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Eye Candy Pattern Preview and Enter to Win a Copy






From top to bottom:

1) To be named, asymmetrical lace poncho. Bring it! Whether it's a layer over your skinny jeans and tall boots for a run to the grocery, or it tops off a long, lean dress - this poncho is a head-turner that will showcase your knitting skills as well as your fabulous fashion sense!

2) Cables, cables, cables. Always love them, especially when they are presented in a unique, bold, yet understated way. This wide, beautifully cabled, stole is a must-knit and must-have in a cashmere blend yarn.

3) Another view of the poncho. Fringe is in!

4) and 5) A transitional tank in a most gorgeous hand-painted colorway. Angled hem creates a beautiful drape. Gently curved front and back neckline is ultra flattering and the perfect compliment to your favorite statement necklace or pendant.

ALL of these patterns coming soon! [3/26/15 UPDATE: Shop the #201 Off-Kilter Poncho, the #202 Truffles Stole, and the #203 Falling with Grace Tank!]

ENTER TO WIN a copy of your TWO choices (of the above) as soon as they get released!


1) PIN any or all of the above images (or any knitting pattern from my site or my from my patterns on Ravelry) to one of your Pinterest Boards. The words "SweaterBabe Knitting Pattern" must be in your Pin description. THEN, enter the Pin's url here as a comment (example:

2) If you are not on Pinterest, post a comment here telling us which knitting pattern you'd love to get your hands (and needles) on! 

All entries must be before 9pm PST, December 10th, 2014.

Then, I'll randomly choose 3 winners from all entries. Each winner can choose TWO of the above patterns to win. Knitting

Winners will be announced here on this blog post AND in my knitting email newsletter.

Additionally, I will email winners directly, so please be SURE to include your correct email on the comment posting form. 

To be sure you don't miss my winner announcement, please sign up for my knitting email newsletter here

Winners will be emailed or gifted the TWO pdf patterns they choose (from above) as soon as the pattern is released. If they wish to substitute a different individual pattern from my collection, that is ok too.

WINNERS! Lindsay N., Darlene Demell, and Carol Nunn. Congrats and thanks for entering!




I adore these patterns!!
Here's one of my Pins:


Here's another Pin:
Just love this one too!


I love the candy eye patterns. Sweater Babe is my favourite site for patterns. I have made several of the items. The patterns are easy to follow and have gorgeous patterns in the items.

Linda Rumsey
This is gorgeous!


Utterly in love with the cabled stole - it'd be a perfect match for some creamy alpaca yarn that keeps winking at me from my stash ...

Rebecca Christian

So pretty!


The unnamed poncho and the transitional tank are my two top faves!

Jo Derouin


So stunning!!!

Paula Vail

I love, love, love cable. And the raspberry hand-painted colorway is scrumptious! #2 and #4, 5 would certainly be my choice.

Myra jansen

Can't wait to see directions for some of these patterns!


I don't normally like ponchos but OMG! That is beautiful!!! And the tank is perfect for someone who lives in the South but loves beautiful knitting!


I love them all, if I had to pick it would be the tank and the wrap with cables! Bravo :)

Kmb34me on ravelry


I am loving the Lombard scarf! I just joined you newsletter and love what I see! Love the new designs. thank you.

Lindsay N


I love this poncho...looks so compfy This one I like very much and these gloves I am going te knit as a christmaspresent...

Knitting Greetings from the netherlands...


I absolutely love the cabled stole!


I'm in love with Cables, cables cables, this stole is gorgeous!


Missy Lynne

I LOVE the tank! The patterning would make it flattering for all shapes and sizes. Brava!

Annette Slade

Wow, I love all of them, but my pick would be the poncho and stole. I have pinned the poncho and it is definitely on my must knit list. Will be watching for the poncho to be available - Thanks for the great design!

