14.
Susan B., who made a pattern purchase on 4/19/14.
Carla R., who made a pattern purchase on 4/5/14.
Susan S., who made a purchase on 4/11/14.

Congrats! You've all been emailed and can let me know which of these 3 patterns you choose to be your prize.

The #189 Travelling Cables Blanket pattern is available now.

The #175 Diamonds and Lace Top-Down Cardigan (just released!).

The #191 Tabitha Cardigan will be available late May or early June.



Oh, these patterns are lovely! I can't decide which I like best and would be remiss if I didn't knit up both! Your patterns continue to amaze me, I love knitting from them.


These are both gorgeous! I've been looking for a cocoon pattern for a while, and yours is perfect!

Gainor Urian

Love the cardigan with diamond lace perfect for summer...and I love a raglan sleeve especially this one that can be adjusted to any length to suit the project.

Gerry Ramsay

I also love the diamond lace it is perfect for the spring with a little flare to keep the chill off you.


I would love to make the cardigan for my daughter. It has a beautiful style with a look that can last for years.


The cocoon pattern is stunning. I'm still an beginning knitter, but that would be a project I would definitely like to take on.

Aimee Kaufman

Both patterns are beautiful, but I would have to pick the diamond cardigan. I love the length and the diamonds going down the back are gorgeous. It would make a great summer sweater.

Deb W.

I would make the cocoon cardi for my daughter-just her kind of thing!

Allison Bushman

Love the Diamond Lace Cardi. It is knit in Blue Sky's Metalico which is one of my favorite yarns. That is mt fave color the two together are perfection!!!

Dana Miller

I love both of the sweater patterns!

Jennifer S.

I love the Tabitha Cardigan. To me, it is perfect mix of vintage and modern style to make it truly unique! I can't wait to cast on!

Diane True

Absolutely love the Diamond Lace Cardi. Added it to my queue in Ravelry and pinned it on Pinterest. Now just have to find some perfect yarn.


I like the cocoon sweater. Projects that keep me engaged are more fun for me, plus its different. Good work. Keep em coming!


I love them all but I think I would knit the Diamond Lace Cardi. I am about to start knitting the Lattice Design Baby blanket. I hope mine turns out as nice as the one pictured. It is for my cousins first child.

Suzy C-W

I like the cocoon pattern, although they're all lovely. Wish there was a front pic of the cocoon.


The two sweaters are so beautiful! Hard to decide between the two. I like the blanket, too, it's very interesting to look at, but I'm in a sweater knit mood right now lol.

Debbie S

Definitely the cocoon - looks so cozy and comfortable to wrap yourself up in ;-)


Love that cocoon cardigan.. Perfect for a summer evening:)


They are all beautiful but the little cardigan is the one I would choose. I can see me wearing this everyday. I work in an office that is too cool in the summer and it is a wonderful design.

Cynthia Wilbanks

I love them all, too, but especially the cocoon-style cardigan. This would be a very snuggly item to wear up here in Minnesota when the weather is chilly (which seems to be 24/7/365 right now!).I love the lace panel in the back, very feminine! I have pinned it & Rav'd it!!!

Kathleen Cook

These are gorgeous, your sweaters are always so cozy looking. I love the cocoon cardigan with the dolman sleeves. Would knit this up for when it starts to get chilly again (of course I am being optimistic that it will actually get warm one day). After a long cold winter, this sweater almost makes me want it to be chilly again!


I love the diamond lace cardi....looks like an elegant pattern.

Leigh S.

I would knit 191 Diamond Lace Top-Down Cardigan for my daughter. She wants to have a sweater from me and I have not knitted her one yet. This is beautiful and looks like something I could handle. She would love showing off this sweater. They are all beautiful.

Sherry Myers

I love the diamond lace cardigan. Can hardly wait until it is available.

