Mayra's Gossamer One-Ball Scarf
The MUST-KNIT List for Fall!

A Mystery Scarf Knit-Along from


Get ready for a Mystery Scarf Knit-Along!

JOIN US as the Clues get released in September for this quick-knit one-ball (or two-ball if you want it a little longer) scarf that is very "SweaterBabe."

Initial Sign-up period will be August 10-31*.

Fans of my designs, you won't be disappointed! You'll love this Mystery Knit-Along (MKAL) and will want to knit this pattern again as the results are lovely ;-)

Mark your calendars and watch my email newsletter for the Sign-Up details. 

** For RAVELRY users **, please join the MKAL through this MKAL thread

** For NON-RAVELRY users **, please add yourself to the MKAL September email list here. I'll be providing the sign-up details to you on August 10th (and a later August date as a reminder) AND all September Clue updates will be ONLY through this email list.

The full pdf pattern will be available once the MKAL is finished at the beginning of October.

SEPTEMBER 29 UPDATE: Clue #5 is up now (includes all previous clues)!

For those that purchased on Ravelry: You have received a Pattern Update pm that includes a link to the MKAL pattern in your Ravelry library, where you can update your pdf copy to get Clue #5. Visit the MKAL threads to discuss your progress.

For those that purchased directly on Sign in to your store account at and under "completed orders" you can get a new download link to get Clue #5 of the MKAL pattern. Be sure to add yourself to the MKAL September email list here if you want September Clue update reminders by email. Post here to discuss progress.

CLARIFICATION (for Clue #2)!

Clue 2 ONLY takes you through Row 31 of TOTAL Rows. Please follow it exactly as written on page 4.

The PATTERN STITCHES section on page 3 is for reference only as you need to work those pattern stitches. The actual step by step instructions for knitting this scarf are on page 4.

You will be working through Row 31 of the Scarf (again, total rows), which is only following Rows 1 through 7 of the new Diamond Lace. Then, please STOP. Row 31 (i.e. Row 7 of Diamond Lace) is a RIGHT SIDE row, so STOP THERE.

Clue 3 will begin with a WS Row.

CLUES 3, 4, and 5 will have much more in them! I kind of left 1 and 2 a bit short to allow those to catch up (late sign ups might still be waiting for yarn to arrive) and to keep the mystery for a little bit. Clue 3 will be a big reveal, I think!


REMEMBER - Clue #3 begins with a WS ROW. Explanation above in Clarification for Clue #2. 

ALSO, if you are new to the (p1, k1, p1) in next st, practice with non-mohair yarn first.

Here is a link to a SPOILER photo for Clue #3. It shows Clue #1 and #2 and a little of Clue #3. It is a BLOCKED photo, so PLEASE remember that I do NOT recommend you block until Clue #5 instructions.


*** UPDATE 10/7/14 ***

Here are photos of some of the PRIZES that will be awarded in various categories for Finished Scarves: (Top left, then clockwise) 1) A Serena Project Bag from Diana Couture, 2) A small (yellow) Yarn Owl perfect for smaller projects like this from Diana Couture, 3) Jangly Dangly Earrings from Sassafras Creations, and 4) Lilly Brush's New Brushes for Pet Owners and their Lint Remover brushes (not shown here). Visit the Prize Thread on Ravelry for more details.

Not a Ravelry member? Just email your Finished MKAL Scarf photos to [email protected] to be included in the random prize drawings from all Finished Scarves.

MKAL Prizes




*** UPDATE 10/15/14 ***

FINAL PDF (non-Mystery!) has been Published!  Introducing the #193 "Don't Ruche Me, I'm Knitting" Scarf:



A LOT more photos on the Pattern Page!

For those that purchased on Ravelry: You have received a Pattern Update pm that includes a link to the MKAL pattern in your Ravelry library, where you can update your pdf copy to get the FINAL Version. Visit the MKAL threads to see the PRIZES for OCTOBER.

For those that purchased directly on Sign in to your store account at and under "completed orders" you can get a new download link to get the FINAL Version of this pattern. 


Going to Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2014 this weekend? Take a photo of yourself wearing any finished project at Vogue Live and submit it for a free individual pattern of your choiceAll entries (up to 3!) will also be eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing of $25 in patterns! 

RULES FOR VOGUE KNITTING LIVE CHICAGO 2014 PHOTO GIVEAWAY: The finished knitting project you wear must be easily identifiable as a pattern (so please take a close enough photo so I can clearly see it). The item must be worn at the Vogue Knitting Live event by you, so the photo MUST include a Vogue Knitting Live sign in it! Limit 3 eligible photos per Ravelry member. Each entry earns a free pattern AND counts as an entry in the prize drawing. Email photos to me at [email protected] or post them on the Ravelry thread here.

FROM all eligible entries, I’ll pick a random entry to win a GRAND PRIZE of $25 in patterns (awarded as store credit at or as gifted patterns on Ravelry up to the $25 amount.) YES - IT’S THAT EASY! Spread the word and have a great time there!!!



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