Sophie T

I pinned 2 of your images on my Pinterest (and I already had more over there, your patterns are all so beautiful!).

k carpenter

Love, love the poncho and I pinned it!

Cate Hut

Both patterns are amazing!

Ann Flumerfelt

I love your design aesthetic! It matches mine perfectly -- I love lace and cables (particularly unusual, interesting cables), and combinations of both are even better. So far I've only made the Talia vest -- and found it one of the best written patterns I've ever knitted, very easy to follow -- but I have a lot of your patterns in my queue. Just have to get the Christmas gifts done first! I think the queue just got longer, because I definitely have to add the poncho, and maybe the tank. I don't usually knit scarves (more of a shaped-garment type) but the Lombard scarf is so stunning I may have to make an exception. Wonderful patterns!




I love the tank and the poncho. Must have fringe in my life

Kathy Evans

Your "to be named" poncho is beautiful...when released it will be the next project on my needles!! All your patterns are fantastic!

Sandie Butler

Just love #3 and #4, UN-named poncho and transitional tank. Hard to decide which I would start first. Guessing the poncho since winter is coming. Agree fringe should be in :) Would look great with skirt and boots as well as jeans

Sarah Dorendorf

Beauties! Love the tank and poncho!


Love ALL you patterns, but would love to get my hands and needles on the Eye Candy wrap and tank! Keep those gorgeous patterns coming!! :)

Shae Ambler

Stunning thank you so much for the opportunity

Dawn K

Love the transitional tank!

knittingdancer on Ravelry

The poncho pattern


I love the eye candy shawl, but I also like the truffles cable pattern. You have such gorgeous patterns. I wish I was rich.


I absolutely love the Poncho! Talk about the perfect accessory for the not so cold NC winter. I am still mourning my old home in snowy New England and all the knitwear I could pile on, so this poncho is officially at the top of my 'must knit' list.


Oh you did a great work with all those cables!
I saw your last test in Ravelry,but too late!
I love especially the tank #4 and the scarf #2


I'm loving the cabled stole. Beautiful!

Kimberly B.

I pinned the pattern at
Love the poncho! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Joan Seely
Love this pattern!

EJ Frost

I would LOVE to work on your cable patterns! Your work is spectacular!

Lori Sutton

It is a tie between the poncho and the stole. I would gladly knit both. I love your patterns!!!

Chris Klassen

I love the cabling on the stole. I really like how you play with cables to make such beautiful and unusual designs.

Tracy Schiff Mynhier

Love Eye CAndy wraple and Open Hearts Shawlette.


I love the tank and stole! Here's my pin:

Poshi Mikalson

The cable scarf would be beautiful for me to wear--and the tank would look amazing on my daughter! Your patterns are always so gorgeous! I love the ones I own already. Fingers crossed I might win two more. :)

Faye Thompson

Love these patterns...especially the cabled stole.... here is my pin

Amber Zona

Love this poncho pattern in particular--but all are lovely.

Kerri Skrudland

I am liking the cabled stole. I would love to take on the challenge of those cables. I think there are at least a couple other SweaterBabe patterns I have in my queue that I would prefer, though.

L Poirier

I always find something I like in your patterns. I especially like this tank:


this is not fair to those of us who choose to NOT give our lives story to pinterest. pretty patterns but not worth giving up my privacy for.

Darlene Demell

Love all your work. Here are my pins

Kimberly Mayer

I love your site. There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from!!
It would be extremely hard to pick just two:) Your sweaters are amazing. I also love the infinity scarves.


No Pinterest, but I love the top, just what I have been searching all over for and coming into the summer season so ths would be perfect! Oh that poncho is delish, I so want to knit it too!

Robin Blakeley

Lovely contest! Herr are my pin addresses: and



Beautiful! Pinned here:


Noe Valley Sweater is on my definite To Knit list. This is a very popular clothing style in shops this year, knit poncho style.

Michele Hawn

The poncho and the stole... So pretty!