Jennifer Parkinson

My favourite is the traveling cables.

marilyn peskin

The Diamond Lace Cardi is for me. The dolman sleeves make it easy to wear over other items. Important for someone like me who lives in warm weather but needs a sweater for morning chills and air conditioning. I sure do hope I win!!!!

Bethany Cameron

Love your patterns!

Carol Yachanin

The cocoon pattern is very interesting.would like to se a shot from the front. Does it bottom in front or is it open?


I love the cardigan and blanket patterns love to knit these beautiful patterns ,love to knit top down patterns they are very easy to knit.


Both pinned and lovely! Worthy projects to look forward to.


Tabitha! I love cocoon style! And the lace down the back is beautiful!!!


I loved the blanket pattern have knitted all your blankets patterns.


Please do not post patterns that are not yet available. You are wasting my time. Post them when they are available they I am more likely to buy rather than be just annoyed.

Paula Fisher

I think I would have to choose the blanket! It's an amazing pattern and i love to make blankets anyway :)

Kris Horn Calahane

I would love to try the Diamond Lace top down cardi, and this color is great too!


All three patterns are beautiful, but the Tabitha stands out to me as the most stunning and a real head-turner!!!

Nancy MacPhee

I would choose the Traveling Cables Blanket as my FIRST grandchild will be here in a few months.....I am over the moon EXCITED!!!!!

Lori Sutton

All three patterns are wonderful. I would be more likely to knit up the cardigan with the diamond lace pattern for myself. Though It would not take much of an excuse to knit the baby blanket up for a friend. I love all of your patterns.

Louise  Olson

I absolutely love the cocoon sweater/wrap! Can't wait!


I love all your patterns! Since I live in Florida I can use light weight lacy designs. I especially like the cardigan.

June Schwierjohn

I really love the Traveling Cables blanket, the texture is so unique, but I have the perfect yarn already in my stash that would make up the Diamond Lace cardigan perfectly. I can see it being the sweater I wear all the time.

Sandie Butler

Love your top down cardigan and jacket designs, so just natural for me to pick the little cardigan.

Andrea Gallagher

For me I would make the Diamond Lace cardigan, but I absolutely love the Traveling Cables Blanket. I could see that being one everyones list of most requested baby blanket.

Norma horan

Love the Tabitha cardigan....such a unique style and so cozy looking!


I would like to try the cardigan,but it would be my first sweater....too ambitious? It's beautiful!

Nancy McDonnell

My first choice (I love all three!) is the Tabitha Cardigan. I love the soft sophisticated draping combined with the intricate lace pattern. Lovely! :)

Terri Lester

These 3 patterns are all beautiful, but I think I'm partial to the top down diamond patter. I love light weight cardigans for work and for over summer tops when in air conditioning. This pattern is just perfect, dressy, but not too dressy!

Christina Coghill

OMG,, these are all wonderful. I want to make them all


I love the Diamond Lace Cardi! It is so my granddaughter, delicate and beautiful:)

Dotti Thompson

LOVE the little cardigan-so sweet and something you can just throw on as you are running out the door. Great pattern

Frances rautenbach

I love the Tabitha Cardigan Cocoon - brilliant, stunning. It would be worn to show off - and I'd knit it to give away to my friend who is quiet, but would love to be noticed ...

With or without cuff - small, none, or long pictured. I like small.

But I would wear the top-down cardigan the most - I'd try also knitting or crocheting the button to match the button loop. I would also try turning the lace motif up the other way, to feature its flower-with-leaves pattern seen up the right way - but I love-love-love the effect of this lace motif knit top-down down the front edges. Lastly, I really appreciate the neat transition from the collar ribbing to the garter stitch front edgings. But I do also have to add that I love its combination of 3/4 sleeves and lovely long length! With all these features, I'd knit it up fast and wear it every day, enjoying every moment. Thank you, for the pleasure of even thinking about it!

Frances Rautenbach

Your new love is my new love!

This is a STRONG plea for you to write and put up for sale the Tabitha Cardigan FIRST, please!!!

My friend's birthday is April 9th, and I will give her the picture on the day.
I will ask her if she prefers your short cuff (probably elbow length? - Verity pulls up all her sweater-coat sleeves to elbow length), or no cuff, or the long cuff (probably to wrists)

What I love best about the Tabitha cocoon is the way the lace pattern spreads out across the upper back across the shoulder-blades, opening up the candle-flame/flower so it's wider there. if seen as a candle flame, it looks as if the light is spreading out at the top, and I love that.
At first, I thought you had decided to knit a full three flowers across the upper back, and was going to commend that choice as striking, but on closer examination I saw that the effect was integral - even more clever of you!


I love the sweater at the top. The lace is so pretty but not too old-fashioned.

Carol Godine

I'd choose the cocoon style sweater which would be perfect for a cool/cold winter's eve in MI!

Carolyn Robinson

Gorgeous patterns!

Sophie T

The little cardigan is very lovely and I would love to try it out!

Denise Willerton

love them both~~~~thanks for sharing your gift of knitting :-)


The diamond lace cardigan is such a delicate and feminine article. Love it

Stephanie W.

Tabitha Cardigan is perfect for chilly nights. The blanket is a close seond.

Mindy D

Oh, the traveling cables blanket is amazing! I love cables, and I haven't knitted a blanket before. This would be my selection. Thanks for such generous giveaway!


I love the cocoon-style cardigan! That's a sweater I could live in.

Alice Dyer

The cardigan is the style for me. I love the cocoon, but it is not practical for my work environment. I love the diamond shape and the fact that it is in the center back with repeat on front edge--no worries about decreasing in pattern! Love, love it!


Love the cocoon style cardi! it's just gorgeous!

Debbie Nix

I covet the cardigan with the diamond lace. In FL it is just enough for all the places we go that have air conditioning. I'm short so it would be perfect. I'm so glad that there are talented people like yourself that share with those of us that can't design our own patterns. Thank you so very much

Ginny Morgan

I would love to make the diamond lace sweater, because of the pretty pattern, and I have been wanting to try a top down sweater pattern.

Lisa McMeekin

I'm currently making one of your wonderful patterns for a baby blanket that became a couch throw(although it's actually turning out to beautiful & elegant for that casual title....) And I can't wait to start on this lovely blanket with the very interesting new cable design. It makes me happy that I have a grandchild to make it for!! I go along they often decide to stay home with us & grow up to a blanket for grown ups...

Wendy Darling

I love both the cocoon and the cardigan - the cardi will definitely work with my business suits, and the cocoon will come in wonderfully cozy for casual Fridays.

mary girard

I like the diamond lace cardigan the best. I would start it today if I had the pattern. I love the Tabitha cocoon cardigan lace pattern and would make that with K1P1 ribbing.

Peggy Riedinger

It would be hard to choose between the cardigan and the throw. Both are lovely!

Carol Yunker

I love working with textures and these projects look wonderful. I especially love the delicate look of the diamond lace cardigan. Keep up the great design work!


I would definitely love to try the Diamond Lace Top Down Cardigan pattern. It looks like it would be a nice addition to any wardrobe!

Jeanene Parks

I am intrigued with the diamond lace cardigan pattern. It is very delicate and girly. I am a novice knitter but would love to try it.

Beth Rudo

I would make the Essentials Cardigan, which I already have favorited. It does look lovely and slimming, and top-down sweaters are my preferred ones.

Michelle Greene

I love both sweaters and want both patterns, but if I were to have to choose I would pick the top-down diamond pattern over the cocoon pattern because my younger sister has recently made significant changes to her diet/lifestyle and is seeing great success with losing weight. She has never been one to be "all about the clothes" but is becoming more "fashion conscious" because of the weight loss and needing smaller clothes. I want to be able to make the diamond pattern sweater because it is beautiful, like she is, and it will let her "show off" her achievements rather than be hidden in the cocoon. Not to say that the cocoon isn't perfect for chilly fall/winter days but spring is ... well, in WNY it's on its way so there's no need to "snuggle up" inside the cocoon, at least not for a few months anyway. =0)

Jessica jm

If I have to pick just one I would have to go with the diamond back cardi. It just says spring to me, so light and lovely!