Barbara Neal

More gorgeous patterns, as usual. Pinned as


WOW! Absolutely love the poncho and the tank top!

Carol Beatty Thanks for the opportunity to win your patterns are great!


I love the poncho best, followed by the cable stole, and then the tank, although all 3 are gorgeous. Thanks for the option for those who are not on Pininterest!


Wow...these patterns are simply beautiful! I'm such a poncho-girl and particularly love this pattern. Pinned:

Wynne Thanks!!!


Love that tank!!

Connie Wright-Zink the poncho. My pin is


I've pinned the tank - so, so flattering!


Also the poncho:


And lookee here - another Sweater Babe pin! :-)

Beth R.

I love the cabled stole the best (though the poncho is trying to unseat it.)


Beautiful patterns

Bernice Herger

luv all to choose?!?

Peggy D.

I love the asymmetrical tank and the cabled stole both. Wonderful!


I love this poncho and it would be such fun to knit!


I love them all. Since it's so cold right now the Cabled Poncho is my 1st choice. But here in Texas we don't get much cold weather so the tank top would be very useful. I also would love to knit the stole in a nice soft cashmere.
Thank you for the beautiful designs. All are truly 'eye candy'

Linda McCauley

How about naming the poncho "Bring It"?! I love it!

June Schwierjohn

This is my favorite of the new patterns. Have my eye on it for a post-holiday project. Of course, it really is hard to pin point just one favorite.


The Extra Spicy Mustard pattern is very elegant.
The Eye Candy poncho is beautiful.
When I grow up I want to knit this beautifully!!!

Debra Jennings

I obviously love your patterns. I have a Pinterest board just for Sweaterbabe patterns. :) Here is my IRL.

Fay Pritts

I love the transitional Tank and the beautiful Poncho.
I would love to make both one of them.

Joanne Brown

Love the cabled stole and the lacy transitional tank top!

(I get into enough trouble on Ravelry and Facebook so I don't go near Pintrest :P)

Serpil Aydinay
I love them all...

Virginia Kessen

Love all your patterns but one way or another the poncho will be mine!


LOVE the poncho!! I've pinned it:)

Christina Lowry

Love them all ........... one of the URL's

Lynn Hicks

Teri Fladstol

Kathie Davis

The poncho! Beautiful!

Pam Owens

That poncho is amazing! Can't wait to see all the patterns!


I'm on Pinterest and I've pinned two patterns, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to post the URL here. Ugh. Oh well. My favorites are Truffles Cabled Cashmere Stole, and the Tank. Thanks for such fun giveaways!!

Kate L

I love these new patterns, especially the stole and the tank! Here's one of my pins:

Linda Pyke

I love ALL of your patterns. There are gorgeous. Here's one
I also love your cowls. Living in the north with asthma, I wear cowls alot. Thanks for all of your beautiful patterns. They inspire me to knit.



Wow, I love the poncho - especially the leaves-pattern :) and the stole is also extremely classy :)

Linda Miller

Love the scarf

Juanita Williams

these are simply the best ever pattern> I would love to knit up the Asymmetrical Lace Poncho

Lisa McM

I LOVE the look of that lovely tank-pattern & yarn! I'd do it in a malabrigo of course. I just gave my mother your last wonderful stole-for Christmas early so she could wear it to my neice's wedding this wknd in Colorado Springs & in 3 wks to my brother's wedding in Northern California. I LOVE your wonderful use of cables.

Marina Beumkes

Would just love to make the #172 Cloudy Skies Diaphanous Scarf :

And the Asymmetrical Lace Poncho is also scrumptious :

Keri Anderson

I love, love, love the asymmetrical poncho! I've never knitted a poncho before as I have never really liked any of the poncho patterns I've seen. Until now ... ! This is definitely going in to my Ravelry queue!

Julie V

I love the leafy poncho, with the cable vines it reminds me of a rain forest :)

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