Ooo, I have some hand-spun alpaca I've been saving for a very special sweater (one I feel like putting the work into and keeping and wearing forever) and that cocoon-style sweater might just be it!

Trailer Trash

I haven't knit(read finished)a sweater since college - so I guess it should be the lovely blanket pattern if I have any hopes of a FO!


I really like the button band detail on the diamond back cardi. It will make a great spring sweater.

Disna Tackett

I really like them both. I would very happy with either pattern. I love your patterns!


Loving the diamond lace cardi!


I love the cardigan with the diamond lace pattern. I have narrow shoulders and am always looking for raglan sleeves. This is fantastic! Once again you come up with the most feminine patterns. Another project to add to my list.


I really love all three of these patterns! The first pattern I would love to knit up would be the cardigan with the diamond lace pattern. I would knit it up as you have pictured, long length, and 3/4 length sleeves. That is my favorite way to wear cardigans! I even have some lovely yarn that would work great, in my favorite color!

Brenda Curry

The lacy cardigan with it's slim design is perfect for cool summer evenings. Top down designs are my favorite.

Laura Lesko

That cardi is so feminine, yet tailored looking- best of both worlds!

Rhonda Culbert

I would love the diamond cardigan. I don't wear sweaters much but I like the simple classic lines on this one with the lace to dress it up. With 3/4 sleeves and the right yarn it would make a great Spring/Summer sweater.

Barbara Adams

I just love the first one, the Tabitha cardigan, it looks so comfy-cosy to wear, on these cold English evenings. Beautiful

Barbara Adams

Just love it

Diane Ayd

I love the cocoon tabitha cardigan, despite my fear of lace. Time to conquer that fear, I suppose!


The cocoon cardigan is beautiful and definitely my choice :)


Oh they're all so beautiful but #1 is my first pick! Thanks for sharing!

Allison Bushman

I ablsolutely love the diamond lace cardigan and Metalico is one of my favorite yarns. i was going to purchase this pattern until I realized it hasn't even been written up yet. so whether or not I win one I will definitely be purchasing this one! Sweater Babe, another beautiful pattern!!!

Pat Butterworth

definitely the cardigan!...Love it


I like the diamond lace cardigan. Not too heavy, just the right layering piece for this time of year.

Tammy Blondon

I love the cardi but am drawn to the cocoon style the more I see it.
So this month I will say the cocoon style !

Jannie Bahrs

Katherine, Every time you design a new garment, my mouth hangs open and I am in knitters heaven just looking at them. It is so hard to decide which pattern I like the best! All your designs are elegant, artistic, and feminine and appeal to me in a way no others do. The multi-directional pattern of the cocoon cardigan delights the fun side of me and makes me want to twirl around. The elegant diamond lace pattern makes me want to dress up just so I can wear it. I'm always attracted to cables and love a challenge to keep that brain matter going and your blanket is stunning and exciting To choose, to choose, today I'm going to go with the elegant diamond lace cardigan because I can envision this beautiful sweater on each of my daughters (as well as myself.


I love all of them but think I would get the most use out of the diamond cardigan. We live in a warm climate and it looks light enough to wear fall to spring.

Susan MacLeod

I love the Tabitha cardigan! I've purchased 2 of your patterns, and plan to knit at least one of them from handspun, if not both.

Your designs are lovely, and the instructions clear.

Beth L

I love the style of the cocoon cardigan. Would love to make that. They are all beautiful.


I Love thees cable knits. I find cable patterns to be fun and challenging. Any of these would be a delight to tackle

Linda Rumsey

I love the Diamond Lace cardigan. Just the cover up I need for this time of year.

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